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  1. Im trying to understand our PPI payment success. I have received £1150.00 repayment from Halifax bank but it doesn't add up. I took out a loan in 1992 for £15k loan with 13.50 monthly ppi premium monthly cost. They have only given a return from the premium monthly cost, plus interest. The loan was repaid well within the planned 10 year scope, it was actually paid in 4 years. Here is the breakdown of the repayment. What I paid - How much paid in montly premiums 674.33 -Refund Total 674.33 Refund inc
  2. We have been living in our studio flat for 9 months. We received a letter today to ask us to contact the agency as a matter of urgercy. I thought it was for the renewal of the contract, which expires in June only for them to say they have been trying to contact us to ask us to leave, as the landlady wants to reclaim the property. The landlady contacted them the 1st of Febuary and wanted 2 month notice period. The agency have the wrong number, not sent a email or sent a letter other than the one we received today. The agency office is also 5 minutes away!! I know the landlady is wit
  3. she has written a letter but no reply. She has also tried to call and as soon as he hears her voice or understands who the call is about he hangs up. If the case starts. Could she sue for the 6000 original sum for installation and the 12000 present council cost? As one directly relates to the other.
  4. She says she may have something in writting. Can we say she does and doesnt and how that changes matters. Who can gets the certification of the windows to see it complies with regulations.
  5. Hi there, My auntie swapped her rotted old wodden windows with double galzing a while back. She hired a window installer (WI) to take tackle the problem, which would finally cost her £6000 pounds. At the time the WI explained that the area was not conservation, not to worry and that he would not need any form of approval from the council to perform the job. She took this person word on everything and went ahead with the work. After about a year the council contacted her and stated that infact it was a conservation area and that she would need to replace the windows to suit. This
  6. Afternoon,This website has been very useful to me in the past so here it goes.Just moved from place A to place B. I was paying rent for 6 months to a tenant who I lived with and soon reliased the contract i signed was not a contract but a sub contract he created and the real house! contract was in his name and giving himself a favourable rent cost (thats not the issue). What is this issue is we have now moved and this person has still got our money as he was no where to be seen the last few days.He now wants to meet up to discuss the deposit. He refuses to state the amount or give a breakdo
  7. I have been living in the house for 3 months as part of a 6 month contract, which a person here sub lets and has been here for 5 years. All other house members have been here more than a year. Total of 6 people. From what I understand the house has had issues with mould for a very long time and long standing damp issue which seems to start and stop for years (so says the agency). Since I have moved in the damp patch has remained the size of semi circle with a diameter of 1.5metres in my room and seems to begin in one of the bedrooms upstairs.. I have been in constant dialogue wit
  8. We have recently moved into a new room. When we viewed the place we saw a massive patch of dampness - semi circle with a diameter of a 150cm. I was assured this would be repaired asap as this has been reported to the agency 2 weeks ago. The leak begins somewhere above runs through another persons room then ours, so I felt confident this was a house problem. I have now been in the house for 5 weeks. The dampness increases and decreases in size with direct relation to the amount of rain which has fallen. The agency has sent round various roofers in total 4 times, each doing a different j
  9. Thank you for your quick response. When I was shown the studio the person said the meter was only needed for the central heating. When I confirmed a week later the meter now is not for heating but for electricity within the studio. Adding 50 pounds to the montly outgoing. I made a dicision with flase information. Does this clear it up?
  10. I found a nice Studio to rent. The studio contained ameter and when I questioned him he stated that it was for heating only. Iplaced a 300 pounds reservation deposit which i knew we would not get refundedif anything goes wrong. Since then theagency have been very aggressive with the number of phones calls and demands.Now this is the twist. One evening I was wondering what the person really meantby "heating" so I rang the letting agency and it turns out it’s notthe heating but the whole electricity for the studio. I asked for my money backand they have refused to return a single penny. Where d
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