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Found 11 results

  1. Good Evening, I leased a business and took over on the 9th April 2018 a Sandwich Shop and the Proprietor who we took over from had her Electricity under contract with Npower. The previous owner and I took a reading on the day we moved in and they moved out. The reading was 91738 and that was given to Npower on the 9th April 2018, I then kept trying to contact them for us to get prices from them so we could compare with other Electricity companies and see who we wanted to be in contact with. Npower said that they would get back to me on the 10th April 2018 and I heard nothing from them I went into contract with another company. The previous owner was on the tariff of 12.45 P/KW and 22.5055p a day. I have just received a bill for the period of 9th April 2018 to 7th May 2018 and Npower have charged me 29.030p p/kw and 63.79 per day Which is outrages I do not understand why it took them so long to get back to me and why they did not give me a price quote when I:mad2: spoke to them on the 10th April. I feel that they have taken advantage of my situation.
  2. The following is taken from the Law Gazette website: https://www.lawgazette.co.uk/news/supreme-court-ruling-on-litigants-in-person-could-redraw-cpr/5063855.article
  3. Dear all I am in a real mess and would like to seek some honest advice / feedback. Currently we live in a shared ownership home (100% in my wife's name. Currently just paying rent to the housing company). Over the past years, due to some mental health problems ( anxiety and depression ) and this has have a marked effect on the family and my ability to work, there are now some £20,000 of debts (Gas, Electric, Water and Council tax). All of these are in my name ONLY and I am considering a debt reduction order or alike, but I have been led to believe that even if I do this, the debts will still 'exist' in my wife's liability? I do not really understand this as I thought if I 'owned' the debt, it would go after I have it written off? I am in a real mess and would be grateful for any advice that can be given. Thank you all in advance David
  4. hi everybody , im so confused capita have asked me to go to a medical 40 miles away , especially when they know im aggraphobic . i have seen somewhere on the web that capita normally do home visits but i was sent a letter to attend this place , i cancelled once because i had a really bad panic attack , they told me i HAVE to attend the second one they booked for wednesday ? can i say anything to them ? im terrible with one to one situations the thought im going to embarrass myself makes me feel panicky , am i likely to fail by going ? and what will happen if i fail it ? really sorry for all the questions
  5. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/what-the-middle-class-doesnt-understand-about-rich-people-a7158851.html Well now you know, the Wealthy/Rich people are misunderstood ! However, there are some interesting points in the article - not least of which - being wealthy gives you freedom.
  6. A/ Why are hover boards sold if you can't use them on the pavement or road. B/ why do people text while crossing the road. C/ Why do some young people wear there trousers half way down. D/ Why do some people shout at someone if they are next to them. Any ideas of the above would be welcome and perhaps some of your own..
  7. Good afternoon, hopefully this will be a 'quick' one. I've had an e-mail from my landline provider (BT) about the changes coming into effect on 1st July about charges to 08.. numbers etc. I use an 0844 number to make international calls on a regular basis. This is currently charged at 1p per minute. (is that what is called an 'override service'?). From what I understand from the e-mail, if I use this service after 1st July, I will be charged by BT a minimum of 9.58p per minute, despite the 'provider' (I think it's justcall) advertising it as 1p per minute. I'm confused. Can someone help me out please?
  8. Im trying to understand our PPI payment success. I have received £1150.00 repayment from Halifax bank but it doesn't add up. I took out a loan in 1992 for £15k loan with 13.50 monthly ppi premium monthly cost. They have only given a return from the premium monthly cost, plus interest. The loan was repaid well within the planned 10 year scope, it was actually paid in 4 years. Here is the breakdown of the repayment. What I paid - How much paid in montly premiums 674.33 -Refund Total 674.33 Refund including interest -Refund due 337.17 -Gross 8% 297.35 -Less basic rate 59.47 -Net Refund Total 575.05 Adding the two total gives 1249.38 but the payment total is 1150. The monthly premium refund is about right but the main question here is why was only the PPI monthly premium returned and not the whole loan. Surely offering any form of return admits guilt and therefore the whole loan should in fact be voided. This is what should happen from other people I know that have been successful and received complete PPI loan repayment. Shall I accept or decline the money. ..Calling all other PPI successes of partial successes.
  9. Bit fed up now: Been involved with social services on and off since I was 18 due to registering as partially sighted. Never really got help from them. In December, I had a meeting with my then social worker and a friend. (the friend was there to help me - I can't always explain myself) I was then passed on to someone else and this is where the problems began. She thought it was ok to take me to noisy places, despite having hypersensitive hearing. (Hyperacusis) She can't understand that I need at least 24 hours notice. Or that I can't deal with strange people. I asked her to come to a meeting with me at college. This ended with her and "disability support" both suggesting that my psychiatrist is a liar and that I don't have Autism; but have anxiety instead and that counselling would solve this issue. No-one has ever diagnosed or even suggested I have anxiety. She then took me somewhere, which I wasn't happy with; as it was with a large group of strange people. I was then given a lecture on how I have to get a job. Bear in mind that DWP / ATOS have declared me unfit for work and have placed me in the support group. The letter from DWP says I don't have to look for work. She then told me I have to meet someone and without my permission, passed my mobile number on. I was then contacted and asked about an appointment I suggested a date and wasn't given a response. I was then sent a text message 25 minutes before this appointment asking me if we're still meeting today. There were 2 weeks between the message I sent and the appointment. Call me unreasonable; but is it too much to ask for someone to confirm an appointment and give me more than 25 minutes notice? Around this time, I started getting ill and was having a load of personal issues. (I was being harassed) I had to keep putting appointments off and was sent an email. This email basically told me if you don't meet me on Wednesday, I am not working with you. Am I not allowed a life? I'd made plans with friends to do stuff. My social worker then left. After this, I sent an email to social services explaining what happened and received a phone call where I was asked to identify my care needs. Something I am not able to do. I also have a few complex medical conditions. She informed me that she's my new social worker. I received an email yesterday regarding a meeting next Monday. Except, I can't make it. I have no way of getting there and don't know the area at all. The response to me saying that was, being told the name of the road. That still means nothing to me. I have a vague idea where it is; but it's about 7 miles away with no direct bus route. The closest bus that would take me there, involves a 30 minute walk to a strange place. I am getting fed up now. I am constantly being put with people who don't understand my needs and think doing things to me that hurt is ok. I have explained time and time again that noise hurts and that I can't deal with strange people. But no-one's listening to me.
  10. Hello I have been enduring jacobes for many months now and it has ruined my quality of life every moment of the day I cannot stop thinking about what they are doing to me and my health,and now my major concern is that I don't work many hours well 2hrs a week cleaning and leaflet delivery round combining them both gives me around £150.00 per month £90 of which jacobs insist is paid every month in fact forced me to pay otherwise they would clear me out now my situation is such I have to go without food and drink for up to three or four days sometimes and I have even resulted in eating cat food because I so hungry I live in house on my own family moved away along time ago and they cannot help also I have many days without electricityas I,m on pre-payment with this I,m concerned about the coming winter as I just won't have the money to keep warm it has really terrified me the thought of this even to the degree of ending it all no Jacobs just dont want to listern to my situation what so ever every time I try to reason with them they just pile on the threats and misery well I just cannot cope with it anymore I want to end it all but I feel in the back of my mind there may be a way to recieve some help, I even tried signing on but I was told I would not recieve anything due to the lack of contributions this has also added to this dire situation which has also made me very ill with my nerves I,m weak throught and don't have any fight left in me anymore I cannot even buy myself nice things anymore its so depressing somebody PLEASE HELP I NEED SOME POSITIVE ADVICE BEFORE ITS TIME TO CALL IT A DAY. Now surely Jacobs cannot get awawy with this type of foreceful action I just don't know what to do anymore I,m convinced they wont be happy until they recieve notification of my death beleave me I,m feeling pretty close to making that descision if I cannot get some compassion from them to understand how serious my financial situation really is SOMEBODY HELP ME FIND A BETTER SOLUTION.
  11. Hi there, Just looking for some advise really. I took my Peugeot 1007 into the garage as the Air bag light was on. The garage ran a diagnostic on the car and told me that there was a fault with the actual Air bag and it needed to be replaced which apparently is a big job. They told me the diagnostic said 'Permanent fault left side modules and left side curtain airbag' When they looked at the wiring under the passenger seat they found a fault which they have fixed. They then replaced the airbag but the module is apparently still registering a fault. 'left side module'. They have now told me that I need a new module panel as they they can't reset it . The most recent diagnostic says 'permanent fault. left side module triggers and left side curtain airbag in production. open circuit.' It just sound like the same problem we had the beginning and i can't help thinking that maybe the module was the problem all along and the airbag didn't need replacing. I don't want to make assumptions though because i really don't understand it enough. Can anyone advise me? I have attached the garage paperwork which they emailed me if this helps!
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