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  1. Britain’s banks face the threat of a huge new PPI bill that could add billions of pounds to the £30bn already paid out in compensation, following a court ruling lauded by claims management companies as “hugely significant”. The case opens the door to a renewed claims bonanza as it suggests that even if the PPI policy was not mis-sold, the buyer may still be able to reclaim because the scale of the commissions paid were excessively high. While the ruling does not mean any more cash for people who have already received compensation, it may allow cases that have been rejected to be re
  2. Britain’s banks face the threat of a huge new PPI bill that could add billions of pounds to the £30bn already paid out in compensation, following a court ruling lauded by claims management companies as “hugely significant”. The case opens the door to a renewed claims bonanza as it suggests that even if the PPI policy was not mis-sold, the buyer may still be able to reclaim because the scale of the commissions paid were excessively high. While the ruling does not mean any more cash for people who have already received compensation, it may allow cases that have been rejected to be rec
  3. Hello, A number of PCNs from Smart Parking were delivered to my address in the last few weeks, for an alleged breach of the terms of parking at Matalan in Sutton, Surrey. This was subsequently followed by a Notice of Intended Court Action letter from Debt Recovery Plus (DRP), stating the reason for the PCN being issued as: "Overstayed Paid Time". Earlier this week, another letter was received from SCS Law who claim to act on behalf of Smart Parking Ltd who have allegedly instructed this law firm to recover the PCN charges. The letter then goes on to state that Smart Parking ar
  4. Hi all, due to a massive cock up by myself I have missed a claimform deadline and judgement has been issued according to MCOL, this was because I went on holiday and was too late when I got back, yesterday....completely my own fault! Is there anything I can do?
  5. I had been with Natwest for 22 years and had a black account with the Gold Advantage Charge card. I was advised to become a company as I would be delivering a service through several agencies. Unfortunately, due to exceptional circumstances and include a bad personal relationship left me in debt and I am about £8 -9k in mortgage arrears on a house I rent out and a personal overdraft that was £12k. In 6 months that OD was cleared and both business and personal accounts were in the black. The difficulty in meeting the mortgage department for an arrangement to be put in place
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-39792170
  7. Name of the Claimant - H Cohen Solicitors, Hoist 2 Ltd. Original creditor MKDP LLp (Ex HSBC). Date of issue: 12th September Acknowledgement submitted. What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? This claim is for the sum of £1089 in respect of monies owed pertinent to an overdraft facility under bank account number x. The debt was legally assigned by MKDP (Ex HSBC) to the claimant and notice has been served. The defendant has failed to repay overdraft sums owing under the terms and conditions of the bank account. The Claimant claim: 1. The sum of £
  8. Has the UK got the continuing-violations doctrine in its Laws. I was under probation with a company and I raised H & S issues. A lot of documented bullying occurred. My employment was later terminated and the director cited the contract I signed in which they have the right to terminate my contract without reason. Much later after the expiration of the time limit for the Tribunal I made a Subject Access Request. I discovered that my line manager has been telling lies about me all this time. And these are lies that are easily disputable (Like I was found sle
  9. Hello, I am due to move into my new flat on 11 December. I made an offer for it over three weeks ago, which was accepted by the landlord on 18 October (3 weeks ago). I then went successfully through reference checking and all that, and on 25 October (16 days ago) I made the payment for the first month of rent and the six-week deposit, plus various fees (in total circa £4500). The issue is that, as of today, the landlord has not yet signed the contract; the lettings agency say they are trying to get a hold of him but he is not returning their calls, the last time they spoke to him wa
  10. The taxman has been accused of using small businesses and the self-employed as a “cash cow” after unveiling plans for a “draconian” new penalty regime. HMRC has announced that millions of companies and individuals with an income of more than £10,000 will have to file quarterly tax returns online. Those that are late in supplying information about their tax affairs will face a new “penalty point system”, similar to that used for motorists. Four offences will result in an automatic fine, which could be as much as £100. Every additional point will result in a further fine.
  11. BBC News - Hundreds of thousands register to vote as deadline looms Registration needed by 23.59pm tonight. People have until 23:59 BST on Tuesday 7 June to register to be able to vote in the UK's EU referendum. The Electoral Commission said 1.65 million people had applied for a vote since a campaign began last month - but millions more have yet to sign up. Registering online should take about five minutes. People may need their National Insurance number, or passport number if a UK citizen living abroad. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36462425 Just in case.Che
  12. I am trying to help a friend who received their EAS50 form dated 1st December for a deadline of 1st January 2016 to be returned. My friend has a complex medical history including mental health and the benefit advisor hurriedly completed the form as he finished work for Christmas and New Year on 17th December, The main hospital consultant who co-ordinates healthcare is providing a supportive letter but this has been delayed as his secretary retired and it has waiting in a pool of secretaries at a hospital and the consultant is also on holiday, I rang DWP and they were not supportive at all. The
  13. The Financial Conduct Authority has published its consultation paper on plans to bring in a 2018 deadline for PPI claims FCA research shows 74 per cent of people know what PPI is, but some have not got around to claiming yet because of the 'open-ended nature', which the watchdog says has created inertia. The FCA believes that introducing a deadline – alongside a high profile campaign to highlight it – will prompt many into action. Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/saving/article-3334759/PPI-claims-deadline-likely-2018.html#ixzz3uJ3GJTaG
  14. Im just after some advice on a speeding ticket. The offence is from 16/04/15 it took 2 months to come through as I had accidently delayed in changing my address on vehicle when i moved, so I know I cant quote the 14 day rule to them. At the time i said i thought it wasnt me as i had sold the vehicle, after a delay I got a letter back saying the photo looks like me. I then asked to see a copy of the photo which i admit does look like it me but im still unsure as the picture not clear. It probably is me though. However, todays date is 15/10/2015 meaning tomorrow the offence will b
  15. Hi all Just looking for some advice on timings. I posted 3 CCA's to Lowell on Friday 20/02/2015. Would I be right in thinking they have 14 days from receipt - so basically by the 9th March? Should I be doing any preparation now in the event they do not reply or are unable to fulfil the request?
  16. Hi, Can someone please confirm I have the correct date to file a defence against a claim. I dont want to get this wrong! Claim Form issue date: 27th Feb 2015 Defence Deadline: 31st March Also, I have read to file it at midnight (MCOL), is this midnight on the 30th or 31st? Thank you
  17. Hi. my frind had 4 PCN`s issued by 2 different councils, he did`t pay them within 14 days and now they want him to pay about £180 for each. Is there any way to reduce the penalty to its original reduced amount? if anyone could help resolve this issue will be nice as he is got financial problems now and would like to resolve this issues but due to financial hardship he can`t afford to pay nearly £800. thanks in advance
  18. Hi, I bought a domain name in 2006 and renew it until 2008. However, in 2008 when I tried to renew it again (received an email notification for this purpose) my payment has been rejected and the company started claiming that I did not renew the domain name during the two last years. Since that was my first purchase of domain, I also made a complaint only to the company which was in fact a simple reseller : they told me that the true registrar had closed and themselves were migrating. I thought that the domain name was locked and I will be informed (with first priority to re-purchase it) a
  19. Dear all I took 3 court actions against hsbc based on BCOBS unfair treatment and breach of data protection act as well as breach of contract The deadline of the witness statements was on 17th July which I (claimant) provided them within the deadline I received a letter on 19th July dated on 17th asking me by CPR 3.8 extension of this deadline I gathered some information on the internet and this website and responded to them the following (as I did not want to be seen who is not co-operating but at the same time I don't want to allow them to get away with their mistake a
  20. Due to strike action by staff, HMRC is extending the deadline to apply for tax credits to 11.59pm on Wednesday 6 August, regardless of how you renew. 550,000 people still need to renew their tax credits or risk losing their payments,HMRC is offering people renewing their claims this year the option of doing so online for the first time. They can do this either by going to the web page or by using the free HMRC app, which is available in the iTunes and Google Play stores. Claimants can also renew by post, or on the phone by calling 0345 300 3900. http://www.theguardian
  21. Have a look and let me know what you think. Any help will be appreciated. http://s911.photobucket.com/albums/ac318/zentrix9/MR%20VIRGIN%20MNBA/ I will be sending a SAR request tomorrow to see what I get back
  22. Last chance to claim mis-sold CPP card protection. Anyone who was mis-sold credit card & identity theft cover by banks and CPP should have been sent a claim forms to get their money back. If you've got a form, but haven't returned it, you should do so now. If you think you're eligible to get your money back, but haven't received a claim form or have lost it, it's still not too late to claim. But don't hang about, you only have until August 31st 2014 CPP Redress Scheme
  23. I posted this on MSE and Pepipoo but haven't had much help. In March last year my vehicle received a Parking Charge Notice and after reading advice on here and MSE chose to ignore it. Four months later a notice to owner was received. Several letters have now been received even received some stating PoFA which was not in place at the time of being sent the notice to owner. Now I've received county court claim forms and have logged into MCOL to defend it. Particulars of claim states that the terms and conditions were breached by not displaying a ticket. I now have 7 days left to submit my
  24. Hello All I am not going to go into details as my story would be extremely long. Anyway, i have received a CCJ (Down to a dodgy company lying). It has just been added to my Credit File with a judgment date of 16/01/2014. If i pay the full amount before the 16/02/2014 will it be removed from my credit file? I have read this somewhere but not sure whether it was true.
  25. I know that another body is handling PPI reclaims against Welcome Finance for agreements post-2005, but are Welcome still handling pre-2005 claims? I'm sure I read somewhere that Welcome were no longer investigating claims on agreements made prior to a certain year, but I can't remember or find out the year in question. I've just found some information from an old car purchase (1998) and 2 personal loans (1999, 2000) that would suggest I would have a claim against them, but given the dates I suspect I may be onto plums trying to raise a claim now.
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