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Found 22 results

  1. Cannot seem to find the answer anywhere so was hoping someone may be able to advise onhow I may deal with this when the time comes? Think in the four months I have been on Universal Credit I have had a full payment just the once due to having a couple of part time employers with varied offers of work and hours whilst I look again for full time. Back in October/November I received two Tax Rebates, one higher than the other. This was a tad surprising so I rang the Tax Office to see if this was correct and was informed that one was definitely correct but the advisor seemed a bit confused about the other and couldn’t say for sure. He said my two options were to place the second rebate to one side until they sorted it out in April 19 or I could use it but may have to pay it back in April if it was paid in error. My problem was is that Universal Credit takes tax rebates as earnings it affected my paymentsand I got a big fat zero that month UC wise therefore having to use the rebate to live on. Ironically the Council “do not” take tax rebates as earnings so it didn’t count against my Council Tax benefit which was a blessing of sorts but obviously if I am in the same financial situation in April and this rebate has to be paid back I am going to be in difficulty. If that is the case and it was paid to me in error can I claim for any backdated payment of Universal Credit for that particular month? My thoughts behind this are that I was obviously paid nothing UC wise that month due to the rebate being classed as earnings but if the rebate has to be paid back then it was earnings I technically did not have, receive, earn, if you get my drift!!!! Ie – If I hadn’t been paid that rebate I would have received full UC for that month and I wouldn’t potentially be having to pay anything back in April to HMRC? Of course it may be that it is a legit payment and I won’thave to pay it back but I won’t know until April. All a bit of a disaster, I have no idea why HMRC couldn’t work this out correctly back in October… . Thank you.
  2. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?472472-Please-help.-work-mileage-tax-rebate-Missold-a-service&p=4977504#post4977504 can i ask whats happened with you and this company as they have done me over too and are threatening court
  3. Hello all, I am currently having problems with the website in the title of this thread. (All one word). Being under the impression that they were in fact part of the HMRC, I requested a work mileage rebate form from them, filled it out, signed and returned it. I then received a call very recently to request some further info regarding my application. In essence they wanted to confirm my employer, my address and they also requested copies of my mileage forms. Immediately after this call I did some further research in to this website, as something didn't feel right. I then found out that they are a 3rd party who charge for a service. I immediately contacted them, within 30 minutes of our phone call, to say I do not want them to act on my behalf and any dealings we have had are to cease immediately. I followed this up with a hand written letter. In response they called me and claimed that if i cancel now then I am liable to pay a £100 invoice for the 'work they have carried out on my claim'. I immediately contacted HMRC to block them from acting on my behalf, and I asked what this company had actually done for me so far. HMRC told me that all they have done so far is request for mileage forms to be sent to my address for my signature. These haven't yet arrived. HMRC also confirmed that no deed of assignment had been created. I do not feel that they are justified is asking for £100 for their services, and I was wondering if anybody had any advice on what I should do next or how I should deal with this? £100 + VAT seems ridiculous for a total of 9 minutes on the phone and requested some forms. I am worried that when I receive an invoice, it will be higher than £100, with additional charges for made up work they are claiming to have completed on my behalf. I have only seen 2 other threads on this topic, and neither of them seem to come to any conclusion. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Hi I have a personal loan with Natwest all paid up to date and fine. Had the loan for around 13 months and have asked for an early settlement figure thinking I would get a rebate on the interest. They tell me not so. The early settleemnt figure has come and states no rebate under S95 of consumer credit act 1974 or under the agreement. Does this sound right? Thanks
  5. My nephew was self-employed for a part of last year. He therefore submitted is self assessment forms, which they received 24 april 2014. He confirmed this by phone and at the same time they informed him there was a huge delay, particularly with paper applications, and to expect to wait at least six weeks. He rang last Saturday to see how it was all going. A very helpful chap confirmed that it had been approved on 25 June and he should therefore expect payment into his bank this Friday, today. He was told the amount. There is no rebate this morning. He rang them at lunchtime, and they didn´t know what he was talking about, except that they agreed they had received his application had been received. It would not be looked at until 7 August at the earliest. They were as confused as my nephew. It transpires that the person he spoke to on Saturday incorrectly gave him the details from the year before. It took about half an hour for them to realise this. The chap he spoke to apologised and said he had never known that to happen in the seven years he had been working there. This has caused my nephew a few finanical problems, I mean after all, if the tax man says he is going to pay you a set amount on a set date then we believe them don´t we?! Anyway, I feel after such an error (and they have the call recorded apparently) they should now pull his application out of the system and deal with it swiftly and manually. After all, if it only happens once in seven years, it won´t be that difficult will it? And we will make a complaint of course, we have the address, to ensure that it doesn´t happen again in the next seven years, hopefully. Other than them being stupid, is anyone aware of anything we can throw at them letterwise, do we have any rights when this happens etc? Many thanks for reading.
  6. Hi, I have been on an emergency tax code since November, I am now on the correct code, however... I am owed approximately £1000 in tax, I spoke to HMRC and the lady was very distant in telling me anything. She told me that I was still down as being self employed and that I haven't filed a tax return for 4 years and I have a bill of £3400 (ish) all built up from late filing penalties etc. She was requesting information over the phone about when I was last self employed and so on, I couldn't give her the exact dates so she has asked me to call back with all the information, my concern is that I no longer have all the information they need and all would be estimates. Who / where is the best place for me to seek advice? and can HMRC hold the money that I am owed from me paying to much tax this year because of these apparent penalties. Thank You
  7. Hi I am claiming JSA and have been since January, I was in work up to claiming JSA. I am due a tax rebate at the end of the tax year (this weekend) and I am finding conflicting info on who or when I should get my refund. Will I get my refund automatically via the JSA route, or will I have to claim it via Revenue and Customs?
  8. Hi all, Not sure if I'm in the right section of the forum, if so can someone help please. I am looking for a little assistance on whether I might be entitled to a tax rebate and if so, how much roughly etc. I only worked 1st April to 5th August last year but I seemed to have paid more tax than I should have. In these months I probably earnt around 15k gross and from bank statements etc I seem to have taken home 10k. On this income however it seems I have paid around £1200-£1500 tax however as it seems to have been based on my previous years earnings of 37k gross. I only worked part of the year and started claiming JSA in November which I know is taxable. Does anyone know where I stand etc? I am so confused with speaking to HMRC about it and when it should come back. Thanks
  9. Wondering if hubby is due a tax rebate. Up until August last year he was receiving Incapacity benefit and he also has an occupational health pension from a previous employer, on which he was taxed. He has now received a new tax code for April which says that he can receive £790 pension per month before any tax is deducted. My understanding is that the tax code has changed because he no longer receives IB. His pension is about £700 before tax. So as he was still paying tax of £100 per month on his pension from August to March, and not receiving IB, is it likely he will receive a tax rebate come April?
  10. Morning, This year is my first time self employed and first time doing a tax rebate form (online) I've searched for deadline's which seems to be October 2013, but most people are doing them after 5th April. Does this mean that it can be filed anywhere in between these dates? Thank you.
  11. Hiya- hopefully in the correct forum. My 21 year old son has a part time job in a supermarket - started in May 2012. He pays tax and NI. To date he has earned £9000, just. Can he claim a tax rebate, as I understand you can earn £8150 before you pay tax? Can he claim NI rebate also? Thanks in advance Vegus:wink:
  12. Fraudsters are stepping up efforts to trick people into handing over their personal details by bombarding them with fake tax rebate emails. HM Revenue and Customs has warned that almost 80,000 "phishing" emails were reported by taxpayers during 2012. The taxman said activity tends to increase around this time of year because taxpayers have just sent in their self-assessment returns. The emails, which often contain a link to a clone of HMRC's website, typically ask recipients to hand over their card and bank details, date of birth, national insurance number and their mother's maiden name in order to get a rebate. The details are then sold on to organised criminal gangs to commit fraud. Gareth Lloyd, head of HMRC's digital security said: "HMRC does not email customers about tax refunds – we only ever contact customers who are genuinely due tax back in writing, by post. "If anyone receives an email offering a tax rebate and claiming to be from HMRC, please send it to phishing@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk before deleting it permanently." www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/consumertips/tax/9880304/HMRC-warns-of-fake-rebate-emails.html
  13. Good afternoon I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I'm currently on a 2on 2off rota offshore and i do 13 trips a year. I Travel up to Aberdeen in my car and back home every trip and i recieve a 2nd class rail fair from my company. I also pay for my own work clothes to wear under my overalls and use my own phone to phone my company. The question is, am i entiled to claim any tax back as i have been doing this for over 4 years now? Many Thanks
  14. hi guys just wondering if anyone else has come across my problem For 3 months i worked for a company that paid my wage directly to my bank account, the first months wage i wasnt taxed atall, on the 2nd month the double taxed me to make up for not paying tax the previous month... the comapny paid me directly into my bank, they worked out how much tax i should pay and then deducted it from my wage... then sent it to their accountant to pay my tax (2 weeks after i had been paid) then i got my wage slip.... it was clear they were dodgy. in the 2nd month of employment i had my tax code changed from 797 to 810 and HMRC informed me that all my over paid tax would be refunded when my tax codd changed, at the end of November i handed my notice in and they paid my to date. no sign of my tax back. in january i rang HMRC and they said my tax refund had been claimed....(i hadnt got it) they said it was paid through my wage on the 12th december my thoughts are that the company paid me and then sent it to their accountant on the 12thdecember, my tax refund was then credited and they haven't paid this to me. i have rag HMRC and they said to wait until April to see if they can resend it. the company are refusing to give me my p45 and payslip ( as i think this shows i should have been credited with my rebate) i don't know who to turn to, noone seems to understand how dodgy the wage system was in that company Any Advice? surely this this thief
  15. Hi, Sent a SAR to HBOS for mortgage details as I'm sure we had PPI and were forced to take their very expensive House Insurance in order to have mortgage accepted. Today they sent me a copy of loan agreement and statement for a loan I took in 2001. Nice suprise and had forgotten alol about this one! First question, which spreadsheet should I use as the loan hyas a small rebate halfway through so am unsure how to work out claim Second question, the letter says this is ALL available info they hold and are required by law to send. The mortgage was joint so maybe that's why although saying that this loan they have so kindly told me about is joint also! I also have a few bank accounts with them and 3 kids accounts in my name. No mention of these either but too be honest I'm not bothered about bank stuff as I have all statements anyway and it would probably need a truck to deliver that info! They don't know this though as I didn't say I didn't want it on SAR I said I wanted ALL DATA. My mortgage would have started end of 99 or early 2000 and ended in mid 2003 but surely they still have some records? Any suggestions and a point in direction of spreadsheet and how to work out calcs for loan would be very much appreciated. Thank very much in advance
  16. Sorry cannot seem to post in the work forum. This is a warning for anyone considering using this company to claim your uniform tax rebate. Please please don't sign up to this company, it is so easy to do it yourself. Either ask your HR department or write a simple letter stating where you work your NI number and that you have washed your uniform at home for X number of years. Also state if you want tax back in a cheque or added to your tax code. This company have a facebook page, they block anyone who leaves comments like "do it yourself". They are hiding the truth from those who sign up. They take over 20% of your claim for simply writing a letter that costs pennies. Its far quicker to claim yourself, approx 6 weeks. These things make me so mad! I had to shout about it!
  17. Hi, received an offer from Halifax for 2 loans that rolled into each other but the account log I got from the SAR reads like gibberish. I can't identify if when they were refinanced and in the end settled what , if any , rebate I got. I need to check the accuracy of the offer as their breakdown does not correspond with ANY figures on the account log. Is there anyone who can transate the way they document the rebate please? I will try and scan the log and offer letter later.
  18. I have just been told that I have got compensation due to me from Egg for loan and credit card which is great news. However on it it says that due to PPI being cancelled or being included as part of the settlement figure when I finished the loan early they said they had given me a rebate already. I don;t remember them doing this but obviously I would have needed a final amount to owe when settling it early. However can you claim PPI on a rebate or is the figure they have now given me the final figure.
  19. Hi all, im looking for a bit of advice. My partner is self employed (as of 2011) and this was the first year he had to do his tax etc. He hired a accountent and he done all the work. It got worked out that he was owed just over £1000. His accountent sent it all of just after april 6th, he told my other half it would take about 2 weeks. 2 weeks went past and we heard nothing. i had been reading that HMRC are kind of slow so got my other half to call them up. They said it would be a week or so. At the beginning of may my other half called back his accountent and the accountent called HMRC they said it would be ANOTHER 2 weeks and it would be posted to him and then the accountent would transfer the money to my other half. So this all started in the new tax year this April and we are now at the end of May and still NOTHING. i got my other half to call HMRC today and they have said that his claim has been seletced at random to go through security checks. My question is how long is this going to take? They have told us it will be with my OH no later than 15th june...but after everything that has happened and being pushed from pilla to post im not sure if i believe them. We have our third baby due in 4 days so we quite badly need this money so my OH can take some time off work to spend with us. Any help would be very much welcomed! Many thanks Alessia p.s i hope this makes sense!!
  20. I overpaid my business rates by about £400 in January & needed to travel abroad for a few months. In January I was told that I should apply for a rebate upon my return and a cheque would be issued to me. I returned in May & applied for a rebate. 2 weeks later I get an email from the council saying they can't give me a rebate, because a cheque had been issued and cashed already. I was out of the country & at no point received a cheque. I'm not sure what to do. The council say they can't be of any more help and are considering the matter closed. Surely if a cheque has been fraudulently cashed, that's between them and their bank. I'm not sure where I stand with this. Can anyone offer some advice?
  21. We are currently living in a wonderful house, however weather damage caused the conservatory to begin leaking. It was reported in March last year, and on every agent inspection since then (every 3 months). As the year went on, the leak got worse and worse, eventually leading to the laminate floor coming up, and water damage to the electrics - the breakers to the house were tripping an average of 2-3 times every time it rained. When we told the agent that both the light switch and wall mounted induction heater were drenched, and that the light fitting had filled 3/4 with water, along with 1/2 an inch of water on the floor, they sent electricians out to disconnect the conservatory from the mains - the breakers tripping had resulted in the loss of a freezer full of food, on the lead up to Xmas To add insult to injury, wind damage destroyed part of the fencing to the back garden, leaving it inaccessible from the outside. The conservatory was used at night to house our dog, but recent weather has left her water bowl frozen - the conservatory is the same temperature as outside. This in turn has resulted in the temperature in the kitchen dropping, rendering it ususable for my partner & baby unless the hob is running. And since the kitchen leads directly onto the stairs to the 2nd floor, the temperature throughout the entire house has dropped to the point where the thermostat for the central heating is having to be set at 25 degrees to maintain any sort of comfort. In the meantime, the agency has sent out builders who have in all fairness attempted to rectify the problem, however with it being so long term, water has been blown into the cavity, and can be seen leaking out through pointing during rain. We are at the end of our tether with this, since as far as we are concerned, we are paying a high price for a home which is partly unusable. The garden (and view) - one of the main selling points for our decision to rent is inaccessible, and the conservatory (another of the main selling points) is unusable - water damage has now started to effect our furniture in there as well. We have discussed all the above, at length with the agents, and have pointed out that we are paying rent on unusable features - We did say that under the circumstances, a rent reduction until the repairs were complete would be fair - however our agent just keeps repeating the same line over and over. "It can't be repaired until the weather improves", disregarding the fact that the initial problem was reported nearly a year ago, and that no action was taken until 2 months ago. Is there any grounds for compensation/rent reduction - as far as my research has found, the same agency is letting houses of the same size and location for up to £100 a month less than we are paying.
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