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Found 20 results

  1. Hi all. My friend recently sent an SAR to his employer. He asked for 'any personal information you hold about me. This is to include, but not restricted to, copies of my medical records, sickness records and certificates, letters to and from you, minutes of all meetings that I have been involved in, letters relating to grievances, any letters, emails or internal memos to which I am mentioned in.' He received his data which did include minutes from meetings but not the handwritten notes that HR make. Should they have been?
  2. http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/820462/Outraged-parents-Thomas-Tallis-School-suicide-notes-class-project
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-39792170
  4. Hi, on the 13th August I was referred to Ingeus by my JSA Advisor and told to expect a call off them. On the 15th August I had a severe epileptic seizure caused by stress and was given a sicknote for 12 weeks by my doctor. He thinks, due to me being severely depressed and prone to more seizures, that I should be on ESA. I closed my claim for JSA on the 17th and opened my claim for ESA on the same day. Later that day I had a letter from Ingeus telling me to attend on the 27th. There were no mentions of sanctions or anything like that, but it caused me to become very agitated. I calle
  5. Need some advice on dealing with Vodafone. I submitted a SAR request asking for all the usual (Contract Details, Pricing Structure, Allowance, statement.. the works) and eventually received less of a "Data Subject Access Request" but more a summary of screen notes: For instance I called to change my address and this is what they have given me in the SAR Now I agree, it notifys me of an address change, and could be considered screen notes however WHERE IS THE ACTUAL DATA? Changed address to what??? Now I know where I changed the address to as I have a tenancy agreemen
  6. The following PDFs are the MOD Guidance on: Guidance notes for Service Personnel applying for a mortgage Guidance notes for Service Personnel when applying for Unsecured Credit FOI201600147_Annex_D_Guidance_Notes_for_Service_Personnel_Applying_for_a_Mortgage.pdf FOI201600147_Annex_C_Guidance_Notes_for_Service_Personnel_Applying_for_unsecured_credit.pdf
  7. Hello, I'm a new user and would be grateful of any pointers with this. I have recently been receiving cards through my door from a company Called aps? I'm not expecting any deliveries and they won't leave the 'parcel' With anybody else. Is this some sort of bailiff? Has anybody had similar experiences? Thanks
  8. Hi. Been on ESA since August 2014 and my current note runs out on 16th April, ironically when I have a payment being made. I have been trying to make an appointment to see a GP for ages but they are so full it is almost impossible. The receptionist asked when my note ran out and I told her and she said the doctors no longer back date so I could not see anyone until after the note had run out. Whilst I understand that gives me a 2 week period to get the note to the DWP is this pushing it a bit fine or is this now general practice? I always send recorded first class anyway and keep co
  9. Dear All My wife works for a local authority, in a school, as a midday supervisor. It has just been half term but prior to this she was off for two days due to sickness. Also, when my wife was due to return to work, I was rushed into hospital, in an ambulance, with chest pains. Fortunatley it was not a heart attack. However due to test etc my wife was up all night at the hospital and as a result not fit to go to work. The business manager has now sent her a text saying that the need a sick note as she has been off for two days before half term then a day after. Is this correct
  10. What is the procedure when a GP wont issue futher sick notes. Does the claimant just ring to close the claim? Then recieve final payment upto last day of previous sick note?
  11. Hi all, I was given a 4 week sick note today and will be posting it tomorrow and am worried about posting it over the xmas period in case they dont get it in time and I dont get paid. In the past I used to send them recorded, but every time I did that they would not get them to the right department and they were saying they hadn't received it until I rang them to tell them I had sent it recorded, so dont know what to do, because obviously I wont know if they have received it or not as they will be shut over xmas- any ideas? Thanks x
  12. Hi all. I am on ESA (first time on it) and my sick note runs out on October 28th (12 weeks) I have sent my ATOS form back recorded post and obviously now playing the waiting game for an appointment. When is the best time to renew my sick note so that my claim/pay is not affected? I have heard that it is best to get this in to the DWP around a month before expiry of the old one so around the end of this month to see my GP? Also, will my GP be able to issue one early as the old one would not have expired? I want to ensure I have no problems with payments and getting the information to
  13. My wife, has been threatened with gross misconduct, suspended and has a pending disciplinary hearing/meeting. She has been informed verbally (not written yet), that this was regarding an incident where her manager saw her writing private notes at work (in a work document, which they said was her deliberately hiding it), her manager then screamed at her humiliating her in front of her colleagues, and warned her doing it again would be her out. She has possibly written personal notes prior to this, never altogether more than 2 pages, her notebook was once found by her manager which she had left
  14. Can anyone help me? I have been dismissed from work and appealed against the decision. During my appeal interview I presented additional evidence that was supposedly investigated. However when I received the appeal decision letter copies of the interview notes were not included even though the interviews are referred to in the letter. Am I entitled to these notes?
  15. Hi all. Maybe I am being a bit over concerned here. A while back someone advised that I should seek a referral to Occi Health. Given that I have been on anti-D's for over 3 years now. I spoke to the employers nurse a few days later and mentioned this to her. She said she would mention it and asked for my permission to contact my gp for my notes, which I granted. Turns out my gp hasn't been contacted by my employer. On Monday I had a disciplinary for missing 3 days since January. In 2012 I missed 18 days in total (sick certificates have no bearing on whether or not you get a warning). Firs
  16. Blame some of the guys posting on the Ingeus thread for this one... On the whatdotheyknow.com web site, a FoI request was made to the DWP in respect to mandation notices & sanctions issued by WP providers. Of particular interest is one of the attachments in the DWP response. The original request: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/threats_of_saction_issued_by_wor The pdf of interest: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/152662/response/376951/attach/5/WP%20JR%20Assurance%20letter%20v%20final%203.pdf Well worth reading, and I'd suggest printing out copies to use in an appeal
  17. I have council tax arrears, amount is in dispute as some of them relate to a time when I was made redundant and had claimed council tax benefit for a few months. I now have a job however I have been harrassed by Jacobs bailiffs, one pulled up in van outside my home at 6:30 left the engine running for ages and then posted a letter through my door. Last week I had a frantic call from my son while I was at work -they had put a letter with the amount I owe in large red writing, with no envelope. I have written and complained and asked that they send the debt back to the council, I have
  18. I have today received my cunningly worded invitation to 'migrate' from IB to ESA and they are going to telephone me to talk to me about how the change is going to affect me and to answer any questions I may have...I have a million but wont hold my breath that they will be answered... once they have spoken to me they are going to send me the wonderful catch all questionairre which i should return as soon as possible or otherwise and this is in capitals so will reproduce here...IF YOU DONT YOUR BENEFIT MAY BE AFFECTED....why the shouting? oh of course it is for the people who are hard of heari
  19. We'll who would have believed it? Just looking for ESA 2012 rates when I came across this little gem on the new government portal website. https://www.gov.uk/employment-support-allowance/what-youll-get Now I know the DWP and ministers want it to be JSA light but as far as I'm aware preparation and looking for are two separate and fundamentally different things? You can complain highlight errors on the site by going to the home page, scroll down and select contact us.
  20. Hi All, after the ET judgement, what other then the Decision can be obtained from the Employment tribunal as to how the judge reached the decision. I was advised that the judges keep hand written notes which can be noted verbatim depending on the residing judge. If so I would like to request these from the original ET hearing to Strengthen my appeal case. Hope someone can advise Best regards BB
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