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  1. Recently, DWP paid me 7,000.00 backdated payments for sickness / ESA claims as a result of numerous complaints made about 3 work capability assessments, each of which having a medical report made by a nurse which omitted information. 2 of the work capability assessments were recorded. The oral recordings of the assessment differed from the medical notes made by the nurse, this has been shown on 2 occasions when comparing the oral recording with that of the medical report. Pointing this out to DWP - I was ignored for several years, complaints being answered but nothing being done in respect of the complaints. To have a 7 thousand pound payment years after may seem great - reality is that it is all used to pay debts to family who supported me during the time DWP refused to. My data request is for a copy of a report made by a Dr. [redacted] who conducted both investigations into my last 2 work capability assessments. This doctor could not find anything wrong with either of my work capability assessments between that of the actual recording and that of the written medical report. Whereas, other medical professionals have noted several elements whereby the assessments are unfit for purpose. DWP refused to give me this data surrounding the doctor's investigation previously despite my many reminders. Again, in my latest assessment, DWP are refusing to give me this data. The data request was late (it needed reminding). Not only was it late, it did not contain any of the information I had asked for. I had asked for specific information surrounding the 2 investigations made by Dr. [redacted], this should have been 10 pages at the very most. What resulted was at least 3,000 pages (some duplicates) of the entirety of my comlpaints with DWP... In addition to someone elses name and national insurance number (totally unrelated to me) in amongst the data. I wish for specific data surrounding the doctor's investigation. I have an N1 court claim form - are there any templates I can use to make a claim under GDPR forcing DWP to comply with my request? --- The request is for data to aid in other complaints and essentially show that the assessment is unfit for purpose and even when complaining about it, a Doctor answers complaint saying everything is fine - when it is not.
  2. Hi everyone, I recently recieved a book from dwp to be reassessed which i filled in sent back with all medical reports meds etc and and then yesterday i recieved a letter from health assessment b-ham with an appointment for 18th oct18. ive been on esa support group now for over 4 years with anxiety and depression plus cant walk so i also get pip high award which has been awarded untill jan 2021. Now i retire on dec 1st this year so less than 8 wks away so my first question is, is it normal to call some-one in for a medical this close to retiring as by the time i had the medical id be down to 6 wks before i retire. as my mobility is next to nothing i cant get to b-ham so if i dont go to the medical dwp say it may affect my benefits but would this include my state pension ? I have 44 years of contributions in so have enough for a full pension. yet again if i dont go to the medical could the dwp stop my pip award?. many thanks in advance for any help and advice folks might send me.
  3. Hi. Right Kind of upsets, but here we go. I WAS self employed. Had an accountant, etc. I gave this up in March 2015. I told my accountant, etc., and they said they'd deal with it. I then took up full time employment with a company. HMRC sent me a letter to my name saying I owed them for tax and a late filing of returns. The bill was £1654.72. I agreed, and for the last four years or so, I'm been paying it through my PAYE. In about February this year, they said it was paid off, and my codes, etc., returned to normal. Today, an enforcement officer arrived, demanding £9,198.66, plus saying he was going to lump on £1735 more on if I didn't pay. An additional factor is that from March 2013-April 2018 I was in an IVA, which I paid every payment to, and was discharged in April of this year. Don't know if it's relevant or not... Now, as far as I can tell, the following has happened... My accountant didn't do the right paperwork in 2015. The HMRC have been sending "demands" or whatever you call it, to the wrong name and address. They admit I've paid (On average) £1700 per year to this debt for the last four years They don't care, they want money now... They don't care about the IVA, although they were invited to the meeting at the beginning. There is a clear discrepancy between my name and the one they're using for the enforcement. Any advice?
  4. Hi - I've recently received three letters from Lowell headed 'Pre Legal Assessment' that goes on to say they are deciding whether to pass my account(s) to their legal team. Has anyone seen these before and should I do anything? I wasn't sure if I should send the Prove it letter or CCA request. They are for CCs and a store card. I have moved since the debts defaulted and they are around 5 years old. I have a scan of the letter with personal info obfuscated if anyone would like to take a look to make sure? I know the legislation for LBAs changed recently, so wasn't sure if they are allowed to send me a court claim next or it would be better to wait for an actual LBA. Thanks for any advice.
  5. Cutting a very long story short. Applying for ESA first time in January two letters were enclosed with the ESA50 form requesting a home visit and recording for a ESA F2F assessment. Received Maximus letter for ESA f2f assessment at beginning of April at one of their medical centres. Rang Maximus and told them there was no letter from them to give the reasons why a home visit was not granted. Was told by Maximus the DWP Decision Maker has disallowed the home visit. Rang DWP and told them Maximus said the DM has refused a home visit and and asked the reasons why. Was told by the DWP staff that is was wrong the DWP's DM do not make any decision with regards to home visit nor get involve with F2F assessment that is the job of Maximus their medical contractor. Went back to Maximus and told them what DWP said the appointment was cancelled. Received couple of phone calls from Maximus requesting a letter from the GP to back up the home visit request. GP faxed letter to Maximus stating cannot attend a f2f at a centre due to medical/clinical reasons. Maximus confirmed by phone that they have received the GP supporting letter at the beginning of May 2018 and was told they will send a letter of their decision about the home visit by four different staff. Received several letters to attend appointments at different dates from Maximus including a phone call to ring them very important and very urgently with regards to a f2f at their centre which was to take place some 3 weeks later strange. Each time received a phone call two days before the appointments due date to cancel appointments because their recording machine is broken and that it will take a very long time before hearing from them. Received another letter last week to attend yet another appointment at their centre at the beginning of July but still received no letter with regards to the home visit whether it has been granted or refused. Non of the cancellation letters stating appointments was cancelled because of broken recording machines it just said appointment rescheduled sorry for the inconvenience. Maximus has on record they've book for a Taxi as their making reasonable adjustment but send no letter stating that fact. New appointment letter had not stated a Taxi has been booked for the appointment it just said please attend 10 minutes before the appointment time. I'm looking for a template letter with regards to disability discrimination and harassment from Maximus/contractor and a sample letter under the equality act 2010 requesting a home visit with regards to Maximus making reasonable adjustments for a f2f assessment under the equality act. Any help will be appreciated.
  6. Hi all, I need some advise on how to deal with HRMC and stop them from coming to my house, applying crazy charges, taking my goods and making me bankrupt (which will cause me to lose my new job) all down to a problem with self assessment tax , charges and interest from claiming child benefit. Really don't know what to do but I know that they can reclaim tax by adjusting the tax code which I assumed had already happened as my online tax code seemed to change ever few months . A collection office turned up at my door last week, demanded £75 for his visit and insisted that I somehow sort out £11000 dept.** I offered to make a token payment of £500 and asked to have the payments taken via my tax code.* He didnt agree to this but said that I needed to speak to the dept management team which I did.* they advised me that I needed to complete my self assessment by registering, then waiting for an activation code and finally completing the submissions before we could do anything. My worry is that I will not be able to do all this within the 14 day time limited the HMRC collections persons placed on me I understand they have unique powers meaning they can enforce bailiffs without needing to go to court. What can I do ? I was about to sent a letter asking for the payment to be taken from my tax code and pleading my case (almost begging etc) but wanted to ask for some advise first. Anyone offer any help on what I should do.? Thanks Scott
  7. Hi guys just hoping for a little advice. First off I will give you a little background I am disabled and have congenital spinal deformities etc I was Medically retired by Her Majesties government back in 2009 due to my condition serverly worsening etc. in 2016 I had an op on my spinal cord because to release certain nerves etc and the day after my release had to go for a medical for the DWP, passed that but then 4 - 5 months later had to go for another , again another 5- 6 months later into 2017 had to go for another again passed that . Yet again they have decide to send me for another one even though I have sent them all my medical info my medical retirement info which they done yet keep wanting a medical ... I wonder if they know that congenital problems don't fix them selves. My main question is this normal ? I've sent evidence which shows i have bladder and bowel issues which i use devices, i use a wheel chair, my MRI results and letters from consultants etc
  8. Hello! This seemed to be the place to put this, though equally it could have gone in transport or benefits. I had a look through and couldn't find any similar threads. I have fibromyalgia and have been trying for the last two years to get a disabled bus pass. It's been complicated by the fact that I have never been in receipt of mobility in PIP, something I decided not to appeal the first time round as I just didn't have the strength. When they re-assessed me, I decided to take it to tribunal and have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting... In the meantime, I have been trying to get a bus pass. There was a form on their application form for a doctor to fill in and stamp to confirm disability, which I made a (non emergency) appointment to do, she filled it out, I sent it off with a photo and expected it to be that simple. The first time was rejected for no reason, and again I did not have the strength to continue to fight, but a year later I decided to try again. Now they say that I must attend an 'assessment' with one of their County Council 'independent mobility assessors' to see whether or not I qualify. Apparently evidence from my GP and specialists is worthless. I have several concerns about this and was wondering if anyone had experience of this? How long does it take? How do they assess you? Do they seem genuinely interested in finding out if you have an 'invisible' illness or just in finding a reason to turn you down? I have a bit of a dilemma, because I *could* just wait for the court date (whenever that is) when I am hoping I will finally be awarded mobility, and then I can provide that as evidence and not need to undertake this 'assessment'. But then again, that could be a while. Thanks for any advice or info on your own experiences. I appreciate it.
  9. Hello everyone it’s my first post. Have received Lowell Pre-Legal letter as title shows. It relates to 3 separate debts... 1. Capital 1 credit card £331.73. Last payment on the account was May 2013. 2. Vanquish credit card £725.86. Last payment on the account was September 2013. 3. Vodafone £1479.88. This one is NOT on my credit report. As yet I’ve had no communication with Lowell and really would appreciate advice on my next move. Thank you in advance!!
  10. Hi, I have been looking at the various info in the various threads and was hoping that someone could confirm or even advise if I have got the process correct. Some 12 weeks ago I had an ATOS 'assessment' which was to move me over to ESA from Incapacity Benefit and have today been notified that I have been placed in the ESA WRAG Group. I know having read all the guides on filling in the forms that I would/should score 15 points on one condition alone thus meeting the Support Group criteria, so I now intend to seek a reassessment of the decision. So my steps should be: Phone and state that I wish to appeal the decision, request a copy of the Atos Assessment, a copy of the score sheet relating to the criteria I was judged on and a copy of the decision makers statement clarifying the reasons for the decision. Are these three separate documents ? The one part that I'm a bit confused about is the rates of benefit if I continue to the appeal and if they change from the moment I phone up to Appeal. Any advice is more than welcome. Thanks
  11. Sent my Wife's PIP forms off about 5 weeks ago. It comprises the form, 12 typed pages of extra information. 6 pages of assessment by consultants, pain management clinics etc. Lastly three pages of photographs of various adaptations to the house. I scanned all documents. I have just received an appointment for a home assessment which we never asked for. Should I be worried? Any advice welcome.
  12. im a 60 year old male , went to sign on today, a couple of weeks after being moved from esa to jsa, straight away i am being sent to a place called workroutes tomorrow, for a consultation, even though i need a walking stick as i can not stand for more than ten minutes, my adviser says they will get me moving forward, as im creating barriers, any one know what this workroutes entails.
  13. hi. i im a 60 yrs old male.and failed my esa assessment last week ,0 points . i use a walking stick as i have pain in my right leg from motor cycle accident.i had years ago,(leg as metal rod and pins in) i also suffer from nasal polyps nose constantly blocked and running.awaiting another op this will be my 11th op.as they always come back several weeks after, my job seekers appointment for a new claim is tomorrow.just wandering what type of work i should say im looking for, my doctor recommended part time. i can not use the stairs so will have to have interview on ground floor,
  14. Acting on behalf of a friend for this I believe this is second or third “pre legal” letter she’s received ref this It’s an old mobile phone debt to three mobile for the sum of £542. It’s at least a few years old now She suffers hugely with mental health issues and cannot manage any sort of budgeting, this is done by her partner whom I’m friends with. He’s finally come clean about this letter and is panicking now due to the word legal being in the letter It states they are deciding to transfer it to solicitors to recover it Then goes on to say if legal action is taken and then lists the process Anything I can do to help under the mental health act to get this gone?
  15. Hi everyone, My son has a PIP assessment next Tuesday, this will be his third...the first one they failed him but we appealed and went to Tribunal and won, the second (eleven months later ) he passed. We intend to record this time, when I phoned Capita they said that I would have to give them a couple of days notice as they would have to ask the assessor as some " won't allow " a recording. I told them that it sounded a bit arbitrary and that we intended to record. Anyway she noted my son's details and that seemed to be that. When I asked her about what type of recording device we could use she said either cassette or cd would be ok but nothing digital ?, can anyone give me some advice about what type of machine we should use.
  16. Hi there, I emigrated to SE Asia in 2006, and returned with my family in 2015. Before leaving I had been self employed, and on our return went self employed, notified HMRC and started Self assessment again. I have just received a letter from HMRC stating that I owe nearly 2K in tax and penalties for the years 2006 to 2012, much of which is for non rendering of returns. I can only guess this is a response to my notification that I am back...although this was done nearly two years ago. I did tell HMRC in 2006 I had emigrated and did not receive any returns posted to my address for many years. I have done a SAR online today,and written to them asked for more time whilst waiting on this, but is there anything else I should be reading up on in the meantime? Any other sage advice gratefully received. Many thanks
  17. I had my ESA stopped which is now pending an appeal, I have had to do a joint claim to claim UC, what a nightmare this has been. My original claim was from the the 23rd June and they have in therefore paid me four weeks instead of five, 23/06/17 - 22/07/17 that will be paid on 29/07/17. so in other words they are paying me four weeks but not paying me until the 5th week but not paying for the 5th week. As I have come straight over from ESA the seven day waiting period and as I understand it cannot be used by the DWP so why has a week been deducted and why if my claim started on the 23/06/17 and payable on 22/07/17 not reaching my account until a week later? Any help would be greatly appreciated, and as per norm why do they make the simple things not so simple,.
  18. Hi Folks I have just had my reconsideration letter through the post and fortunately was successful. I think that this was due to my secretly recording the whole process via a mobile phone. The recording allowed me to quote exactly what I said and point out the "inconsistency's in the ATOS assessor report. Without this recording I would have been at a loss to recall a fraction of what I said, and what the assessor said and given the numerous distortions and assumptions made by the assessor it was a godsend. I don't know what other people think, but I would advise anyone undergoing the PIP/ESA process to try and get a recording of any and all communication with the DWP or their contractors.
  19. We recently made a request to our housing association to be re-housed due to health problems and my wife suffers with mobility issues. My wife's doctor also provided a supporting letter to the housing association to verify that there were health problems. The housing association arranged for their own independent occupational therapist to assess my wife's mobility issues and to provide a report to the housing association. The housing association agreed that there was an urgent need to be re-housed although the property must have a number of major adaptions in place and the housing association has very limited stock of adapted properties and a very long wait is expected. We could not understand why the assessment outcome was for all of these adaptions to be in place. The housing association provided me with a copy of the occupational therapist report and most of the information is inaccurate and way over the top. I have complained to the housing association that the occupational therapist report is inaccurate which has resulted in us unlikely ever to be re-housed. I have contacted the occupational therapist's firm to see why they have made so many errors on their report and they will not comment. My legal question is that I wish to challenge the findings of the occupational therapist's assessment (which was organised by the housing association by their independent OT). Do I challenge the housing association who arranged the assessment or the occupational therapist's firm? Thank you
  20. I applied for PIP and was sent for an assessment. It seemed to go fine, but I had a feeling I wouldn't get it, despite having mobility problems due to arthritis, IBS and a heart condition. However, when I received a copy of his assessment, I was quite shocked to see that he blatantly lied in the letter. He stated that he'd carried out physical tests, which he did not. He stated that I could freely get both arms behind my head and back, which I can't, and my doctor would testify to this. He also stated that I could get up down off the chair and walk without difficulty, which I can't. If it weren't for these issues, I'd feel fairly philosophical about being denied PIP, as on a good day I can walk more than 20 meters, albeit slowly, and I can prepare a simple meal, which seems to be the criteria for denying PIP. However, it really irks me that he lied, and my son was with me the entire time and can testify that these tests were not carried out. Is there anything I can do to complain? I'm only aware of an appeal process, but don't feel that the outcome would change so didn't think I had valid grounds.
  21. Shamelessly stolen from Rightsnet administrators Stuarts thread ATOS Healthcare is now called Independent Assessment Services when it comes to PIP assessments. All references to ATOS have been replaced in gov.uk PIP publications including in the PIP handbook https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/personal-independence-payment-fact-sheets and the PIP quick guide for support organisations. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/pip-quick-guide-for-support-organisations The renaming comes with a website for PIP assessments (still having to say ‘delivered by Atos’ in its logo though) which says - https://www.mypipassessment.co.uk/ That quoted sentence has almost made me vomit!
  22. I've recently started to receive letters from Lowell and today, out of the blue, a phishing letter from Robinson Way. I've plumped for a free Noddle file and can see Mkdp and Lowell. Lowell have mentioned a Barclaycard and their balance reflects what is in my file. I presume Robinson Way will follow the phishing letter with demands for payment. I presume both relate to old Barclaycards. The default dates show mid 2010 however I was thinking the dates would have been 2009. Is there a chance the default dates are wrong? How do I go about moving this forward? One account was opened in 1994, one in 2003. I'm confused about what I should be asking for having read different things about a CCA pre 2007. There will be charges no doubt, not sure about PPI. I need to engage with Lowell now as they've been persistent , but will wait for Robinson Way to say exactly what it is they are chasing. The Lowell account is a card account that was sold to Barclaycard , maybe an egg card. When would a true default date be?
  23. Hello and thank your reading, I unfortunately suffer from the following which I take medication for: Spinal Injury - Long term disability affecting movement, loss of feeling in legs and feet Chronic Pain due to spinal injury and herniated discs Depression ADHD I missed my Work Capability Assessment as I had an infection, I called the centre prior to the appointment to tell them and I also visited the GP and obtained medication.I was told that I would receive a letter from the DWP asking why I missed the appointment. I subsequently received the form, I completed the form complete with an appointment card and the medication container which listed the date on which I obtained the medication, at no point was I asked to explain my disability/illness or the reason as to why I had been in receipt of "not fit for work" note from the GP and have been since Sept 2016. A couple of weeks later I received a "Decision maker has decided your capable of work" The questions I am asking are: 1.How can this have been made when there has been no formal assessment completed or any forms filled out by myself to explain the conditions and difficulties I face on a day to day basis? 2.I have note received any explanation as to why this decision was made, so I want to appeal, whats the best way to do this? 3.I have no benefits in the meantime, I am in a lot of debt and am behind in my rent, which means that I may lose my home due to this decision, what can I do? Many thanks in advance for the advice, it is really appreciated
  24. I'm not 100% sure on the date this phone bill was racked up but it was either late 2012 or early to mid 2013. It was my first mobile phone contract, the terms of which were completely misrepresented to me, and I was in a long distance relationship. Ended up racking up like £1072 which orange then passed off to a debt collection agency. That was the first I even heard of it. As I was young at the time my mum said she would set up the minimum payement and I would pay her back. Well fast forward to now, i'm living with the girl I was in a relationship with and started getting letters from what i'm pretty sure is a different DCA about this same bill. Initially I ignored them thinking it had already been paid till I received a pre-legal assessment in the post. Messaged my mum and it turns out she never set up the minimum payment at all . I'm worried that this has caught up with me especially as I thought it was all taken care of and I don't know what to do, or if the debt is statute barred, or if i'm going to just have to pay it off. So yea, any advice on any steps I could take would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  25. Hi CAG, Just looking for a quick bit of info. Was placed in ESA Support Group for 2 years from Feb 15 - Feb 17. Obviously we are beyond that date so I'm waiting to hear something any day now. I go away for 10 nights on May 15th (First Holiday in around 10 years) wondering what to do if they throw something in my letter box asking for a re-assessment while I'm set to be away? Am I entitled to go away while I'm in the ESA Support Group and should I inform somebody that I have chosen to do so? Anybody got any idea how long I may be waiting to hear from then as we are now over the 2 recomendded years since I was placed. Thank you in advance for any input, Adam
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