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Found 23 results

  1. Hello all Caggers. I have not posted on here for a while, but tend to look around from time to time. As most of you will already know there is currently a payout going on with the mess with switching claimants from incapacity benefit to ESA. We filled in the long winded form and sent it back to DWP in December. Around a week ago, we received the B16 form to fill in and send back. When did the DWP start counting their partners earnings and adding ESA to the combined income of the household? I seem to remember in the not to distant past, my partner who was on Invalidi
  2. I am writing this on behalf of someone else. Where i use the words me i or us means the person involved. Not me. I was employed as a mobile with a well known security company. My main job was to respond to alarms and deal with them. When i started my job off i was told that i was on a gauranteed 24 hour contract (weekly). I was not given any paperwork apart from some paperwork to show how and what i should be doing. I was told be my manager that i would recieve my contract in the post during the next 4-6 weeks. I also emailed my manager and he confirmed that i h
  3. Hi I'm considering taking someone to small claims court over a faulty TV that they've sold me. I was just wondering if it's possible to inlcude filling and hearing fee as part of my claim? Also, can I claim anything for the income I'm going to lose for attending the court? If yes, how much? many thanks
  4. In September I received a Late Filing Penalty for 15/16 of £100 from HRMC, prior to this I had received no correspondence from them. I rang them up to explain I had received no prior correspondence from them at all. I was told the reason why I received the Late Filing Penalty for 15/16 of £100 was because I had under paid £190 tax in 15/16. I explained I was not self employed and normally procedure is for HRMC to deduct any underpaid tax from your wage automatically. I explained I was not self employed, but working for a company, so why was I fined £100 for not completing a self tax
  5. I was claiming tax credits, and due to not filling in their update form as required, they stopped the tax credits, and are sending me threatening letters to pay it back. they said it's too late and I just have to pay. this dates from around last july. to be clear, I should not be paying them anything according to my income, in fact they would owe me things, but obviously this depends on the claim being valid etc. is there any option besides just paying them?
  6. Hi Guys, Been having a bit of a nightmare at them moment regarding claiming my Tax back which I have overpaid. I was working in the UK up until 20 October 2015 last year and we then had to move across to Denmark (but I still live in UK) Anyway, a few of the guys have all filled in their P85 form and some have received a cheque already with their over payment within a few weeks. I'm having a lot of trouble and they state because of the information I have provided I need to do a self assessment in April. I then managed to get a copy of my friends whom I work with and I copied it exac
  7. I've been looking for a job and sending out my cv everywhere. One of the agencies contacted me over the phone, then i sent them all necessary details in response to their email. There was some agreement attached to the email, which doesn't look like normal agreement. There are only two fields on the first page and some field on the last one. I don't know how to fill them: in the first field after "you" I will write my full name, but what should I write after "of"? And here i might need to fill the field only if i'm a limited company, which i am not.
  8. Hi there I live in England and need to take the Bank of Scotland to Court for a Money Claim of around £35K; I put in my claim to the CCMCC and the forms have been returned stating that I need to accompany the Claim Form with Form N510. The form can be ticked in about 8 different places, but you can only tick 1 ! I've tried understanding which one to tick, but some are REALLY similar. Could someone please tell me which one? Many thanks
  9. Help needed filling in the E.C.H.R form. Due to the sensitive nature of this, I do not want to give to much away on an open Forum. If you can advise me and have experience of filling in these forms please contact me via p.m All p.m's will be answered
  10. My daughter has been plauge for 2 years now over a bill they said she owed . They have now addmitted that she did not need to fill out a self assesment as she was on paye, But say that she will still have to pay the £1000 fine even though she did not have to fill one out in the first place , This is sheer maddness can someone tell us where or who we can get involved to sort the mess out. 2 years of stress is taking it's toll Please help.
  11. im due a review by atos , but im really confused by the new form , ive left it as long as I can but I cant put into words correctly what I need to . I asked the local CAB but they don't have the resources to help . my wife refuses to help at all she's dyslexic and just doesn't want to know . my condition is the same ,worsens over time as it has been the last 12+ years except for the last 6 months ive been having conscious seizures ,nearly everyday . my head is so confused , like my brain has been wired up wrong , the questions make no sense to me at all . is there
  12. I am helping a friend who has received a claim. They have to fill in an N9D form based on the allegations in the particulars of the claim, now the N9D says to supply your defence. The problem we face is, the allegation is vague and does not offer ANY evidence other than to say that the claimant 'has' evidence. It is difficult to write a defence against an allegation that does not present evidence, and therefore is just an allegation? The claim is from a previous tenant claiming the landlord withheld a deposit for rent arrears (some £3,000) when it was actually withheld for
  13. Hi, Bit of a complicated one really. Will try to be brief! Ex employer has been trying to recover training costs and other costs from me. I did sign a contract that stated they would recover training costs if I left, so cannot dispute this, though I do dispute the total. The first I knew of it was when I had a Statutory Demand delivered back in July. Have spent the intervening time contacting people, but have run into problems getting straightforward legal advice, as it is technically an employment law issue, but they are using methods more commonly used to recover consumer debt.
  14. Hi regarding ESA50 If I by some miracle im awarded 15 points in the Physical functions sec and lets say 10 in Mental Cognitive and intellectual functions, could Atos disregard Physical functions score of 15 and award only the Mental Cognitive and intellectual functions score,or are the two combined. ive read how the points system works but don't really understand it.
  15. Hi, i hope I've posted in the right forum. I'm new so apologies if i haven't. I was just wanting a bit of advice on filling in an N1 form for reclaiming money back. Brief details and particulars anyone?
  16. Hi all I went to the Dentist last week for the first time in a while, I had a checkup because its a new dentist, and I was told i had some tooth decay on my rightmost back molar. The dentist was foreign and he spoke so quickly, I honestly couldn't understand him half the time and I'm not used to going to the dentist, never having had a filling or anything like that. Anyway I didn't really understand my options so just went for the filling, not realising I can get a silver one from free on NHS because I am on ESA due to mental health issues. I signed their forms and arranged the
  17. Hi In the past few days i have been gathering info on ATOS and esa to know what to expect and it's pretty scary. I have been ill for 7 years, appealed and won my last tribunal and passed the previous medical. From what i have been reading i don't stand a chance as my condition is undiagnosed so i'm going to struggle to get backup even though i've been through a process with the doctors and hospitals to try and find out what's wrong with me. People a lot worse than me are failing but people with mental health issues apparently don't even register, is this true? I suffer with anx
  18. I will attempt to be as brief as possible. I am sure a number of my queries have been answered previously, but if somebody could kindly guide me to other links etc it would be greatly appreciated. I will happily post (albeit with peronal info deleted) the final version of my/our submission once completed. In a nutshell my sister is based in the South and has been on IB since 2007 and is now to be transferred to ESA, if she passes tests etc. She is clinically depressed and on bad days stays at home and in bed all day. She is on medication , but because she does not threaten to commit
  19. ive began to fill in the PIQB Ive searched the internet etc on what is allowed for expenses etc and i cannot find much does anyone have any guidelines on how much is allowed for food etc and is internet allowed etc Im proper stressed up sorry and im on benefits including carers allowance and do i include what my husband pays for loans which are up to date? As i am the sole income via benefits into the house thanks
  20. This may be a rather silly post and as not all of the criteria has been published yet, not relevant. But, I hate filling in those dratted froms. I already have DLA - HRM & MRC, had DLA since 1994. Looking at the new descriptors it looks like I will get 8 points for mobility and 0 for care. I will not be 65 until June 2014 so I will be in the first line to be tested! Anyhow, from what I understand its a bit like ESA, self assessment & an ATOS assessment. If anything like my ESA claim it will be a disaster. I sent the ESA50 back with no info as I just couldn
  21. Hi, I'm new to this. BREIF: I am a university student (Claimant) with learning difficulties and purchased a dictaphone last year in August from a disable student education supplier (Defendant). However in March the it become faulty. I wrote several letters to the firm (including a letter of rejecting goods) who ignored them. I then rang them up and they were abusive and rude, however I managed to get to to arrange for them to collect the dictaphone. They then collected the Dictaphone the next day on the 14th of June 2012 in front of a witness and collection receipt provid
  22. Due to many different reasons I have failed to send in tax returns for a number of years for a very small scale business turning over maybe £6000 that as now gone bust. Iam now under pressure to get these f filed in and sent off ,but I certainly cant afford to pay an account to sort this out,my knowledge of filling out taxi returns is low to say the the least and I dont want to get it wrong. Can someone run me through the procedure so I can get this matter cleared up. cheers Ian
  23. My van was damaged when it was towed away by removal company, they do not seen to want to pay for the damage, so we went to small claims court. The problem was that the address was filled in wrong, when I enquired about the case, I was infromed that it was stayed. In order to lift the case and enter the judjment I now need to fill in N244 form. I am stuck with a few fields... Can anyone help me please... sorry for a couple of spelling mistakes... What do I fill in in no3 Box 'What order are you asking the court to make and why'... Do I need to attach a draft and what is it... W
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