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  1. Hi Guys, Was contacted by erudio last year about the change of ownership. i didnt want to sign the deferment letter. Came on here read up and decided to request my CCA for the loans back in October. No response only threatening letters. i sent a second response and no reply. They eventually wrote to me in december saying they will look into my request. I heard nothing until today - they have actually sent me a copy of all my CCA's, signed. Wondering what are my options here? They did not comply to the 14 days from my request. The date of the loans are 97, 98, 99 and 2000 HOWEVER - of all the CCA's, there is a few things: - only 1999 and 2000 are signed the others are blank - 1998 only has the DD section ignored - only 1999 is signed by an official from student loans They are photo copies though. but the others do look completely blank Thanking you in advance
  2. .. I sent off a CCA request six months ago which has not been provided, the account is in dispute, i have been receiving 'arrears' letters since. My question is, would it help to send back the latest arrears letter with a "No contract. Return to sender" label, or sit on my hands? Thanks Pencil.
  3. I've just been sending them that template letter that's been floating about along with a letter and 3 payslips from my employer as I'm well below the threshold. I've always deferred so they fortunately haven't got my bank details. I've received a couple of arrears letters including another as one telling me to only sign section 9 of the form. I've just sent them another back which is a mix of the template and saying how can I be in arrears when I'm under the threshold and have proven so. Also I received a phone call today from their call centre on my mobile. I have never given my mobile number to the SLC or them. how did they get my number? I'm not signing their form, I don't earn enough and have proven so. The whole thing stinks and also cheers to the people on these forums and elsewhere who are providing help and info. It's much appreciated in a world that cares more about money than people.
  4. Hello, I'm in a spot of bother with Erudio. Thought I was being clever/daring etc... by returning their letters over the last five years last week received a claim form through the post, at which point I (sensibly) lost my nerve and found CAG whilst searching the internet for help. Have followed the advice in the small claim thread, filed my AOS (today), and written CCA Request and CPR31.14 to post tomorrow. Details of claim below: Name of the Claimant:Erudio Student Loans Limited C/O Wilmington Trust Date of issue: 21 NOV 2018 Particulars of Claim: 1. The claimant's claim is for monies due from the defendant under the regulated agreement(s) between the defendant and Student Loans Company Limited under master reference xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and assigned to the claimant on 22/11/2013, notice of which has been provided to the defendant. 2. The defendant has failed to make payments in accordance with the terms of the agreement(s) and default notice(s) have been served pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act 1974 3. The claimant claims the sum of £7116 4. The claimant has complied, as far as is necessary, with the Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims Have you received prior notice of a claim being issued pursuant to paragraph 3 of the PAPDC (Pre Action Protocol) ?Possibly. However, any post relating to Erudio would have been returned to sender What is the total value of the claim?£7626 (including court fee & costs) Is the claim for - Mortgage style student loans taken out between 1995 and 1998 When did you enter into the original agreement before or after April 2007 ? Before Is the debt showing on your credit reference files (Experian/Equifax /Etc...) ? Don't think so. Experian rating was 999 as of 26/11/18 Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim Erudio Student Loans Limited Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? I was aware loans had been sold to Erudio, and was sent a notice of assignment, but returned it. Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? I don't know. (sorry) Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? I've been returning post about once a year. Why did you cease payments? My income has never been over the threshold for repayment. Whilst the loans were held by SLC, I deferred every year. I took an ideological stance when the loans were sold to Erudio and decided to return letters with a RTS label. I thought it was worth a try. (What a wally!) What was the date of your last payment? I last deferred 25/04/2013 Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? No Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management plan No I have written the CCA request and CPR31.14 and these will go in to the post, recorded delivery, tomorrow. I have also registered with MCOL and filed AOS, ticked 'defend all' and not ticked the 'juristiction' box. I'm following other threads concerning Erudio. Next step? Await response and start researching legal successes for suitable defence? Thank you (feeling very grateful to have found you!)
  5. Hello I am looking for some advice about mortgage style loans from SLC 1997-2000. I deferred successfully up until the year that Erudio took over my account, circa September 2014. As their deferrment form seemed more invasive/complicated, I chose to ignore here I am now, after ignoring default notices, letters transferring my account to Capquest/AIC and PAP letter, Now a CCJ county court claim form. I have followed some guidance on this website - completed AOS, sent CCA request to Erudio and then SAR request to the solicitor. Drysden have written back to say have placed my file on hold whilst we seek our clients instructions they have requested copy documents referred to in my SAR letter. I need to file my defence by the 5th December - do I still need to do this with the solicitor stating they put my file on hold If I still need to file my defence do I just need to say that I took out the loans a long time ago and have requested copy documentation that is not yet forthcoming so that I can review/check what I need to pay? Thanking you in advance.
  6. Hi, I am new to the forum. Thanks in advance for any advice given. Student Loan Has Matured/ Full Payment Due within 14 days letter received from Erudio I am 45 years old and had taken out two student loans(95,96) and one (98) so under the old and new style loans. About 10 years ago I had arranged a payment plan (spread across all 3 loans) with student loan company (I think I was over the threshold to defer but was experiencing hardship). I had set up a standing order which remains in place to this day. When Erudio took over I received letter, calls , statements etc from them but have never contacted or corresponded with them in any way (just figured I am paying something towards the loan and was worried that if interacted with them in any way it would somehow trigger a new agreement or obligation, so just left it at that). I have recently received 3 letters within the last two weeks from them stating that my loan has now matured and full payment is due (aprrox £3600). Only after looking around on forums have I become aware of statute of limitations, but am I correct in thinking that my payment plan still running to student loans company constitutes acknowledgment of the loan? I believe that these payments continue to just beforwarded to Erudio (as I never signed or arranged for the payment to go directly to Erudio, only to the Student Loans Company details I had at the time). I’m wondering why there sending me letter so closely spaced, are they trying scare tactics to get me to contact them? I have other priority debts so do not want to pay this off if there’s a chance I could continue to do it over a longer period. Does it make any difference that I have not acknowledged anything to do with Erudio, accepted calls, responded to letters etc. Any advice is most appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi CSA, I received a letter from drysdens solicitors dated 29 Nov 2018 stating the a County Court Judgement was being entered against me on behalf of Erudio Student Loans. On the 30th of November i receive a letter from the county court staing that the CCJ was entered. Both of these were sent to an old address and I received them a day after the deadline to pay it off was set- 12th December. I didnt receive any prior communication from Drysdens. I took the loan out in 1993 wiyh SLC. I deferred some years ago, cant remember exaactly how many at this point. Please could you advise and help. Many Thanks.
  8. Hello. I had students loans for years 1996 - 1999 with the student loan company [sLC] and was deferring every year after graduation because I was not earning enough. Then Erudio took over the loans in 2014 and although they said that it would be the same as with the SLC they wanted more information from me that I was willing to give. I still completed their deferment forms but they were not accepted due to me not signing the actual form and leaving certain details out. I can't remember what it was I left off the form but I know it was something which was not included on the SLC form. I re-sent the deferment form a number of times and it was always rejected and sent back. Subsequently I found myself in arrears. This went on for over a year until unfortunately I was involved in a car accident and was deemed unfit for work. I wrote to Erudio explained that I was now deemed unfit to work and sent them a copy of my Disability Living Allowance award. I was awarded lower rate for both care and mobility. I heard nothing more from Erudio, the demanding letters stopped so I assumed, that my loans had now been cancelled. Two weeks ago I received a letter from Erudio saying that Drysdensfairfax would now be dealing with my debt and I received a letter from them this week. The letter claims I still owe over £7000 in student loans and that I have 30 days to make an offer of repayment. I have since been re-assessed by the DWP for Personal Independence Payment [PIP] and been awarded the enhanced rate in both care and mobility. Should my loans have been cancelled due to my disability and being unable to work? I refer you to this: • Under The Education (Student Loans) Regulations 1998, lenders will cancel your liability to repay if you: Can show the lender you get a disability-related benefit and because of this disability you're permanently unfit for work. Will this clause be invalid now it has been passed to a solicitor? Do I now send a copy of my PIP award to Drysdensfairfax? Thank you for reading. I appreciate any help. Leigh x
  9. I graduated back in 2002. I know after that, the Student Loans Company sent me deferment forms which were filled in and accepted. Erudio took these over years ago and I have never received any deferment forms from them, or any way of doing so. I've made no payments or, as far as I'm aware, acknowledged anything with them. The other day, 3 brown envelopes arrived from Northampton. Opened one and it was a County Court business centre claim form for £2400ish against me from Erudio / Drydens. (Letters from Drymens telling me that I would receive court papers arrived a few days later). I have no idea what to do here. I'm not fully clued up on the logistics of the loans and can't remember exactly when they were taken out but if I graduated in 2002, the 1998-2002 seems about right. I've never earned the required £2200 or so a month and this was fine with the SLC and I'm not exactly making enough to make the sort of payments they would probably be looking for. The last thing I want are CCJs against me for this. The forms seem to be giving me the options of: Admitting the amount and want time to pay Admitting part of the amount Disputing the claim 28 days needed to prepare a defence. The forms didn't go to the address I've generally living at (but to my parents I used to live at) so I've got maybe 6-7 days now to do something. Any ideas what I should do? Whilst I don't mind paying them back if I have the funds to do so over time, why have they waited 16 years after my graduation in order to do anything?
  10. I have just discovered this site and forums, and fear I have made a terrible hash of dealing with Erudio with regard to my own and my husband's old Student loans (My own: 1 from 1990 (unsigned by SLC) for £420 but due to 9.8% interest (!!!!) now over £800 and really should have been written off had Erudio not been involved; and my husband's: 4 from 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996 respectively and over £5,000). We had been happily deferring re-payment of these loans over the years until Erudio took over. The first inkling that we had that they had been sold to a bunch of debt collectors were involved were the classic "you are in arrears letters". At this point in our lives we were both suffering from health conditions (I had had a nervous breakdown and have since been diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder and my husband has since been diagnosed with IBD) - whether this had an impact on our judgement I don't know. We did initially ignore these, and people were saying definitely not to fill in their deferment forms, so we didn't do that either. We have historically been a fairly low income household, and I have never made any re-payments on my loan , whilst my husband briefly made a couple of repayments.(I cannot remember in what year.) We were harassed on a daily basis by telephone calls- often several times a day. My husband's account was then transferred over to Capquest, which did freak us out a little, I have to admit, never having dealt with debt collectors before. The same situation occurred with the letters and phone calls with Capquest. They seemed to be not taking any action on my account. We sent CCA requests in June 2015, to Erudio and received the copies at the end of July 2015. I complained to Erudio in writing about their tactics, their harassment, and asked them to remove the arrears from the account and to consider back dating deferment . I even took this to the FOS - no joy. I complained to SLC and said my loan had been miss- sold - I think I also took this to FOS - also no joy - I was told that I would have been able to access commercial lending operators!! We wrote to the director of Erudio explaining our situation and please could we just defer!! I believe the response was : Capquest are dealing with your account now - talk to them... At this point I became tired and gave up - they just wanted all the money and there seemed no scope for returning to the good old days of deferment. And it seems our accounts would never be written off now as we had broken the terms and conditions - welcome to harassment for the rest of our lives!! Last year Capquest were still harassing my husband - his mental health has been badly affected by his physical health - and he did not work for several months - he works for himself but did not have the money in his businesses to pay himself whilst he was unwell. I wrote to them and told them to back off in no uncertain terms. Neither of us claim disability benefits, we claim tax credits, which has kept us afloat. It had all gone fairly quiet on the Erudio front until a few weeks ago when a "remedy of account" package arrived with statements dating back to 2015, for my husband's loans. Closely followed by default letters for each loan (1993, 4, 5 & 6). And then last week a letter from Drydensfairfax solicitors which appears to be a letter before action. What is interesting is this : ----------------------------------------------------------------- Full details of the debt are set out below: . The amount owed is £5341.45 and no charges/interest are being added at this stage. . A statement of account is attached. . The agreement this debt relates to was entered into between you and SLC on 9th Dec 1993 and assigned to Erudio on 22 Nov 2013. A copy of the agreement can be requested using the reply form. --------------------------------------------------------------- They have stated that the whole amount relates to the 1993 agreement - in which only £800 was borrowed. The reply form also includes boxes where you can dispute the debt. With regards to my account, I have received the same "remedy of account" statements that my husband has, and, yesterday the same default letter. I believe it to be going down the same route. We do not have the money to pay these loans and are still under the re-payment threshold. I do not know what move to make next - as I understand that now they will never be written off, and I don't know what strategy to employ to deal with this new development. Any advice would be hugely appreciated.
  11. Hi. I've attempted to find the answers on here but my head is swimming... I've received notice that i'm in default and erudio want full payment. I thought i was in deferment although now realised that this had lapsed in September. I haven't received any letters prior to this one. I've logged into my online account and not sure where to go from here. I thought id be paying the monthly amount after my deferment lapsed. This i realise hasn't been taken. My loans are from 1996 and 1999. I can afford to pay the monthly fee but not the whole amount which is what they now want... What should i do?!
  12. Hi I'm so glad to have found this forum. I hold 5 student loans from years 1996 - 2000. The 1996 & 1997 loans are with Thesis The 1998, 1999 and 2000 loan are with Erudio I have never received a DAF from Erudio or signed any document with them. My loans have always been deferred thorugh the Student Loans Company, who now seem to have rebranded as SLC. Historially I've occasionally been late submitting deferment but it's never been an issue. I did not receive a DAF from anyone in 2017. Erudio have sent me a default notice letter saying I had to pay my arrears of £1254 to "remedy the breach of Agreement" by 21st Oct. For personal reasons I didn't open this letter until after that date. I rang them (sorry! - I won't make that mistake again, it was before I found this forum) to see what could be done. I've been told that I'm no longer eligible for deferment. I was explicitly told that the agreement has been cancelled and that I'm no longer entitleld to have the loan written off in 2025 and that I need to enter into a repayment plan. When I started receiving letters I spoke with SLC (last month) and they have sent me a replacement DAF, however it only lists the 2 Thesis loan account numbers, not the 3 Erudio ones. I'd greatly appreciate advice on where I stand legally and what my next step should be. Thesis are also now calling, emailing and texting but I haven't yet responded to them. Many thanks DJ
  13. I have 3 student loans from pre-1995 which have been deferred bar a brief spell shortly after I graduated. Last week I received a phone call from Erudio stating I was in arrears and would I like to make a payment to clear. I queried and said accounts were deferred and I was not aware of any arrears. She told me I should have received a letter and then said it was an system error, then retracted and said I should have received a letter. I was polite but firm and said you shouldn't call people requesting payment with no further information. She said she would put a block on phone calls for a few weeks until I receive the letter. She also mentioned my account would be written off soon but only if arrears were cleared. Today I received 3 Erudio letters with an FCA Arrears information sheet. They state 'you are behind with your payments under the Agreement' but there is no further information re how these arrears arose. Nor is there information about how to repay just a request to contact by telephone, post or e-mail to 'discuss the state of your account with us'. Other that this I only ever receive and return deferment forms (never including the NI information) online and so this is a bolt out of the blue. Is this happeneing to others and is it legitimate and what should I do?
  14. Hi, if anyone can help? Went to my parents a few days ago and received an unexpected call on their house phone (was living there years ago whilst a student). Turned out to be Erudio, I thought they were trying to flog off something and hung up. After googling them yesterday, I understand they're the new student loans company. I had taken some students loans, prior to 1998 (mortgage style) and some around 2007 (comes directly out of Pay). It turns out that the last time I paid anything towards and deferred my mortgage style loan was in 2011 and since then have not paid anything back. The reason for this is during a marital dispute in 2010, I moved out an was living (with family and friends) and also working in different places and totally forgot about this particular loan (and the other too as I was never earning beyond the thresholds required for me to pay anything back). As a consequence of moving around, I also never received any reminders etc. I've moved back home earlier this year and after this call, it has now dawned on me that I've not paid anything for so long. I am worried that I may get a CCJ against my name etc and not quite sure what to do? After reading through some posts here I understand that the loan will not be SB but I'll most definitely have lost the right to deferment etc. Should I simply start paying something to these guys via standing order and inform them of my situation? Will this prevent them pursuing a CCJ against me? Please help?
  15. Hello you good people! Please advise, as I've read all the relevant threads but none end with a definitive answer or resolution. I deferred my Student Loans from 93,93,95 each May until 2013 when due to a move, I forgot. I phoned SLC around late 2014 to be told the loans were now with Erudio and to phone them. Having read all the hoo-haa surrounding Erudio, I didn't phone. Nothing further happened. Fast forward to March 2017 and I noticed a hard search on my credit file from Erudio. Nothing further happened. Since last month I have started getting multiple phone calls from Erudio. No message is ever left, and I have blocked each number identified as coming from their stable. As I am on the voters' roll, I can safely assume they have my current address should they decide to write. Could anyone please advise on what my options are? I don't want them getting a backdoor CCJ, but the account must be in 'arrears' since around June 2013. I am not in a position to pay, nor do I earn over the threshold requiring me to do so. As far as I can see, having read the other threads, my move should be to wait until they send a begging letter, then I send them a request for my original CCA? If/When they do what should I do then? By my calculations the first 93 loan should reach the '25 years' write-off point this year, however as I'm currently in arrears I don't think it applies? As my last deferment ran out May 2013 do you think I can just wait another 12 months, 'head-in-the-sand' stylee, until the debt becomes statute barred? I'd just like to know my options, and the dirty tactics I can expect from Erudio now the beast has woken and acquired me!! Any advice gratefully received. Thanks for your time.
  16. Hi, Just after some advice, I have walked in tonight to find a letter from Erudio (DCA) claiming that I have an arrears on my student loan they manage. I can never remember going into arrears with them and know in the past when for whatever reason I may have been late getting my deferment in I have ended up paying a single payment towards the loan. This hasn't happened recently and can only ever remember it happening once since taking out the loans (99-03). The letter just states that I am in arrears for £118.00 but have been given no details of when this arrears occurred and also that it should the arrears remain on my account that I may forfeit the contractual right to write it off. I have only just deffered my loans and try to make sure I return the application for deferment as soon as I get it. My question is do I contest this is there a formula for doing so that will get a response as I'm noticing that they are difficult to deal with and using ccj's which I really don't need. I have looked through the forum but to be honest it seems a little jumbled up where this company is concerned and wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing. Thanks for any help
  17. Hello Was hoping for some insight or advice on my situation. I've just checked my credit report and have found two sets of "beneficiary trace enquiries" made by Erudio Customer Management Ltd. The first ones were in mid-march against my current and previous address. Then again two months later in May, also against my current and previous address. I have read up and found out Erudio bought the old style students loans. I do have two of these. One from 1997 and then another for 1999 which has been treated as a separate account by the SLC, but must be linked as the only reason I got the '99 one was because I had started on the old system. The last correspondence about these loans was in 2013 when I applied to defer them in the March, which was confirmed in April 2013 by the SLC. This correspondence was to my old address. Then I have an annual statement from SLC dated September 2013 sent to my current address. I have not had any contact with Erudio so hadn't realised my loans had been sold. I've looked into what a beneficiary trace enquiry means and have read on the internet that it is used to trace people who have moved address without informing their creditors, however the last statement from the SLC was sent to my current address so don't know why they would need to do this, as I have kept the SLC up to date with my contact details. Also I am confused as to why they haven't made contact with me after carrying out these checks if they were searching for me. In normal circumstances I would just sit tight and wait for them to contact me but I am in the process of buying a house and am worried if this will affect it. I have checked all my credits reports and cannot find anything other than these searches. However I am scared in case between exchange and completion they put a default on my credit file, the mortgage offer gets withdrawn and we lose the deposit on the house. I have also read that they do 'backdoor' CCJs, so that's now another worry if they only have my last address could they be putting a CCJ on their without me knowing. Is there anyway I could find out about this if they were, other than waiting to see it appear on my credit report? I have a good report at the moment so would be gutted if they knackered that up for me. Not sure what is the best option. I don't want to contact them and offer to start paying as I fear extra outgoings I didn't know about when I completed my mortgage application might make them withdraw the offer. But then I don't want a default or a CCJ to suddenly turn up and have it withdrawn then, especially if its after exchange and my partner loses all their deposit money as well. Any advice on what would be the best approach, or what Erudio are likely to do next after carrying out these searches would be much appreciated. Thanks for taking time to read this.
  18. Student loan from 1992- 1994. 1) For years I had been sending them deferment letters and proof of income. Then it all stopped. Next letter was from a Debt agency. I replied mentioning ( and as far as I know it still holds good) that as I was considered a mature student at commencement of loan , I was now over the upper limit and loan should have been cancelled. That was over ( certainly more than six years ago, possibly 10) . 2) Next came letters from Erudio and later Capquest. I've not replied as I consider loan is over time limit and any action statute barred, and a reply may prejudice any statute barred rights I have. Another reason for not requesting a copy of original contract from Erudio. 3) Now that Erudio have taken over pursuit of these loans, are these still considered as Student loans ,or monies owed to Erudio. In short have Erudio bought out these loans, and if so, are Student loans bought by Erudio, not covered by the bar when invoking the protection of IVA.
  19. Hopefully this hasn't been covered elsewhere - I've spent lots of time trawling the Erudio forums. I have student loans from 1998 & 1999 which have been transferred to Erudio. I have an earlier loan with Thesis and so they handle my deferment application for all three loans. I came off a period of deferment in March 2016 but Erudio did not start collecting payments via direct debit until September 2016 meaning there were a total of 6 monthly payments that were not collected. I wasn't on top of my admin last year and so didn't pick up that only Thesis were collecting for those six months and when the Erudio annual statement came in September, I filed it with only a cursory glance. Looking at it now, it states arrears of ~£500 on the account but with no details of how they've arisen or how I could pay them off. hey're in no way highlighted which is why I didn't notice them. I received a default notice from Erudio in May 2017 which is the first communication I've had from them regarding the arrears. Calling them, I was told it must be because I hadn't supplied my direct debit details. However my bank account and address haven't changed since they were last successfully collecting payments in 2014 and they've been collecting payments since September 2017 without me providing any further details so thats not a reasonable excuse. My thoughts are that sending out my annual statement has somehow triggered my direct debits to restart and they've only just noticed now that they forgot to collect the earlier payments. As an aside, the amount on the default notice is less than the amount of arrears on the statement by approximately one months repayment which makes me think they don't really have a clue what they're doing. My problem is that I'm now back below the deferral threshold and really can't afford to repay the arrears until I'm earning again. If they'd taken the direct debits or communicated that I was in arrears last year then I could have paid easily but I'm really stretched right now. Does anyone know where I stand legally? I understand they should have made efforts to contact me prior to the default notice. I obviously don't want to default as I'm approaching the 25 year write off. I'm not sure where I stand morally either - it's their cock up but I probably should have picked it up. Thanks for any advice, TheKarrotman
  20. Hello all. Been following these threads and others as I am in the same leaky boat I have sent Erudio the template letter (not their own forms) requesting deferment and three months payslips as I usually did with the SLC. Sent it by recorded mail. They completely ignored it and sent me out a new erudio application form saying my own form was undated and unsigned (it WAS both dated and signed by me.) I set up a hotmail account to deal with them faster (no way I would use my real one with these people) will be sending all email correspondence by recorded mail also as backup. I told them I would not be using their form as it was invasive etc and they had enough info to defer me. Also stated I had no other SECRET income and would happily pay back the loan if I was over the £28k threshold. I am being nice. Also sent a CCA request by recorded mail as advised on various forums. As it stands they said this: 'We can confirm that we have not received your signed deferment pack in our office, and we are not able to accept a signed letter from yourself for deferment applications
  21. Please can you advise. Ive read through the other threads and the Erudio Sticky on here before posting. I can see DX has referred to more recent Erudio tactics in a post in March, but cant see the details of what they might be. I took out my original loan in 1990 and have another from 1996. I received a letter today from Erudio stating that they have recently sent me Notice of Sums in Arrears or I may have historical NoSiAs for arrears that fell due. They want me to contact within 14 days and if I fail to do so it could lead to steps to default my account. I dont earn over the threshold. I never have. I deferred my loan with SLC. Since Erudio bought them I havent completed a deferment form. I will be 50 this year. I cant help wonder if this is a push to gain payment before that date. What should I do. Can I send copies of my wage slips - most people seem to mention sending bank statements in other threads. Should I write in response to this or is it a standard letter? If I do reach the ripe old age of 50. Will I still owe the arrears as a separate debt or should they also be written off with the original loan amounts? Thanks in advance for your advice on this.
  22. Not been here for a long time but still recognise some names. When I was last here sorting my things out, I still lived at home and was a full time carer for my mother. I graduated in 2001 and didn't find work til May 2002. I worked til October 2002 when my mother had a stroke and I became her full time carer on Income Support and Carers Allowance. I, unfortunately, had to stop caring in July 2012 because I was extremely ill with untreated thyroid and autoimmune diseases. I moved in with my OH. Because I was a carer I was able to claim ESA Support Group from July 2012 til present. I let Student Loans know I had become a carer and sent a deferment at that time. Subsequent deferments 'allegedly' never arrived with them - 6 in one year - and to be fair I had more to worry about than keep going on like that. I believe this was a trick of SLC. I have had no paperwork since. Then earlier this year I had a letter from Erudio saying "Thank you for confirming your new address", which I hadn't, "You need do nothing now". So I didn't. I had no idea who they were and took to searching online. Today I get a letter saying my student loan has matured and I owe £17641.12 I have never worked since graduating, bar a few months before mum got ill. My student loan was the old style loan and I believe I had to earn over £17,000 per year before I had to start paying it off. Even my job didn't pay that amount. OH going doolally that we will end up with bailiffs coming to repossess all our stuff. I am pretty scared. I never gave them this address because I had never heard of them before. I need advice as to where I go from here. I genuinely, legally, shouldn't be required to pay a penny - that was the term of the loan. I also had DLA for life still going at this point and SLC had copies of this. I am 46 now. Mum passed away this January, so I really could do without the jokers at Arrow doing this. Thanking you in advance.
  23. Hi All I've been a silent reader of this excellent forum for some time now, but as of now I need a little help/friendly advice. I had an old stlye SLC loan (pre-97) which I'd deferred for many, many years, moving address along the way. Hadn't heard anything for years, then some Erudio letters arrived via an old address, which I ignored (not always the best course of action), and recently I've also received letters from Capquest who I gather are one and the same. Alongside this, I've had calls/texts and have been harassed extensively. Occasionally, I've tried to engage in conversation, but I can't actually get through the data protection checks they ask for at the beginning of the site. Usually, I'd just follow previous advice and ignore - as a lot of people here have done on here. However, and this is where it gets weird. I was forwarded a letter dated last week from Capquest which I subsequently binned, and haven't actually spoken verbally to anyone about this. This morning, my work phone rang, and a guy claiming to be from TM Legal was trying to get hold of me. How they got my work phone I have no idea and was quite taken aback. He asked to put me through security, and I refused as I was at work. (open plan office etc.). Googling them reveals they are a legal firm based down South who deal with CCJs. I checked my credit file, and did a search on the Trustorg site, and nothing is showing up. I'm a bit confused, and have no other outstanding debt whatsoever. What would you do? Would anybody advise sending Capquest/Erudio Statute barred letters? Or just ignoring extensively. I'm pretty sure I've not spoken to them in six years, but I honestly can't recall the last time I sent deferral stuff. Could've been around 2012, but I'm really not sure of this. In addition, I've categorically NEVER spoken to Erudio direct. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Kind regards M
  24. I have applied to defer my student loan payments to Erudio Student Loans (firm that the government sold student loans 2). I have given them my bank statement showing I get a small amount from my parents each month (I'm not employed or on benefit and I live at home rent free). Despite having my bank statement showing my income and the source of it (my parents), they now want a letter from my parents saying how much they give me. Surely there's no requirement in law for me to do this and a bank statement proves income and source of that income. This is just blatant attempt to put pressure on me to pay them. Anyone got any advice? They say if I dont get a letter from my parents they will not defer loan payments. Help! Thanks.
  25. Just wondering if anyone has any advice for me on dealing with this issue. I have always had my student loan on deferment, as I don't earn over the limit where you are obliged to make payments, however I've had a couple of problems in recent years with the deferment forms not reaching me (whether this is oversight on SLC's part or my crappy postman, I cannot judge (though I have in the past phoned SLC and asked for replacement forms to be sent out and not received those either). SLC, being the joys they are, won't backdate deferment, so in the past I've had to pay e.g. three month's worth of payments to cover the delay in getting my deferment application sent in and approved. The situation I am now in is that I never received the deferment application forms in 2007 and hence payments became due again (they don't have my bank details so can't just take payments from my account). I did call SLC at the time and request replacement application forms and never received those and with one thing and another (and very difficult family situation in the last year and more) I haven't gotten around to chasing them again over the deferment. Which means I defaulted on the monthly loan repayments and ended up getting threatograms from Mackenzie Hall demanding payment of the arrears. I contacted them and arranged to make a monthly payment (which I can't really afford!) and have been doing so since last summer - however due to difficult financial situations I have missed or was late with a couple of payments here and there which means they now say because I defaulted on the payment scheme agreed, if I miss or am late with even one payment now, I become liable to repay the entire amount (I think it's at about £800+ now). The other problem is that the arrears seem to be accruing at a rate higher than what I am paying each month (£117) so my overall debt is going up, not down! I didn't actually realise at first, when I spoke to them and agreed to make these payments, that the debt they are chasing me for was not a static amount of debt handed over to them by the SLC, but effectively the ongoing debt, which is increasing each month as another payment becomes due. I'm not sure what to do about this situation (being a muppet - and not having found these forums previously - I've dealt with these idiots on the phone and not in writing). I'm worried about the fact that this debt is continuing to increase but I'm also pretty sure that the SLC have told me that I can't apply for deferment again (which would at least stop payments becoming due each month and increasing the debt) whilst I still have arrears outstanding! Does anyone have any advice? Should I contact SLC re: the deferment? And should I write to Mackenzie Hall and try and sort something better re: the repayments etc?
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