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  1. .. I sent off a CCA request six months ago which has not been provided, the account is in dispute, i have been receiving 'arrears' letters since. My question is, would it help to send back the latest arrears letter with a "No contract. Return to sender" label, or sit on my hands? Thanks Pencil.
  2. Hi, I was coming back home today on the tube and I got stopped as I tapped out. The light flashed on the barrier and in front of me was an inspector who asked me to show the oyster and photo card. I was actually using somebody else's nominee pass and didn't have the photo card with me. I told the inspector that straight away. He took me to the side and pulled out his black notebook and started writing. He told me I wasn't getting prosecuted and he only wanted to ask a few questions. This is when I began to panic a bit. I told him that the nominee card was hardly being used and I picked it up this morning to use it. I also had the intention of transferring the card on to my name because I would make a lot more use out of it than by brother but I know the process takes a while so I just took the card today to use it. He asked me for my details and then called somebody up to verify that it wasn't fake. He asked why I was using it and I said to save money and that I knew I wasn't supposed to be using the card. admitting that I'm guilty. I signed the notebook. He told me that I should wait for a letter from TFL which will tell me how to proceed. I had no idea that I could be charged with a criminal offence!! I'm just sitting and wondering what on earth I should do.. Also - just to add, today was the first time I had used the card in a few weeks. Prior to today, I had used the card about 3 or 4 times for the same journey route as today. The inspector asked me which station I was coming from and noted it down. I need to settle outside of court because my job requires DBS clearance and there is absolutely no way I can afford to get a criminal record. Does offering more money than they want in court increase chances of getting OOC? Thanks in advance. I really really regret using it for the sake of saving like £10
  3. Hi everyone, I've been reading a few threads on here about trying to minimise/avoid court proceedings for my case... I didn't know the severity of what I've done until it was too late unfortunately. Some background on the case, I was caught a few days ago using a nominee's pass at Z1/2 border station. When the revenue inspector approached and asked to see my ticket, I naturally panicked and presented another oyster card with little value (mistake) on it as I recently used majority of the value over the weekend and didn't top up. He then asked to see the photocard which at that point I showed him He asked 'who does it belong to?", it was my partner's and asked "does she know you're using it?' which I replied 'No, I took it without her permission". He then asked a few more questions like what is my occupation and it lasted for about 30 minutes which at that point he didn't say I would be fined but a person from TFL will contact you. He read me the rights that I don't have to be here but anything I say or don't say may be used later in court. At that point I was panicking so I asked him if there was another way to settle this with him on the spot. The truth is that I have used it quite frequently but I have also used my standard blue oyster card on the odd day but not as the nominee pass. I have previously purchased annual travelcards on my card but since it expired I took the card to use instead. I have been issued a standard penalty fine before for not having a valid oyster card but that was settled immediately but I haven't had any court proceedings or records before, so like majority of people here I am a bit nervous about the situation. I really just want advice and ask, do you think I should openly admit that I have used it on more than one occasion and be totally transparent and apologise? Obviously I don't want to lie to them and say it wasn't my only time using it as it's clear they'll get the historical data if they really wanted to. I'm currently drafting the first paragraph to apologise but want to know if being transparent will only dig the hole deeper. Many thanks
  4. Hiya - How did you find out who the prosecutions manager was and his details to be able to contact him? Many Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, I've lurked a little through some of the other freedom pass misuse threads but thought I'd make my own, sorry if you're tired of these. Before I get into it, call me stupid (I am) but I really did not stop to think about where the money came from so people who need it can use freedom passes, what I was doing and how wrong it was, I only found out after doing some research and I feel extremely ashamed and disgusted at myself for this. I completely admit what I did was wrong and if worst case scenario I am charged with it, I accept my faults and take responsibility. However, if it can be helped I would really not like to hinder my future career, I really do not want this time of ignorance and foolishness to determine my future. I was stopped by an inspector(?) on my way to my retail job who took my details, I admitted it wasn't my card and I had taken it from my mother to avoid paying the fee and save money, and that I had done this more than this one time. I then got a letter from TfL asking if I accept commiting the offence or not and any exceptional reasons, including evidence, as to why TfL should not proceed with a prosecution. I replied with an email expressing my remose and accepting my actions and how foolish it was. I explained why I did it, I was in a really difficult place with money which had been contributing to my depression so I had been using it to and from work, but I know this is no excuse and I know what I did was completely wrong. I also explained the adverse impact it will have on my future career, and offer reasonable monetary sums equivalent to any related fines and administrative fees incurred by the company to settle out of court. The original email was a lot more thorough and remoseful but that is the main points I had, I'm happy to show the full email if necessary. They did not reply to that email, but a few months later I recieved a letter inviting me to court. It reads: [NAME] You are required to appear on [DATE] at [TIME] before [X] Magistrates' Court at [X ADDRESS] to answer the following charge: That you on [DATE OF OFFENCE] at Oxford Circus did enter a compulsory ticket area without having with you a valid ticket. Contrary to Byelaw 17(1) of the Transport for London Railway Byelaws made under paragraph 26 of Schedule 11 to the Greater London Authority Act 1999 and confirmed under section 67 of the Transport Act 1962. [...] On [DATE] [DEFENDANT] travelled from [sTATION] to Oxford Circus station. At 7:52am she produced a Disabled Persons Freedom Pass of high value that did not belong to her and was not valid for her to use. She admitted the pass belonged to her mum and that she was using it to save money. Further analysis of the recent usage of the pass showed an addition 48 journeys where fares totalling £237.40 has been avoided. An application will be made in court for a £338 contributtion towards TfL... I believe my case will be a difficult one considering the number of uses. I hope to settle out of court and pay any fines, and if they decide not to I will attend the court and plead guilty and explain how sorry I am even if they do charge me. Currently I am unsure what to do from here. They did not reply to my initial email. Should I be contacting the Investigations, Appeals and Proecutions team? Should I plead guilty on the court letters I have recieved as soon as possible? What exactly is Byelaw 17(1)? will I be getting a criminal record, what are my possible outcomes? I assume worst case is I get a criminal record, and best case is I settle out of court, but are there any other outcomes? How much will any kind of record hinder my career, what kind of checks are done? Thank you for taking the time to read and any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi there. I'm absolutely gutted I got this through for such a stupid mistake. I have just received a Single Justice Procedure notice and panicking greatly. It says I have 21 days to plead guilty or not guilty. That you on [DATE OF OFFENCE] did enter a compulsory ticket area without having with you a valid ticket. Contrary to Byelaw 17(1) of the Transport for London Railway Byelaws made under paragraph 26 of Schedule 11 to the Greater London Authority Act 1999 and confirmed under section 67 of the Transport Act 1962. On [DATE OF OFFENCE] I attempted to travel from home station to work. At 7:55am he produced a TfL 60+ London Free travel Pass, that did not belong to him. He was not entitled to use the pass and it was invalid for travel. He stated it belonged to his father and admitted it was not the first occasion he had used it. They want £225 + £4.90. The summary statement has plenty of inaccuracies including my and and address that he said he confirmed ITAL but couldn't have as I gave him my driving license. That I walked away from the station when I re-entered with my bank card. Also, that he confirmed everything with me but didn't as the statement provided did not match the conversation or my details. Obviously I'm incredibly sorry and was a very stupid mistake. When I go out with my parents, I hold their oyster card so they don't have to rummage through their wallet or bag. On this occasion, I didn't give it back to him and mistakenly was then using for what I thought was a couple of weeks. As this was back in July, I called up several times to try and sort it and even my dad called up to get his oyster card back and they said nothing was logged against the card. I'll be gutted if i get a conviction as I'm in the process of looking for a property, will be visiting friends in America next year, was very stressed at the time due to work and a kidney condition getting worse and after the event receiving mental support for anxiety. I'm worried this will affect all of the above and negatively affect my mental health after just making progress. Any help on the best way to approach settling out of court would be appreciated. I'm happy to pay costs as I was incorrectly using it for what I think was a couple of weeks but a criminal conviction will hurt me in many ways. Thanks for reading.
  7. I have discovered your site investigating what to do in this case and would sincerely appreciate your help. I will offer feedback and donate for your time and energy. I really need your help. I used my mums oyster after losing my wallet and needed to get to a wedding over a weekend. When returning into London, the high value pass obviously flagged things to the inspectors who were waiting at the station. I had all my details taken. The inspector understood I'd lost my wallet and I didn't answer any further questions. I was sent a letter with a fine and a conviction if i plead guilty. The problem with these cases, is that whether or not I did it unwittingly (as in, didn't realise I was using a high value pass) it doesn't matter. It was a misuse and the conviction stands. I can't have a conviction hanging over my head and the thought of it fills me with absolute dread. I have just recently gained a permanent residency in Canada and intend eventually to work in the States and a conviction would be so detrimental to have on my record and affect my work situation. I am so deeply regretful for something so stupid and avoidable. I have received a letter stating the fine i have to pay and the fact that it will go on my record and like the other cases stated here on the forum, can either plead guility and pay the fine or plead not guilty and prove my innocence, which isn't possible. What are the options available to me? Can I call them and ask to appeal? Should I hire a solicitor before it's too late? (I have roughly 10 days before the deadline now). Is settling on the day the last option available and should I get a solicitor before that time to make sure that I don't risk it not going in my favour on the final day? How often are people able to settle on the day in your opinion? What does a settlement amount normally come to? I really appreciate your help on this. I've just returned to London to the letter and have limited time to respond and would like to know the best way to reach out to TFL. Will a letter take too long. I think so. Should I simply call them or go via a solicitor? It seems that no matter what people do with their letters, it always comes back with a conviction and fine. I was going to call citizens advice first thing tomorrow, but if you can recommend a solicitor please do. i live in London. Many thanks
  8. Done loads of googling, read loads of threads, still no definitive answer, clutching at straws DVLA claim to have no record of me passing my HGV 2, with the Army, back in ´76. As such, they refuse to give me a licence with Cat C on it. I worked for three firms in Lancaster over a period of ten years, they have all disappeared so no records available from them. After that I moved on to other things and didn´t drive HGV any more. This was back in the day when the HGV licence was separate from car licence in that it was a separate booklet. I recently came back from Spain after 13 years and decided to reapply for my HGV 2. Duly sent off the correct forms and DVLA sent back a provisional Cat C! I mean, WTF? Phoned em up and DVLA has passed the buck to me saying that it´s up to me to prove I had a licence, not for them to find it for me. I have a form to send off to the Army seeing if I can get info but not holding out much hope tbh. Others have tried and failed. I have a 42k a year job waiting for me, DCPC and digcard, but no licence, dammit. Have any others found a way to sort this out? It´s put a huge downer on, well, everything really. Thanks
  9. Was stopped by an inspector for using parents freedom pass a year ago. Provided ID and name etc. Driving license I showed had a previous address so all correspondence was sent to this wrong address. At the time when the inspector requested ID I did not provide updated address as this was not on the license. I now regret not giving current address but at the time I simply provided my ID and did not think of this. Name and DOB given were correct. I have now recently received a 'Further steps notice' letter with court fine of almost £500 and discovered that this case had gone to Magistrates court in my absence. Should I make statutory declaration as I was unaware or will I be questioned for not updating the DVLA of my address?
  10. Hello! This seemed to be the place to put this, though equally it could have gone in transport or benefits. I had a look through and couldn't find any similar threads. I have fibromyalgia and have been trying for the last two years to get a disabled bus pass. It's been complicated by the fact that I have never been in receipt of mobility in PIP, something I decided not to appeal the first time round as I just didn't have the strength. When they re-assessed me, I decided to take it to tribunal and have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting... In the meantime, I have been trying to get a bus pass. There was a form on their application form for a doctor to fill in and stamp to confirm disability, which I made a (non emergency) appointment to do, she filled it out, I sent it off with a photo and expected it to be that simple. The first time was rejected for no reason, and again I did not have the strength to continue to fight, but a year later I decided to try again. Now they say that I must attend an 'assessment' with one of their County Council 'independent mobility assessors' to see whether or not I qualify. Apparently evidence from my GP and specialists is worthless. I have several concerns about this and was wondering if anyone had experience of this? How long does it take? How do they assess you? Do they seem genuinely interested in finding out if you have an 'invisible' illness or just in finding a reason to turn you down? I have a bit of a dilemma, because I *could* just wait for the court date (whenever that is) when I am hoping I will finally be awarded mobility, and then I can provide that as evidence and not need to undertake this 'assessment'. But then again, that could be a while. Thanks for any advice or info on your own experiences. I appreciate it.
  11. Hi guys Earlier his morning I got caught using a relatives bus pass on West Midlands Network Buses. Completely my fault, I held my hands up and apologized. I was in a rush to get to the job center as I had an appointment to tell them I was going to be starting my new job next week. As I got off at the stop, the inspectors were checking the tickets and as I didn't have a photo card, they pulled me over, ran a few checks and I admitted it wasn't my pass. I am completely broke and couldn't afford a ticket, literally. They asked me to pay £40 there and then, but I had nothing on me. The inspector said they would send a letter through the post and I would have to pay the £40 fine. However, looking at online forums, there are some people saying they've been summoned to court for the same offense. This worries me a lot as I have a suspended sentence for a motoring offense earlier this year. Does this mean that if I get summoned to court, and they convict me of using someone else's bus pass, I could be sent to prison?
  12. Quick question, been awarded enhanced rate mobility on my PIP, was informed that as well as free RFL, I can also have a ''C'' added to my bus pass. (so a companion can travel with me for free also) Went to my LA to be told that ''You do know that you can only use it with a companion and not on your own?'' Actually no, I didn't know, and it was the first time I'd ever heard of it! So, I'm calling her bluff, and wondered if anyone knows the real answer, or where I could possibly get the answer from....please, pretty please. TIA.. BB
  13. On the week-end of 2-3 June 2017, I parked on Cowley Place. One of my friends gave me the visitors pass for MN, but I did not realise it had a different zone than I usually use.(EO). I did have visitor parking permits, which I displayed and validated. Clearly there was no intent to evade payment or gain any advantage and I indeed have used/invalidated two visitor passes. I therefore feel it is unfair to be fined, and lose the use of two visitors passes. I also question whether the correct contravention code was used on the PCN. (30 - Parked longer than permitted). Shouldn’t the correct code be 19 - Parked in a residents’ or shared use parking place or zone either displaying an invalid permit or voucher or pay & display ticket, or after the expiry of paid for time. In my case I was in a shared use zone, displaying an invalid permit. Guidelines say Code 19 is used when a driver has made some attempt to park correctly and is displaying something that could have been used. Additionally, The Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (England) Representations and Appeals Regulations 2007 states that any PCN issued should legally contain the following information : (3)(2) (b)(ii)but that, if a notice to owner is served notwithstanding those representations, representations against the penalty charge must be made in the form and manner and at the time specified in the notice to owner. I cannot see any clear reference to point 3 (2) (ii) anywhere on the PCN. It is insufficient to say that the owner must follow the instructions on the NtO, it must be outlined on the PCN. This means that the council has not complied with the Regulations made under the Traffic Management Act 2004 (TMA) or the relevant regulations. Am I correct in these 3 points, which make a sucessful appeal likely ??
  14. Hi, I've had a listing removed from eBay - apparently it was reported by Sky Media. There is no real reason as to why the item has been removed just that 'please not (sic) that this item is not allowed on our site.' and 'for more information read the help pages or contact Sky directly.' The item in question was a Now TV Sky Cinema pass - I bought another couple of Now TV boxes before Christmas and didn't need the passes. As far as I'm aware the listing was compliant with eBay rules - item to be posted via Royal Mail, so not a 'digitally delivered item' or 'non-physical goods'. I believe Now TV is a subsidiary company of Sky - but they don't own it directly? The link to contact Sky and for more information is: https://business.sky.com/fighting-fraud/ when you look at this it only mentions Sky Sports, about illegal use of Sky Sports programming and Unauthorised foreign broadcasts - nothing to do with what I was selling. I believe when listings are removed like this it is because the company concerned are a member of eBay VeRO - 'Verified Rights Owner' programme or something. I've read in the past that companies basically abuse this, eBay remove all listings that they report which could be for a multitude of reasons. On the list of VeRO members (UK is toward the bottom of the page) I can't see Sky listed http://vero.ebay.com/ I hate such bullying by large companies - I've spent a while on live chat to eBay but they are adamant that I need to contact Sky and that 'if Sky allow me to sell the item, I can pass the communication onto them'. They won't give me a copy of the report, a specific number to call for eBay listing removals - nothing. It feels very much like a big bully boy company (Sky) dictating an item can't be sold to another large multinational (eBay) who simply bow to them - no mistakes, no appeals etc. What can I do? Has anyone had this issue before? Please help.. Thanks in advance..
  15. Hi, and thank you in advance for any help and guidance on this matter. I requested a cca from Lowell regarding a debt of £9000 (which consists of mainly interest charges) from very catalogue. They eventually returned an in signed agreement that has discrepancies on. There appears to be 2 different dates they state the account was opened, one is 07/12/2008 and an alleged credit agreement with an electronic tick for my signature dated 29/06/2011 The total debt is for £9,000.38 Of which £6,434.63 is made up of interest. I am wondering what my next step is, do I contact shop direct about discrepancies or Lowell ( who are demanding full payment or they are sending the debt to the collections department). I have a neurological disorder which hinders my thinking process and mobility and I have been classed as disabled because of it. I find the constant texting and phone calls disturbing ( I had written asking for all correspondence to be delt with by way of letter when I asked for the cca as my speak is slurred ) As I am unable to work due to my disability the funds would not be available to pay the disputed debt. Would I need to request a sar at all? They have placed the debt onto my credit score now as being in default. Sorry for the long post (trust me this has taken far longer to type than it has for you to read it Once again thank you in advance for any advice given
  16. Hello I am due to apply for the British Citizenship. I was caught using Freedom pass by TFl. Tfl did not prosecute me, my case was settled out of court. Question 1: does that amount to an "out of court disposal" because I am soon applying for the British Citizenship and I need to know whether I need to wait 3 years since the incident. If it was "an out of court disposal" I have to wait when 3 years will pass in order for my application to go through successfully. Question 2: does Tfl inform the Police of this? Freedom pass is a serious offence ;( because the Home Office will carry out checks with the Police as well. In the naturalisation application it is mentioned: "A non-custodial offence or other out of court disposal that is recorded on a person’s criminal record" ... and "Application will normally be refused if the conviction occurred in the last 3 years." No other offences apart from this incident. Kind regards, B.
  17. Hi all Got a letter from OPUS saying they were increasing my rate by 6% and using the reason "Pass Through Amounts" increase (PTI). Havent got a problem with that as we already pay the CCL etc so figured it was another one of those, however upon checking the bill there is no separate PTI stated, its just a set 6% increase on rates. I have checked the T&Cs and it states they can increase 2 ways. First, they can increase if the cost of the supply is more than the contracted rate. However this doesnt apply. Second, they can increase if due to a rise in the PT Amounts. However shouldnt PTA be separated on the invoice, ie like the CCL? To me it just looks like a rise for nothing? I have queried this again with them as my first dispute re this was before I got the invoice and then I was told it would be listed separately. Now I have the invoice I want proof this is a PTI. Anyone else had similar issues and am I right in challenging this? They have a clause stating that I can cancel my contract if they rise in breach of clause 8.1, ie if the cost of supply is more than the contract rate. Thx
  18. Hi everybody, I was caught in early November using my father's freedom Pass in the middle of my return journey (I used the Undeground zone 1- travelling to zone 4) I stayed with the lady Revenue inspector around 30 min and she took all the details needed against me in the court (is the station where you are going near your house, how tall I am, what I am wearing...). At the end: she gave me to read the following written in a small paper: “You do not have to say anything. But, it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.” She took all the correct answers except how many times I have used the Pass. I said just once (and how stupid I was, I said...you have camera..something like that). Few days later I got a letter from TFL to explain/give comments. Thank you so much for your help through this forum, I read few threads and I responded back with an apology letter + my supported documents + offer to pay the reasonable costs. However I said "I have not done so before" in the letter. Few days later, I got another letter saying: " ............. ............... In relation to your actions you state "I have not done so before". I have analysed the recent travel usage on the Freedom Pass withdrawn from you. The pattern of usage would appear to indicate that the incident was not a one-off. This is of concern to TFL. As it currently stands TFL do not wish to accept your offer of a payment as a closure to the matter. I must point out that legal proceedings may still be taken against you. ..................... Firstname Lastname Investigator/prosecutor" OK, now it is true that I used same time and days on more occasions. but I did not confess that. Did they use CCTV to prove against me for the previous ones please? This is my first time I was caught, I regret my actions. I have a clean record so far and I am just now aware that what I have done is a very serious matter that leads to a criminal record, I really didn't know before. I am so scared and can't stop thinking about the matter. I am looking for a job but I can't concentrate properly, already graduated but got visa problems to start work before. I want to avoid criminal record please. I got that letter around 20 days ago but I didn't respond back, 1) do you know what shall I do please? Shall I contact the person dealing with my case, shall I be honest in everything? or shall I just wait for their response? 2) If the option is to contact the person dealing with my case, what shall i say to him/her please? I know I will be trembling answering any questions.. .i don't like to make my case worse as well. ..give some evidence against me. How long does it take for TFL to prosecute someone please? 3) Is it another big mistake to lie via correspondence. Shall I have to rectify my double mistake by calling the concerned person or via post (in case I need it later at court). I know credibility is important...well it is done now and what shall I do next please. I am really confused, as when contacting solicitors.. .some they said I have to wait for TFL response.. .some they said I have to react asap and try to settle out of court.. ..one he said I can not be your solicitor because I lied via correspondence (just frightening). I am very very sorry for my actions, I regret it and I didn't know the last bad consequences. I don't know the best thing to do and how and what to say. ..Is there any chance for my case to settle out of court please. Even though I am feeling that I am just waiting to get a summons to go to court. Thank you
  19. I was caught using my Dad's Freedom Pass end of November and it almost looks certain that TfL will prosecute me for doing so as they can probably build a strong case against me. Of course, I regret my actions and am hoping to find some assistance here to help minimise repercussions. Please have patience with me and read my story. I don't expect any sympathy as I know I am totally in the wrong, but I don't need any nasty unkind comments. So here is my story. [ The facts of the incident ] I beeped through the barriers and was called to the side by two undercover TfL officers, who requested that I show my ticket. Knowingly, that I used a fraudulent card, I produced a standard oyster card that I've not used for months. Of course they knew this wasn't the card I beeped in with. He checked the oyster and told me there was still credit on it, but hasn't been used or topped up for months. He asked me to produce the real card (Freedom Pass). I tried looking confused, but the officer wasn't going to be entertained and threatened that he would search me if I didn't cooperate. I handed over my Dad's Freedom pass and began to feel like distress coming on as the only thought running through my head was. .. 'the crap has finally hit the fan'. He told me he stopped me because abusing Freedom Passes was a high-risk target. He then goes on to take my details and ask a lot of questions and wrote it all down in his notebook. Most importantly... "Do you know that you've committed a serious offense?" - "I'm not really sure, I thought I could use it." "How did you obtain this card?" - "My dad wasn't using it and I thought I would borrow it." "How often have you used it?" - "I just started using it this week." "Today is Wed, so you've used it for a total of 3 days?" - "Yes, I guess so." "Are you sure? We can track the usage of the card and find out everything." - "Erm... Yes." "Where were you traveling from and where were you going?" - "I'm going home from work." After he finished asking me questions, he let me read through his notes to check if anything was different from what was said. I said it was fine. He then wanted me to sign and date it, but before doing so he said... "After I let you go, I want you to know that I am only giving you a caution. After you sign this, I will file a report and you will receive a letter about the event that has occurred. You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence. Anything you do say may be given in evidence, etc... Do you understand what I have just said to you?" Trying to get a moment to think about the situation, I asked him to repeat as I was under the feeling of duress I suppose. I answered "YES" and signed his notepad. He told me to exit the gates by one of the staff and I re-enter with the other oyster card as there was sufficient credit. [ Unsaid truths ] Obviously, I didn't have a clear head, being under pressure and scared... so I wasn't entirely truthful. When he asked how often I had used the card, I was thinking to lie in the hope that it wouldn't turn out more serious than I thought it surely would. I had thought that I hadn't been stopped before as I normally come and go at peak times when it's very busy (Piccadilly circus), so it would be difficult to go through all the CCTV and check who used the card. I stupidly thought it plausible that my Dad could have been using it up till the time I "said" I had started using it. In actual fact, I had been using it for 3 months(!) - yes, shame on me! There will obviously be a pattern for the last 3 months traveling between home and work. In a panic, I started reading up on cases on various forums (including CAG). I read somewhere that when an officer conducts an interview for facts, the statement of Right to Silence must be cited before the interview starts. * If the officer only did this at the end, like I mentioned... what bearing does that have on my case? [ Received a letter from TfL asking me to comment on the event ] So I received the standard letter and having read a few cases, it was advised to just grovel and beg for mercy... so I replied as follows: [[ Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to start by saying that I deeply regret my actions, which were completely out of character and as a result of stupidity. I had actually lost my oyster card that I normally use over the weekend. In the rush of leaving for work in the morning and without clearing thinking of the consequences, I foolishly picked up my father’s Freedom Pass in addition to a spare one I found lying around. I simply thought to use the Freedom pass temporarily until I’d gotten paid so I could buy a new monthly travelcard. I was not aware that it is a criminal offence to use someone else’s Freedom pass. I know now, there is no excuse or valid reason for using someone else’s pass and am deeply sorry for not travelling on public transport without a valid ticket. The whole situation has left me quite distraught and I would appreciate the opportunity to settle the matter without court proceedings to avoid even further stress, wasting everyone’s time and resources, and incurring further costs. I completely accept that I am in the wrong. This is my first offence and will certainly be the last! It is not a mistake I will ever be repeating. I humbly ask that you give me the opportunity to compensate TFL for reasonable costs/fine/fare in order to conclude the matter promptly. I am currently engaged to my fiance overseas, and would like to invite her over to get married on a visitor visa. I fear that any legal prosecution would greatly reduce our chances of getting accepted for the visa. ]] [ Reply from TfL ] TRAVEL IRREGULARITY Thank you for responding to our enquiry letter, your comments will be taken into consideration when reviewing this case. Please note it is the responsibility of a passenger to ensure they have a valid ticket... After examining the journey history obtained from the freedom pass, it is apparent that this was not a 'one off' incident. It is suspected that you have made more than 80 journeys, avoiding fares of over £400, this we see as an aggravating feature in your case. I must point out that legal proceedings may still be taken against you. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can assist you further. [ End of letter ] I've almost lost all hope of being able to settle out of court. To only thing I can think of is to try to appeal to the humanity of the investigating officer with my mitigating circumstances. I know I'm not angel, but I like to think I'm a fairly decent human being. I pay my taxes, had my fair share of hardships and could really do without this hanging over my head. To try and put across my frame of mind at the time, here is my personal story... [ Circumstances ] I quit my job as an IT professional about 2 years ago. Went to pursue a relationship and take a break from work, and do some traveling. Relationship didn't work out and it's 6 months since I've been working. Feeling really down, and a million miles from home in the country I was born, I visited distant relatives for a little support. I met someone through introduction and we hit it off so I was able to get over my last failed relationship. We are now engaged and are planning a future together. I've been living off my savings for almost 2 years. I was practically living, counting the pennies for the 6 months I had been back in UK and looking for work. It is quite difficult getting back into things after such a long break. I chose not to go on Job Seeker allowance which is a particular drain on taxes. I grit my teeth hoping that I'd find a job any day. So up til this incident, I've been working in a new job for 3 months. Slowly trying to save money to be able to bring my other half here so we can be married and start a life together. Right about the time I just started my job, my Dad offers to let me use his freedom pass!!! Oh how I wish right now he didn't tempt me... I had always paid my travel costs as any good citizen would. He argued that it would help save costs and aid in my efforts to bring my other half over (requiring financial support). My Dad has no clue of legal stuff so didn't know the complications in their entirety when giving me his freedom pass. I knew it wasn't right to use it, but thought to myself - "How bad could it be? A slap on the wrist, a fine, and repay the cost of travels that I evaded. " I had no clue whatsoever, that it could result in a criminal offense and would certainly refused his offer had I known. I've not seen my other half for almost a year and it's quite difficult on us both. This is really the last thing I need in the world and certainly won't reflect well, when applying for a VISA for other half to come here as I would have to sponsor and be financially accountable for. I am trying desperately to build a good supporting case for VISA approval. [ and closing... ] Thank you for reading my story and I hope some of you may be able to offer some guidance on what to do next. I am dreading the day I get a court summons...
  20. Hi Bakatcha, The reason why I am contacting you is connected with my own dilemma with INGEUS!! I have been out of work for sometime & it's tough. The job centre has placed me on a mandatory work program with INGEUS & sadly it's lasted longer than expected. My advisor is using unorthodox ways to find work for me and somewhat intrusive. My advisor thinks it's a good idea if he watches me use the computer when I search/apply for jobs and he also wants me to possibly visit INGEUS on a daily basis. He also thinks it's a good idea if he applies for vacancies without me performing this task and I strongly disagree with that! He even suggested that I sit down with him & log onto my email account so he can check all the jobs I apply for each week, unacceptable in my opinion and I wondered what you make of this.
  21. Hi I read the forum and could not find a similar post, therefore decided to post myself. A year ago I was caught using my friends Freedom Pass in the underground and was given a caution by the Inspector to remain quiet and give my personal details. Two weeks later I received a letter from TFL inviting me to attend a PACE interview under caution with TFL prosecutors, and due to exceptional circumstances the case was settled out of court and I had to pay a hefty fine. During the interview under PACE caution i admit using the freedom pass on more occasions and showed my remoteness and great regret as well as shame. Even though my case did not go as far as court, i am still concerned whether I will be on any records - PNC, DBS and CRB? This is my only concern which delays going ahead with the application for the naturalisation. I contacted a lawyer and I was told that I may still be on any records even though the case was settled out of the court. I contacted 2 lawyers and each of them said a different outcome, one said I will come up on records regardless of the out of court settlement and the other lawyer said as it was an out of court settlement I will not be on any records. I have made an effort contacting lawyers yet there is no clarity on this issue at all, therefore i am turning to this forum for any help and advice that may bring some clarity. 1. Can you please tell me if I may be on any records? 2. Is there a way how I could find this out myself if I am on any records? 3. I understand that the application for the naturalisation will be taken very seriously and any past caution may affect my application, does anyone have had a similar issue? 4. I suppose Home Office would see any type of caution and misuse of Freedom Pass as a bad character?
  22. First of all, I feel so ashamed of what I have done, I have developed a massive anxiety issue and am finding it hard to eat and sleep, let alone step foot on public transport. Im absolutely terrified of what might happen so any help will be truly appreciated. I graduated from University two years ago, although getting good grades I have struggled to find a job, I'm in massive debt and am still stuck in my overdraft. Despite this I plan on working and taking a masters so I can proceed with a career. Im also doing fundraising for charity which I love, and need to travel to other countries to complete my sponsorship. I know if I get a criminal conviction all this will end and my life will be over. Im so upset, please help me. So ill start from the beginning. My boyfriend has epilepsy and has a freedom pass which he never uses I started to borrow it about 5 months ago, although I didnt quite realise how bad it would be if I got caught. I also carried around a normal oyster card for the days when he would need it. I entered the underground and swiped his pass, when I got off the tube I was stopped by the officer, when he asked to see my card I then gave him the normal oyster. He said it was invalid, in minus credit and had not been used for several weeks. He took my details, card, where I got on the tube, and asked how I got on. I just said I walked through. I couldn't even understand what he was saying and had a full blown panic attack. I do suffer badly from asthma and did forget to take my medication in the morning which led to me feeling light headed and short of breath which really didnt help. I have now got a letter from TFL asking if I want to make any comment on the situation and that I could be summoned to court and face a criminal record. I have never done anything wrong in my entire life and always try to help others. I don't believe how stupid I have been and it now looks like I have destroyed my life by doing what seemed like such a small thing! Once again, Im so scared of what might happen and Im such an idiot! Please help me x
  23. Controversial plans to tighten rules on trade union strike ballots in Britain have passed their first Commons hurdle despite fierce Labour criticism. MPs backed the Trade Union Bill, which proposes higher voting thresholds for ballots, by 33 votes at second reading. Business Secretary Sajid Javid said the bill was "not a declaration of war" against unions but necessary to stop "endless" threats of industrial action. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-34241810
  24. Hi, Just wondering if this was allowed... I am currently paying £10.55 to Lowell Group which is due to finish soon, now I got a letter from Bryan Carter which brought from Lowell Group for completely different debt saying they're accepting the offer for me to pay £10.55 and D/D was set up to take 1st payment in May.. Now I know I never arranged or asked Bryan Carter to set up D/D or even offered to pay £10.55 a month (Don't get me wrong, I'm willingly to pay that..) so are Lowell allowed to pass on my bank details to another company without my permission? I know for sure I never made no arrangement with B/C - only to L/G So 2 different debt.. And same amount of money to repay (£10.55) something isn't right is it?? Many thanks, Juniper.
  25. Hi All, Like all those before me, I'd like to say this site has been very useful. I was stopped/caught using an oyster nominee card I found - I have used it for a few weeks. To start off with, I know I am in the wrong - much like a few people here, my reasoning behind this was financial (or lack of finances) driven. To be more specific, I have been without an income for a couple of months and at the same time have been paying medical bills (Cancer) for my dad. I have started a new job, and getting a (criminal) record would not only be detrimental but actually stop me getting any future employment in my role (note I have just started a career/working life). Note also: this is my first mistake. I don't know what to do - and even though money is extremely tight - I am considering getting a (payday) loan so I can get/talk to a solicitor. I received the 1st letter giving me 10days to present my case/supporting comments etc. What should I do? In the worse case and I do get a record - is it a "full" criminal record or a "civil" record? (i seem to recall someone writing here there is a difference...) how long would this last/does it get erased? Many thanks for any help/advice
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