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  1. Hi All, Thanks for all the advice so far. I have now received another letter requiring me attend an interview under caution in accordance with the police and criminal evidence act 1984 (pace). Please note I still have not even had time to respond to the original letter they sent me asking me to put forward my case (the 10 day deadline for this original letter has not passed yet). This seems incredibly quick... Please can i get your advice on what to do? I am strongly considering getting a solicitor now. What can I expect from this interview? Am I better to stay quick or to talk/give further information. Could this be used as an opportunity to settle the case? If so should I bring any mitigating evidence etc? Can anyone recommend any solicitors specialised in these cases in (Central) London?
  2. I have decided, as per your advice, to write the letter myself instead of paying for a solictor. The letter: should it be hand written or can I type it up and sign it? How long should i keep the letter? I recall reading somewhere that a long letter just gets ignored and to keep it short (bullet points etc).. Once I know they have received it (recorded delivery) how should i proceed from their? Do i call them ask to speak to the case manager? Will they contact me? Should I be expecting them to contact me with either a letter/court summons or settlement? how do i go about trying to seek a settlement? is this done over the phone or do they send me a letter offering settlement?
  3. Was i supposed to sign each page?? If that is the case then i think they have dropped the ball here - there must have been over 10 pages of which i was only asked to sign twice... The staff in question came across very by the book, but looking back on it now - i'm not sure if the way the event planned out was justified i.e. the initial threat of police to search me and duration of detention. I am pretty sure I can prove timings myself (assuming i can check the time of when i used my oyster to finally get home and also i made a call about ~15 minutes after commencing the detention). I did not think anything of the long length of time i was there for over than i felt the inspector was on purposely trying to embarrass me - even when i continued to say i wanted to wrap it up quickly. How long should/would it normal last? Is that a topic of discussion that it lasted so long? There were over witness (inspectors) but don't know names unfortunately. " Please remember what the caution actually says, it is certain that the prosecutor will do so. " what do you mean by this? thanks again Old-CodJA for your help and time! EDIT: I can certainly prove timings - As I withdrew £5 from cash machine just after I was allowed to leave. And I have a very good estimate of when it commenced.
  4. Correct regarding keeping the pass and notes and signed - however am not sure if this is worth mentioning or not but when i was initially stopped I was threatened by the inspector that if i did not open my wallet/its contents I would be arrested/detained /searched by police. I admitted during the "interview" and i did sign however I clearly mentioned numerous times to the person when asked at the end if i wanted to read what was written that I could not read it as i did not have the time, it was near work so could not be seen in the situation or else potentially face issues. I stated numerous times i have no idea what you wrote and do not agree/validate what you have said. I wasnt trying to be smart I was being honest - I got the impression the person was trying to humiliate/drag out the process so as to cause me further embarrassment (I asked numerous times if we could speed the process up). (I was their in the open for close to 2hrs) Please advice me if im looking at this wrong, would it not be better to simply just apologies profusely but not give them anything more than what i said on the night? in addition explain my circumstances and like you mentioned offer to pay back the cost/admin fee etc they seem appropriate.
  5. Does it make any difference replying using the letter they sent me or via email? Should I add any supporting information as email attachments or photocopies / scanned images ? Will it help? One thing I was mentioned to say was to obviously apologies profusely to tfl staff, the inspector who stopped me, the passages of tfl the pass holder etc. but was mentioned to leave it their and not mention anything about the actual event (regardless of the way I see it as it could be used against me). Is this correct approach to deal with this?
  6. Note: I contacted solicitor this morning - before I say both of your replies last night / this morning. I have not paid/ out any money down
  7. Thank you Old-CodJA and King12345 for advice help. I have only just had a chance to look. I am duet to respond to the letter - but I have contacted a solicitor as this is obviously a very worrying matter for myself (Jon implications). I was quoted a high number several hundred £ and while this is not money I have easy access to - I feel like I need all the luck / skill possible. Old-CodJA - you mention that I could write an appropriate letter myself with some advice on legislation? Could you advice further please? What should I specifically mention ? From your experience/ knowledge do the prosecution/ tfl people look differently when someone has representation from solicitor? Part of me is scared the solicitor will write an overly long and detailed piece which sounds like a good idea but from what I have been reading - the tfl pretty much just ignore what you send them and go to trial (likely to happen I guess In my case) - which basically means I have paid a lot just to end up same situation and on a small chance I may have angered them by getting solicitor involved? Thoughts? King12345 - I have managed to get the supporting docs -thanks for advice.
  8. Thank you again for help. What is a RRA 1889? Do you know the implications this will have i.e. is this something which goes on a record. Would you explicitly mention in the message to them "I am willing to pay/meet any administrative fees and fares evaded etc" or would you mention it more subtly? I am more than happy/able to send them my dads diagnosis etc (though not sure if i will be able to do this within the 4days (3days tomorrow)...As for banks statements - i can easily show them the debts i have racked up etc. Would you just attach these as scanned images or send them photo copies? Would the above count towards a mitigating circumstance
  9. Thanks for help with this HB I agree, maybe a solicitor is a little premature at the moment but I feel like it could hurt/ could potentially help getting out of court settlement (apart from my wallet - but getting myself into more debt is better than not being able to work!) - I really know nothing about law unfortunately.
  10. 1) I told the inspector I found the card a few weeks ago (no specific date given because to be frank cant remember) I was asked how many times have I used it - I said i dont know I was asked if it was my intention not to pay for the journey - to which i said yes, and I know i am wrong I was asked/i gave my details (name age dob) I was asked why - I explained my situation (as above) I was asked if i realised what I did was wrong - I said yes I was asked what was my journey - I mentioned my path I was asked for address: Which i gave 2) TFL Underground 3) Between 21-25yrs old
  11. Hi HB, thank you for prompt response! I have a 4 days left to respond, From reading other peoples post - would it be better to send an email rather than respond on the letter? That way I have an audit trail myside? I am fully aware how these payday loan companies charge an extortionate rate of interest - and although ironically lack of finances were the reason i got myself into this situation, I need to do whatever I can to get myself out (of criminal record) - I will look into credit unions (not familiar with this to be honest). Do you/anyone know of any solicitors with proven success with out of court settlements in similar situations? thanks, R
  12. Hi All, Like all those before me, I'd like to say this site has been very useful. I was stopped/caught using an oyster nominee card I found - I have used it for a few weeks. To start off with, I know I am in the wrong - much like a few people here, my reasoning behind this was financial (or lack of finances) driven. To be more specific, I have been without an income for a couple of months and at the same time have been paying medical bills (Cancer) for my dad. I have started a new job, and getting a (criminal) record would not only be detrimental but actually stop me getting any future employment in my role (note I have just started a career/working life). Note also: this is my first mistake. I don't know what to do - and even though money is extremely tight - I am considering getting a (payday) loan so I can get/talk to a solicitor. I received the 1st letter giving me 10days to present my case/supporting comments etc. What should I do? In the worse case and I do get a record - is it a "full" criminal record or a "civil" record? (i seem to recall someone writing here there is a difference...) how long would this last/does it get erased? Many thanks for any help/advice
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