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  1. Hi All We live just off junction 4 of the M5, and they have had some average speed camera's installed for a month or os. My dad is a salesman and has 10 points on his license already. He actually went over 12 points, served a 3 month ban and now is on 10. But he just got a letter through with another 3 points - this time for doing 46mph in a 40mph average speed check. I didnt think they could prosecute until 47mph? Is there anything we should know that could help us?
  2. Hi Im £17k in debt - mostly to banks - some payday loans - some others. I wanted to set up a payment plan through stepchange. ( Because if i go bankrupt I will not be eiligbile for any promotions in my industry ) My 2 main concerns with this are as follows: 1 - The people I owe money too will continue to charge interested etc. if this is the case it will probably end up being more than I am paying back. 2 - I was hoping to earn more soon, and perhaps make a settlement offer of a lower lump sum to the people I owe money too - will this still be an option with a stepchan
  3. Hi CitizenB thanks for your help I will continue with the DMP but Nationwide have given me until tommorrow till respond - Stepchange wont contact them till next week. Do i need to call nationwide today or just let them do their thing and wait for stepchange to contact them from the sounds of it a default notice wont make much difference to me
  4. Sorry for a new thread but i need answers to this one I am currently setting up a DMP with STEPCHANGE - hopefully this will be completed tommorrow. However I was just going through my mass of letters and noticed I had missed a default notice from Nationwide for my loan ( Owing £3800 ) I dont know what it is and it says action must be taken by the latest tommorrow Shall i ignore and carry on with my DMP arrangement or do i need to contact them I dont really understand what a default notice is thanks
  5. Yes i think you are right too. Just out of curiosity and for my reference when going through my debts in full would you be able to link me / show me what would make a debt not legit?
  6. Also along with my above post I was wondering if i could set up a payment plan with say Nationwide and then debate the legality of the debt after and the charges added on after? I could negotiate this before but I am worried they would add more charges in the meantime till the plan was set up
  7. Hi I have debts currently as follows: £5k - Santander bank loan - Reasons it may not be valid: I already had outstanding £8k loans They were in charge of current account which showed my payments to wonga, peachy, etc. etc. They were in charge of current account which showed payments to gambling companies Current account also showed consistant missed bills and charges When approved my credit rating was very bad I have no idea how it got approved - I couldnt even get a payday loan. £5k nationwide loan Similar reasons to Santander, along with the fact I app
  8. Hi Both thanks for the brilliant advice I personally believe barely any of my debts are legal I will post info asap and hopefully you can advise me further Im on lunch atm so dont have time but very keen to hear what you both think your doing me a big favour thanks
  9. Thanks so much Rennuz Questions 1 - I dont understand how you would pay Barclays - £1 per month? Do they collect this from your bank - would you not be worried they would take more? Or do you pay direct and have to check that they actually knocked it off your debt? 2 - So I would write to Santander and for example offer £5 / month - I offer this as a split of £1/ month to my overdrawn account and £4/ month towards my loan arrears? Or just offer £5 / month in general? thank you
  10. Hi If i was in debt £20k and i set up a repayment plan through a debt charity I have some questions. 1 - At the moment my wages are being paid to my Dad - all of my bank accounts are overdrawn. How would I make any repayments without a bank account? 2 - Do I need to prove my current wage with a pay slip? 3 - Do I need to prove my outgoings i.e rent etc which I pay back to my Mom in cash? Thanks
  11. Hi Guys Im an EX gambling addict ( 3 months clean, I swear! ) I have £20,000 in debts - I earn £800 a month My outgoings are £750 a month I am currently getting something like my wage in charges and admin fees from these people chasing my debts. £5k - Santander £1k - Santander overdraft + charges every week £5k - Nationwide £1k - Nationwide overdraft + charges every week £2k - Gambling company ( sportingindex ) £1k - Old car insurance I stopped paying £800 - Phone contact I stopped paying £2000 - Payday Loans Luckily I have a bank account with SECU
  12. hi andy 6 months old paid for about 4 months then lost my job, got a new job paying half my old wage, cant afford anything
  13. 21 i live with my mom and pay her rent ( would be about £600 / month on my own )
  14. hi overdrawn current account and a 5k loan they gave me when i was already in big debt
  15. Please note i also have a few £300-£400 debts that i can not pay should i send similar letter to these?
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