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  1. Today I received another letter from Iqor regarding a sainsburys visa card I do not and have never held. Supposedly issued by Bank of Scotland, contact was made with the bank in writing complaining about wrong info given to Iqor. Bank admitted they had made a mistake and Iqor were told of the error and would not contact me again. Bank also paid compensation for the error. Seems Iqor are totally stupid, can't read or understand instructions from clients as they are still contacting me. Very stern letter now en-route to Iqor and copy to Trading standard
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm posting this again as I was concerned that it wouldn't be easily noticed tucked behind another thread. I found this forum a couple of weeks ago when I Googled Allied International after they had left me a voicemail asking me to call them. I also received a WARNING card from them informing me that they are acting on behalf of their client LTSB and I should contact them urgently. I had a Goldfish loan which I paid for four years without any problems until I started having difficulties back in Dec 07. I contacted LTSB and asked if I could reduce my paym
  3. Hi everyone, Long story. I sold a mobile phone 4 months ago on ebay, i sent it recorded post as i know how easy it is for paypal to take money from you. I checked it was delivered fine as i was leaving to live overseas for a few months, and it was delivered fine. I came back today from overseas, to a debt collection letter from the company Iqor, stating i owe £137 to paypal and they will take me to court. I have logged into my paypal account and see the buyer of the phone opened a claim as he didn't receive the phone, when i actually have proof it was delivered
  4. Hi, Please can someone advise me as this debt company is ringing me 3 to 5 times per day as well as sending me threatening letters. I owed ebay £62 my account was suspended until I payed it but in meantime I received letter from this IQOR saying I owed £78 and demanded payment in full. I told them I couldn't pay straight away so asked when I would and that I had to ring them up and pay over phone. I decided to check my ebay account and noticed it had £62 and allowed me to pay ebay direct which I did. I have had this company on my back today 3 times saying I
  5. have an ongoing battle with lloyds tsb via robinson way , lloyds have admitted that there is no cca for the credit card account but today robinson way letter arives saying our client has advised us due to the terms and conditions that you agreed to when you opened this account you remain fully liable for the amount outstanding , we now require your proposal for repayments . any help here please
  6. I was contacted by iqor concerning £328.36 supposedly owed to Lloyds TSB. I wrote saying that I did not acknowledge any 'debt' to iqor and asking for verification of the allegeddebt. I have had a reply from iqor staing " we comfirm the above balance is correct"-How? also the statement starts in Augest 2007 with a starting balance of £250 overdrawn! so no indication of how I came to be overdrawn, has anyone else had any similar experiences ?
  7. Hello all. I've never had any debts before so not really sure how to deal with my situation so if anyone could give me a few pointers I would be very grateful. I have a debt with PayPal for around £800 (completely my fault and don't dispute it in the slightest). I did email PayPal a few times stating that although I accepted the debt, I couldn't afford to pay it all off in one go as they wanted. The contents of my emails were ignored and I just had a standard 'return your balance to zero immediately' making no mention to my email. Anyway, this morning, I received a letter from
  8. Hello i'm new here, just joined actually, i have a debt of £69 where i have been receiving letters and phone calls from Iqor demanding i pay. now after having no acknowledgement why i need to pay for this or what i'd done i researched a little on my eBay. won't go into details but i sold something for £69, he then messaged me saying he doesn't want it so he charged back via Paypal now i'm limited on Paypal eBay etc so i just left it no harm done. i'm still getting letters and phone calls and i have received one today saying they're coming to my doorstep to collect thi
  9. Hi, we opened 2 Halifax accounts about 18 months ago. One was the Ultimate Rewards account and the other was a basic savings account. Because we were switching banks they gave us £250 overdraft on both accounts. When we opened the accounts we where honest with them, and told them that we didn't expect to be accepted for the Ultimate Rewards account because we live on benefits. We are in receipt of, DLA, care allowance, income support, child benefit and child tax credits as well as HB and CTB. We managed to go into our overdrafts and with the charges every month ne
  10. Can't see any mention of this anywhere, but of course may have missed it - it's an age thing. http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/14891/online-news/capita-snaps-up-dca-in-42m-deal
  11. Hi guys, I'm new to this sort of stuff and unsure of what to do next with my current issue with paypal and Iqor. Any help is much appreciated. I sold a cricket bat online and received payment via paypal in the form of an e-cheque which I withdrew and spent as normal. I sent the cricket bat with a tracking number to the buyer and all seemed fine, until two months later (Oct 2012) I received an email saying the payment had been reversed to his bank account. So at this point I was £200 out of pocket, as well as a cricket bat. I rang paypal and said that it was fraudulent
  12. Hi all, So I'm like many of you, I'm being hounded by letters from iQor and at the moment GPB Solicitors saying that I need to pay up for a debt from my Paypal Premium account that was closed before all of this arose. The debt is for around £2500, which is has been swindled from me - I'm not too sure what has happened because my account was closed before I could find out what Paypal/eBay had against my auction. At the moment I'm just ignoring their letters, should I carry on this way in the hope that they finally give up? Or should I actively be doing some
  13. Hello, My situation is that whilst selling on ebay some particular items to get some cash in my pocket I racked up some ebay charges, nothing big , around £60 But the items i was selling generated only around £200 at most. so i thought i would leave of paying the charges for a while, and well iv just never seemed to have the spare cash to loose, as im a student and barley have any cash to spare. But few months after my account was closed via ebay for not paying the fees I get a letter from IQOR asking me to pay the debt of the amount in ebay charges, with still not
  14. Hi I have received a demand from Iqor with regard to an old Ebay debt which I had forgotten about. I sent them a prove it letter and they have replied with instructions on how to log into a blocked account and view an invoice. When I followed the instructions The amount which Iqor are demanding differs from the amount stated by Ebay. Iqor say I owe £39,09 and Ebay say it's £31,09. There is also information on the account which says that the last payment was made on 04/03/2006. My question is, does this mean that because it has been more than 6 years since any form of acknowledgement,
  15. Hello i am after some advice on an ebay dispute which also involves the collection firm iqor.Any advice would be great. i sold some collectible framed pictures to someone on ebay which fetched £4500. When the buyer received these goods he complained to ebay that he wasnt satisfied with them and wanted a refund. .ebay then stated for him to return the goods to me for a full refund, which i was totally fine with. However after a couple of days ebay had refunded the buyer and requested i reimburse them BUT i had not reeceived my goods back, i told ebay this but they sai
  16. Hi, haven't been here in a while but wondered if someone could help me please. Credit Card pre 2006, arranged a pro rota agreement in 2006, and paid minimum amount, went to a debt collector, and arranged 20.00 per month. Last payment made was in 2011, and decided to request CCA with the DCA at the time. I rec'd a letter stating that payments had been made towards the debt however Lloyds have advised that they cannot provide a CCA as the debt is too old, and although unenforceable it is still owing. They went on to say that Lloyds have offered a settlement f
  17. Hi Recently me my partner have received a letter from Iqor debt collection services its for the collection of money for a social loan we took out about 5 years ago and say we owe them about £1000 -£2000 pounds can't remember the exact amount. When my partner phoned them to set up a pyment the person on the phone asked about our income and expenditure which my partner gave them bacause at the time we did not know she was not allowed to ask this. ( Is there any action that can be taken for this?). She then decided that we have enough money left over to be able to
  18. hi i am wondering if anyone can give me some advice . due to a loss of my business 2 years ago i am currently on a d/m with payplan also have a charge on my house through the business! but also had 3 bills with inland rev ,,vat...self ass and another but not too sure which one as they have so many departments its been so confusing!!. .but i have had another debt fall out of my letterbox today ..which i presume is for a debt i kept phoning them disputing i have not had my business for 2 years and have sent end of year tax return for that year but because i didn
  19. Hi guys, Have an outstanding balance of £22.53 on my PayPal account, received a letter from IQOR saying that the debt had been passed onto them bla bla bla. I can still access my PayPal account, would I be to just pay it off on there? I can't see any reason why not but wanted some advice anyway. Cheers!
  20. Hello, I am in need of help and advice please. Unfortunately, my problem is one that I have not read documented before - so am unsure how to proceed. In a nutshell: an item was sold on ebay,monies received, it was collected, then after a payment review paypal takes monies away. Now, I have recently received a letter from iQOR relating to this debt. However, my circumstances differ in the following way: This was NOT a chargeback / refund / Buyer-instigated action; Paypal decided to refund the account holder for the amount as they did not respond to the payment review
  21. Hi. I had a debt with PayPal, I refuse to pay as I sent a tablet worth £500. I have told them flat out not paying it as this is fraud. This product was where the consumer picked the tablet up. They have put a dispute in and PayPal has put my balance into a negative position. Does anybody have any templates I can send iQor to tell them to go away legally.
  22. Hi Guys, I signed up to this forum since I dont really know what to do, hopefully you can help me out. I'm 16 years old and I have an ebay account in which I owe £304 to. I know im underage and did a very stupid thing where I sold something and forgot to ship it. Months later I was presented with a letter from iQor telling me I owe ebay the amount since my paypal didnt have enough to cover the refund since i wasnt sent. I also had many emails from ebay asking me to pay but I havent checked that email in a long while so I didnt notice. I think I can get the money soon
  23. I haven't had any communication from IQOR but last week I came home to find a card from they saying they called but got no answer and advised me to call a mobile number (no name or ref). I haven't and since Saturday they have been calling (did a check on WhoCallsMe) when I was out but left no message. Should I respond or would it be disturbing hornet's nest? Thanks in advance. Lilly
  24. Hi guys, this is my first post. But i have recently just recieved a letter from iqor demanding i pay them money as paypal personal have passed on my debt with instructions to recover this debt. This is taking the **** as i owe them nothing, first of all i have not even recieved a phone call only a letter from iqor. Secondly my paypal account had been hacked i told paypal this, somebody had $250 transferred to my paypal account then sent it elsewhere, are paypal retarded ? I told them you have access to this other account to and simply take it back from there, but i got no response just numero
  25. Long story short... I tried to sell an Iphone on Ebay about 2 months back. I put a "buy it now" on to which someone kept clicking it then disabling their account. This kept racking up fees and each time it happened I spoke to Ebay through live chat, explained this to them to which they advised me through a few steps and said the fees were no longer payable. Because it happened over and over I got frustrated and took screenshots of a couple of the conversations. Rec'd a letter today from IQOR saying I have 72hrs to get intouch otherwise it's court and the rest of it... Tried to g
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