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Found 22 results

  1. Following on from this thread https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?487703-Changing-a-Power-of-Attorney&p=5139451&viewfull=1#post5139451 Helping Mum deal with husband's finances, she has POA. There was a standing order for £15 pm going to Capquest, no reference recorded and no correspondence received for at least 4 years. Capquest can't trace an account or any payments received (I gave the a/c no and sort code of the originating bank). There's no record of any account with Capquest on CRA files. Other than asking the originating bank how far ba
  2. My wife parked my car in an NCP car park in Ipswich for 15mins on 6th dec. She had some issues paying with her phone via Ringo. However, payment was made successfully as was confirmed by her bank statement. Yesterday we received a letter from Trace debt recovery for 160 pounds. We phoned NCP who said they sent letters (they didn't). We have finally managed to get them to allow us to appeal on their website, previously it was locked out. How should we appeal? I can attach a screenshot of the bank statement, but what explanation should I give. I've never
  3. Hello Was hoping for some insight or advice on my situation. I've just checked my credit report and have found two sets of "beneficiary trace enquiries" made by Erudio Customer Management Ltd. The first ones were in mid-march against my current and previous address. Then again two months later in May, also against my current and previous address. I have read up and found out Erudio bought the old style students loans. I do have two of these. One from 1997 and then another for 1999 which has been treated as a separate account by the
  4. Hi I am the executor for my late mother's estate and we are in the process of selling her house. We have hit an obstacle in that there is a secured loan which was paid off in the early '90s but it is still listed as outstanding on the title deeds. The loan was with Cedar Holdings Limited, which is now a dormant company and comes under Black Horse Finance Management. I have called them today and been given a number for their secured legal department in Cardiff, but the number is constantly engaged. We are trying to get proof that the loan has actually been r
  5. Good afternoon, I received a withheld phone call on tues 19th April asking for my ex husband, told them he doesn't live and as never lived here, they asked if I knew where he is, I said I've not seen him for 19 years, then asked about me as this is a joint dept from 19+ years ago, I was so silly to answer their security question and give them my mobile and email address. Wednesday I received a letter from gdr trace saying that they think I'm the person there client wishes to contact, I've not phoned them as yet as this was posted on the 18th befo
  6. Hi, I Recently Thought of Getting My Credit Reports , On My Equifax Report there is a Search enquiry by a company called Shop Direct Finance Limited called a on both my current address and a previous one , this has been done sometime in November 2015 , looking online it seems to be connected with Littlewoods, Now interestingly I had an account with them till 2008, when I was abroad for a while (now visiting on a short stay here for about 6 months) they had apparently put some buy now pay later debt letters had arrived at home ( I hadn’t purchased any i
  7. Afternoon all, Received a letter recently from GDR Trace (New Malden) with the following: Dear xx, I am instructed to contact you as I believe you may be the person our client wishes to make contact with. Out trace team have made enquiries and have received confirmation that your details have changed to the above address. You can contact us free of charge on: Email: [email protected] Freephone: 0800 xxx xxxx Or you can text us on: SMS Line xxxxx (Please note this line does not accept calls) Please contact us by either of th
  8. hi I got a parking fine . .however as the registration was wrong.. ..i ignored it .. .. it was AB50 CDE instead of AB55 CDE for example sake. yesterday i got a letter from the private parking company asking for fine amount + the late fees etc etc...so its like around 100 pounds now... Maybe they managed to trace me from DVLA record............... What are my options here!!! Pay the fine ?!? Dispute it being the incorrect number !!! any advise will be much appreciated... Cheers Numpty N
  9. I just received a letter in the post from GDR Trace, simply asking me to contact them as I may be the person their client is looking for. No other info is given, just a freephone number and an email address. All I have so far done is send them an email saying I can be contacted by return email. Almost immediately, I received an email from them with exactly the same wording as the letter. This made me suspicious enough to do some research on the net and what I've found is very worrying. Apparently they are a debt collection agency who hound people to pay debts which very often they don't o
  10. We are moving back to the UK in a few months time after six years living in Australia. When we moved over here, initially I was paying my credit card debts until I just couldn't afford it anymore due to living expenses, and the charges the banks charged every time I transferred money to the UK. I have never been contacted by anyone during my time here or heard from anyone at all, although I did receive a letter regarding a strange account number, which could have been from a DCA,- that was two years ago. All my creditors knew that I was in Australia.
  11. Hi, Bit of a long shot here. One of my neighbours was taken quite ill the other day and it doesn't look good. He will (hopefully) be 95 this year. He is very secretive about his time in the second World War but I have been informed he was at the Normandy Landings. Does anyone know how to find out what regiment he was in and his service record. Should he die, I would like to organise a military escort or something similar. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi folks New to the site, this being my first post I have received what looks to be a "trace letter" of sorts from a company called EOS Solutions. The letter claims they are attempting to contact me regarding a "personal matter" after carrying out trace activity provided by the credit bureaus. I do have a few debts, a failed business venture saw to that, so it could very well be a legitimate claim. My concern is that I have never heard of these people before and nowhere in the letter does it say who they are chasing for. I do have 3 repayment plans in place but none of them are
  13. Quick question I had bad credit from years ago. All accounts were defaulted (not settled) and no longer appear on my credit file (they all disappeared years after default). Numerous agencies have tried to chase the debt but cca's etc have kept them at bay. Checked Equifax today and I notice I have 4 trace searches done in the past year or so. What affect do these searches have on credit worthiness as all my other lending is now tickety boo. Can other lenders (especially mortgage lending) see these searches and if so is that my hopes of re-mortga
  14. Hi, A builder/gardener did a job for us early 2013. The workmanship and meteials used was very poor. A job that was supposed to take 14-16 days took 2.5 months and still not finished before he walk off the job. After a few letters, etc we threatened to take him to the small claims court. He said he had replied to my last letter and should get it after a few days. After not receiving anything in the post, i emailed him and found that he had closed both his emails account down, changed his mobile number. Went to his address and found he had moved. I had tracked him down
  15. Hi Guys Would DCA's use social media to trace you?
  16. Hi, apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong section but I couldn't find a section that seemed to deal with my queries, although I'm sure there probably is one. I am going through some unsavoury legal action with a family member who abused their role as POA with my grandparents. Money that should have been used for their benefit was systematically removed from their bank accounts. I have discovered this when going through probate. Some of these amounts I have managed to trace, but there is one particularly large money transfer that was moved abroad 7 years ago of which the bank say
  17. Learned Contributors, Firstly can I say what a fantastic forum I've found this to be after much trawling the net - the comments, advice and contributions of all concerned, priceless. I am new to the arena so please excuse my naiveity concerning my post (have tried to read up on related posts). I was hoping to carry out some form of credit reporting as to previous record of debts, last contact/payments being made in ~ 2002 however still being pursued until this year!! The various demands have finally petered down of late. My question is will I now again risk being chased by DC
  18. Hi All, I hope you are able to help. At an arrival station I tried to tap out and realised that my card had insufficient funds. I approached the guard who took my oyster card and asked some preliminary questions, but didn't get my details. I explained I had forgot to tap in so didn't know until I arrived that the card needed topping up. The line was long, I was late for work, the gate was open and in a moment of uncharacteristic rebellion I walked off. I appreciate that this is a case of outright fare evasion in their eyes. But what I would like to determine is. The card
  19. Hi Guys Someone recently asked me on a forum about the possibility of a CCJ while in trace status with a DCA. It got me thinking. If the DCA doesnt have a valid address for you and they cannot find you, does it mean they cant serve court documents to your address? I think you may see my logic here... Although am i guessing they could also send documents to your last known address? (Of which we see many CCJs set aside due to incorrect address for court documents etc) What if for say they didnt trace you within 6 years, wouldnt it hit SB status?
  20. Good afternoon I am new to this so please forgive me, I recently got my credit report from Equifax and there was 3 trace inquiry's on there from village investigations, the 1st being in January the last one was the 31st of May, I was just curious as to weather anybody could shed any light on this issue as in is this common practice, Are they allowed to go into my credit profile without my permission? Bearing in mind I have not once received a letter of this company so I have got no idea why they are doing this, I would be very grateful for an insight or any info regarding this matter.
  21. Hi, I've received a letter from Mint today with the return of my SAR letter and the cheque. They say they cannot trace me despite their efforts so I will need to provide them with an account number and date account closed/opened. They also say they do not hold information longer than six years. It was probably just over 6 years ago because I took out a secured loan to pay all my cards off and that was in June 2006. Is there anything else I can do or is it best to give up. I have no statements or account details now so I can't provide them with anymore info than I already have.
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