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  1. I have been suspended from work and have a disciplinary meeting for Gross Misconduct on Monday to discuss it. The charges are trumped up, some are absolute lies. I can prove some are true but not others. Either way I'm fairly sure they want me out and they have enough evidence to do it. I don't care about losing the job but I really don't want a sacking on my record. I have adequate savings so I'm not worried about not getting job seekers. I know I'm innocent of it all and so do the people that matter so I'm not worried about proving anything really. Is it better to resign? I've been tol
  2. Hi Everyone, OH made two protected disclosures re poor care to the line manager about 1 month apart. Nothing was done no one followed the whistleblowing policy..in effect ignored. a couple of months later an incident flared up, an argument over a break. 3 weeks later OH was requested to have a meeting under the minor breach policy..no agenda given and no notice of the meeting in fact, straight after a 12 hour shift. At the meeting OH asked what is the meeting about? The sister said your conduct, wife said I'm the injured party..sister said..you might lose your job wife asked w
  3. Dear all. I am enquiring on behalf of someone else. Sorry for late notice, I know that this might not be seen in time, nut I thought I'd reach out for some advice anyway. Person (X) is an employee of a high street bookies as an Assistant Manager in a branch. Has been employed for 11 months and is rated highly by her direct line manager. Had a squeaky clean disciplinary record until recently. Final Written Warning issued late Dec In early Dec, the shop had a 'mystery customer' and the shop failed. X was working alone at the time. The shop scored badly in
  4. Hi, just wanted some initial views please. My daughter works in a national chain restaurant. She didn't turn up to a training event recently and neither did she phone to give her apologies. At her next shift she apologised, explained why etc. As a result she was told that she was being disciplned. She was given the impression by her manager that her disciplinary letter was in the office for her to collect. So she went to the office to collect it (I understand this to be fairly routine for staff to collect payslips etc from the office). Sure enough on the desk was an enveloped addressed t
  5. I am very worried In October my partner was dismissed gross misconduct. He was accused of company theft stealing a large amount of money (he worked for Sainsburys) he was investigated by his employer numerous interviews with a witness in the room taking notes. CCTV was shown of him attending to his duties this is the point where he was accused of stealing (May I add he did not do what was accused) Eventually it was determined that they had to dismiss with immediate action gross misconduct. At the time of dismissal they stated that police would be involved. N
  6. Sorry for the long post but here goes! I am due to start a new job on August 3rd and am working my current job up until then. I have had issues with my current job which have been highlighted to the store manager on numerous occasions. I have been signed off sick due to depression during christmas last year and returned to work to be given an incident report for 'not listening to management' which had never been raised with me prior and i disagreed with. I had another manager changing rotas last minute and then giving incident reports for not turning up when my rota stated i
  7. worked for my company just over a year, last week i crashed my company van into the back of a vectra. The car just stopped dead, and i went into the back of it, total accident. The front of the van was a mess, due to the car infront having a tow bar. I was doing 30mph in a 50 area due to traffic About 4 weeks ago i reversed into fence and damged the back light, nothing major just the lens broken. I followed all company procedures. Today i arrived home to be greeted to a letter asking me to come in for an invistigation meeting, regarding gross misconduct. the allegations are:
  8. Hi guys, Firstly, I'm sorry that this is my first post, but I've been racking my brains all night researching law/employment/rights etc and was finally recommended this forum, so I'm hoping someone can help clear one or two things up for me, one way or another! Yesterday (10th June) I was dismissed from my job without notice and without pay in lieu - I genuinely believe this is unfair. Some quick background; I worked remotely (Offices are based in London, I'm based in Glasgow), have been in contract with them since the 1st April 2015, was full time (40 hours minimum per week
  9. accused off gross misconduct wife added dates to sick line without my knowledge now accused off fraud by employer
  10. Hi all, Hoping someone can help me here.. .unsure if I can claim against unfair or constructive dismissal due to the timeframe etc and am seeking advice on what to do and where to go so here goes.... I dismissed from an employed back in August for what they have described as gross misconduct. We worked in a sales environment and from their side they believe myself triggered a commission payment to a junior member of staff deliberately. I did not accept this claim and they dismissed myself but was however offered a lower ranking position where the salary
  11. Hi to Everyone, I am hoping to get some advice for a colleague of mine who has just been sacked for gross misconduct he has not received his final letter stating he can appeal, so we have time to prepare a good appeal, below are an overview of his disciplinary file 1 Feb 2013 given a 12 month final written warning using bad language in the workplace. clean record from this date on , last week my colleague got into an argument at work, in the stair well with his step daughter and 2 other colleagues, they were shouting at him as their work boots had been da
  12. I was dismissed after a gross misconduct hearing with NHS, I appealed and lost the appeal. I applied under DPA for all information that they held about me. They sent me the same information that I had been given prior to and during the hearing. Due to my profession the disclosing and barring service are involved. A year after my dismissal the DBS sent me papers for me to respond to. The papers were from the NHS; the papers were a copy of the report made by a seniour NHS manager for the gross misconduct hearing. The problem I have is that the statement provided to the DBS by the NHS
  13. Hello folks can apologise in advance for this thread if it's been answered before it just I find myself at a loss and in something of a panic. First a bit if history I am mid forties and have worked since 17 and never claimed benefits so this is a new world for me . I was emergency services employee & face dismissal for gross misconduct , I will be dismissed as I am not engaging in the disciplne procedure. I was diagnosed with PTSD about 10 years ago but managed to work without incident but another incident , fortunately captured on CCTV , has left me with a head injury (I'm on anti-
  14. Hello, I'm nervous, stressed, not sure what to do, desperate,etc. I have worked at ? for more than ten yrs. The firm has about 1000 staff. I'm not in a union. Cut long story short, after disciplinary hearing last Thursday, got mail yesterday with a new witness statment. The statement about half a page of A4 got me mixed with the other member of staff, saying that I was pushing and shoving whilst the other person was sat down at the computer. It was the other way around as I was sat down being pushed and shoved. I rang the manager yesterday, he said "it does not matter as the witness
  15. Hi, To cut a long story short I am being formally investigated by another manager. The company has a formal procedure in investigations and part of this is checking IT. They will find in the recycle bin pictures depicting the Boss in an uncomplimentary manner....I got rid of them a long time ago as they were innappropriate, but I did not empty the recycle bin! I never sent them to anyone else or printed them but I'm sure that they will find them. Do you think this would be Gross Misconduct ?? Thank you.
  16. Sorry for a long first post but really need help... Basically I have done something incredibly stupid. While logged into work Wifi on my phone (with a personal login) I have accessed an inappropriate website on several occasions over one month. The website is adult in nature and has a shopping section where you can purchase goods. After buying a load of ridiculous stuff for a blokes stag do I was never sent the items and got into a long dispute with the seller back and forth on the site's email system. The front page of the site has adult images however, my path was always the
  17. I worked offshore until 2 days ago employed as an agency offshore medic on a rig. I had been on there for 6 years. My father passed away a month or so ago and I was in a very emotional place. When I was off looking after him, they had a female medic cover me, she was supposed to only do 10/11 days of my normal 21 day trip. This was on record with my agency, the main H.R. and the rig manager onboard by emails. When at home i discovered that they were keeping this female medic onboard for my FULL trip and never informed me. Again I was in a very bad way emotionally as my dad was given a couple o
  18. Hi, I am looking for some advice, I was brought into my boss's office at around 5pm and told due to my poor performance recently I will be having a disciplinary meeting the next day at 8am and I can bring a colleague if i want to ect. After reading up on-line this should of been done in writing and within a reasonable time frame. So I emailed my boss and asking for it to be in writing and within reasonable timeframe, I got an email back next day at around 8am with a PDF attached stating what its about, and date of meeting which was on 25th. Everything was going okay the next day
  19. Hi, I work for a company that uses an electronic swipe box for employees to clock in and out at the start and end of their shifts. Failure to clock in and out correctly falls under misconduct, i.e. Not registering at the correct time of starting and leaving, forgetting to clock in or out or forgetting all together. Recently we have come under a lot of pressure to ensure that 90% of the clock ins and outs are accurate; so we are there when the staffing system thinks we should be. As a result of this the management team have implemented a one strike policy; if you forget to clock in or out
  20. My wife, has been threatened with gross misconduct, suspended and has a pending disciplinary hearing/meeting. She has been informed verbally (not written yet), that this was regarding an incident where her manager saw her writing private notes at work (in a work document, which they said was her deliberately hiding it), her manager then screamed at her humiliating her in front of her colleagues, and warned her doing it again would be her out. She has possibly written personal notes prior to this, never altogether more than 2 pages, her notebook was once found by her manager which she had left
  21. I am a gas engineer by trade, I have recently been dismissed from work for an apparent act of gross misconduct by leaving a supposed gas leak. The long and short of it is, that a National Grid engineer attended a property after I had carried out some gas work (8 hours later). I have been in touch with National Grid and the engineer's van was on site for a total of 6 minutes (18:01-18:07). In these 6 minutes the engineer had supposedly got his tools out, traced and repaired the gas leak, carried out all safety checks, and left the relevant paperwork?? For those of you not in the know, a g
  22. Hi all, Really do hope me posting here I am able to seek some advice. I'm facing the likely prospect of handing in my notice so that I can continue using the reference for future jobs. Company has complied with ACAS regulations and has now set a side a final disciplinary date... The allegations against me are, lying to a member of staff regarding my whereabouts and asking for another member of staff to cover for me. I have admitted the allegations but I do believe it was done mitigating circumstances. The charge is breach of confidence and trust. Here is my story: My
  23. Hey everyone, I`m new to here and could really appreciate some advice! I was sacked from my retail job for gross misconduct a few weeks ago for being found guilty of dishonesty, Ive been trying to save up for a teacher training course for a few years by saving up money working at this retail job. Before I was sacked I applied for some teaching assistant vacancies to get more experience of working in a school and have been offered some interviews within the next couple of weeks. I have a former co-worker who would give me a great reference so should I mentione
  24. Hi, me again hope someone can help please. I started a job in August last year after being without one for 2 years and thought it was going well until recently. We have had a new upstart "manager" start in our driver section, he came from Tesco express, and since he arrived has made every ones life hell. I am a driver for this company and often have over £5k in cash in my van that has been collected from customers, they recently put safes in our vans to keep it in a secure place, the money is placed in an envelope that is sealed, we sign for it after watching the customer count it out to
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