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  1. Hi all, I decided to query this with Equifax. They sent me a note to say that it would be up to 21 days and the status was 'sent to 3rd party'. The 21 day deadline ended today, and whilst I have received no further communication, the sttus has changed to 'company - no reply'. Does this mean it will be removed from my records? Do I need to do anything further? Thanks again for the help on this. It is such a relief to get this off my mind. ljm
  2. Thanks again Citizen B The debt would be a current account and mot would be charges from the point I assumed i'd be going bankrupt and just let it run its course. As I say I won't have touched this account in over 6 years now. It is down as my old address on the credit report and i've not lived there since before 2009. Could I statute bar this one? I'd like to get it off my record.
  3. Thanks for the reply and the letter. Do you have a template that I could send to Equifax to get the Citibank removed? Like you suggest it must be an update rather than a default date given the time frame.
  4. Thanks Citizen B for the reply. I've also gone ahead and done an Equifax check and the score was different due to a default from Citibank. However the default date is 2014 and relates to a previous address which I have not lived at in the last 6 years. I've not made any payment on this or had any contact in the last 6 years either. There are no other defaults on record. Terms 0 @ £ 0 (Monthly) Status Defaulted Current Balance £ 960 Start Balance £ 0 Credit Limit £ 0 Default / Delinquent Balance £ 843 Start Date 19/01/2007 Date Updated 06/10/2015 Date Last Delinquent Date Satisfied Default Date 16/05/2014 I entered into a dmp with CCCS back in 2007 and then in 2009 when I had to give up my business I stopped making payments. From memory it would be January 2009. Certainly over 6 years from any payment vis CCCS for any of my creditors.
  5. Hi all, I have a number of unsecured debts and phone contracts that resulted from me giving up my business at the start of 2009 to take care of my parents who both have dementia. The debts were personal and not in the business name, although almost all of them were used to set up my business. I always intended to go bankrupt but due to the pressure I am under looking after both of my folks, I just never got round to it. Letters came through the door, but nobody ever knocked it and here we are 6 years later. The letters are rare. In the last few months I have only received about 2-3 letters a month. As you can tell i'm in poor state with the paperwork and uncertain. I am on carers allowance and income support and have no assets. Today I decided to check my credit report after discussing this with a friend. To my surprise Experian gave me a 'fair' and im only 40 points off a 'good', 860/999. Looking on my report I can't see any details of these debts although I do have 3 warnings on my account: You have a defaulted or delinquent account (but no accounts or amounts appear?) You have no settled non-mail order credit accounts You have opened 1 new credit account in the last 6 months (a new bank account, but doesn't have an overdraft, it's a Cashminder that I was preparing to go bankrupt with). I thought that on my report I would see a list of people chasing me and for set amounts, but that is not the case. Does it not work like that or have I overlooked it? Experian is also suggesting I am eligible for loans and cards, although the rates are sky high 25-50%. I'm not looking for a loan, but I was surprised to see it as an option. Given my situation I was looking at going bankrupt but having seen this file i'm not so sure. I do owe that tax man £2000 from the business which I could offer to pay in smaller chunks to save going bankrupt. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum but I felt that I needed to understand my report better before knowing how to proceed. Thanks in advance for your replies.
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