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Found 9 results

  1. It seems most debt collection agencies know when you have started making an effort to pay back debts. I have been able to agree reduced settlements or reduced monthly payments for some of my wife's debts, starting with the smallest and working upwards. It seems lenders that have made no contact in months previously are starting to threaten legal again and in one case , sending debt collectors to our house. I check our credit reports monthly through Noodle, Credit Score and also Check My File and decided to check our file also with Trust Online for any CCJs. No CCJs even on the Trust Online as at 30/08/16. My wife's latest report now shows a CCJ from 23/08/16 for a default that shes had a while. It was for a HP Car finance from Blackhorse She told them in 2014 that she's moved to husband's address and wanted to negotiate a way she could either hand car back or pay reduced amounts. I am self employed and was the sole earner. I was in hospital for quite a while after a motor accident and couldn't make payments on wife's behalf. Blackhorse decided to collect the car in the middle of the night rather than negotiate and wrote to her at my address (current address) that £480 owed. A period of two years, she has received letters from 5 debt collecting companies claiming that debt has been sold to them all at the right address. I feel the debt collectors have intentionally sent the CCJ to old address for £586 so that we will loose out knowing that it takes a month to show on credit reports. The courts claim a month has passed and said i could pay £255 to set aside but warned that the lender doesn't have to agree to a reduction of lump sum payment or monthly payments even after it's set aside. Can i get the debt company to agree to set the CCJ aside by consent so that i only have to pay £100 to the court and a full amount to them? Is there any point paying £255 + £586 for a debt of £480 that seems to have been intentionally sent elsewhere? I read also that the Court takes timing seriously, is it a disadvantage to contact the lender instead of complaining to the court first? Whatever happens , i don't want her to get a CCJ, not even a satisfied CCJ. Am i better getting it set aside and waiting for the response or is it easy to just get a judge to throw it out entirely since there's no justification for Blackhorse or any of the debt selling firms not to have my current address? If she's told the lender of her current address, lender has repossessed vehicle from the same address, lender has written to confirm debt sold at same address and five different companies have written to that address... Can i get the court to penalise their solicitor or perhaps even cancel the CCJ all together?
  2. Hi people. I have a 6 month old daughter and my ex partner is refusing to allow me to see her. I have had a solicitor pn the case who isnt being very helpful but heres the facts. My ex will not put me on my daughters birth certificate, and she is refusing to attend contact centre meetings so I can see my daughter. I have never denied paternity, or refused to pay for my daughter and I have put this in writing to the CSA, Her solicitor and my solicitor. I now have the CSA demanding £300 from me for a dna test and wanting maintenance from me even though I am not named as my daughters father amd I have only been able to see my daughter for one 2 hour visit since the 19th november 2010. What do you all think I should do?
  3. I was offered a house which was in dilapidated condition from the council. At the time an acquaintance tried to sort me out with a shared private let, rather than move into this house of horrors, but this fell through. The council deemed me intentionally homeless because of this. I was refused access to my housing officer and refused my right to make a complaint about the property, at the time when i had to make a decision. I had a couple of days time frame to make this decision. My appeal failed and i was to be cast onto the streets like a leper, but fortunately luck was on my side. An near impossible feat for an unemployed person in Edinburgh, i found a private let through an x-landlord i was with while i was at university here. So my question is, how long does this unusual punishment last if you are struck of by a council? Is that it for you? are you just left to die on the streets or maybe luckily find a prison cell? https://www.flickr.com/photos/124422960@N08/with/14339100655/ some pictures from a temporary accommodation dwelling courtesy of Edinburgh council and associated partners. A few of my holiday snaps heres the house i refused
  4. In September last year I started a new thread regarding a very serious case concerning a debtor who had been arrested for assaulting a bailiff. The reason for the debtor's arrest can be seen in the following links from that time: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?433030-Debtor-charged-under-section-68(1)-of-TCEA-2007-with-quot-intentionally-obstructing-a-bailiff-quot-.(20-Viewing)-nbsp
  5. Hi, This is a rather difficult situation. Without saying too much about the whys and whatfors, If a person goes intentionally missing for a period of time, weeks - months, leaving their partner/wife/husband not knowing where they are, what affect will/does/should this have on the benefits/pension that they receive? I am talking of a situation where the person missing is in receipt of their State Retirement pension and is a party (jointly with their wife) to a claim and award of Guaranteed Pension Credit. Both sets of income are paid into a joint current account, so either are able to access the funds. The missing person does not attempt to draw any of the funds out of the current account. Will/should/must the DWP/Pension Service continue to make the normal payments into the account, and is there a problem with his wife drawing on both sets of income? I would add that the missing person does have a history of this but is always found, generally by the police. There is a long, detailed and understood reason why this happens - severe mental health issues. I only ask as the missing person's wife was prevented from accessing the money by the DWP who placed a hold on both the joint Pension Credit and his SRP after being contacted by the police authority when investigating the latest disappearance. Detention under the Mental Health Act has been enforced in the past but it has failed to stop the events from happening. Obviously from his wife's point of view, having him go missing for any length of time is bad enough, but to now find that the DWP/Pension Service stop all payments, thus making her penniless (she is under retirement age) is making the situation doubly difficult.
  6. Can a family be found homeless if it leaves suitable accommodation to move - closer to family, - due to finding work near that said family - due to neighbours constantly arguing, general ASB. They moved in with some family members who after just 5 weeks told them that they need to leave.
  7. If I left a job with no fixed term for another job (either agency or direct employment) with a fixed term contract and at the end of the latter I claimed JSA, would the DWP have a case in thinking I am making myself intentionally unemployed? Thanks
  8. Hi, I am facing eviction soon from my private landlord due to rent arrears.....I understand that if he persues me under S21 then the local council will have an obligation to re-house me but I need clarification of the term "intentionally homeless" if the landlord evicts me under a S8.....I am reading conflicting stories on the net of: 1."If I am evicted via a S8 (due to rent arrears) and I leave before the bailiffs remove me (that's classed as me making myself intentionally homeless and the local council are not legally obliged to re-house me)" 2."If I am evicted via a S8 (due to rent arrears) and wait until the bailiff remove me (is that classed as not making myself intentionally homeless and the council are obliged to re-house me in temporary accomodation?)" 3."If I am evicted via a S8 regardless whether I leave before or on the day of the bailiffs, as its due to rent arrears (Is it classed as my own fault and I have caused the eviction, therefore, is this classed as me making myself "intentionally" homeless?) I have read that it is paramount that I stay put until the bailiffs arrive (point 2) in order to get assistance from the local council, but not sure if I just want to believe this but is this correct please? Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  9. Hello, Rather long story so hope you will bear with me, Me and my partner have been together for almost 3 years (but have known her for 11 years) a year ago we moved from england to wales because of a controlling, violent, ex who harassed us every single day of our lifes, having a horrible impact on their 2 children, which resulted in us leaving the bungalow she owned with her ex, he didn't want the property but refused to take his name off the mortgage and would not let us sell, simple because he wanted some form of control over both of us, but the mental and emotional effect it was having on her and the children meant we had to just leave in the end, stopped paying the mortgage (He hadn't paid any since he left and didn't really pay for a year before this) and the bungalow got repossed. We struggled but manage to find another bungalow in wales on a short term tenancy of 6 months, from day one we had problems with oil dissapearing quickly and none stop boiler problems (not hot water, no heating) after none stop plumber visits we finally had a good plumber come out and found the oil tank was leaving, this was 4 months later, we were, at one point having to put oil in every week at a cost of £300+ it cost us in total, nearly £3,000 in those 4 months, then a week later, landlord sent us a notice to quit after we complained about the leaking oil tank, Unfortunetly, after spending so much on oil, we got behind in literally all of our bills, but both my partner and son are disabled with arthritis and needed heating/hot water so had no choice but to pay for the oil. So we find ourselfs having to move again, need to find months rent in advance, deposit, etc, again found another place, moving costs including deposit etc were again £2,000, As usual with our luck (it would seem) a few months into the tenancy we found mold in our bedroom, found out it had spread along the back wall, all under our bed and wardrove, clothes, everything, went back and fourth with the local council, who said it was condensation, although, using our own tools and paying for a specialist to come out, it was found to be Rising damp and was not safe to live in, LL refused to fix the problem and also refused to let us leave the tenancy so we ended up threatening them with court, by this point there was so much mold in the house we ended up having to stop in hotels as our youngest (now 4 years old) was getting very ill from the mold. Finally let us out of the tenancy, but again, we had not recovered from paying so much for the oil so had gotten behind on bills and now we were facing moving again, so yet again, behind on bills. So again, Moved, found a 12 month tenancy this time, managed to get social loans and stump up enough to pay for rent in advance/deposit, had to sell pretty much ererything we had to do so, even going without a bed for a month (kids had no tv in the house, no consoles, nothing, just clothes on their back) but bills have just mounted up and up and up and e verytime we tried to start paying one back, another would pop through the post, with more charges, debt collectors at the door. It is now at a point where we physically can't afford to pay the rent unless we go without heating and food as me and my partner only eat once a day (small meal) so to make sure we have enough for the children to at least eat. Water bill for the new property came a short while ago, a year in advance, electric bill was extremely expensive, so not been able to pay them, so debt has just mounted up again, To pay the rent we have had to stop paying the bills, Didn't know what to do, we need a roof over our heads Totalling things up with electric/gas/water at all 3 properties we have had to move to over the past year, we now owe just over £4,000 on bills alone, our credit card got cancelled as well as we had to use that to buy things all the time, so now they are chasing us for £8,000 on that too. On top of that, the mortgage company is now sending debt collectors to our door to recover £40,000 left on the mortgage. We have finally admitted defeat and admitted the fact we can not afford to private rent anymore and so have gone to the council of where we used to live (before we moved to wales) explaining the situation, but we can not afford the rent here next month (if we buy food, we will literally be £300 short) and can't take out anymore loans, explained this to a council advisor, filled all the forms in but have politely been told that we will get low priority (despite having medical points for both my partner and my step son + local connection as we have lived their most of our lifes and all of our family and friends are there) because we have a roof over our head but explaining we can't pay the rent i got told then we will be making ourself intentionally homeless so they won't have a priority to home us at all, leaving us out on the streets, simply being told to rent privately, which we cant do. I am not sure what to do, can someone please help? where do we stand ?
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