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  1. Hi, I moved from my old property to this one on 1 Nev 2019. It's clear I've been here since thanks to bank statements and other accounts, but my old council are trying to get extra money out of m stating that I stayed an extra few weeks here. They reason they came up with their date is because the ONLY time I could return the keys to the landlord was by letter as he wasn't even available, so ultimately, I wrote a letter, taped the keys to it. Took tis weight, and a photo for brevity and posted it though his door whilst being recorded. The old LA ook THAT date as my move address where as the new LA have me in as from the 1st of the month as expected. I've sent them copies of: - Utility bills - Council tax bills - Copies of me picking up packages around the 1st of the month The two prperties are nowhere near each other, if anywhere a few hours apart so I would have thought that I provided enough evidence. Anyway, now that covid is over, i reveived another chaser (no court threatened yet) but we're at logger-heads about this move date. Even my content insurance dates weren't enough for them. THose have to, by law, always be up to date to keep in line with the contract, but alas, here I am. Being chased for more money that someone else imagined up. Any ideas as to how to approach this? Cheers, Ade
  2. Thanks 45002. If you read line 3 and 4 of my post. I already linked them....
  3. If you could merge AdriHD into adridude so adridude is still active and AdriHD disappears, that'd be awesome. :)
  4. Just to add, FINALLY foudn my login details for my proper account, so could anyone fry this thread? I'll repost it in a more easy on the eye manner lol
  5. Is bankfodder still about? If so, could you delete this thread and I'll create a new one, less verbose.
  6. Thanks to the spammer Can anyone assist with this? I'm not quit sure how to (or where to) start here *edit* can someone remove that spammers response please? aarrgh.
  7. What it is, she has a short hold deed on this flat and they manage the building, and have whatever agreements with the owners. the residents here are extremely private and we like to keep it that way so I’m not going to ask others what’s going on or I’ll look like a tool in this peaceful community. at some point the management company went bust and a new one appointed but she didn’t know who was who. her administration is abhorrent at the very least and her command of the English language is equally as bad so I’m not shocked really. the management company and I have zero to do with each other, they are HER supplier. Just as a bank owns a house which is on buy to let, they own (manage on behalf of the building owners) the building. sending a sar to them would be like sending a sar to the owner of a houses bank. Hence why I’m so frustrated at her palming things off to me because of her inability to handle it herself. either that or her reluctance to pay a letting agent to manage this for her. it’s too late now, I’ve had a s21 so fighting that. This is on the back burner until that is resolved. Once it’s resolved or I’m resettled, I’ll address this.
  8. No what I said was it was out of OfGem's hands as there's no suppliers etc.. at play, but I think I was wrong about that though. I dont know enough about the energy industry and the in's and out's of reselling electric. I didn't even know there were resale guidelines until all this started happening! it's all gone south from there and I've had my notice, so I'm putting this issue to bed for now. If need be, I'll address this at a latter date as right now, tenancy / roof over the head coms first!
  9. Hi, I've started this thread as a whole new issue arose from my somewhat dogmatic and erratic landlady. Link 1: Inspection after inspection? Link 2: Landlord Constantly Late with Utility Bills This all came to a head as her harassment via phone, email, what's app, text and the final strawe was harassment of my guarantor. To cut a long story short, I wouldn't let her into the property to inspect in May without valid proof of not being told to self isolate & proof of vaccines or exemption via the NHS app. This lead to a childish barrage of various electronic communication that was, at best, incoherent and frenzied. From her pure responses, it was clear that she read a few lines of an email and reacted without reading all of it. This lead to me contacting the CAB for advice, who recommended the police. The police stood back initially and kept an eye on the situation as she is a long way from where I live, so is no immediate threat, which I totally agree with. My last communication to her, which I was told was the correct course of action, which I believed before hand, was to write to her and instruct her to cease all electronic communication with myself and my guarantor (relative), however, I did clearly state in the same police letter that I am more than willing to accept letters from her via Royal Mail and will respond to them within 28 days. I explained that all email will be archived and ignored. As she no longer had ways to bother me, she then started on my relative. Sending them confidential communication which I had sent her. Not only that, she cherry-picked various pieces of various e-mails, only forwarding emails from mid-thread, and in one case, entirely skipping out her communication with me. Either way, I'm furious about this as I keep my private life extremely private and now my family are all scratcig their heads about this wondering WTF. This action is what ultimately got a Sgt form Kent Police to contact her and tell her to stop and use normal post. They agreed with me that she was being cunningly passive aggressive and flying the thin line between civil and criminal, and doing it well (a sgt said this!). The outcome is that I received a S.21 "No Fault' Notice, form 6A etc... during my fixed term, 1 year. The facts around this are: Second (this) Fixed Term Start Date: 1 Nov 2020 Tenancy Type: AST Length: 1 Year, ending 31 Oct 2021 Break Clause: Mutual Break Clause (as per contract), exact wording below. Rent Arrears: None History of Rent Arrears: Twice: 5 days late in Jan 2020 and 2 days late in Dec 2019. Previous Tenancy agreemnt. 0 incidents this tenancy. I've got a few questions about the validity of the S.21 for a few reasons: 1. No EPC was ever supplied during the last tenancy or this one, until she wanted to serve notice, EPC was uploaded 24 May 2021, notice dated 11 June 2021. 2. The EPC supplied has errors in the address, totally different postcode, same street. I think the property developer got lazy and copy/pasted. 3. In regards to the Prohibited Tenant Fees. The LL has the deed to this property as a short-hold, so the building get a bulk electric connection and privately meter each property, forwarding a bill (Not sure how its split up) to the LL. I agreed to pay for electric in the property as I'm using it, but when I got the bills, there were extra charges tacked on called Capacity Charge. I've looked through the Ofgem guidelines on resale of electricity and there's no mention of this at all. The documentation I'm referring to is: The resale of gas and electricity: Guidance on maximum resale price (updated October 2005) WWW.OFGEM.GOV.UK The maximum resale price (MRP) is the most that anyone can charge for resupplying gas or electricity which has already been bought from an authorised supplier. There is a clause in the contract about electricity this reads, verbatim: These charges have have been under despite since I first moved in, and the LL won't address them, at all. Her remedy is forward my details to another third party, her supplier and tell them that I'll deal with them directly? I never asked for this at all; I asked that I get my own account with them as she was struggling to manage them. 4. There are outstanding repairs on the property which she has refused to address due to the sheer cost. The bath plug, is one of those posh twist ones, which raise and lower as your turn the spout. that hasn't worked since I moved in, it was advertised as working and she's avoided addressing it since day one. Her 'plumber' even what's app'd me a 'how to fix it yourself' video. I said I wouldn't address it as I'm neither qualified nor insured to work on plumbing. Especially in a new-build, up-market building! From there, the conversation went to, the plumber can't find the appropriate replacement as he doesn't have the brand of the unit nor could he find one when he was here apparently so I agreed to wait. I googled the brand of the bath, found the unit in 10 minutes and forwarded it to her. Her final words were "I'm not spending £300 on a bath drain" and sent me a pound shop, rubber bung. Despite asking her numerous time, this never gets addressed. 5. Whilst the plumber was here and had the side of the bath off. He noticed that the bath was only supported on one side, and not the other. The u shape wooden cradles that go underneath a bath. Well there was only one and the plumber labelled it as waiting to break. This too has never been addressed at all, despite being asked about on numerous occasions. 6. The S.21 notice came from a 3rd party company, they aren't a listed law firm and aren't listed on the SRA website at all. The person who works there does though. His name was on NONE of the documentation, I gleaned his name from his signature and by the company name through companies house. Do I have any grounds to challenge the S.21. I'm concerned that it's a no-fault S.21 as it was clearly initiated due to her not getting her way and being told to pipe down by the police. it hasn't always been bad, she was a good LL at one point, but since she was made unemployed, she's turned into a nightmare. I even assisted her with getting grants etc... during the pandemic just to be helpful... I'm stuck now and need some help, Ideally I'd like to smooth this over, but I think it's past the point of no return now. I've tried being amicable, that didn't work, I've tried going the proper route and that blew up in my face, and now I'm stuck in a fixed term where in the contract it says one thing, in the S.21 it says another. There an "Unless" in the letter which reads: 1. The landlord receives vacant possession of the let property on or before the expiry if they enclosed S.21 notice; possession proceedings will be initiated against you out of the local County Court without further notice. That was in the cover letter. Which contradicts the form 6A entirely with "required to leave the address below after 31 Oct 2021". Anyway, I'm not really one to panic, but I have a horrible, sinking feeling that a whole bunch of loopholes are at play here and that I'm headed for rough roads ahead. Any help would be really appreciated! Cheers, Ade
  10. Sorry about the late response. None of the above offers were acceptable by her. A friend of mine reminded me that she might feel vexed as she probably thought I was playing hard-ball due to her being originally from India coupled with the news labelling a variant the Indian variant. It's just a guess, but it's not the case, even the police were told to show evidence when I was dealing with them regarding her. *shrug* To cut all this short, she's issied me with a Section 21 notice, which has me clamped to a 0 day possible leaving time due to fixed terms etc... I'll start a new thread about that, as she filed a "No Fault" S. 21, so this could get sticky as there's a few gotcha's. Either way I'll link in this thread and the other one I ahd regarding her other issues. Cheers for the feedback and help tho peeps!
  11. The bills she sends me are addressed to her from the so called management company, though I have no idea who they are, what they do etc... But she refuses to address the disputes in the bills. So I'm stuck there. Now she's getting stroppy about it as I wont manage her account for her, I told her to ensure that her paperwork is correct before she sends it to me and all bills should be address to myself. Here is where I'm at now
  12. Hi, Thats ok, they are sort of linked. The relationship would be totally fine if everything goes her way. So she can come and go as she wishes, contact me all hours of the day and night etc... I've even tried paying her in advance for the electric (this is when it was down to 3 monthly), but it appears as soon as she got wind of this, its moved to 6 monthly. I am looking at the moment, but as it's 8 mins away from work (walking) as I dont drive, its ideal. I did check up on the notice, and despite it being an AST, it's clear about either party can't quit before the end of the fixed term (one year) up in November. it clear that since she's become unemployed, she's become more obcessive? I almost ffeel as if she's semi stalking me, and honestly, it's horrible. I can't see this relationship getting better as it's her way or no way. Despite trying to be flexible, it's obviously not flexible to exactly what she wants. it's down to the point now where I literally have told her to NOT phone me at all, and only email me. This was ignored, and she carries on texting (non stop) and emailing me, multiple times a week. I'm so frustrated. Rent is NEVER late, the flat is immaculate (which Ive demonstrated in photos), and yet that STILL isn't enough >.>
  13. Hi, I currently rent from my landlady and as per the agreement, the property is due inspection every year. Last year, sadly corona virus happened and after arguining with her about people visitiing during lockdown (e.g. to inspect), she finally settled for photos, which i sent and she accepted, this happened in Feb 2021. It's May 2021, and she wants ANOTHER inspection, but this time wants to come over to the property, which this time I was ok with on the proviso that whoever visits as full PPE on and has proof of their covid vaccines and proof that their NHS Tracking app is clear from infection contact. This is purely because my parents, in their mid 70's are in the high risk category, I'm in a support bubble with them and quite frankly refuse to risk their health over a spoilt child of a landlord who wants their way. She's now kicking off as she doesn't' ahve nor wants the vaccine, nor has the NHS app. I didnt think i was unreasonable taking care and requiring certain safety measures, but it appears that she wants her way come helll or high water. Again, tenancy threatened if I dont comply and she has made it clear, she will have someone gain entry with or without me despite the concerns of corona. Have I got any rights here at all? Especially seeing as she's clearly from India, family too, this has me in a somewhat concerning position. No, I have no problem with her coming, indian or not, but only with the safety measures. Any advice? Cheers, Ade
  14. Hi, I currently rent a flat in a building from my landlord. The electricity supply is done via a wholesale connection into the building, the tenants are individually (and privately, not through the utility company) metered. When I moved in, I was told that I would have access to the meter to note the usage, but this never materialised as it turned out that despite what's on paper, there is no fob access to the electricity meters. They're under lock and key and only accessibly by the concierge. I have bugged them constantly for monthly readings, but these are always late, so its futile keeping track of my usage. On top of that, the landlord forrages up the bills and fires 6 months at me at a time, rather than passing them to me a month at a time. The utility bills are in her name as the property owner and according to building management, there is no way I can get an account of my own. The last bill I had, also ca. 6 months worth, was rife with errors, increases in unit price and standing charges plus there's a capacity charge now, which turns out is a penalty the building is charged for over utilising the connection, they order the cheapest connection and overuse it, passing penalties on. There are no clauses in the contract about usage caps etc... I've queried these bills a few times now, but the landlord is now refusing to deal with them and has told me to contact the management company myself to manage her account? Can she do this? I don't really want to be handling someone elses account, let alone paying off bills that belong to someone else. What I do, when I get the bills, I pay the landlady directly (as I can afford it), but now that she's made herself unemployed, she's getting extremely demanding and constantly on my case despite reminding her of the disputes as well as the fact that I can't pay of 6 months of electric off in one go. The last time this happened (February), I have a clear email from her stating that the bills will be presented monthly, which until today (May), there hasn't been another, and she's blamig the management company. How do I handle this because: 1) I dont agree with paying for these capacity charges as I'm not a business customer and I'm not going over any caps as none were agreed. 2) I dont agree with paying the landladies account off directly, I pay her myself, but she's getting annoyed at me as this means she now has to pay them. 3) It's out of OfGems hands as she nor the management company are registered utility suppliers. Which is odd as the management company professes that they use a professional utility company who work in line with OfGem's guidelines etc... When reading meters, assigning charges and presenting bills. 4) THe harassment I've had is terrible. She's taken to trying to contact me on social media, which I wound up blocking her on. THen she tried whats app, too which I blocked her on, then she started calling me facetime and imessaging me, which too I've blocked her on. She never uses the phone or just sends an email. When she does send an email, she expects a reply (one that suits her) within a week, or I start getting threats of ending the tenancy. How do I manage this woman in regards to these electric bills? Cheers, Ade I forgot to add, she threatens to have me cut off through the management agency if the bills aren't paid within a week of being presented. There's nothing in the contract about that either.
  15. div... is the literal technical term for a particular piece of information which makes up a webpage. I've double checked and it's purely this site that does spell-check is enabled, and definitely not active eon this site. Even in the google search I get autocorrected. I have no idea why, I'll see if I can look into it. Anyway, off topic... I'll shove something up in the Bear Garden if I find something specific.
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