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  1. i read on a few websites that section 172 says prosecution for a speeding offence much by done within 6 months or at least listed at the court within the 6 months.
  2. Im just after some advice on a speeding ticket. The offence is from 16/04/15 it took 2 months to come through as I had accidently delayed in changing my address on vehicle when i moved, so I know I cant quote the 14 day rule to them. At the time i said i thought it wasnt me as i had sold the vehicle, after a delay I got a letter back saying the photo looks like me. I then asked to see a copy of the photo which i admit does look like it me but im still unsure as the picture not clear. It probably is me though. However, todays date is 15/10/2015 meaning tomorrow the offence will b
  3. it was a lloyds TSB credit card debt. I had a company deem it unenforable agreement and paid them 25% which i now know this to be a load of rubbish. Didnt hear anything else and moved home. 8 years later it showing as a CCJ on my credit file. Im pretty sure they got the CCJ just before it was about to go statue barred. So were do i stand with this debt. The CCJ is almost a year old already and they added like £800 to it in court fees, ect what would be my best course of action with in mind getting my credit file back on track and not paying money that is basically goin
  4. Hi, Just looking for some advice. to start i noticed a debt (ccj) on my creidt file only last week from a debt i thought had been settled. (long story) however it hasnt and a ccj was placed on my file about a year ago at my prev address i moved from 8 years ago. Firstly due to the move and having no knowledge about this were do i stand about getting the debt set aside? Secondly i have made an offer as full and final settlement of 50% of debt but they told me they accept the offer but it can only be marked on my credit file as partially satisfied. Is this true
  5. yes the lender is lloyds tsb. which i know his he commercail mortgage. we do also have a right to buy on the property is 12months which im hoping doesnt get revoked in the repossession. im just hoping a solicitor can speak to them on our behalf and negioite for us to stay their and buy the property striaght away from lloyds! this is a nightmare for us though
  6. yes the notice was from the court! he said unless i hear otherwise (meaning unless she sorts it out) then ive got to leave on that date. Ive booked an appointment for tomorrow (tue) to get some legal advise on it, however i was ust trying to fish for some info in the mean time! im just hoping i have a leg to stand on!
  7. hi guys, just looking for some advice. Ive taken over a new shop in jan this year and signed a 6 year lease with a right to buy in 12 months. We have spent alot of money doing it up. However we have just recieved a notice saying the building is getting repossessed from the landlord in 2 weeks time and the landlord and any occupiers must vacate the property by then. were does this leave us legally? are we entiteld to stay put or do we have to go? We are in a position were we could buy the building but would we get first refusal? thanks
  8. a solicitor is only realy needed for negoiating the lease details! i can do that myself is how im looking at it
  9. hi guys! im just taking on an exising buiness via a lease. the landlord has told me to prepare the lease and as long as he likes it he will sign it or make admendments! 1. Does anyone know were i can get a template for a lease 2. We agreed a 10 year lease. Would i be best having a ten year lease or a 5 year with 5 year renewal? 3. do i need and if not should i regsiter it with land register? 4. we agreed on right to buy in 12 months time. should i include this in the lease? all help much appreciated and i could do with a free template and good adivce as he left it
  10. so does this mean this debt is now non enforcable due to them not responding?
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