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  1. Thanks Margaret! I offered the HP support letters when i started the consultation but she refused; should she have taken them? Yes i have more days than not when i can't go out, in fact going out and doing physical activity makes me worse and it can take several days to recover, during those days i won't go out at all, my memory, focus and concentration is impeded. I got there but couldn't find the building, got dropped off in the wrong place and spent about 10 minutes looking for it, i was relying on the taxi driver to find it and i was panicking, nearly went home but found it
  2. Thanks. On bad days it's not reasonable for me to go out at all unless they are taking my by car there and back so i think that's a yes.
  3. Thanks. The assessor took a copy my CFS assessment, i assume to send to the DWP. Not sure what's going to be better than that!
  4. Sorry to keep posting but i want to make sure i do all i can to avoid going to tribunal if possible. Thanks again.
  5. Request before applying for reconsideration? The safety side is also a issue, i won't travel anywhere unfamiliar on my own. I don't think i did a great job during the assessment but i'm pretty sure i said i don't go out most days, only when i'm well enough and because i have no choice. Thanks!
  6. A letter you wrote or one from your GP/Doctor? Thanks.
  7. Thanks. I thought of writing a letter but wondered if i should also get support letters. I'll have to call welfare rights and see what they say, they took my form to send but can't remember if they sent me a copy. By scoring criteria you mean descriptors or the score sheet Nystagmite mentions? I'll have to request that. It may be that i'm not entitled so i need to get things clear before going any further. I'll post if i have any more questions.
  8. Right. No not a bad day, i don't go anywhere and that's what i told them and if someone asked me to meet them somewhere that day i'd have to say no. It's a bit unclear that though, i thought the point of the mobility component was to help with transport. If you can't plan a route and get there safely how could you drive a car?
  9. Thanks for reopening the thread honeybee13! Well as expected i failed the assessment. I got 4 points and 0 for mobility which was the main reason i was applying. It says i can plan and follow a route of a journey unaided but yet i took a taxi there which was booked for me so i'm not sure what that means, physically i would not have been able to get there on my own and it's the same with hospital appointments etc. I'm trying to work out if appealing is worthwhile and whether any evidence i could attain would be enough to support my claim as i have to choose where to expend my e
  10. Oh yeah and i appreciate stuff like that believe me. I probably wouldn't have thought of this stuff so am really grateful for this place.
  11. All this stuff about impressions. GAH, feel like the whole thing is designed to fail you and that's was thinking of when i posted. You have to be aware of how they score the assessments as evidenced by that guide, if you didn't know and were really ill and said yes i can but you could only do it once you'd fail. The lady i saw did as quite a lot about my issues though. I questioned whether it'd be worth going through with it again, i'm half expecting get 0 points and have to go to a tribunal again but at least i had a letter from CFS this time which was submitted as evidence.
  12. Yeah sorry poor phrasing there, i'd never try to deceive always be as honest as i can. I'll update tomorrow, not really sure how it went but i tried to go into detail of how things affect but i forgot to give examples on some stuff. Cheers.
  13. Thanks. I went through the PIP Guide today and think i have everything covered.
  14. I have a couple of questions i meant to ask. Does needing transport to hospital appointments count as assistance to managing therapy and does taking natural remedies for cognition and memory count as needing help to communicate verbally? Also can i give or take notes i've written based on the descriptors cause i might not remember everything. Thanks.
  15. Thanks both, i'll reply tomorrow. Just glad i asked cause i was in no way prepared for it and welfare rights didn't mention any of this stuff (like the diary)! Cheers.
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