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  1. Hi I received Final Reminder on 12/09/16 and now I have received a letter from DRP - Debt Recovery Plus Ltd dated 28/09/2016 requesting £140 to be paid by 12/10/16. It states the driver is the person liable but liability can be transferred to the registered keeper....blah blah...... ..if we don't hear from you , we'll take this to mean you agree you're liable for it. Then blah blah.............if you don't settle we'll recommend to our client that they take action against you. Then final para is reminder about Supreme Court decision about parking charges.....in Nov
  2. Hi well today NTK letter dated 26/08/16 for the ticket dated 27/07/16 requesting £80. I am going away tomorrow so do I just continue to ignore ? I live in Glasgow and the ticket was issued nearby in a retail park in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire Scotland. Thank you for any further advice.
  3. Thank you for your reply. I will sit back and see what junk comes through the post. I am not a dishonest person so felt quite sick when this happened, being a genuine disabled person with a genuine disabled badge.
  4. If the driver is identified (not sure how though?) then as the 14 days has lapsed, the penalty will increase from £40 to £80. I know the laws in Scotland are different and there is no POPLA up here for appeals. I am more worried about a bad credit score mark that someone else had mentioned being found on their credit score. Thank you
  5. Hi, yesterday I was issued with a PCN for parking in a disabled space without clearly displaying a disabled badge. I have a disabled badge but it had slid from the dashboard to down the side of the dashboard. I was distracted when parking and had realised it had slid down the side. I have read lots of threads on here and am totally confused. Should I hold my hands up and admit it wsnt displayed clearly or defend the claim. My nissan note has a small side window that would have shown the badge had slipped down the side but I doubt this is clearly displayed. The disabled bat was clearl
  6. I am trying to help a friend who received their EAS50 form dated 1st December for a deadline of 1st January 2016 to be returned. My friend has a complex medical history including mental health and the benefit advisor hurriedly completed the form as he finished work for Christmas and New Year on 17th December, The main hospital consultant who co-ordinates healthcare is providing a supportive letter but this has been delayed as his secretary retired and it has waiting in a pool of secretaries at a hospital and the consultant is also on holiday, I rang DWP and they were not supportive at all. The
  7. Thank you for your reply. They have paid off most of their other debts now so higher repayments would not be an issue. Its more will a lender allow a conversion to a full repayment.
  8. Hi I am trying to obtain some help for some close friends who naively accepted a 100% interest only mortgage about 8 years ago with no capitol repayment plan put in place. They bought the property in Scotland at peak price period. It is a sought after area outside Glasgow 5 min walk to a station with a 15 min commute into Glasgow City Centre. The area has been a low turnover in regards to property sales but downside has been an elderly population who have lived there all their lives. Over the last five years a significant number of properties have hit the market from deceased or el
  9. I agree this is unlikely to happen but just getting enough people to sign it i.e over 100,000 will be sending a message. The trouble with e-petitions is that there are often too many that vary but are on the same subject and cannot be consolidated.
  10. Why is everything so secretive. But that's seem the norm these days
  11. Nice one. I have a few friends in the same position. These organisations are only in it for the money. You could open a whole can of worms if you went public. Hope you find employment soon.
  12. Thank you all for your advice. I guess with the first person at the BDC being tad abrupt sort of made me feel guilty for asking. Maybe she was stressed that day and I will try again. Thank you all for your comments
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