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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys, Hope you can help me with this please I had a call from assist claim management about ppi claim I gave them some details over the phone they came back to me after a week asking me to sign a letter of authority because they found 5 accounts eligible for ppi claim. i signed the LOA for them in may 2018. in September I came back from holiday I found over 10 letters from them some asking me to sign a questionner and a new LOA AND some of them threatening me with a bailiff or pay à fees of £300 for each account which make a total of £1500. the letters were all sent between 23 July and 10 August I came back home the 3rd of September a week later I received a letter from a bailiff asking for £375 x 5. i called them explained to them what happened they asked me to sign a LOA I said I’ve already signed one they told me it was invalid because I added some stuff with pen on them. i said if it’s invalid why are you threatened me with bailiff and I decided not to sign anything and do the claim my self. they send me new LOA AND A QUESTIONNAIRE to sign and they join a letter of T&C and one of the clause clearly saying I have 14 days to cancel. i did sign a new LOA AND THE QUESTIONNAIRE SEND IT THEN A WEEK LATER I’ve send an email to them to cancel the contract as stated in the T&C. the next day they send me email rejecting the cancellation because I’ve signed a LOA in may even it’s invalid. Today I received a letter from a bailiff again asking me to pay my debts to ACM. Hope I was clear enough if you want more info please ask me. Can you advise me please
  2. a friend of mine is being bombarded by a claims management company, he has had repeated requests to sign a form giving them power to act for all/any ppi claims he may have, secondly he has been sent a bill for a ppi he settled direct with a bank and cannot recall signing anything to authorise the CMC to act for him. I spoke to them on the phone for him and told them that unless a copy of the contract showing he had agreed to them to act for him was received he would not respond to any further communications. he is now being threatened to be taken to court which is upsetting him as he is a pensioner, my question is can anyone point me to what letter would be best to sent to the CMC to request the copy of any agreement they may hold many thanks
  3. A claims firm that bombarded consumers with more than 1.3 million spam messages has been fined £80,000 as part of a wider crackdown against companies behind nuisance calls and texts. UKMS Money Solutions (UKMS) used lists of mobile phone numbers it had bought from data brokers to contact people encouraging them to make claims for payment protection insurance (PPI), the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) said. It said the fine issued to the firm was the first of three penalties totalling £250,000 it will issue this week to companies behind nuisance texts and calls, bringing the total number of fines issued over the last four months over nuisance marketing to £1m. The ICO said Birmingham-based UKMS did not check that those it called had agreed to receive marketing texts – something it was legally required to do. It said a total of 1,442 people complained during the nine-week campaign between April and June this year. No one from UKMS could be reached for comment. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/claims-firm-fined-nuisance-calls-crackdown-122734812.html#HWCuKKU
  4. Hi all Looking for some help with a summary judgment in a civil matter county court. I have been in dispute with a company who has issued a claim for damages totaling £6,000. got the court papers, sent in a defence and got a CMC hearing date. unfortunately i was in hospital 2 days before the CMC and couldn't attend. At the CMC hearing the claimant applied for Summary judgment (in person) he didn't submit an application form or pay a fee. The judge at the CMC hearing granted his application and the Summary judgment hearing happened their and then. The claimant submitted his evidence (very weak evidence at that) and the judge awarded him the full amount of the claim. The help i need is can the judge do this because from what i have read this is not allowed as the summary judgment application has to be filed with the right fee including supporting evidence, send a copy to me and then a hearing date set in the near future that i could attend. Any help would be grate Thanks
  5. Hi all, would just like some advice please. My daughter and her partner had PPI some years ago, but have no paperwork or proof. they keep on getting calls from CMC's who claim that they can find any PPI you had and reclaim it, even if you have no paperwork or details. Obviously, as it stands, they feel they have no way of getting anything, so they are thinking, maybe paying a CMC 30% commision is a worthwhile fee to do something they cant. ANy thoughts on the matter greatly appreciated. Ian
  6. http://www.scotsman.com/the-scotsman/personal-finance/pressure-growing-to-crack-down-on-ppi-firms-1-2795828#.USEFNDqEh0M.twitter but in scotland its a frre for all to fleece for now dx
  7. I made a claim for PPI through a company, I was claiming against one loan only. I filled out the claim form in my name only and signed the consent/bank authority form. my husband was not mentioned on the claim form, neither did he sign the consent form. When I received the offer from my bank, they had based the amount on all loans dating back to 2003. They sent a breakdown of the amounts awarded for each loan including the loans my husband took out in his name only. Unknown to me, the bank then passed this information to the Claims Management Company. As my husband did not make a claim through this company and did not give his consent for any information regarding his loans to be released to a third party, are the bank guily of breaching the Data Protection Act? In addition to this the company are now expecting me to pay them a fee based on the total amount and not just against the one item I had claimed for, are they allowed to do this as my husband did not give his consent?
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