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  1. Hello, I am new to this forum so I’m not sure but I’ll tell what happened first and I will really appreciate any help you can give me. First of all, I know it’s my mistake and I deeply regret this now. I saw this intagram page about 16+ Oyster cards for anyone (I’m 20) for £40 and contacted the guy and he set up and application for me and all. was having financial problems and I’m a student I was stupid enough to do something awfully regrettable like this. paid him applied for the card. got it used it for a while. got caught by a ticket officer got a letter from
  2. Firstly I want to mention I am ashamed of what I did. I was using a 16+ oyster and got caught by a ticket inspector. It had my name, and photo, however, the inspector began quizzing me about my D.O.B. of course, I stuttered because I was panicking. I got it from a friend of a friend, someone I never met. I was stupid for doing it I know. And no excuse will absolve me of my wrongdoing. I was told I would receive a letter from TFL. I am so afraid I will get a criminal record. This is my first time doing something so silly. I saw a similar post about this from Nov
  3. Hello, first of all I would like to say I'm really glad I found this forum. After looking through some of these recent posts, I've noticed that others have had invalid 16+ oyster cards made for them and also got into trouble with inspectors. My case however, seems to be slightly different. I am an 18-year old student currently in full time education. This means that I am entitled to a 16+ oyster card already, and eligible for free travel. However, I couldn't figure out how to make the account and actually get the oyster card. I've noticed a lot of people on social med
  4. i got the letter today informing me that tfl intend to prosecute and i can either plead guilty and not come to court , plead not guilty and come to court or plead not guilty and attend a trial. They have charged me with the following: On (date), you did enter a compulsory ticket area without having with you a valid ticket. Contrary to byelaw 17 (1) of the Transport for London Railway Byelaws Made under Paragraph 26 of schedule 11 to the greater london authority act 1999 and confirmed under section 67 of the transport Act 1962. The situation was that when i tapped my oyster card
  5. Two weeks ago I boarded a bus at around 8:00am in London. I got off the bus a few stops later to head into a local Tesco store to buy my lunch for the day. I then walked back to the bus stop that I got off at and waited for the next bus to take me to work. The next bus arrived at 8:30am. It was one of those buses where passengers can board the bus on either the front, middle or back door. I boarded the bus from the back door. I sat downstairs and minded my own business, staring through the window and browsing on my phone. A few minutes later, I heard a bus ticket ins
  6. Hi everyone, Please could I ask for your kind help with my response to the upcoming Tfl letter I am very worried about going court and getting a criminal record I was stopped by a Tfl inspector for using my husband's discounted student oyster photocard yesterday. Here is the situation: I have my own standard oyster card with monthly pass and my husband (aged 25) has his own discounted student oyster photo card with monthly pass (both zone 1-2). On 17 May my monthly pass expired (there is balance) which I forgot to renew on 18th morning I took my husband's
  7. Hi guys, I'm having an issue over my student oystercard usage. I received an email on the 8th of November stating that i would need to interview at a southwest trains station with regard to "several incomplete journeys" with relation to my oystercard. Admittedly there does appear to be instances, based on my oystercard transcript showing me tapping my oystercard in at one station and not tapping out. I have never been approached by a ticket inspector etc without a valid ticket, and i have never intentionally travelled without a valid ticket. My question is can i be pros
  8. Before I narrate the incident I'd like to declare that I have realized my mistake and I'm really ashamed of whatever I have done. So please provide provide honest and truthful information. I was scheduled to have an interview for a job. I was running late and was wearing my brother's trousers as this is my first job interview (I do not have formal clothes). as soon as I entered the rail station I checked my pockets and couldn't find my oyster and thought I had left my oyster card at home. However, my brother's oyster was in the trouser and just so that I make it on time
  9. Thank you to all who contributed to this forum. I have worked my way through as many post as I can, and it has helped me to calm down since getting cautioned by an inspector on the tube. It was very distressing for me and really affected my day to day activities for the first 48 hours or so. The letter that I had been expecting came today and one thing that struck me was how it does not ask me to comment on the incident. It merely asked me to fill out the form on the reverse side. It reads: 1. If you deny committing an offence, please explain why. Plea
  10. Hi all, been browsing this site regarding appeals for forgetting my railcard but haven't seen anything regarding a railcard on Oyster (apologies if this has been covered). Travelled from Shenfield to East Croydon on my Oyster today from where I was planning on buying a ticket to Brighton to complete my journey. I'd been in a massive rush to catch my train as I only found out at about 7am that I was meant to be at university at 10 rather than 11 which got me hurrying, I didn't have time to buy a paper ticket I thought I'd use my Oyster which had my railcard
  11. Hi there, I thought I should write this post on Consumer Action Group as some of the threads on this forum provided me with some valuable advice when I first got caught about three weeks ago using my partner's student oyster card on Transport for London. The case has now been settled out of court and I thought I should share my experience with others who may now be in a similar position. I had been using my student's oyster card for about 8 months buying weekly travelcards with the occasional use of top-up (when the travelcard was not valid for those zones or when the travelcard ha
  12. Hi I'm new to this and have been reading some similar situations and would like some help and advice. My situation: I picked up my partner's student oyster by accident one morning in a hurry thinking it was my oyster as both had same wallet. I used it on a bus then had to change bus due to nature of journey. I then noticed that it wasn't mine and had a fumble in my pocket to see if mine was there which it was. When the bus came, I got on and don't know what possessed me but of course I did the studpid thing and touched in with his card. Towards the
  13. I applied for 18+ Oyster Photocard after being told by a member of staff that I am eligible since I am on a part-time course lasting over 14 weeks. After making the application, and it being rejected, I have found that I have to be in receipt of an NHS grant or receiving financial help from my education establishment. I have attached the webpage that I went through to make my application. I have also included the part of the terms and conditions that is relevant to me. My argument is that the webpage does not state any requirements for NHS funding, it only requires for the course to
  14. Hi have a similar issue i want to discuss but i can not seem to make a thread.
  15. Dear all, Some little advice please. I've read other people's threads on the same subject but cannot find all the information I seek. In January, I was caught with my g/f's student oyster card. I did only do it a handful of times but will not try and justify my actions. When I first received a letter from TFL, I wrote back with a full apology, an offer to pay fines and assoc. costs and explaining how I have never had been in trouble with the law before and how negatively this could affect my future career prospects. I have received a mag. court summons this morning for t
  16. Hi All, Like all those before me, I'd like to say this site has been very useful. I was stopped/caught using an oyster nominee card I found - I have used it for a few weeks. To start off with, I know I am in the wrong - much like a few people here, my reasoning behind this was financial (or lack of finances) driven. To be more specific, I have been without an income for a couple of months and at the same time have been paying medical bills (Cancer) for my dad. I have started a new job, and getting a (criminal) record would not only be detrimental but
  17. Hi, I stupidly walked away from a ticket inspector after being caught without tapping in on the London overground. I think in doing this I have made what was a £40 fixed penalty into a serious problem with the possibility of a criminal record, something I really can't have. I left the inspector with my Oyster card which is not registered but I have paid for with my debit card. Can tfl get this information and use it to prosecute? I am guessing they can, but wanted to check. In the case that they can what is the best course of action, to contact
  18. Hello, Yesterday, my father took my 18+ oyster by mistake and was stopped by an RPI during his journey. At first, my father said it was his but admitted it was mine when asked again. He gave his details and went on his way. I will be asking for more details about the questions posed from him later but for now, I'm well aware of the consequences and am seeking advice from you guys. What can be considered helpful to prove my father's lack of intent? No letters have arrived yet, but I'm making sure to be proactive and collect evidence of non-habitual misuse of the service. I'm looking
  19. Howdy, I recently recieved a Penalty Fare notice on a London bus for apparently not having an Oyster card. What had happened was I tapped on, but later on in the journey my wallet was stolen without me being aware. The ticket inspector went ahead and gave a Penalty Notice. Since this is a 16+ Oyster Photocard it shouldn't be hard to prove that I actually did tap on. The can just find my name and the corresponding card and dates and journey. In any case, I appealed as soon as I got home but now I have gotten a letter saying the following: Now, I did not recieve any letter
  20. Help Please, Was caught on 3rd of October with my sister in law discounted oyster card , at the time i didn't know it was discounted card. she wasn't using it anymore cause they issued her freedom bus pass. The day i borrowed the card, i couldn't find my card which is discounted as well from the job center so i had to borrow. when i explained to the inspector he didn't believe me and took my details anyway. 4 weeks later i received a letter to explain what happen and replied with sincere apology followed the explanation and told them that am unemployed. Today i received a letter to app
  21. Ok. This just happened literally 2 hours ago. I've been research about solutions for this matter but no hope. Please advice on these points below: 1. I'm a valid student, graduating in 2016 2. At the time of incident, the 18+ oyster card was not mine. It was my friend 3. I paid for the monthly travel which is 150/months MYSELF via my bank card (lucky me so that I can provide proof). 4. I've one expired 18+ oyster card, and one lost one. I've already report and pay 10 pounds fee to TFL since March (I think), and been phoned up multiple times to chase up but still nothing
  22. I am just wondering if anyone has heard of a company called Oyster Bay? I have just looked at my Experian credit report for the first time in a while and called them because only my credit card and one other thing which was there twice showed up. The guy on the phone was great and hopefully I should be able to see the full report tomorrow morning but we were talking about the account that appeared twice and he also mentioned another similar account from Oyster bay. He said it was a pay day loan. Now I did have some payday loans back in 2009 but I have never heard of these people and he
  23. -- I just did something stupid....I found an oyster card on the floor a few days ago, it had around £1 left on it. I just got the money transferred to my existing oyster card/handed the card in so £6 including the £1 on it. What are my best options: I don't want a criminal record. Yes it was stupid: my rationale was just to give the money to charity because it's unlikely to get back to its owner, but I didn't realise how seriously TFL takes this kind of thing...which I have now found out.
  24. Just wondered if I could get out of prosecution after getting pulled up by RPOs from Southeastern for not having a tapped in Oyster card on Southeastern between 2 Oyster card stations. Rather brazenly I refused the offer of a penalty fare because I instead offered to go back to the station I got on and tap in, I told them I had no bank card or cash to pay the penalty fare. Therefore the RPOs started filling out a prosecution report and did a PACE interview. They ascertained I had £1.65 on my Oyster, the Oyster fare with my Railcard discount is £1.50, but they kept sticki
  25. If you have an Oyster season ticket, you can also have funds for Pay as you go journeys outside your zones. An annual season ticket also acts as a 'gold card', giving 1/3 off train fares outside your zones (across SE England) after 10am on weekdays, and all day at weekends and bank holidays. After going outside my zones (1-3), I received an email from TFL saying I needed to get the discount 'activated' at a staffed Oyster sales point to get the discount when staying inside the Oyster area (going outside, you need to buy a paper ticket in advance). I did so, and complained to TFL. I also
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