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  1. Hi everyone, I recently recieved a book from dwp to be reassessed which i filled in sent back with all medical reports meds etc and and then yesterday i recieved a letter from health assessment b-ham with an appointment for 18th oct18. ive been on esa support group now for over 4 years with anxiety and depression plus cant walk so i also get pip high award which has been awarded untill jan 2021. Now i retire on dec 1st this year so less than 8 wks away so my first question is, is it normal to call some-one in for a medical this close to retiring as by the time i had the medical id b
  2. Hello all, Im new to all of this stuff. In November 2012 I was issued with a default warning letter from Capital one (then Cabot) for a balance of £270, which I tried to pay off at the end of the 30 day period on (xmas eve), but they did not answer their phones that afternoon (this is not a lie!!). somewhere in the middle I called up and paid a tenner with the intention of paying it off weekly, but was so annoyed with the default that I just then ignored it. 6 years on (the default is set to 'expire' on 6th November ) and they are now asking for the balance to be settled at £
  3. I recently purchased a smart/fitness watch (Garmin). When purchasing I was lured in by the suggestion that the watch would feature connectivity to Deezer (Music app) so that I could download my playlists and go out running without having to take my phone with me. This was marked on the website as 'coming soon'. Since buying the watch and asking the customer care team when this feature will be added they are unable/unwilling to give a time frame. Is there an actual definition of 'coming soon'? I am tempted to take the watch back but as it is outside of the 28days and there is no
  4. Hi I've been posting on a different site about this but help seems to have dried up. I'm keeping things vague as I don't want to tip their hand. Last year I complained about IL to PDUK. Extremely close to this time, probably passing in the post was a claim form from BW about a £100 loan outstanding from PDUK. I informed them it was in dispute, sent off the usual CCA request and CPR naming agreement, default notice and assignment. My defense stated the account was in dispute and that BW had not supplied docs or CCA. No response from BW. DQs were exchanged, I
  5. Seems to be a trend on here and other website help forums, to ignore and even laugh off threats from CEL. Fortunately I have kept all correspondence and have been fighting this for my daughter since May 2016. Now she has been referred to the County Court Business Centre Northampton issue date 07/04/2017. In May 2016 my daughter had an appointment at a doctors surgery with her baby for injections. She is adamant she entered her car number plate on the screen inside the surgery but for some reason did not register. When the first letter arrived from CEL she approached th
  6. I guess there is always the telephone book? I have Yellow Pages and a local directory delivered every year. For the full story :- http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/great-118-rip-could-end-10410058
  7. Hi all I was hoping to get some advice on what the best course of action would be for the debt that is on the verge of being unmanageable. It's a combination of an unsecured loan & credit cards (approx £34k). At this moment all the payments are being made on time. But there is no wiggle room left & with the interest the amount I can afford to pay each month means I'm stretched to the limit. I'm self-employed & the amount I earn each month varies & is not at all predictable. I took out the loan & maxed out the cards to get a business up & running last year
  8. Given the lack of affordable housing, how soon will it be that it will illegal to be homeless..
  9. I have not earned enough to pay back my student loan for the last ten years. I now find I am slightly above the threshold, if indeed it is a monthly threshold. Over the course of the last year I have earned less than the yearly threshold. Over the course of the last three months I have earned less than the threshold (divided by 4). However, the fact remains that my monthly salary is currently above the threshold and has been for the last two months. How is the threshold calculated? Is it on the previous years earnings divide by 12? On this month
  10. Across the country, 91 courts and tribunals will close, while a further 31 will merge with existing buildings. See the link below for more details on this story: What effect is this going to have on local justice and how will the volume change for the remaining Courts to pick up the extra cases that will be heard at regional Courts in the future? So with the change to digital and more use of the video conference and the use of telephones will see a significant change to the justice system. How many more changes are in the pipeline and what will they be now? Only time w
  11. Hi all, I have a number of unsecured debts and phone contracts that resulted from me giving up my business at the start of 2009 to take care of my parents who both have dementia. The debts were personal and not in the business name, although almost all of them were used to set up my business. I always intended to go bankrupt but due to the pressure I am under looking after both of my folks, I just never got round to it. Letters came through the door, but nobody ever knocked it and here we are 6 years later. The letters are rare. In the last few months I have only received about 2-3 l
  12. hi, i rent a room in one town (near my works and children) and my partner (not the mother of my children) rents a house in the next town, she is signed off sick and has a daughter. i cant move in to her home as she is being evicted as landlord is selling up, section 21 ends in september and her local council are not helping much they just say she will have to rent another private which isnt easy since she isnt working and on sick benefits due to ongoing heart issues for which she is having open heart surgery for very soon. i work full time but cant have her and her d
  13. Cut a very long story short. Judgement against me £1700. Payable in 30 days. Incurring ground rent on flat as flat up for sale. Agreed with management company that when sold, CCJ and ground rent to be paid out of sale. sale fell through, next offers were too low to accept. Took house off the market. Now management companys sols are asking for 3k payable within 7 days. I have a funny feeling the Management Company will try and take it to up and a notch and appointment HCO to collect the debt. I have asked the MC solicitors for a payment plan but last time that happened
  14. Every time I look at a newspaper, it appears that the government have sold something to Capita. The latest is a food safety agency that was actually profitable in government hands. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/capita-and-the-great-british-food-safety-selloff-10134275.html In 20 years time, will the Prime Minister of the UK be the CEO of Capita ? I seriously worry that one political party sees no limit on what they would privatise. There are already private companies that provide laboratory services in regard to food safety. What the government have privat
  15. Hello everyone, on the 16th March I have my assessment for PIP at my home. I have written down the answers to the questionnaire and I was wondering if someone could look through them and see if I am hitting the descriptors and if not, how I can re-word them. My mental health problems began when I was a child and were caused by the effects of childhood sexual abuse, mental abuse and physical abuse by my step dad. It’s a long read and graphic at times on the additional information part. Q1 – About professionals I see 1. Main health care professional, , Community Psychiat
  16. I Feel that there has been a miscarriage of justice against me by Medway and Maidstone council. Last January i came down to your lovely part of kent for a job interview and parked in a car park in Maidstone. I went to pay the machine would not take my cash i had to risk leaving it. I got a parking ticket which i contested was rejected i paid, using the online method as we are all urged to do now on my bank card. in October i got a letter from a debt collectors trying to get money from me for the ticket i rang them straight away to
  17. Got a NIP for 37 in a 30mph zone. asking for a photo and camera calibration certificate. I've also stated in the letter that it's likely I will be travelling abroad for quite a while (up to 6 months), and don't know exactly where I'll be staying. I've provided them with the address of the first hotel I'll be staying in, and that they must write to that address or i won't see any correspondence.The hotel will forward any letters once I've stopped staying there. I'm concerned they'll ignore what I've told them, and they'll end up writing to my uk address, and I won't see the letters.
  18. What should I do? I had a Business unsecured loan which turned into a secured ccj and now this month a charging order is being applied for. The debt was on a business which has since closed down. At the time of the ccj I was advised to get help using a debt company which I did and they offered monthly payments on my behalf which was really too much plus my financial problems have got worse (if that's possible) and I am unable to keep up the monthly payments hence I have now a charging order I need to deal with which is coming up very soon. I feel annoyed with myself for getting in th
  19. Hey Guys n Gals... As some of your already know, I'm one of those people who like to look deeply into situations... Sometimes a little too deep.. Ah well, anyway, over the last few years of living in this borough I've noticed quite a few things about the local Borough Council. Here's a quick list to give you an idea (I'm sure you lot notice this too) 1) Lights left on in the Council Offices over night 2) Heating left on in the Council Offices over night (the steam billowing out of the exhausts is a give-away) 3) The myriads of 'blank' pages sent out with their letters, notic
  20. In May of this year I was rushed into Hospital and underwent a 5hr lifesaving operation. I am due for another operation later this week and hopefully my last. After a bit of time to sort myself out, I'll be back doing my best to help in anyway I can. Just to let everyone know, I have not gone but due to the way I am, I cannot get back to the computer to answer replies although I know many would anyway, so instead have been reading up and keeping up to date with any changes. Love to everyone except DCA's Stigman
  21. Hello everybody, always found a lot of useful stuff on here but first time post as this is a bit more specific, need some help about the right thing to do. A few weeks Ago, started receiving voicemails on my mobile from Marlin and Bramber asking me to call them which I never did. never spoke to anybody on the phone as they would probably ask me to verify details which I won't do. Just noticed today that an old debt for £150 (re)appeared on my credit file. The debt wasn't there few months ago. Itis linked to a credit card I had with MBNA. I believe this debt wa
  22. Hi, I need an advice, I am considering stopping taking care of my disabled sister and currently on income support and carer allowance as she rather have no carer and to be able to claim severe disability premium for her ESA. If I do decide to cancel it how do I do it and how long before I will have to go back onto job seeker. Just want to make sure everything goes smoothly as possible without gaps payment. Many Thanks Bob.
  23. hi guys i am an ex gambling addict my payday loans etc have finally caught up to me I have never done anything to hurt my mom but she doesnt want the stress of having me around and having people knocking the door for money etc. which is fair enough if you ask me Soon i will be leaving the house with literally zilch, well, infact minus £15,000. I will contact shelter and see if i can find somewhere to live - but i was wondering if because i am an ex gambling addict ( very recently ) would i be classified as "intentionally homeless" I am a well educated young man bu
  24. Hi.. Jobcenter are about to put me on Work Programme. I have heard nothing but bad things about this. Over the past few months I have been looking for jobs that I think I could do ( I have really severe ADHD and cannot do something mundane like sit on a till all day, I would pull my hair out) I am an actor, but aside for applying for lots of acting jobs I also look for other things, as long as they are not till based. Anyway, I am about to go on the work programme, and I have already seen the general rules ( I won't sign anything etc etc) I am also not happy to be shoved around
  25. http://www.scotsman.com/the-scotsman/personal-finance/pressure-growing-to-crack-down-on-ppi-firms-1-2795828#.USEFNDqEh0M.twitter but in scotland its a frre for all to fleece for now dx
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