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  1. @dx100uk I will most definitely oblige. My donation follows on the heels of this post and is also my little way of expressing gratitude to everyone here who contributed towards us achieving the desired outcome which is fully shared. Thanks folks.
  2. Folks, attached are scanned copies of the notice of discontinuance letters as promised. notice-of-discontinuance_pg001b.pdf
  3. Just checked the letter. Attached to the DCB Legal cover letter advising of the client's wish to discontinue with the case, there's also a Claimant's N279 Notice of Discontinuance. Will scan and upload here shortly.
  4. Yes, that's a good point @brassnecked........................especially as I've to date not yet received any official confirmation from the court.
  5. I don't quite have a recollection how the letter was titled, but essentially yes, they informed me they no longer wished to continue with the case. Prior to that, they'd tried to reach me by phone and left a voicemail requesting that I contact them (DCB Legal). Days later, the letter came through.
  6. So there's been some further development on my case and it's all good news. I got contacted by DCB Legal a few weeks ago, informing me that they and/or Highview Parking had finally decided to throw in the towel and that they'd also advised the court as such. The case is therefore now completely dead!!
  7. @dx100uk thanks. The N157 states among other wording that: "Each party must deliver to the other party and to the court office copies of all documents on which that party intends to rely at the hearing no later than fourteen days before the hearing." I believe this is what you're referring to? I will in any case upload both letters on here very shortly.
  8. @dx100ukthanks for clearing that up. I can only assume that the details you're referring to are the paragraph worded as follows: "Unless the claimant does by 4.00pm on the dd April 2022 pay to the court the trial fee of £25.00 or file a properly completed application (i.e. one which provides all the required information in the manner requested) for help with fees, then the claim will be struck out with effect from dd April 2022 without further order and, unless the court orders otherwise, you will also be liable for the costs which the defendant has incurred.
  9. after much to-ing and fro-ing, I received notification from the court a couple of days ago that my case will now be heard on May 2022, which suits me fine. Any delay or wasting of time endured by Highview Parking is music to my ears, as it hopefully will get them to ponder and reflect whether it is worth their while having to wait an entire year for adjudication over some stupid and paltry PCN. Having said that, I look forward to the hearing as I'm 200% confident of my defence and for which I owe a great deal of gratitude to everyone who chipped in here with those awesome tips and advice. The battle isn't won yet, but the 1 year delay is itself a little moral victory for me. Thanks peeps
  10. @honeybee13I agree entirely with your point. I'll also say however that whenever I revisit CAG to solicit advice on any parking issue, the first thing I do is search the forum for similar cases, just to give me some initial pointers. As you'll however also acknowledge, there's often hundreds such cases to filter through (sometimes with varying degrees of advice and outcomes) and so it's perhaps best to simply start a new thread and seek the required expert advice.
  11. @lookinforinfothanks for the feedback. Do you mind elaborating a bit on why that PCN you mention doesn't comply with PoFA please? Thank you. On your point though regarding me giving away the name of the driver, in my defence I did initially upload on here a draft of my defence statement and kindly requested for some feedback on it from this forum before submitting it. There are obviously many on here like yourself who're clearly more knowledgeable and experienced on these issues and I for one value feedback from the likes of you and would definitely have heeded to any early feedback/advice to avoid certain wording that could potentially compromise my defence, e.g. on the driver's identity, etc. It's equally disappointing when one reads certain comments/feedback on here along the lines of........you've been a member on CAG for x number of years and should be familiar with this and that process or procedure, etc. Yes, it's acknowledged that some of us may be registered members for a considerable amount of years, but I'd also kindly urge patience and for others to also acknowledge that some of us often go years without ever visiting this website and so would not always be abreast with recent changes, discussions or material on issues around the challenging of PCNs. Unfortunately, having a hectic family, work and personal life puts paid to that full stop. You don't visit the hospital until you need urgent medical attention and many of us can often go years without the need to visit one. I will reiterate though that I am extremely grateful for all the feedback (even though often drip-fed) and all the offered advice and support here to assist me in my case. It is most appreciated and I'm very, very thankful.
  12. Attached below are the related documents sent out to me by CP Plus, in response to my SAR Request. pdf now attached. Thanks. highview-parking-sars-response.pdf
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