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Found 19 results

  1. Palm Oil-What Is It -How Does It effect Us-And What Is It Used For. Hi Old Tawnyowl hear reporting from high up in the canopy of a tree today in Lancashire. Just chilling out. Another thread coming through.Sometimes i have just got to mention something that is bothering me. The story began the other day. There i was seeing what people were saying to each other on my favourite subject Fracking when a video came through. Completely unconnected. Now my days seem so busy researching,working,walking the Shoreline that the day seems to have vanished before much is achieved. Anyway i have not had much time to research this Palm Oil and will admit that i knew nothing about it or really what it was,used for anything. Back to the video.A lady called Tina Rothery had shared it.Some of you who read the Fracking thread will know who Tina is. The headline said. The area was being cleared to plant this Palm Oil Crop. So i hope others who have researched or know about Palm Oil will tell me and others what it is used for in everyday products. Perhaps some know perhaps how many areas of land have been destroyed to plant this crop.How many animals have been affected,anything really. I do not know anything about it as i say even which countries plant it and how. I realised shortly afterwards that i had encountered this product in a strange way and perhaps a different way to expected. When young i read so many books on Greek Legends,Robinson Crusoe,Jungle Book books like that.Perhaps made me a bit of a Dreamer. And the love of the sea has followed me through life.Most of my days or part of my days are spent On The Shoreline hunting for things. So i pick things up.I usually pick a few plastics,fishing line,nets as well as things i can use.To make things. I have seen many things including a body or two,perhaps to be expected due to the times i go there. But also many beautiful things One of the things i look for is Ambergris,i never really expect to find any.But any possibilities i pick up and look at.Even smell. Now i have just found out that ships and if wrong someone can correct me. After delivering the Palm Oil to Ports around England the ships leave to go to their next job. Once out at sea they as far as i know once more than 12 miles out can flush their tanks. This is when the Palm Oil enters the sea and like fat if put into water becomes this huge mass of floating stinking mass that can end up on beaches. After collecting Bacteria that multiplies for as long as it takes to beach.So when dogs etc smell it,taste it makes them ill even kills them. I now realise i have picked this stuff up myself wondering what this waxy,yellowish substance is many times. In fact i have seen perhaps one ton or more once in a huge mountain with ten men shovelling it into bags.I asked them what it was and they told me. I filmed them and took pictures but as usual goodness knows where the footage is. That at the moment is all i know about it. Perhaps you know much more.Perhaps you have time to research a little and share what you find. Please share your knowledge of Palm Oil.As that footage sure has bothered me.And know next to nothing about this product. Thanks very much. Tawnyowl.
  2. I believe that a former employer may have acted unfairly against me whilst I worked there and I'm intending to SAR them to see if there is any evidence of this which I can use. I do not know where the evidence may exist or in what form, whether it is in emails, phone calls (which I know to be recorded and stored) or paper records so I would like to make a SAR for every piece of information they have. I also obviously do not want to disclose the reason for my request and find that the evidence I'm looking for may miraculously disappear. I am uncertain whether it's better to make a SAR in the next couple of days (before GDPR comes in), or wait until next week when GDPR is introduced. Under the present system, AIUI I pay the statutory fee of £10 but I then have an unqualified right to request all information. However, under GDPR the statutory fee is abolished but they will be able to charge a 'reasonable fee' where the request is 'manifestly unfounded'. Is there any guidance as to what a reasonable fee might be (lower/higher/the same as the current statutory fee?), and what qualifies as a 'manifestly unfounded' request - is a general request for all data rather than a targeted request considered 'unfounded' in itself?
  3. Hi all, I have a letter direct from the local council's own court baliff demanding I pay my council tax bill with 14 days or he will ask the courts to commit me to prison. If I ignore this, would my entry in to the Royal Navy in January next year be effected? Would I have a police warrant for my arrest, or not?
  4. I am in receipt of PIP and ESA, I have been diagnosed with Depression, Psychosis and PTSD. I live a very solitary life, with no friends or support from my family, I have a care worker from Mind who visits me for two hour once a week, aside from this I am completely withdrawn and live without any kind of contact with other people. I decided this was not a healthy way to go through life, after living this way for 4 years I decided perhaps further education could be a good option, to get to meet people and engage more in reality. In September this year I was offered a place on a part time post graduate degree at my local university, I was also awarded a £10.000 loan from student finance to cover the course tuition fees and extra expenses incurred by my studying (transport, study materials etc.), the loan is to be paid in six instalments over the two years of the course. I am now 3 weeks in to the course and I finding it very tough. I only have two hours of lessons per week the pressure is proving to much and it is now looking like I will leave the course next week, the loan will be cancelled as soon as I complete the course withdrawal form, however I have received the first payment. which was £1650. I am worried that I may lose my entitlement to ESA and PIP if I do not declare the time that I have studied for and also the amount of money I have borrowed and I am preparing a change of circumstances form to send to Jobcentre plus, could anyone please give me some advice as to how best to approach this situation.; Questions If: The total amount I have borrowed is £1650 (This must be paid back to student finance) The total amount of time I have studied is 6 hours over three weeks. I have a signed course withdrawal form, stating that I have left the course. I can provide proof of attendance showing that the course was only two hours a week. That I was only enrolled on the course for three weeks. I would like to know. . Was this amount of study time within the allowed boundaries set by ESA/ PIP Is this loan classed as Income or Capital by ESA/PIP Will I lose my entitlement to ESA and or PIP? If not, will my benefits be reduced? Many thanks Coda.
  5. Hi, on the 13th August I was referred to Ingeus by my JSA Advisor and told to expect a call off them. On the 15th August I had a severe epileptic seizure caused by stress and was given a sicknote for 12 weeks by my doctor. He thinks, due to me being severely depressed and prone to more seizures, that I should be on ESA. I closed my claim for JSA on the 17th and opened my claim for ESA on the same day. Later that day I had a letter from Ingeus telling me to attend on the 27th. There were no mentions of sanctions or anything like that, but it caused me to become very agitated. I called the number on the letter (their general enquiry number I think) and the man, without asking for any details, told me I still had to attend. Is this correct? My JSA claim is now closed and my ESA claim is being processed. I've never met nor spoken to Ingeus before, so do I still need to go? I'm very ill at the moment and this might make me worse I fear. Obviously in 13 weeks if they put me in WRAG, that's a different situation but right now I am very ill. Any info on this would be very very appreciated!
  6. I have heard mixed details about this matter. The Student Finance information seems to indicate that as the loan is only for fees, and paid to the college, it is not counted as income but my friend has been told otherwise. Can anyone point me to specific information showing definitive answer please.
  7. Don't know how these were missed. http://www.fca.org.uk/news/tougher-rules-for-payday-lenders-take-effect
  8. Good afternoon, hopefully this will be a 'quick' one. I've had an e-mail from my landline provider (BT) about the changes coming into effect on 1st July about charges to 08.. numbers etc. I use an 0844 number to make international calls on a regular basis. This is currently charged at 1p per minute. (is that what is called an 'override service'?). From what I understand from the e-mail, if I use this service after 1st July, I will be charged by BT a minimum of 9.58p per minute, despite the 'provider' (I think it's justcall) advertising it as 1p per minute. I'm confused. Can someone help me out please?
  9. Good afternoon all, I was wondering if anyone could help. Last week my employer contacted me to say that they had received an Attachment of Earnings Order from the London Collection & Compliance Centre, relating to unpaid fines. I had no idea what this related to but after phoning them it transpired that the DVLA never received the change of address for my car when I moved in April 2014. As a result, I never received a car tax reminder in October and so only taxed my car at the end of December when it got clamped. However, unbeknown to me, the DVLA had already fined me twice but all correspondence had gone to my old address, as did the court summons for the unpaid fines. I have this morning been to Highbury Magistrates Court and had the convictions reopened and dismissed as I settled with the DVLA. I now have to wait 10-14 days and should get a refund on the amount that will be taken from my salary this week. My big concern is around my credit rating. Will the attachment of earnings affect this despite the fact that the convictions have now been dismissed. If so, is there anything I can do about it? Also, will these convictions show up on a CRB/DBS check or anything like that? Any help would be much appreciated
  10. Hi, my ex-partner (my daughter's Daddy) has landed a job that entitles him to free private health care for him and his 'family'. He's asked me if I'd like us (me and my daughter) to be included in the package. I'm currently on Income Support until May - will it effect this at all? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi All Last week my wife's PIP claim appears to have been sorted and according to the woman I spoke to on the phone she has been awarded standard rate for both care and mobility. So we are glad it seems to have been sorted but so far we have not had written confirmation of the award so have put the payment they made aside just in case they say they made a mistake. Anyway, While I was browsing the net I came across Carer's Allowance and that it is a benefit that can be paid as long as you get either rate of PIP care (it also apparently applies to DLA and some other benefits). Now I have taken some time to look into this and I seem to have conflicting information with regards as to the receiving Carer's Allowance (CA) and its effect of other benefits like HB and CT. Now I am is self employment but my earnings after costs are in the region of £90-£95 pw after all costs have been taken into account so according to the rule that I cannot earn more than £102 pw I should qualify for it. It the effect it would have on HB and CT that I am unsure of due to conflicting information and this is where I really would like to get some clarity. So if anyone could shed some light onto this possible effect on HB and CT it would be appreciated. FYI: Earning after costs of £92.50 (average), Receive WTC, CT, CB and now PIP standard for both care and mobility. We live in adapted social housing (Tenants Association) underoccupied 2 spare bedrooms Have no savings worth mentioning (£150) If someone could just try to clarify the HB and CT effects as even my landlord if iffy with information. Thanks
  12. Hi, This is a rather difficult situation. Without saying too much about the whys and whatfors, If a person goes intentionally missing for a period of time, weeks - months, leaving their partner/wife/husband not knowing where they are, what affect will/does/should this have on the benefits/pension that they receive? I am talking of a situation where the person missing is in receipt of their State Retirement pension and is a party (jointly with their wife) to a claim and award of Guaranteed Pension Credit. Both sets of income are paid into a joint current account, so either are able to access the funds. The missing person does not attempt to draw any of the funds out of the current account. Will/should/must the DWP/Pension Service continue to make the normal payments into the account, and is there a problem with his wife drawing on both sets of income? I would add that the missing person does have a history of this but is always found, generally by the police. There is a long, detailed and understood reason why this happens - severe mental health issues. I only ask as the missing person's wife was prevented from accessing the money by the DWP who placed a hold on both the joint Pension Credit and his SRP after being contacted by the police authority when investigating the latest disappearance. Detention under the Mental Health Act has been enforced in the past but it has failed to stop the events from happening. Obviously from his wife's point of view, having him go missing for any length of time is bad enough, but to now find that the DWP/Pension Service stop all payments, thus making her penniless (she is under retirement age) is making the situation doubly difficult.
  13. MY friend in Australia has lent me money which totaled £4500 so as I could buy a car and some christmas items, but in the midst of it the ESA review officer has asked to see bank statements, I never declared it and it was very recent, within the past 6 weeks and was in 3 installments. I will be setting up a standing order after Christmas to pay him back. Will this effect my review and will I get in trouble? I never stopped to think at all about any of this as I just saw it as what it is, a loan. Now I am having panic attacks galore, other than that I am not too worried about the review.
  14. Hi all - I am new to this forum so hello and hope this post is in the right place..:- . My partner and I are living together with 1 18mth old child. We both work although in the low income bracket. We receive child tax credits which help with nursery fees but nothing else. We own the house we are living in. We are living in birmingham and all our family is in the south. We would like to move closer to our family and our idea is to rent out our property which will just cover the mortgage . We would then rent a property nearer our family and get work in this area and let the house tick over until we were in a position to buy in the south. This may be a very long time. So that is the plan... The question we would like to know is how this rental income would effect child benefits and also means tested JSA if either if us was out of work at any point. Is it classed as income? Or only the amount left once the mortgage is paid? Big difference! Thank you in advance!
  15. Hello Can my employer change the hours on my contract to suit themselves. Have been informed that if we dont work overtime our hrs will be changed from 7.45-4.45 to 7am to 4.45. The contract says we must do a reasonable amount of overtime to suit the buisness. Thanks in advance
  16. http://www.osscsc.gov.uk/Aspx/view.aspx?id=3792 I've spent the best part of 2 weeks trying to get my head around this... has anyone had better luck than me? What are the effects of the ruling? I seem to interpret that anyone with mental health problems making a claim for ESA have been discriminated against if ATOS have not sent an ESA113 to their doctor. Is that right?
  17. I have taken daily medication for epilepsy that I have had for many years and this has controlled my disability for more than 10 years but I have recently suffered a recurrence of seizures due to stress at work. The type of seizure I always suffer is a grand mal or tonic clonic where I have fits and eventually lose consciousness. When I recover I have no recollection of the event. I have been asked to provide a statement of the effect of my disability on my day to day activities. I don't understand the question. Can I just say that when I suffer a seizure I am unconscious for many hours and suffer memory loss and therefore I am incapable of any day to day activities?
  18. Hi - I have been sorting out my finances for the last few years and am now debt free. My Noddle credit report now only shows two things (open accounts): 1. Bank account with overdraft and with no negative data whatsoever 2. Default which expires next August (6 years) on credit card for about 1.2k - Arrow Global On my closed accounts: 1. A few mobile phone contracts will no negative data 2. Graduate loan (paid off) with no negative data 3. The closed MBNA credit card with a default - same debt at point 2 in 'open accounts' (assigned to Arrow) The Credit card sebt was all charges and fines so I am not paying it and have won in court (their claim was stuck out). I understand that the default will remain though. My question is: At the moment by rating on Noddle is the lowest possible (1/5). It must be due to the default mainly. Should I expect a signifiacnt improvement in rating when this drops off and will I be able to get credit more easily?
  19. Here is an overview of new mobile phone roaming charge caps with effect from 1st.July 2012 The caps apply for travel within the EU although there will be notifications for non EU Cost of mobile calls per minute will be fixed at 23p (currently 28p) and this will go down to 15p by summer 2014. The maximum operators will be able to charge for recieving a call and sending a txt will be 7p. The cost of using internet will be capped at 56p per MB falling to 16p in 2014. Customers using mobiles outside the EU will remain unaffected by the caps,but operators will be obliged to send warning messages to users approaching £40 or 50 euro of charges.
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