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  1. @dx100ukthank you ever so much. I'm extremely grateful for your kindness and assistance. Good news is that I have managed to access the claim on MCOL and plan to submit the AOS by this weekend, as I believe I still have until 19th Jan to do so (The Claim issue date was 31st Dec 2020). In the meantime, I have also downloaded a copy of the CPR 31.14 you included in your last post, edited it where required and pasted its contents below for any review comments. You'll note that I have also sought clarification on the Claim Form receipt date and for that I'll greatly appreciate an
  2. @dx100ukthe feedback is much appreciated. Will follow the advise (as above) promptly.
  3. So, acting on advice gathered via some third parties, I responded to DCB's letter by challenging them on a number of key points which not surprisingly, prompted a swift reply from them. In order not to risk compromising my defence, I've opted not to place extracts of the aforementioned key points from my letter into this public domain, but would be happy to share them privately with the right person(s) on this forum willing to offer genuine and sincere assistance with no ulterior motive. DCB Legal have since proceeded to submit a money claim against me in a County Court and I've in
  4. Lol. Thanks @FTMDave Will most definitely "snotty letter them" in my final action
  5. Thanks for all the feedback peeps. They're well appreciated and I'm still trying to figure out which advice would be best to follow. @FTMDave, no I haven't moved to a new address during the last 3-4 years. As it happens, I've actually resided at my current address for well over a decade and so there's no chance of any paperwork being sent to another address. I would definitely though have no recollection of this alleged contravention over 3 years ago, even if I tried. When you have family, work and far more purposeful things in life to deal with, you don
  6. Hello, I recently received a Letter of Claim from DCB Legal, advising that they were acting on behalf of a client and demanding immediate settlement of an alleged PCN dating back to March 2017. Not surprisingly, I have absolutely no recollection any such PCN, let alone any parking contravention. I must admit, I was rather incensed by it all and considered ignoring the letter entirely, especially as the car park in question is outside the premises of a gym of which I'm a member and regular user, and a couple of supermarkets I visit on an almost daily basis to this day
  7. Well, well, well.......this case developed further when a few days ago I received the below email, on the back of the letter I wrote to DPR in response to their demand letter. Would be grateful for any helpful feedback on how to treat this. I have truncated and/or stripped out bits of it to ensure anonymity. Start of Email PS: By the way, the parking company involved in this case have now been replaced at the car park in question by a new parking company. Thank you for your email regarding the above Parking Charge Notices (PCNs). The time to challenge the
  8. I believe so, but as I was away for a few months, I believe it/they got binned. Let's just assume therefore that I did receive an NTK but no longer have it. All, Drafted the below letter which I plan to send to SCS Law and Debt Recovery Plus. I'm therefore desperately in need of some kind, expert review and some feedback please. As I have no NTK letter(s), I'm particularly unsure whether it's worth stating this in the letter below and requesting for a copy/copies. Thank you --------------------------- LBCC Response Letter ------------------ Dear Sirs,
  9. Well, so this is the current state of affairs. I contacted the gym to request for the ticket to be cancelled as advised and received a call back. If I have to be honest, I'm not entirely sure who's probably annoyed me more - Highview Parking Ltd, or the rather obnoxious gentleman from the gym who contacted me. He was rude, unhelpful and even had the temerity to insist that I had no option than to pay the fine and that based on past experience, no amount of intervention from the gym would change the outcome. As a result, I believe I can well and truly now forget about wast
  10. By the way, also now uploaded is a copy of the letter received from SCS Law as requested.
  11. In the absence of any positive response or assistance from the gym, what would be the next best course of action to take on my part?
  12. Thanks for the feedback @dx100uk. Followed the link you provided and can confirm this particular case falls under the one titled - "For PNC's received through the post [ANPR camera capture]" Now, there's no record of receiving any Notice To Keeper letter(s) and even if any was sent, it is definitely not currently available. The alleged incident is saidto have occurred at the start of March this year and one fact is that I was also abroad for 3 months from the end of April till end of July. As there's currently no NTK to refer to at this point in time, I cannot al
  13. Hello, I have today received a letter from SCS Law who claim they've been instructed by Highview Parking Limited to recover an alleged penalty charge notice incurred by myself/my vehicle. Incensed by the content of this letter, I sought to establish what the address of the alleged contravention was supposed to have taken place it turns out to be my local gym where I've been a member for nearly 20 years and as such a legitimate user of their car park. I initially contacted Highview Parking to enquire about the reason for the letter and/or alleged contravention was adv
  14. Well, well, well, guys. Some rather unfortunate and unpleasant developments. I left the UK on 30th April for a trip abroad and only just returned last Friday, 28th July. Prior to my departure and following the submission of my defence tothe claim, I contacted the Northampton County Court to discuss my impending trip and whether it would have any possible impact on my case was advised that nothing could be done and that I had to simply wait until the court contacted me again. Alas, upon my return, I found two letters delivered from the court and named as follows: 1.
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