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  1. Hello, I am new to this forum so I’m not sure but I’ll tell what happened first and I will really appreciate any help you can give me. First of all, I know it’s my mistake and I deeply regret this now. I saw this intagram page about 16+ Oyster cards for anyone (I’m 20) for £40 and contacted the guy and he set up and application for me and all. was having financial problems and I’m a student I was stupid enough to do something awfully regrettable like this. paid him applied for the card. got it used it for a while. got caught by a ticket officer got a letter from tfl asking me to write to them explaining why this incidence happened. I don’t know what to do. please help me out. This is my first time getting into trouble like this and I’m very regrettable and scared that I’ll be prosecuted. I’ll never ever do anything like this again. Please help me out. This is the letter I received from tfl. Please give me any advice you have on writing a reply to them. I have already started to draft a letter with my apologies and answering them honestly. But the letter they sent does not mention anything about fake photo card so should I tell them about it or just apologise for not having a valid card and offer to pay for any loses/fines. I am terrified about being prosecuted for this.
  2. Good morning, Lets I will explain situation. My girlfriend bought 1 month ago at work 50% discount card from colleague. The card was sold with oyster and 50% Jobcentre discount card. The person put her photo inside the job centre card and signed for it. She was told that it is legal card and he is working in Job Centre. Yesterday inspector stopped her on the bus and she told that the card is fake one and she can not use it. She paid for this card 80 pounds to this guy. They confiscated it and gave her two tickets: one for counterfeit ticket and other for reference. They told that the letter will come in next 10 days. I have several questions: 1.) What happened next 2.) What you suggest me to do? 3.) Any recommendation? Thank you.
  3. To keep it short: Hermes driver claims they delivered to me, even have a fake signature. Yes the company I ordered from will refund, but the item is no longer available so I cannot re-order it. This is possibly the second time that the Hermes courier has done this with my parcels- I did not chase up the first time, I just accepted the refund. Now, my question is.. What can I do about it? I don't want to just accept a refund, I don't think it is fair or right that she has taken my items and forged my signature.. and no, I don't earn a lot more than her etc. I have e-mailed a complaint to Hermes, but I don't think that will get very far. Is there anything that I can do legally to hold this individual responsible? I can prove that my family and myself were out at the supposed delivery time and I don't think this parcel just got lost, as she has written and signed a fake signature. (I say she as we tend to have the same Hermes delivery person and it is usually a woman.)
  4. Polish pair punished for operating fake online pharmacy READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/polish-pair-punished-for-operating-fake-online-pharmacy
  5. MoneySavingExpert founder Martin Lewis is suing Facebook for defamation following “repeated fake adverts from [problem]mers it refuses to stop publishing” In a statement on MoneySavingExpert, Lewis wrote: “I get about five messages a day from people saying, ‘I’ve just seen your Bitcoin ad and wanted to check it.’ If that is the number who get through to me, how many more must be just taken in?” Well i have seen these adverts have you. I very nearly lifted a floorboard to take out some of my secret stash after thinking well he is a chap you can trust. I came so close but nailed the floorboard back down again. The phone did not stop ringing for weeks.Trying to entice the old owl.From all over the world. Has anyone else nearly fallen into the trap. Or maybe fallen straight through it. Just wondering as you do.
  6. I took virgin media to CICAS and they lied about the contract. They told CICAS the screen shot of the t&cs I provided was from an old contract from someone else while the screen shot they provided is from my contract (by this time they had changed my online profile and had updated my contract to show new t&cs). I did not have the original contract copy at that moment but later, after CICAS decided in their favour, I found out the email they had sent me which had the contract I signed and could prove my stance was right. The only proof they gave was fake screen shots which I can prove now was fake. CICAS would not listen to me as their decision is final. Can someone help me legally and take them to court. I do not want to spend more money on them unless I have some legal advise. They not only broke their T&Cs with me but also lied to CICAS deliberately as I had pointed out to them in a call that my online profile shows the old t&cs and after three weeks they changed those. I am sure they have done it to 100s of thousands of people and ripping them off. It's a big [problem] I can tell. Please note I am no more looking for the contract I signed as I have it in my email when they originally sent it to me.
  7. Action Fraud has issued a warning about [problem] emails claiming to be from the Crown Prosecution Service doing the rounds. These messages state that you have to appear in court and instruct you to click on a link to view your start time/case details. Action Fraud says clicking on the link is likely to lead to malware infecting your device. However, the CPS says it would ‘never email witnesses in order to summons them to court.’ https://www.lovemoney.com/news/56317/is-this-court-summons-crown-prosecution-service-email-a-[problem] -emails-oct16"]http://www.cps.gov.uk/news/latest_news/alert_-_fake_witness_summons_emails/
  8. The following is a short extract from a press release that featured on SCOOP yesterday regarding the trial of a debtor (Danny Williamson) who threatened bailiffs with knives and an imitation gun when they attended his property seeking payment of £1,100 for a fine relating to alleged traffic offences. From the report, it would seem that the debtor had claimed that he had not known of the debt. Bailiffs stated that they would be taking control of his vehicle. He was finally arrested at gunpoint by armed police. Judge Ian Graham handed Mr Williamson a 12 month prison sentence at Basildon Crown Court yesterday suspended for 18 months, and ordered him to pay £520 in court costs. Further details can be read here: http://www.basildonstandard.co.uk/news/14875264.Grandad_grabs_a_fake_gun_to_scare_away_two_bailiffs/ http://www.scoop.it/t/lacef-news
  9. Action Fraud has received a surge in calls and reports from concerned members of the public who have received debt collection and council tax [problem] emails. Outstanding debt In the past couple of days the Action Fraud contact centre has received thousands of calls and reports from the public who have received this clever spear phishing email below. These have worried recipients because they use detailed personal information such as full name, address and postcode. The emails claim to act on behalf of a legitimate company called Optex (Europe) Ltd and contain a link which could infect your computer with Cryptolocker or Maktub ransomware. This spear phishing campaign could constantly evolve, so look out for company variations and remember that is easy for fraudsters to adapt information. To prevent your personal information ending up in the hands of fraudsters; follow our advice on how to protect it. Your council tax bill This email has been spammed out over the past couple of weeks and could catch residents off guard. It uses a realistic domain name and claims there is a new service up and running to make it easier for you to pay your council tax bill online. If you are in doubt about any service your council provides, contact them directly. http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/news/alert-fake-debt-collection-and-council-tax-emails-apr16
  10. Hi Not sure if anyone has seen this but just in case here is the link. There is a malware email running around (Yes, I have had one sent to me where I live and there are no parking restrictions anywhere) which contain malware and phishing. So please beware of any documents/invoices sent via email http://www.hoax-slayer.net/invoice-for-penalty-charge-notice-malware-email/
  11. Here is a possible pensions [problem] for you to be wary of, as reported to me by Independent reader Derek Croft. He recently received two letters. The first was from the Pension Service about the upcoming winter fuel payment. In the same post but in a separate envelope was a second letter apparently from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). "Although the address of the two organisations was exactly the same, the second letter had a standard landline telephone number beginning 01282," Derek said. The number stood out because he had noticed that most official departments use an 0845 or 0345 number. But there was another reason for Derek suspecting not all was right with the second letter. "It was on cheaper paper, the logo was badly printed and, more importantly, it was requesting information I would never willingly release such as bank sort codes and account numbers, partner's date of birth and the first two and last three digits of both our national insurance numbers." The DWP letter also claimed: "We are contacting you to confirm the information we hold. It is important that you reply within fourteen days". It's a good job Derek was so observant and on his guard. He did call the 01282 number, only to hear a rather badly recorded message asking for his phone number and advising him to await a call back. When he told the Pension Service, it told him to ignore the second letter. It was undoubtedly a [problem]. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/pension-[problem]s-letter-from-dwp-turned-out-fake-simon-read
  12. Evening all, I just wondered if I could pick peoples brains. I purchased a tiffany bracelet from someone on Gumtree who had advertised it as genuine. She had advised it was tarnished and would need polishing and that she had taken it to a jewellers who said it would cost £15. I went to have a look, and the woman wouldn't obviously let me in the house. she brought it to the doorstep and I had a look. it was dark, it was raining and i couldn't see it properly, but could see it was tarnished. Now I am no jeweller so I couldn't tell properly. I paid £105. I put the bracelet in the glovebox of the car, and took it to a local jeweller the next day regarding the polishing. the local jeweller looked at it and told me it was not genuine. it was rhodium plated copper. I contacted the seller, who told it it was tough, she thought it was genuine i bought it in good faith, she sold it in good faith and she will not give me my money back. where do I stand on this? I have tried to be reasonable, there have been no threats or demands, just told her it wasnt genuine and therefore i would like my money back. she is point blank refusing. am convinced she knew it was fake, but of course I cannot prove it. I also have a photo of the advert showing it advertised as genuine. do I have any recourse with this? thanks a lot. and yes i know its my fault, i should have looked closer but at that time I didn't really have the time.
  13. Hi all, I'm being chased by Cabot / Marlin for an old credit card debt (originally an egg card). The amount is in excess of £3500 however I know for a fact that the debt is statue barred because I fell into arrears with all of my creditors in 2008/2009 after being made redundant and haven't made any payments since then. I had six credit cards back then with total debts of £30k+ and managed to get rid of five of them down the CCA route. One took me to court and eventually conceded on a technical point and two were eventually statute barred due to the time it took the DCAs to get their act together. All that remains is Cabot / Marlin. I sent them the standard statue barred template a few days ago and they responded two days later with a letter insisting that the account cannot be statute barred because the statement of account shows payments as recently as 2014. This is news to me because as I said I know that I haven't ever given them any money and haven't acknowledged any debts since 2008/2009. They included a "copy" of the statement account showing numerous payments from 2011 - 2014. This document has to be fake in an attempt to make it look like the debt is still active. The original account number doesn't match my original credit card and the opening balance is the same as the closing balance?! I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on how to proceed? My feeling is that I will need legal advice and take them to court to get this cleared off my record once and for all. Documents attached. Thanks in advance. davie_falkirk
  14. Hello guys, I hope you will be able to help/advice me on this one. I bought a a second hand car through the London used cars dealer at the end of July2015. After 31 days I noticed that there are some serious mileage discrepancies between MOT and service history booklet. I phoned all the garages from the stamped booklet and I found out that first six stamps, claiming to be a BMW garages, doesn't exist and that the numbers provided were answered by private people. I get back to the dealer asking for a full refund. It was rejected, given the reason of high mileage done on the car (as I drove on myholiday in that car) and that the car has lost its value etc. During and after that 31 days other things came to light. The car was not like in the dealers description (ie. I discovered that the second key was from completely different car, rain sensors missing, main BMW dealer garage discovered leaks, brake pads alterations and many other faults). But the main issue is that faked service booklet, the dealer doesn't want to take the responsibility for, claiming it was the previous owner's duty to check it(British Car Auctions) not his. As a result, it leaves me liable for it and if I would like to sell the car in the future, which was my plan, It would put me in serious disadvantage position and encounter a money loss if I were to tell the buyer the car has got fake service history. Since the end of August this year I had been trying to make them to accept my offer and get my money (13k) back-but no results so far. They have came back with the ridiculous offer of a refund 11k instead of 13k because of wear and tear of the I am liable for. Or if I drop the claim, an offer of repair of the leaks, replacing missing sensors and an offer of 500£ for missing service history (they do not admit its fake). They hold on to that 3 last worthless stamps are valid and that they are sufficient service history. Two of those stamps are from independent garages (that couldn't say if the car was even seen by them because or what was done, as they don't keep the records of what have been done to the particular car). Last stamp was from the dealers garage and so its worthless. At the time of sale I wasn't aware that the service booklet and its first 6 out of 9 stamps are counterfeits but I bet they knew it from the very beginning. As a result, I couldn't sell my other car, therefore have been incurring the cost of running two cars instead of one (fuel, garaging, taxes, insurance)-so another loses. Need to mention that the car was bought with Debit Card.The trading standard officehas been involved but not very helpful as at the begining they were absolutely sure I am on the winning possition till yesterday, when I was told that I need to be prepared that the judge might not decide in my favour! I am a the point where I've exhausted all the options for resolving that matter through the polite correspondence. I am just about to write the last letter before court action. The dealer rejected all my previous claims and in the last letter points, or even threatens me, that the judge will order a deduction, in their favour, from the original amount I paid because the car has been used. So I should accept their offer. What are the chances of winning in the high court with the given arguments?Should I take it to court?And If yes, would I be able to claim not only a full refund for a car but also additional loses, court and solicitor fees I have encountered due to the tardiness of the dealer etc.? Will I have any chance to win without solicitor? I would be be very,very grateful for all your help and suggestions as I am not English and it seems that it also puts me in disadvantaged position. Thank you in advance! Jan
  15. Hi all, Few months ago I have been assaulted by several persons (causing serious and remaining injuries) and then made a complaint but for unknown reasons (despite of cctv clearly identifying my offenders) I have been informed that my complaint/file has been closed for lack of evidence: I am also trying to save money in order to move and later hire a private detective for an investigation regarding my assault with a better standards. However, as I stiĺl at the moment working in the same area than my offenders, these lasts are trying to work by harassment and intimidation (obviously using other people (who even told me that my case could be worst)). Few days ago, one of their friends who is a lady wrongly accused me of assaulting her and callex the police to me.When I have been put on custody by the police due to the wrong behaviour of some officiers (an few days before) I signed a statement drafted by a custody solicitor saying that I recognised a crime I didn't commit. I have been now wrongly charged for a common assault that I didn't while I am innocent (I have refused the caution). The trial at a Magistrate Court will be next tuesday but despite of my low income I have not been granted legal aid. As a resutlt I would like to know how I can make my own defence. Can I send a written statement to the court before the trial (by special delivery explaining that I am totally innocent)? Thanks in advance.
  16. Today received a FAKE £50 refund cheque *apparently* from sainsburys bank regarding a debt I had way back when. They have no idea I live here now as the debt was incurred in another part of the country. The cheque appears to come from sainsburys and is a goodwill gesture because they overcharged in debt fees. Its suggest they have asked Direct Collections to credit my outstanding debt account and have themselves sent me this £50 cheque as a goodwill gesture. Its pure fabrication and no doubt highly illegal too. I have had no contact with anyone since leaving previous address. No doubt you try to cash the fake cheque and they know you exist where they think you are now when they receive notice of the failed deposit or if you use the contact details therein.
  17. Action Fraud has seen an increase in the number of small to medium sized businesses being contacted by fake bailiffs requesting payments for a phantom debt. The [problem] involves the business being cold called from someone purporting they are bailiffs working on behalf of a court, attempting to recover funds for a non-existent debt. The caller will then request payment by means of bank transfer and if this is refused, will threaten to visit the premises to recover the debt that is owed. A range of different businesses are being targeted; including Nurseries, Manufacturers, Hotels and Taxi Services. http://www.granthammatters.co.uk/action-fraud-warns-of-fake-bailiffs-phantom-debts/
  18. It has been revealed that the Police/Security services have installed fake mobile phone masts to intercept phone calls. There are apparently at least 20 in the London area. So far no one has officially confirmed their existence, other than to say that measures are taken to make the country more secure and to prevent terrorism or other crimes. Personally, I am in favour of as many security measures being taken as possible, but I do wonder whether the law is in place to allow this mass surveillance. The Home Secretary has previously said that only known suspects are targeted for surveillance and there is sign off by ministers or senior Police/Security officers.
  19. Hi, I recently saw the previous version of this advert on eBay: Link removed And immediately thought it was a [problem] but was intrigued so I bought one for £6.99 including free postage. It IS a [problem]. The eBay user edit. He's selling 8GB SD cards and USB sticks purporting them as 128/256GB ones. Basically, they've been 'hacked' and have had their "File Descriptor" identities changed to reflect a new size. What happens when users get these items is they insert them into their PC/Camera/Phone and it reports as the expected size but when they try and save anything over the actual 8GB the pic/video/file, etc seems to save but is never retrievable. But most users don't get to the 8GB limit before leaving positive feedback! Imagine if you'd used this card/stick to save your whole family holiday pics and videos thinking that 128GB was loads of space only to come home to find that only 8GB of your files were usable? Now..... The question is what to do? This user obviously has my home address so I don't want to raise an eBay refund (and I want to keep the SD card as evidence) since it may have unpleasant consequences. He (and it is a He) is still selling the cards and has branched out to selling faked USB sticks. Should I contact Trading Standards in Cheshire where the seller lives? Should I create a false eBay account and report him? I don't know. I just know that this twonk is ripping people off and needs to have his 11-year eBay account killed and everyone who he's conned told what has happened. Any advice would be good Thanks people, Swirly
  20. Hello Im really hoping that someone can help a terrible decision that i have made. I have no previous convictions and are 100% sorry for this and i a bit of a state. I paid for an annual pass for 2 years. Cost was £4k per year. Half way through year two the ticket was lost for a second time. For a further two months i had to pay the cost of the ticket from salary in addition to directly with the station each week as southeastern refused to issue a replacement. Costs were spiralling as this was all happening at the same time that deposit for a house was required which was due for completion late June. During a stupidly drunk night out in south west london we were talking to some people and they said they knew someone who could help - i realise how irresponsible and stupid this sounds. They put us in touch with a man who said he would sort for £350. He met us in the pub took another ticket from my partner and returned in around an hour. He said it wouldnt work in a barrier but it would if i showed attendant. I used this ticket every day from around mid July until my actual ticket expired in October 2014. Stupidly and due to so many racked debts i used from time to time - maybe 50/50 going forward. A guard spotted this one day and held the ticket which also has my photocard. I ran away as i was so scared. He kept my ticket on entry to the train in london I realise this is the stupidest thing i have ever done. The address that is registered to that ticket i dont live at any more. I am also moving from current address next month. I have read on blogs here that i should wait for a letter to arrive and then contact a solicitor in the hope of a settlement outside of court. I am of course willing to pay all fees and even double on top of necessary. What should i do? How do i know if they have written if i dont love there any more? Will they find my new address and arrest me because i have not responded to the letter? Will i receive a court summons? Please help me - i am absolutely terrified and appalled at my out of charachter behaviour. Thank you. S
  21. Hi all, I was hoping one of you good people could help. My Dad has received a letter from Chester County Court with part of it hand written stating that a warrant has been issued for collection of a debt. He advised me that this is from around 10 yrs ago and not paid a thing since. Am I correct in thinking this is statute barred? The letter looks a little dodgy to me, almost as if Arrow are trying to scare him into paying. It mentions a warrant has been issued, but no copy of the warrant was enclosed, also there is no date to pay by before the bailiffs visit. I believe a CCJ was issued many years ago. The envelope used also looks like it could have been reused. I have attached the letter and envelope below. This is all that was enclosed with the letter which arrived Friday. Envelope: Letter: If someone could look at this for us that would be hugely appreciated, I have asked my Dad to pop to Citizens advice too. Kind Regards, M
  22. Hi I ordered some sofas from buy as you view. When it came to them being delivered I arranged it for a day when I was off work as I had to - the agreement due it being in my name. They never turned up! They turned up the next day surprising the missus. They brought the sofas into the house and asked where I was as I needed to sign the credit agreement, the missus told them I was at work (which I can prove I was) and explained that they were supposed to arrive the day before as arranged. Instead of rearranging the bayv guy told the missus to sign the agreement, so she went sign her name. The guy stopped her and said 'No sign your partners name, as long as it looks as though he has signed it that's good enough!' So she naively did. There was three blokes in the room so I suppose she felt a bit wary when it happened the way it did! Surely this is wrong?
  23. How do I identify what I think is fake county court paperwork? Is it usually blue with the courts address on it? Thanks [ATTACH]55135[/ATTACH]
  24. Thoughts needed please. I was tasked with item to buy for Xmas on the list was a Xbox one. I sourced a deal on amazon with a healthy 20% discount but as its a black friday deal you have 15 mins to purchase. My issue started when I noticed my discounted "star buy" rate was now the regular selling price some 24 hrs later. Is it against consumer law to offer discount based on false headline price? Headline price was only charged on black friday day of reduction. Headline did not match individual selling price or RRP. I asked for a breakdown of how headline price was calculated but amazon stead fast refused to provide information.
  25. Hi all, After hearing nothing for sometime, noticed I received a letter (attached) for a Statute Barred debt from over 7 years ago from Robinson way saying "Thank you for your payment, which leaves the balance as stated above. We have agreed with you to pay your account by installments." This has amazed me as I have not spoken to anyone let alone made ANY payment to them. How do I go about making sure they are not trying to set me up , do i send the Statute Barred letter to data controller or do I need to adjust it and add something in to request the alleged payment information (bank account etc) Also noticed at bottom it says its gone to Hoist Group and Robinson Way are managing account , maybe Hoist Group have lied and said they agreed/spoke to me ? This is totally fake and I would not/will not ring them ever so wanted to make sure I send the right letter to them. This cant be legal surely for them to make up an agreement? Thanks again in advance for all your help.
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