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  1. I sent my ESA50 long with doctors letters and specialists letters to Glasgow ASC, Wolverhampton address on the 02 of May.... Called centre for health and disability assessments. They told me as of yesterday 22/05, DWP requested that my file be withdrawn from their services and returned to them... MY nervous are shattered now. Has anyone got experience of this happening or a possible reason, Naturally i'm trying to get through to DWP but it's taking me ages. Got my worried now.... Thanks
  2. Hi, I have been looking at the various info in the various threads and was hoping that someone could confirm or even advise if I have got the process correct. Some 12 weeks ago I had an ATOS 'assessment' which was to move me over to ESA from Incapacity Benefit and have today been notified that I have been placed in the ESA WRAG Group. I know having read all the guides on filling in the forms that I would/should score 15 points on one condition alone thus meeting the Support Group criteria, so I now intend to seek a reassessment of the decision. So my steps should be: Phone and
  3. Sent my appeal off with some brief details of why i was appealing , Had a Letter from DWP confirming that they received my appeal, and about how much ESA i will get until it's heard, But so far over 1mth since requesting the full written statement of the Atos wca Form IB /ESA85, But so far i have not been sent it, The person that i recently spoke with from DWP ,Confirmed that they could see that i had previously requested it, but could not understand why i had not yet received it, What can be done to force them to supply this info,(assuming it actually exists) ?
  4. Hello, My mom has just received a letter from Atos asking her to telephone to arrange a medical (within 2 days of receipt of letter). Now my mom is in no state to be calling them, we are dealing here with severe mental health issues and she doesnt speak to anyone, she doesnt even know we have a letter! She has recently been referred to the Mental Health Team and we are awaiting contact from them. When the questionnaire arrived, a local agency helped me complete the form on my mom's behalf and they said she will need a home visit if a medical is needed. The Job Centre re
  5. I was on Incapacity Benefit at one time and years ago was sent an ESA50. I filled it in, sent it back, and was granted ESA WRAG, and never had a WCA. Now another ESA50 has arrived, and now I'm thinking they're going to haul me before a WCA this time. I'm also afraid that this means that my ESA has already stopped. Is this so? BTW, should I take my time in sending it back, or send it back as soon as I can? Should it also be Special Delivery?
  6. yesterday [25th Aug] i got another ESA50 form. *i've been signed off work since 5-10-07 = 9yr 10m 2wk 6 days. yet they seem to think i'll suddenly get better. *i've been on sickness benefits since 5-12-07 = 9yr 8m 2wk 6 days. *originally i was on the disability rate of Income Support but i've been on ESA since 19-7-12 = 4yr 1m 6 days. *i had my medical on 3-7-15 = 1yr 1m 3wk 1 day ago. i heard people are often re-assessed every year, so i was wondering when i'd have to go through the dreaded form filling/medical again. *i won my most recent appeal & was moved from ESA WRAG int
  7. I applied for ESA for the first time (and not transitioning from other state benefits) dated mid April and am currently receiving assessment phase payments. Should I have received the ESA 50 form yet? I know officially assessment phase is meant to be up to 13 weeks, but not sure to what extent this matches reality. How long have other recent applicants waited i.e. those receiving their first ESA50 recently, when did you apply? Has anyone else applying around April for the first time received their ESA50 form yet? Thanks.
  8. Guest

    ESA50 has arrived

    The dreaded ESA 50 arrived yesterday, so onward for the battle, endless photocopying and reams of explanations. Can someone remind me where to find the "help" guides for filling out the form, for both mental and physical disability as I have both, please? Thanks in advance.
  9. Sent my ESA50 back recently. I received a txt message saying that my ESA claim had ended today so I phoned them up. They tell me they haven't received my completed questionnaire so my claim has ended. Fortunately I sent it recorded delivery and they admitted to having received it but cannot trace it. All my medical history is in that file. I feel sick at the thought of all my most intimate details kicking about somewhere. Meanwhile they want me to fill in the form again and resubmit it. It cost me a fortune to get all the evidence together. A stressful month trying to get it done in ti
  10. Just a note to let anyone who has recently sent their ESA50 back to the Nottingham address, they have a massive backlog, and in the past week have had over 100,000 forms returned to them. So they are under a lot of pressure. I sent mine back beginning of March, and it's now just waiting to go to the nurse! Hoping to have a decision in the next week...or so they say....here's hoping........ Miss A.:|
  11. I was kicked off ESA the end of 2014, successfully won my appeal March 2015, scoring 27 points from the original 0 that ATOS gave me, the letter I received from the appeal court, states review after 2016, but to my surprise the other day I received a letter with the ESA50 questionnaire that I need to send back by 5 February, This as seriously stressed me out, as I didn't think I would be called so soon especially after the appeal court letter stating review after 2016.
  12. I am trying to help a friend who received their EAS50 form dated 1st December for a deadline of 1st January 2016 to be returned. My friend has a complex medical history including mental health and the benefit advisor hurriedly completed the form as he finished work for Christmas and New Year on 17th December, The main hospital consultant who co-ordinates healthcare is providing a supportive letter but this has been delayed as his secretary retired and it has waiting in a pool of secretaries at a hospital and the consultant is also on holiday, I rang DWP and they were not supportive at all. The
  13. Guest

    WCA without ESA50 ?

    Hi, ..enquiring on behalf of a friend who is in receipt of ESA and recently received a letter to attend another WCA which is coming up soon. The previous ESA50 was sent in late 2013/beginning of 2014, hence at least more than 18 months ago. Under these circumstances - what is the current position regarding whether M. has to send a new ESA50 form before calling for a WCA? There are different statements from M. dating back to April/May this year implying that everyone would receive a new ESA50 before they are called for a WCA. Are there any regulations, guidelines, statutory acts
  14. im due a review by atos , but im really confused by the new form , ive left it as long as I can but I cant put into words correctly what I need to . I asked the local CAB but they don't have the resources to help . my wife refuses to help at all she's dyslexic and just doesn't want to know . my condition is the same ,worsens over time as it has been the last 12+ years except for the last 6 months ive been having conscious seizures ,nearly everyday . my head is so confused , like my brain has been wired up wrong , the questions make no sense to me at all . is there
  15. Hi regarding ESA50 If I by some miracle im awarded 15 points in the Physical functions sec and lets say 10 in Mental Cognitive and intellectual functions, could Atos disregard Physical functions score of 15 and award only the Mental Cognitive and intellectual functions score,or are the two combined. ive read how the points system works but don't really understand it.
  16. What is the return address for above questionnaire ? I have lost the other info that came with it and I'm trying to find the address to send completed form back. Thanks
  17. I have an ESA50 Medical Questionnaire to send back, I also now noticed you can download one online which is a PDF version. Would it be best to fill the form they sent me or do it on the computer and print it off? Has anyone ever printed off this form and sent it? and would it be accepted?
  18. As I split up with my partner a while back I have now been able to put in a claim for ESA, I am on the assessment rate and received my ESA50 last week. It has to go back within the next 3 weeks so I wanted some advice about filling it in. I was going to ask my GP for a supporting letter quoting Regulations 29 & 35 but I doubt she would do this for me, although it might be worth trying. I am planning to ask them for a home visit too for my assessment as well as it being recorded because I have several conditions and struggle to go out often so very little chance of me gettin
  19. Hi, I am hoping for guidance or help in starting to fill the ESA50 form out. But I have three problems, my main consultant is on holiday for two weeks, my welfare advisor has a signed mandate to contact my Consultant ( my current GO knows little about me - just issues prescriptions) and finally I am supposed to go on holiday to my sister at her caravan on Isle of wight for next 2 weeks. The form has to be sent back by 28th Sept and I do not come home until 21st Sept - my sister feels there is no point staying at home worrying when my hospital consultant is also away. My disability / illn
  20. pin62


    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and not very confidant. I have just received a letter from Jobcentreplus dated the 5th. September which arrived on the 21st. of September and on the same day a separate letter from ATOS with an ESA50 form enclosed. Has this happened to anyone on this forum? I also tried to ring the Jobcentreplus on Saturday but they were closed. I wondered too if it was normal for them to want to call you back as they've said they don't have my telephone number? but if I am phoning them what difference does it make. Thanks.
  21. I received the form last week but couldn't face it. It is due on 14th, so I decided to do it a bit at a time. First I have to sort out the mass of medical history and past IB forms, etc. Sorry, waffling. I downloaded the form and typed up answers to some of the questions after going on this forum once I got the Phone Call. Now I see that the space for doctor provides for anyone except my gp. It also doesn't allow for more than one condition and more than one doctor I have epilepsy. The last time I saw a consultant was a few years ago when a brain scan revealed a litt
  22. I really could do with some advice. Here's the situation: I was on support group, moved over from incapacity benefit, due to mental health issues. Two months after getting moved over (which had involved being assessed) I get an ESA50 form. As it was so soon after being assessed, I wrote back to both ATOS & DWP asking why I needed to fill in the form when I'd recently been put on support group. I hear nothing for a while. Then ATOS replies saying its not them, but the DWP. Fair enough, I'll wait for the DWP reply I thought. Never received one. Wrote back to ATOS asking for t
  23. I have filled in an ESA50 as I was unable to get to ATOS in Feb. They waited 6 moths to call me to assessment, by which time my support worker had left (benefit now reduced). My last ESA50 was filled in not very well by that support worker a year ago. I have answered honestly. Stated I can't walk as it causes me severe pain due to migraines, hydrandentis suppuravita & morbid obesity. But I'm not sure what evidence I need to support this. I have mentioned these things to my previous GP, but the fact I could get in to tell them last year & wouldn't let them see me crawl- I think th
  24. Hi, A friend has recently posted his ESA50 form (3 weeks ago),but now has a letter of support from his CPN - is there some way to send this in and have it added to the form he's sent,or should he wait for the dreaded Work Capability Assessment and produce it then? What happens if ATOS decide to not pull in my friend for an assessment - how could he then produce his letter of support for the attention of the decision maker to hopefully get him into the Support Group instead of the Work-Related Activity Group?
  25. Attended my ATOS medical yesterday. The woman who saw me said she was a nurse. She checked my pulse and said it was irregular. She checked my blood pressure, it was higher then normal!! She then asked me a lot of questions, and all I could do was answer her as honestly as I could!! My MIND advocate stated to her that I was currently waiting an outpatient appointment with adult mental health because I have long term issues, and that my gp has said I am not fit for work!! I described as best I could how my heart problems were - I have sinus tachycardia which makes m
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