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  1. Thanks ,guys. Nice to see that the T & C that aplied on the SLC debt still apply - namely debt was considered null & void somewhere about my 60/65 birthday , from what I remember in the contract. If pushed, I'll ask them for a copy of that contract first as it's a double edged sword for them . Find it and that condition applies, so it's go forth and multiply - can't find contract and then it's stop harrassing me . Then there's Statute barred . At moment , I;ll just keep on ignoring them . Bit about IVA ,was just conjecture . I'd no intention of l
  2. Student loan from 1992- 1994. 1) For years I had been sending them deferment letters and proof of income. Then it all stopped. Next letter was from a Debt agency. I replied mentioning ( and as far as I know it still holds good) that as I was considered a mature student at commencement of loan , I was now over the upper limit and loan should have been cancelled. That was over ( certainly more than six years ago, possibly 10) . 2) Next came letters from Erudio and later Capquest. I've not replied as I consider loan is over time limit and any action statute barred,
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