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  1. Hi All, Just had a quick read of the other threads but haven't found anyone in this exact situation. Background: I signed up to Bannatynes back in Nov 18. Living in Edinburgh and starting a new job in Livingston (right next to the Bannatynes) I was delighted to find that both gyms were in the same "tier" for cross usage. I was given the tour by the membership girl who told me all about this and advised me to sign up online (weird? they're usually very pushy to get you to sign there and then). When I went to do so I noticed that it was £3-4 cheaper per month to sign up at Edinburgh as opposed to Livingston, even though I would be using Livingston more often... no brainer. I signed up to a 12 month membership. I then used both gyms without fail for around 2 months until mid January when attempting to enter the Livingston gym for the first time in 2019 I was told rather abruptly that Livingston price had increased and in turn they had gone up a tier, therefore I was not allowed entry as I was a member in Edinburgh, which is a now lower tier. I was told if i wanted to continue using Livingston I would have to upgrade my membership at an additional cost of £10 per month. I called head office and received the following response: Having read their terms and conditions, I then went back to them with the following: They have now replied to me by telephone and essentially told me the following: Cross usage is offered as a gesture of goodwill. Tiers may be subject to change without notice; Written confirmation did not need to be provided as I am a member at Edinburgh not Livingston; My notice to cancel has been refused as this does not come under any of their "valid reasons to cancel" They have offered a reduced "upgrade" of only £5 per month extra ​ I have been more than fair with them on the phone and said I am happy to give one months notice and pay any reasonable admin fees. They have escalated this to their manager who has declined my offer to cancel. I am now not sure what to do next. It seems I have the following options: Not upgrade and only use Edinburgh (not practical); Upgraded and continue using Livingston (don't want to pay any extra); Cancel DD and face the consequences (unsure exactly what could happen); Try to claim I am relocating outside a 15 mile radius of any gym; Repeatedly break gym rules until they cancel my membership. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, Craig
  2. My mother of 82 took out a Policy with yourrepair in July this year She had swapped from a previous cover as it was getting a bit to expensive for her. She saw yourrepair online and read the reviews and all seemed good so She chose top cover as it was still cheaper than previous care cover. Now she has happily been paying for a good few month with no problems. The boiler has now incurred a problem. It keeps cutting out leaving her without heating and hot water intermittently. She made a claim online as there doesn’t seem to be a telephone number. She was told an engineer would respond within 3 days or less. After 5 days no body had contacted her and the boiler was still cutting out. Now being 82 and having a problem with your boiler can cause unnecessary stress. In her head something serious is wrong if it’s cutting out. i took over and made a complaint she finally gets an engineer out After 13 days. He diagnosed the problem as the sensors and said they need changing. He said he would speak to yourrepair and get back. Next day heText messaged my self saying that the repair had been refused by Yourrepair. i made another complaint about the refusal of the repair and get a phone call almost straight away from a lady saying that the problem is sludge in the system and it’s not covered in their policy. But I can have a 2nd opinion and if he says there’s sludge there will be a £90 call out charge. I have had issues with the boiler previously and the company has been straight out and fixed the problem or had to order parts in and then fixed it. There has never been any mention of sludge. I told them im not prepared to pay £90 so i had the boiler looked at by an independentBoiler repair man and he didn’t find sludge. I have complained again to Yourepair and have since been offered another visit which would be chargeable if they found sludge I have refused for obvious reasons as they have already lied about sludge. I told them i want the policy canceling but they are refusing to cancel my policy and expect my mother to pay the rest of the 12 months even though that cannot offer the service which she is paying for. In the mean time i thought it was strange that all the reviews on their site were positive i checked with Trust Pilot they have a warning about Your Repair and their reviews saying they believe that their reviews are being manipulated Overall this company seem very iffy to say the least I just want rid of them but theres no way we are going to pay them the rest of the policy, mom has called the bank and they said its a 12 month contract DD and cant be cancelled Not sure which way to go with this so any help would be appreciated
  3. Hello I wonder if you can advise me. My son has had a loan from Money barn. He picked the car up and its been one problem after another with the car. He has phoned moneybarn to tell them, and they say they have opened a case but he should take it up with the garage. It is 14 days on Wednesday so does he still have time to cancel the loan and if he does should he send an email as well as phone them, he wouldnt have time to send a letter would he? Thank you for any help you can give.
  4. Hi, The gym is called Ultimate Physique in a town called Castleford. - No water supply in the gym which in these conditions is just unacceptable - No air conditioning in the gym so in warm weather working out is unbearable and in the winter when working out on the first floor it's so cold you struggle to sweat - The duration of my contract is 36 months with I believe is classed as an unnecessarily long contract under Consumer Rights Act 2015 - The penalty to cancel my membership is £10 x by the remaining months, which is 19 in this case. - Is this also an unfair term in my contract due to it being a punitive penalty? Would these be classed as ground to terminate my contract? I have attached the T&C's from my contract if someone could take a look to find a way out of my contract. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello, I bought a television on Friday via the Curry's website. The order went through fine and I was offered a delivery slot and all seemed fine. The money was deducted from my bank account. On day of delivery no confirmation received. After endless automated phone calls I finally managed to speak to a real person. I was told my order had been cancelled due to purchase not being consistent with my spending activity!! I am told I will be refunded in due course but this is totally bizarre. Anyone else had any horror stories with this company? Charlie
  6. Hello there. First time poster, found you when googling for help. I went to SCS 3 weeks ago and ordered a sofa, albeit halfheartedly as the salesman was like my shadow. I have since that day found out I will not be financially able to pay for this with their credit company, due to genuine unforeseen circumstances. I spoke to Ikano their credit people, who was very nice and cancelled when Id explained, and gave me a reference number to take to the store to cancel. I did and was told to call their head office, who then told me to go back to the store which I did. He said Oh no I have to have it as they (scs ) have already paid...err no I was having credit. As its only 3 weeks I thought Id get in quick before it's delivered, so my question is is can I refuse the delivery when and if it does come? many thanks for any advice given.
  7. Hi All I am enquiring on behalf of a friend, he took out a sky q subscription around 2 months ago and now needs to cancel all of his sky TV due to a cut in his benifits. is there any advice anyone can help ...he is worries that he will have to pay a huge bill to cancel something he can no longer afford thank you all cheers lets
  8. Please can anyone help. My daughter has bi-polar and will often spend money on things she cannot afford. She booked a holiday to Las Vegas in December and all the money has come out of her account but she doesn't have enough money to actually go. Love Holidays say the contract is with 'their suppliers' and she can't get her money back (we didn't expect it all). Anyone had experience of this issue please.
  9. The sign The PCN To my untrained eye I see 2 errors on PCN ,and the relationship of the PCN to the sign. On the PCN the reduced charge amount is obliterated by the miss alignment of the printing , so the driver would not know the correct amount to pay . The sign shows a penalty amount of £90 reduced to £50 for early payment , whereas the PCN shows a penalty amount of £100 reduced to £? Good enough cause for the PCN to be cancelled ? What I have not shown is that as well as above, the phone numbers for enquiry or payment on the sign are totally different to those on the rear of the PCN . The sign is on the outside of the loading bay at The Mall Wood Green , and the alleged parking offence is on a small area just outside of the bay ,obstruction being the “offence “ although nothing or foot way was being obstructed , no observation tine was given , and the alleged offence occurred whilst the driver was getting a permit from his place of work and taking it to the security office
  10. Hi, I'm brand new here but thought I might get some decent advice. I went into Sofology yesterday evening and picked out a sofa and coffee table with the help of a polite salesperson. The items all have 6 week plus lead times, and as I understand, the sofa actually has to be manufactured first. I was told I had 48 hours to confirm the order after placing it. At the end, right after my credit card payment went through, I was handed a piece of paper and told "cancellations are charged at 30%". Nothing else was explained to me really. At that point I took it to mean that once they start work, i.e. once the order is confirmed, they will charge a cancellation fee - fair enough in my mind. Today, after reading horrific stories I decided I didn't want to risk doing business with Sofology. I clicked on the link emailed to me to 'confirm your order' and couldn't find an option to not confirm and instead cancel. I called them and was told that, despite literally nothing having being done on my order, and me not actually having confirmed it, they won't allow me to cancel without paying 30% of the order value. Now, I'm not sure about my rights. This wasn't an online purchase (I wanted to pay later online but was persuaded to pay in store instead), and I'm not sure whether it qualifies as made to order or not (it's made for me I'm told, but I just picked it out of a catalogue, no customisation). Basically, I don't know if I have any rights to cancel or if this is a grey area. The thing is, I wasn't told about the cancellation policy until AFTER I paid, I wasn't given terms and conditions until after I paid either (I wasn't asked to sign anything either). Also, at the time I genuinely understood 'order confirmation' to mean just that - confirming that I want to go ahead with the order. My credit card company can't help as they say the money first needs to go through (it's still pending) and the supplier needs to be at fault. I'm trying to figure out if they are at fault. In my mind, when you tell a customer they have 48 hours to confirm an order, you can't leave out the no-cancellations-whatsoever policy part (until, conveniently, they've already paid) or you're trading in bad faith. Anyway, thanks for reading my essay. Any advice would be appreciated. Nick
  11. Hello All, I have an annual membership with British Military Fitness which was taken via Salary deduction through my company via third party provider GYMFLEX. I trained with BMF for 2 months but had an injury on 1st of March in my left ligament and have not been able to train since. I wrote to my company HR as advised by GYMFLEX , along with recommendation from my physio for 3 month no boot camps that BMF provides since its not a GYM but boot camp setup only in outdoor parks, and the response sent back is as follows. 'Thanks for your patience whilst we looked into this for you. This has been raised to the gym and I'm afraid they are not willing to authorise a cancellation in these circumstances. When you signed up to the benefit you confirmed that you understood it is a non-cancellable 12-month membership and there are no exceptional circumstances in this instance for us to go outside of the standard terms and conditions.' I have looked up GYMFLEX website and they do mention that it can be cancelled if the GYM agrees as noted below 3.4 NON-CANCELLABLE MEMBERSHIP Your GymFlex Membership is a non-cancellable 12 month membership. In certain circumstances, and in line with your chosen GymFlex Gym’s own Terms and Conditions it may be possible to upgrade, suspend or terminate a membership. This process is subject to a written request by your Employer and a Process Fee of £25 is applied by Incorpore Limited. In the event a refund is agreed by the GymFlex Gym, Incorpore will pass on the entire refund received by the GymFlex Gym, less the £25 process fee and the Initial Set Up Fee. But the GYM which in this case is BMF which doesn't have an annual membership and hence no terms and conditions either They have a 6 month membership offer in which T&C mention that in case of injury, membership can be cancelled. (i) Cancellation for medical reasons, relocation or redundancy We may allow you to cancel your membership before the end of the minimum term if you have been a member and: Have a medical condition that stops you from attending classes Relocate more than 20 minutes drive from any of our venues (as measured by AA Route Planner) Are made redundant Can you kindly advise how I should proceed to take this further. Having attended only 2 months, I will loose more than 200£ in this. Thank You Sunny
  12. Tougher rules to let customers exit their contract New rules being introduced by Ofcom will let broadband customers exit their contract at any time if they aren’t getting the speed quoted by their provider. Currently customers can only cancel their broadband deal penalty free within the first three months of the contract. After that time they are charged a penalty fee to exit, even if their broadband speed is slow. Under the new rules customers can cancel at any time, if the speed they receive is slower than the speed they were quoted when they signed up. http://www.which.co.uk/news/2015/06/slow-broadband-speeds-now-you-can-cancel-406021/ That's the theory, meanwhile in the real world: Three in four households pay for internet speeds they never receive – but very few can use new Ofcom rules to switch providers More than 13 million households who pay for internet speeds they never receive are unable to use new rules allowing people to exit slow broadband contracts. As well as the headline speed, the provider must give a so-called "minimum guaranteed" speed. This is the highest speed available to the slowest 10 per cent of households in their customer base. The new rules introduced by Ofcom last week allow people to leave contracts early only if the speed is below this "minimum" level. Experts said it was therefore likely that just 10 per cent of the 22 million British households with broadband will be able to make use of the new rules to leave their provider. Customers who receive speeds just above the minimum threshold may be unable to argue their cases and will face fees to terminate their contract early. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/shopping-and-consumer-news/11682353/Millions-with-slow-broadband-cant-use-new-exit-rules.html ADVERTISING
  13. Hello everyone, I signed up today the 13th of February with a gym membership with Fit4less in Brentford. I decided to do that online so I selected £24,99 per month no contract. I received 2 e-mails after subsrcibing, one welcome e-mail from the club and one with my DD information, the terms and conditions and other relevant information. After reading the e-mail and reading also a lot of reviews for this type of gyms I decided to cancel my membership the same day. On the e-mail they state 'Please note that if you completed this membership agreement whilst not in the club, you have a period of 7 days from today in which to cancel this membership. This right to cancel will cease once you visit the club, or the period of 7 days has elapsed, whichever is the earlier.' I decided to call them to cancel the membership. First time I talked to A advising me that they have not received my details yet and I have to call back tomorrow (at that point I didn't say the reason of my call). Second time I talked to M asking her if they have received my subscription and information she confirmed and then when I told her that I want to cancel she told me I have to call back tomorrow because they do not have all information (only name and bank details). After putting a bit of pressure she said she will check for me. After waiting for 6-7 min on the line, she replied back saying she will put a note on the system and cancel my membership tomorrow. When I asked her if I will receive a written confirmation she replied she can sent me an e-mail. When I asked her when she will sent it she replied between 9:30 and 5:30. Obviously having read a lot of information on this forum I do not have faith that they will do that automatically tomorrow. So what would your advice be? Call them again tomorrow or put my cnacellation request in writting? Thank you for your help. Kind regards,
  14. Hello, TLDR version: I refuse to pay my month notice of gym membership because I couldn't reach anyone there for 6 weeks. Impossible to explain this to the gym as they won't reply to me, only get automated replies. Full version: I should have read this subforum before cancelling my membership, for the good advice of sending a recorded mail. But I havn't so I'd appreciate if you could give me advice. Here are the basic facts: -2013. I stopped going to the gym -Sept 2016. I finally decided to cancel my membership, yes I know I'm an idiot. -I called them every week, left messages with my membership number, etc... no call back, nothing. (i have evidence (phone records)) -I visited the gym, got told the membership guy is on holiday, also get told he doesn't always respond to messages, also got told he doesn't deal with cancelations. unfortunately I got told that in person so no record. -Called my bank to cancel the DD as this was the only option. -Finally, got contacted by the main company, 1life, as - surprise! - they couldn't collect my payment. Unfortunately these were threatening letters, text messages, and recorded messages. -I e-mailed them and left them a telephone number. They never called the number I asked them to (keep calling my mobile instead which I can't access in office hours), and left more threatening messages. -I finally got a reply to my email around the 20th October, they said they accepted my cancellation request as of my email to them, but I'd have to pay the last month of membership. -I replied that I don't accept that and I asked that my cancellation date was entered as September which is when I tried to contact them initially. -The didn't reply but they passed my "debt" to a collection agency instead and added 20£ to it. All in all, they sent me just 1 e-mail, over the last 5 months. Rubbish customer service, unable to even process simple information and reply to messages. Do I have to pay? I'm not concerned about the money and I can afford it, but it makes me rage inside to be treated like dirt by a company I've already paid much more than was due to them. I'm kind prepared to go to court just to prove my point. I'm happy to produce all the emails to them as well as records of the calls I made and proof that they just never called back the number I gave them. Is it worth it though? What do you think please? Should I just shut up and pay up ?? Is there any other way out? Is this going to screw up my credit rating for something so stupid ( I don't have any debt ) Are they entitled to my money when they can't even provide basic service? First world problems, I know... but thank you in advance for your advice.
  15. Hi all, I signed up with BT Broadband, phone and tele however I've since been offered a deal with Virgin that I think is better. My Bt was due to start on Monday however I didn't get the packages that day as I wasn't in. They are still at the post office. However i phoned them today to cancel and they say as I'm out of the 14 day peace of mind period (which is shorter than the time it took for equipment to arrive) I can only cancel if i give them just short of seven hundred quid. To confirm, I have never activated any service and even if i had then it would only be three days I'd been using it that i could make a decision on. Is there anything i can do or am i stuck with it until next year now?
  16. Hey guys, first time posting here. I just submitted the 'cancel my membership' form for my xercise4less membership. I did this because my 12 month student contract is up and according to my local branch I was now 'eligible' to cancel. I feel I may have messed up because in the 'additional comments' section I put my reason for not renewing was because I have permanently moved away. I am concerned they may ask for proof of this? Can they ask for proof of moving away even when you have completed your 12 month contract with them? Surely they won't ask for proof even when the contract is officially up? I could have put the words 'I hate this gym' or 'i can't be bothered to renew' Thanks, Mike can they ask for proof of moving even when you are out of your 12 month contract?
  17. I booked a holiday a few weeks back using Love Holidays. The total cost of the holiday was £680, all i have paid so far is the £80 deposit. It was a silly holiday to book anyway, I can afford to go but I could do with the money on other things so I decided i wanted to cancel it. I emailed them asking to cancel and now they want me to pay for the flight cost, which is £300, the holiday isn't even for over a month away surely this is an acceptable cancellation period! Anything I can do? Thanks
  18. Hi... I booked a ticket through flight centre with an agent. This guy was hurrying me up for a week to offer me this special deal which apparently closed by 6pm on Friday. I eventually booked it on the day...and paid over the phone. Prior to that I received a terms and conditions note, then paid for the ticket. I received the itinerary confirming the flight and ticket two days ago. The agent then asked me if I was still looking for hotels and I said I was, asked if he could help with that as well... a day later he sent me an email saying: "I only ask because the airline informed me that the special price I gave you can only be offered if booked with a hotel , if you don't book a hotel I will have to refund your ticket as it will be invalid ". Now at no point did this agent mention anything about the price being linked to a hotel booking., and he knew I was seeking hotels but made no mention of it,, instead he was calling me all week to get this special offer. can he really cancel my ticket? I have received it, the money has left my account... Shouldn't he have been aware of the ticket conditions. .that's if he's not just trying to scare me into booking a hotel ( I don't need a hotel and its in NY so it will be very expensive.) If I booked a ticket and changed my mind I would never get a refund. What advice does anyone have for me to pursue this. .as I do not want my flight offer cancelled. Nothing in any paperwork or ticket conditions say it must be booked with a hotel. Thanks very much
  19. I've had an issue with a PCN going on for a little while. Essentially I got no ticket on my vehicle and no communication from the LA, the first I heard of it was when the TEC sent the order for recovery I completed a witness statement which was accepted, then the same thing happened again. Again I completed a witness statement which was accepted, this time the LA said they wouldn't accept it and would continue to pursure for recovery under the order (which had been cancelled!) After I challenged the legality of this, they eventually issued an NTO. I raised representations which were rejected so I took it to the TPT. At the hearing my appeal was upheld and the TPT confirmed in writing that they had directed the council to cancel the ticket. I am well aware that the council is aware of the hearing since they send a bundle to it and I've had no communication from them in over a year (the hearing took a long time). The council has now ignored the hearing outcome and sent out a charge certificate on what is now a cancelled PCN! There can be no claim of 'crossing with post' as this has been sent 5 weeks after the hearing. I've already fired off an email demanding they withdraw it, but this is now the second time the council has acted what I believe to be illegally. What's the best way forward if they ignore my email and escalate it to the TEC again? Is there any action I can take based on the actions they've already taken?
  20. I am currently running windows 8.1 on my laptop, however a pop up window keeps appearing saying that my pc is scheduled to upgrade to windows 10 on Saturday 12th March. Despite the fact that I clicked cancel to cancel the upgrade, another window opened advising me to "upgrade now" or "upgrade later", and does not appear to have cancelled the upgrade. What do I do ??
  21. hi there, I need some advice as I am now going out of my mind. On Thursday 14th January 2016 I took out a contract with Vodafone pay monthly for an iPhone 6s in Rose Gold 16gb I received an order acknowledgement but no further information. I then called on 15th January 2016 to find out what was going on with the order. After being passed around at least 6 different departments and often without being told and just being put on hold I got through to a very helpful sales advisor. This advisor took it upon himself to cancel my original order placed on the 14th and place a new order with himself which was a much higher tariff and quoted exclusive of VAT. He also took £29 for the phone cost upfront and £9.95 for it to be delivered the next day before 1pm. I was promised a text message and email of this order in the morning for delivery which NEVER arrived. Neither did an email confirmation of the order. On Saturday 16th 2016 by 10am I had not received any email nor any text. Thinking this suspicious I called Vodafone to find out where the order was. I was hung up on 4 times, passed to 3 different departments and in the end my husband had to talk to them as I couldn't handle the stress ( I suffer from a depressive illness and anxiety disorder). I broke down in tears from the stress of it all. I was shown no empathy, no friendliness nothing over the phone. Just spoken to like I was an inconvenience My husband was told by their customer service person (as not one of them will give their names willingly) that the phone would not be here until the Saturday 23rd January 2016. She was adamant and all we could do is take her word for it, as she was at least the 7th advisor we had spoken to and despite having paid £9.95 for the next day delivery. That same customer service agent advised to go into a shop and sort out the contract there as it had already passed credit checks. My husband told her not to cancel the contract in case we weren't able to get it sorted in the store to which she agreed over the phone. I was listening to the whole conversation on loud speaker. Being the gullible/trusting people we are we went to the Vodafone Store to get this contract sorted out. They looked into the order to discover the last advisor who promised they were going to leave the account alone had taken it upon herself to cancel the contract, which she had promised she would not do. So the store set up a new contract for the iPhone 6s in Rose Gold, 64gb. I was also told I would need to pay £69 up front for this phone also. At this point in time Vodafone had taken £136.95 whether in debits or reserve payments. Just to get this contract sorted out I conceded even though that is a lot of money. All was fine until we got home after having to drive 30 minutes back from the most local Store and then a knock on the door came. It was the first mobile, iPhone 6s in Rose Gold 16gb. The very phone that we were told would not be delivered until the following Saturday and which the advisor had cancelled . This arrived at 3.38pm. So I was charged for £9.95 next day delivery before 1pm via Royal Mail which ended up with a cheaper courier not wearing a Royal Mail uniform. On both occasions I was misled by the tariff with the advisor's so I decided to cancel the contracts and instead use the business tariff. Since that day I have been on the phone countless number of times trying to cancel both these contracts within the 14 days cooling off period and return the phones for a full refund of the upfront costs. This has proved stressful, difficult and impossible. The first phone that arrived through the post has been returned and received but has still not been refunded. I am having to take time out of my business to get this sorted out and it's not forthcoming. The other phone that I purchased from the shop has proved near impossible. I tried to return it to the shop but they wouldn't accept it as the customer service team had already cancelled it. To this day I have not received the returns bag and have called every few days to chase a new one. I am always told it will arrive but has not till this day. I'm now out of the cooling off period and received a letter dated 4th Feb stating I now owe over £800 as am out of my cooling off period. The line was cancelled over the telephone well before 21st January and by recorded letter which I have proof of. I have also kept every online chat with service advisor's. I have tried numerous attempts to get through to a resolution or complaints team only to be told they don't exist. Their very own website points you back at customer services - no dedicated complaints service. Today I asked for a deadlock letter so I could see resolution through the ombudsman quicker to be told I couldn't have one as the resolution team have not dealt with it. So I asked to be put through to them. I was told that no I couldn't be as their is a process. I asked what their process was to be told they couldn't deal with it. WTF?!!? I'm at the point where it is now affecting my mental health. I get extremely stressed and anxious at the thought of contacting them to only suffer the same treatment each time. What can I do? I haven't received a refund for the first phone and the second phone has still not been returned due to not receiving the returns bag. Even when that is returned the process for getting my money back is really going to affect my health. I have filed a complaint with the trading standards team but too early for the Ombudsman to get involved (shy of 4 weeks). I have never in my life experienced anything like this. I just want these phone lines cancelled and my up front costs return with no further hassle. Why is it so hard? Any advice would be greatly appreciate, this is the worst experience of customer services I have ever experienced and I will be moving my business mobiles as soon as the contracts on them run out. Jody
  22. Hi, I am posting in regards to my girlfriends Vodafone account as I don't know what to do now. 2 and a half years ago she got a 2 year contract with Vodafone for an iPhone 4s (£37 pcm), the contract ran out in august 2015, we didn't realise the contract continued so were billed for another month. When we saw this charge on her bank statement we contacted Vodafone immediately and agreed to pay for the last month and then the contract would be cancelled. We felt happy the contract was over and didn't think about it again. 3 months later, in December, we received a letter in the post from Vodafone stating we owed them £120 for the contract that we rang up and cancelled. I immediately rang them and after an hour long conversation on the phone, they agreed it was their fault and said they would drop all charges and close the account (as it was still open for some reason) So now its 1 month later (January) and we receive a letter in the post from Fredrickson debt collectors saying we owe Vodafone £160 for this contract. I phoned Vodafone straight away and they said although 2 cancellation attempts were made, the account remains open, and apparently this is a "common problem"!!!!! They claim that the sim in question was used to make 55 minutes of phone calls during the month of October. and say they will only cancel the debt of £160 if we pay £41.17, which I think is ridiculous, as 1. We didn't use the contract in October, my partner now has a sim only monthly Vodafone contract, and has been using this since the 22nd of September. 2. If, somehow, the contract was used, then how is it our fault that we used it if it was meant to be cancelled? I only see it as fair that Vodafone wipe the debt completely, as the error is completely their fault. They have even admitted this on the phone to me, but refuse to budge that we owe them money. I am happy to take them to the small claims court over this as I am certain I am not in the wrong. I will be going into a Vodafone store this sunday to speak to a manager about this, but from all my experiences with Vodafone Im sure they wont help at all. So what I really need is advice on where to go from here? Am I in the wrong, or do Vodafone owe me an apology and they should drop the charges? Thanks for reading, I really hope someone can help as Im at the end of my tether with this now. Thank you. Ewan.
  23. Hi all. I am desperate for help to see if there is any way I can cancel a 12 month contract before the 1st payment is due this december. I stupidly signed a contract for my 7 year old son who wanted to continue his karate classes having just been awarded his infant black belt. He has been a member since December 2013 and attended this local club weekly till 24th june this year where he earned his final belt. The teacher asked him if he wanted to continue into junior classes as he received his belt and he said yes in his excitement. I had 10 mins to fill in paperwork before the next class started and so I stupidly did not read the terms and conditions before signing. Worse yet, I filled in my details and signed before the minimum terms were filled in. My 7 year old subsequently changed his mind. I tried to cancel the contract a couple of weeks later, assuming it would be fine as he wasn't due to start till September when the first payment was due. Ashbourne told me they couldn't do anything without the teachers support. During the summer the teacher called Ashbourne to offer her support for my cause and she then told me she could do no more as it was up to them. Suffice to say they are not interested and they expect 12 payments of the £69. I wrote to them pleading for goodwill, and they have suspended payments till December 1st. At least the constant letters demanding arrears for payments that werent even due this summer have stopped for now..... If they won't offer goodwill, is there anything I can do? Im very worried I have no choice but to pay £828 for a karate class my son wont attend. Please help....
  24. we have ordered a sofa from scs and my wife has now had her hours cut at work so we have decided to cancel. we have been informed that we are not allowed to cancel the order, we were not informed of the no cancelation policy when we ordered the £2,600 sofa, surly this can't be right
  25. If you're p****d off with TalkTalk's cavalier attitude to protecting customer's data, here's template letter if you want to leave them without penalty: http://www.bitterwallet.com/letter-template-to-cancel-talktalk-account/88825
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