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Found 23 results

  1. No doubt this could be mentioned in most forums on this site but chose this one as they regularly crop up with regard to both Equita and Ross & Roberts. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-43862732
  2. I hope I can explain this so you understand, My mother past away on the 30th of January 2018. Pension was originally paid to my father until his death where a part pension was then paid to my mother. She was until 20 months ago receiving the pension payment that was stopped by Capita because they didn’t receive a response to a letter they sent her. I guess it was a prove your still alive letter but that’s just a guess on my part. County Council social services department contacted Capita to inquire as to the missing payments and they advised that a family member needed to send a
  3. Ford

    NHS and Capita

    'There is a backlog of hundreds of thousands of pieces of clinical correspondence that have not been directed to GPs as a result of NHS England's failure to resolve problems associated with their contract with Capita, Government auditors have found...'the NAO also found that attempts to resolve the issue to be 'paused'. It added: ’This followed an incident in which NHS England sent clinical correspondence containing the child protection notes of three children to a practice without showing the name of the practice in the address. The package was delivered to a supermarket with the same
  4. Capita look to be in trouble, wonder where this will go, especially in view of the Capita/Equita/Ross 'n Robbers stitch up at many infested councils. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/jan/31/shares-in-uk-government-contractor-capita-plunge-40-after-profit-warning
  5. Hello all I have had an ongoing issue with Parking Eye and them issuing 2 Parking Charge Notices for me parking in a hospital where I work. The car park is free for all to use but visitor and patient parking is limited to 4 hours, for one reason and another I occasionally park in visitor spaces but usually move my car before the 4 hours is up - but with ANPR technology I have been caught short a couple of times. I have been down the usual routes, appealed - rejected by Parking Eye with no reasons mentioned. appealed to POPLA, ignored my arguments and sai
  6. hi everybody , im so confused capita have asked me to go to a medical 40 miles away , especially when they know im aggraphobic . i have seen somewhere on the web that capita normally do home visits but i was sent a letter to attend this place , i cancelled once because i had a really bad panic attack , they told me i HAVE to attend the second one they booked for wednesday ? can i say anything to them ? im terrible with one to one situations the thought im going to embarrass myself makes me feel panicky , am i likely to fail by going ? and what will
  7. Hi, my son had an assessment for his home, I was there, and there was a no show. I rang them during the allocated appointment slot and they told me there was no such appointment, even though we had the letter. They apologised and said they will send a new appointment. His appointment was meant to be at home, but they sent him one to attend Cardiff, which we are unable to do. So I rang and got my appointment for his home. We were there for that appointment, and ten minutes after the time slot, we rang Capita as the assessor hadn't turned up. A lot of people mix his address up as it's a co
  8. Not really into conspircy theories etc but it seems strange that a decision was given against Beavis with PE winning the court case especially as PE is owned by Capita and Capita is really cosy with the government who pays judges to make decisions. I wonder if some one somewhere helped the judge to make the decision that affects consumers?
  9. emmy2015

    pip capita

    i cant find anything for capita i realise this is atos but they have the same requirements so here goes,i am 63 recieving dla now im being swopped to pip i have a face to face assesment on tuesday will this make a difference to who asseses me,i am a pensioner and would feel stressed explaining my illness to a twenty year old,also has any one who is a pensioner had an assesment for pip,if so what happened
  10. Today received a FAKE £50 refund cheque *apparently* from sainsburys bank regarding a debt I had way back when. They have no idea I live here now as the debt was incurred in another part of the country. The cheque appears to come from sainsburys and is a goodwill gesture because they overcharged in debt fees. Its suggest they have asked Direct Collections to credit my outstanding debt account and have themselves sent me this £50 cheque as a goodwill gesture. Its pure fabrication and no doubt highly illegal too. I have had no contact with anyone since leaving previous addre
  11. Hi, Ive just come across a thread about BH selling on to Skye, so have started my own.. . I only have 4 months left on the loan after 5 years. I had an agreement with BH that I have in writing, that if I continued to pay the monthly repayments on time (2 years ago) that the added interest, due to a few missed payments and an added 6 months to the term of my loan, without my knowledge, (even they could not see who had done it or why just that the dates had changed ??) that they would remove everything.. they had already removed ove
  12. Every time I look at a newspaper, it appears that the government have sold something to Capita. The latest is a food safety agency that was actually profitable in government hands. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/capita-and-the-great-british-food-safety-selloff-10134275.html In 20 years time, will the Prime Minister of the UK be the CEO of Capita ? I seriously worry that one political party sees no limit on what they would privatise. There are already private companies that provide laboratory services in regard to food safety. What the government have privat
  13. Hi can anyone please help me find out or know if the contract between Capita and DWP mean they have to use medically trained personnel or at least be GMC registered at minimum as they are asking me to go for a medical assessment for pip which i applied for in november 2013, yes long time to wait hey ........ I have sent in a complaint to Capita as i asked them if they provide GMC registered people for this and they said no , when i questioned about the contract some other person rang me said they did not have to be medically trained in any way or registered with GMC for medical assessment, I
  14. Quick History, Wife has had DLA Mobility high rate for over 10 years (Osteoporosis, IBS, + other ailments) 2 Years ago we needed to replace our own car so used DLAMob to get one via Motability. I have been on JSA for a long time and had been on WPS and was on PWPS. My personal advisor (or whatever they are called now) kept on going on and on about me applying for DLA Care practically everytime we meet. I kept saying we had looked into it but did not want to run the risk of losing the DLAMob we already had. My advisor seemed like she turned "hard" when I told her we would not be
  15. My spouse had a text message from Capita stating that they had appointments available in our area this week and asking to phone them to book an appointment. Not sure why they did not phone? The number is a "0808" number. Is this genuine and is the number a free phone number? If it is genuine, it reads as if they want to do a home visit. Can they insist on a home visit as don't really like strangers in the home at any time? The visit will be in connection with the Lower Care DLA being received and renewing it. My spouse is retired and has been f
  16. We all know that Capita are involved in so much with this in mind I went Googling, and found this, I think this will put a smile on so many peoples face's so much so I wanted to share this with everyone, I hope Admin do not mind please watch this here https://tinyurl.com/y94td3dq
  17. Hi folks, After the episode I recently had with Lowells (got the SD set aside) a smaller, but equally niggling issue has come about which I would appreciate some guidance. It relates to a car insurance policy I had for a project. The policy was with Lancaster Insurance and the annual premium was for around £85, the premiums were around £7 a month. Earlier in the year I sold the car due to a lack of time, and there were around 3 instalments left on the policy (around £25 in total). Perhaps very foolishly on my part, I cancelled the direct debit but Lancaster came back trying
  18. OPPOSITION councillors have expressed fears over a potential conflict of interest at the heart of one of the controversial One Barnet contracts. Just weeks after the £320million customer and support group contract with outsourcing firm Capita came into force, lawyers acting on behalf of bailiff firms Newlyn Collections Services Ltd and Phoenix Commercial Collections Ltd – which have been carrying out services for the council since 2005 – said they were considering seeking a court order against the authority and Capita....
  19. Well well what a surprise !!!! . For a full copy of the article...please see the link at the end of this post...... COUNCIL bosses are under pressure to investigate a possible conflict of interest after it emerged the company that hands out council tax benefit is also in charge of bailiffs that chase unpaid rates. Capita Group have an £11.5million annual contract to manage various services on behalf of Westminster, including collecting council tax and providing advice to residents who apply for reduced rates. When residents fall behind on council tax, private
  20. Need advise please on what I can do next with the issue I have with an insurance company, BDML which seems to have been taken over by Capita. Quick run through: I had house insurance with BDML in 2010/2011, for a year. When renewal came about I cancelled this policy as I was moving. Heard nothing from them, no sorry you are leaving or any acknowledgment for anything else. Didnt think anything of it until I noticed in the May/June when I was sorting out my 6 monthly accounts that money had been taken from my bank account from BDML. Immediately I contacted my bank
  21. . . From the posts on the forum and enquiries that we receive there is little doubt that bailiffs (many times with the agreement of the local authorities) are charging fees that are frankly illegal. Almost always...debtors are forced to pay either because of threatening behaviour by the bailiffs or more often....ignorance of the fee scale. The public really ought to be aware of the scale of the abuse to the fees scale and worryingly, the way in which this is frequented by bailiffs working on behalf of local authorities that contract out their council tax enforcement to "bac
  22. Can't see any mention of this anywhere, but of course may have missed it - it's an age thing. http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/14891/online-news/capita-snaps-up-dca-in-42m-deal
  23. Hi Guys, In July 2010 I was moving out of my old property due to illness (Skin Cancer surgery etc) and moving back to my parents to recoup orate. Anyway on Saturday while I was uploading the car full of my personal stuff I was visited by one of the TV Licensing "salesmen" who asked if I had a license. I pointed out o him that there is no TV in the property and that I was selling the house, hence the two For Sale signs he was looking at, my front door was wide open so I said to him that he could go in and have a look for a TV as I knew there wasnt one in there The guy declined as
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