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  1. Why would you need to pass a credit or employment check if the money is already paid in full and the landlord is at no financial risk, I'm afraid you have succumb to a common bias against people who are un able to work, you probably also believe I am living off your taxes as well no doubt? Wrong again, if a companies policy discriminates against disabled people they can be prosecuted by the court of human rights. I don't believe this is the case, by that logic a shop could decide they only wish to sell goods to white people for example, which is of course discrimination and illegal, we all have equal rights as consumers. Sorry sgtbush I think you're talking rubbish there.
  2. I am struggling with the local letting agencies, I am disabled and I do not wish to divulge this fact to the letting agency, this is my own personal right and I shouldn't have to let this fact be known to anyone should I so chose but I am facing discrimination and other problems due to their policies. I already know that I will fail a credit and employment check, but I have through some luck managed to borrow enough money to pay for an entire six months tenancy, including letting agency fees and the landlords deposit in advance, this means they will be at zero financial risk. I am polite and approachable, I have good character references and landlord references. However, the excuses have started, I am being told things like, couldn't I go to a different agency? This isn't the way we usually like to do things and even excuses like, I've heard that we could be taken to court for doing this kind of thing, at this stage I have simply made some inquiry's and been well mannered but they are already refusing to correspond with me by e-mail. These agencies are literally creating our country's homeless problem, deciding who they chose to rent too and who gets to have to ruff it in a sleeping bag in a shop doorway, they should be held accountable and I should have legal rights, I need to know what those rights are. I realize I can file complaints and disputes and even take court action however these are lengthy procedures and I need to find somewhere to live now and I am facing homelessness yet again. Do I have any legal rights here? What reasons do they have to decline me? Don't I have rights as a consumer? Please Help.
  3. I am in very real danger of being attacked or worse by a friends ex boyfriend, he has sent me a death threat on facebook which I am taking very seriously. Having been attacked very badly once before I still suffer from PTSD, Depression and the fear for my life I am experiencing has driven me in to psychosis. I became friends with this couple just at the time they were going through a relationship break up, having met him only a couple of times I found him to be a very unpleasant person, he talked about snuff movies which he enjoyed watching and his love for Death Metal, overall he was very intimidating and aggressive , now he has taken exception to my friendship with his former partner and has taken to threatening me on facebook. I'll paste the message that he sent me below. Removed I have no idea what he is talking about but contacted the police immediately, I was given no help what so ever, they said that they couldn't do anything because he wasn’t on their database even though I provided his name and the borough of London that he lives in. I would welcome any advice on bringing about a prosecution against him, I believe his threat is unlawful and that he should be prosecuted also for the emotional and mental distress he has caused.
  4. I was hopeing this would be the case. Cheers Obiter.
  5. Oh this sounds hopefull, only I arranged for the fees to be paid directly in to my bank account.
  6. I am in receipt of PIP and ESA, I have been diagnosed with Depression, Psychosis and PTSD. I live a very solitary life, with no friends or support from my family, I have a care worker from Mind who visits me for two hour once a week, aside from this I am completely withdrawn and live without any kind of contact with other people. I decided this was not a healthy way to go through life, after living this way for 4 years I decided perhaps further education could be a good option, to get to meet people and engage more in reality. In September this year I was offered a place on a part time post graduate degree at my local university, I was also awarded a £10.000 loan from student finance to cover the course tuition fees and extra expenses incurred by my studying (transport, study materials etc.), the loan is to be paid in six instalments over the two years of the course. I am now 3 weeks in to the course and I finding it very tough. I only have two hours of lessons per week the pressure is proving to much and it is now looking like I will leave the course next week, the loan will be cancelled as soon as I complete the course withdrawal form, however I have received the first payment. which was £1650. I am worried that I may lose my entitlement to ESA and PIP if I do not declare the time that I have studied for and also the amount of money I have borrowed and I am preparing a change of circumstances form to send to Jobcentre plus, could anyone please give me some advice as to how best to approach this situation.; Questions If: The total amount I have borrowed is £1650 (This must be paid back to student finance) The total amount of time I have studied is 6 hours over three weeks. I have a signed course withdrawal form, stating that I have left the course. I can provide proof of attendance showing that the course was only two hours a week. That I was only enrolled on the course for three weeks. I would like to know. . Was this amount of study time within the allowed boundaries set by ESA/ PIP Is this loan classed as Income or Capital by ESA/PIP Will I lose my entitlement to ESA and or PIP? If not, will my benefits be reduced? Many thanks Coda.
  7. Thanks, it seems to be saying that I can only continue to recieve ESA for four weeks, and that I would no longer be entitled to the mobility component of my Pip. leaving me with virtually nothing
  8. Hi all, I am a UK national hoping to move to the Netherlands very soon and would like to know what benefits I am entitled to take with me, I am worried as I have done this once before and all my JSA and DLA was stopped due to my no longer meeting the UK residency criterior. I am in reciept of PIP (Highest rates) and Income related ESA, I recieve approx two payment of £360 PM ESA and one payment of £416 PM Pip. This is enough for me to live comfortably in Holland, but I fear as soon as I disclose that I am abroad they will stop my benefits again. Please can anyone offer me any advice?
  9. Coda

    My catch 22

    Correct I havent moved in as I havent gotten my back payments from DLA/ESA through yet. Thanks for the encouraging news, its been a real web of red tape and difficult to figure this much out, so Im very grateful for your reply. All the best Coda.
  10. Hello. Heres the quick version: Can I claim housing benefit for rent that I have already paid for? And some more detail. . . . I am claiming sickness benefit and DLA, this makes it almost impossible to rent accommodation through letting agencies, in fact as I dont have a guarantor that earns three time the rent of the properties I am after (a1bed flat) my only option given to me is to rent as a student as I will be studying in september, doing this means I can pay by the term, so I will have to pay three months upfront at a time. Sadly my sickness benefits and DLA claims are taking many months to process, the good news is that I should get a large back payment, its this payment that I hope to use to pay my terms rent, the question is can I claim housing benefit for these three months and keep this thing rolling? The tenancy agreement which I hand to housing benefit will clearly state that the rent has been paid for three months in advance. My worry is that without the three months housing benefit which I need to claim successfully, I wont be able to pay for my next term and will be kicked out before I can do anything about it. The catch 22 here is that landlords nearly always insist on the rent being paid up front, housing benefit on the other hand will only pay for a backdated period, ie after one month has passed they will pay for that previous month, not in advance as the landlords and I would like, so I am always going to have to be claiming for a rental period that I have already paid for, is this right? or even illegal, housing benefit is there for people who can not pay their rent which in all honesty I cant, what will they say when they see that I have? Yours Coda.
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