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  1. Hi all, I know it's been a long time since I've been on or commented, but I'm back for a tad, so thought I'd say howdy, get a lil advice n see how everyone is. I hope COV.... you know isn't testing everyone horribly and hope all is well!. anyway.. I've got a fe days off a week now thanks to this off pandemic and thought I'd spend em here Have fun, relax ad take care! Ade
  2. It's been a tad since I've been around but it appears that some DRC"s are appearing with some fictitious claims. One for electric, despite having been on PAYG electric for years, and the other on a mobiles account which I've apparently taken out. I've had the same mobile number for years (since the orange days), and never moved. I've asked verbally for copies of contracts etc... to outline the address, details, dates, times etc... but they're unable to provide that. I was specifically really with Lowell. I originally called them up today as a random "talk ta
  3. Looks like I better start the process all over again. I ended up in a "loop" when it came to the prove it letter as someone managed to get past my call blocking and they literally didn't give a care about it being proven, so the conversation was going nowhere... I drew a line under them then. Whats the best way forward? Send another "prove it" and start all over again or are there alternative routes?
  4. Hi, I was just reminded by a friend of mine about a situation where I was asked to come to the police station in the Netherlands and present my license as they weren't sure of the validity of a British license back in 2002. I Though many years later, would it be a problem that I didn't present it? I moved over here a few days after that happened, so never really had the chance. Cheers, Ade
  5. Hi, I've had a myriad of debt companies contact me about two debts which I disputed about 4 years ago. I sent them the 'prove it' letter and they responded with 'they were unable to provide... however we can still make a payment arrangement...'... Because of that I've intentionally left them behind and ignored them, but since I've just moved, I've had this rise from the dead. I have no idea how this happened as the only public record of me should be the edited register. I've double confirmed with my local council that I'm on that register and not the open on
  6. Just an update. CAB have referred my case to University if Kent (legal clinic) as apparently this is on the increase and they’re building up a case against the DWP. I’m the meantime I’ve been keeping diaries of everything and keeping notes on the waywardness of the DWP.
  7. I'll take a look into that. Although I claimed at the end of january, I was self-sufficient until 1st may. I paid for everything myself, so was only awarded UC as from then. Thanks for the heads up, I'll take a look on there..
  8. Hi, I moved to the UK in 2003 as my family are here. Mums british, dad's Dutch and I ended up with Dutch nationality. I've worked, lived and paid tax, council tax etc... all the years with the od dperiods of unemployment so have been on JSA and Housing Benefits. I applied for UC as I recently lost a job due to my driving license being revoked for 2 years. After signing up, I was accepted and initially began to receive UC. 6 months down the line, another Habitual Residency test pops up and fails me. The initial was in February, the later in August. The initial HRT
  9. I finally got the Notice from them so sent off the CCA rq' and the Postal Order... I'll just have to wait and see what (if anything) I get back... From there, Is that where I send off the Subject Rq etc... and get the ball rolling? Cheers, A
  10. Hi, When I lived in the Netherlands prior to 2003 I was give an order by the police to show up at a police station and produce my license within a month. It just so happened that I was moving to the UK at the time so it slipped my mind. Would/could this cause any issues when I go back over there in a few moths? Cheers, Ade
  11. Having grown up in Africa, this always make me laugh...
  12. The only reason why this is happening is because BT are losing grip on BT Wholesale (LLU or unbundled connections). They loved dominating the market by hoarding the GPO copper and selling them on through third parties. Now that BT aren't cracking the whip, they're feeling the pressure. Especially now that companies are installing their own equipment in cabinets and exchanges. Not to having to live under the "gaze" of ofcom. Personally I think OfCom aren't taking a strict enough approach to things. Fine they throw the odd £400,000.00 fine here and the odd £42,000,000.00
  13. As I work closely with Apple, I often come across interesting tidbits... Once o which saved me a LOAD of money... For a semi iPhone contract you'll be looking easily at between £40-£70 a month depending on your needs of voice and data etc... on top of that, your phone is only covered for 6 months by Apple and should be covered by your provider for up to a year. After that, if it dies, you're on. your own. Apple have something called the iPhone Upgrade program. That link will take you directly to it. here's now the money saving works broken down: - £33.45 is what the i
  14. No not really. I think that everyone is over-stating what the situation really is. Fine the £ has weakened considerably, but I recently read a blog article which explained how blue-chip companies announce they make a loss. the way I understood it was: Company A makes £50 million profit in year 1, in year two they only make £40 million (below projection) so it's often announced as a loss. Anyway, The potential the UK has to bounce back s astounding. I think that we (everyone) got a little too comfortable with the EU's top-ups etc... The farmers for one are panicking as they'll be
  15. I was just wondering... If it ever game to the govt. not agreeing to support long-standing EU residents and revoke their stay, how would that pan out if they had kids here? For example someone who's German, with a British partner (not married) but has kids which were born here etc... I got into a fairly heated argument with a buddy of mine about this so it'd be interesting to see where the views stand.
  16. Hey, I just thought I'd throw this out there... I spend a lot of life at work so when I come home the last thing I want to do is cook! I've found that I can kill two proverbial birds with one stone! On a Sunday afternoon when I'm busy cleaning up the house and catching up with the weekly chores, I start cooking big "one pot meals" like Bolognese, Stews, Casseroles and things like that. Intentionally, I cook enough to feed about 5 or 6 people! (and all for a great reason)... I snagged some plastic punnets from the 99p store (which look oddly like the ones you get if you order a C
  17. I know I'm coming in a little late to this conversation, which out of interest are you using optical mice or more with a ball in them? It might sound like a silly question, but that can be the cause of it. I for one use an optical mouse and every now and again a piece of paper gets stuck in the optical aperture and makes everything go awry. Can you confirm that this also happens in "safe mode" e.g. when you boot windows without drivers and all of the others "odds and sods" which are loaded when it boots? This link will show ou how to boot into safe mode in Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
  18. really? I know I used to be able to but I think that a long absence between 2007ish till 2012ish lost me some privileges
  19. Ample is just as bad.. Being an apple developer I tend to notice things like that too... I think my machines phone home about 100+ times a day. Don't forget that mobile devices have a lot of caching services, so they often call home (and to other sites, URI's) to get and store information for future use. A good example is my iPhone caught me unawares, as I noticed it only asked me to enter in my pass-code (not finger print) for payments when I went to somewhere totally out of the norm... It seems that companies are stepping up their game with security!
  20. Bear with a sore head? Could you elaborate as to what you see? Error messages? Notifications etc...? As far as I know (well not since I've been back) you can't upload images directly to the forums... You need to upload them to a third party place e.g. dropbox, google drive etc.. (I personally use tinypic.com) Once you've got it up there and get a web address for.. if the image is already on the web e.g. you can access it with http://www.wherever.com/... then you just need to press the button above the chatbot that appear like a picture of a tree... The button looks like this:
  21. The easiest one and widely open source (comes with Linux is available on Mac, and windows too with some perseverance. it\s called `wget` In short its a command line web client with the capability to recursively download content so it follows links. If I remember rightly the `wget -f http://www.ineedmysiteback.com/` will recursively download the site.
  22. Hey Bakfodder! Long time no see! Anyhoo, you can indeed do that with Echo, Siri and quite a few other devices. As you're local (to the UK) the easiest is to go get Hive from British Gas (https://www.hivehome.com/alexa) .. What "hive" is, is literally a secondary device (much like your router) that connects to a bunch of other devices like thermostats, adapters that your kettle could be connected to.. The gimmick in question would be: https://www.hivehome.com/products/hive-active-plug How is works is.. 1) You have an internet connection, so can connect to the "hive systems" 2)
  23. I've literally just posted something about the vaping side of things http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?477514-I-just-had-to....(4-Viewing)-nbsp I'm totally shocked at this ban (or shall we call it a drive for health? *yeah right*)... DO you guys reckon the government is angling to slam the tax on the e-liquid side o things? I mean when you look at what the HMRC was getting: Cigarettes 16.5% of the retail price plus £4.16 on a packet of 20 Cigars £2.59 on a 10g cigar Hand rolling tobacco £5.24 on a 25g packet Other smoking tobacco and chewing
  24. I had to pop in here to see what the state of "smoking" affairs was like. I gave up a few months ago and on the night out over last weekend, I was met with a friendly lass at Sainsbury's cigarette counter telling me that 10's aren't sold any more, nor are the smaller pushes of tobacco. Did I hear correctly? Luckily I shed away as the only thing on offer was Marlboro (£10 quidaroo a pack!)... As glad as I am that I'm not smoking (I'm vaping though), I think that this move for the government is absolutely ludicrous. I assume they state that it's for the better health of things, but get
  25. Thanks, I'll update this thread when I hear back from them.
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