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  1. Well, that looks like a request for personal financial information. IS there somewhere I could aim it at just to get driving records? Thanks.
  2. Ok, found it. I´m a dummy. Thanks
  3. No, I haven´t. How do I do that? And, why Glasgow? Do they hold different information than Swansea? Thanks.
  4. Done loads of googling, read loads of threads, still no definitive answer, clutching at straws DVLA claim to have no record of me passing my HGV 2, with the Army, back in ´76. As such, they refuse to give me a licence with Cat C on it. I worked for three firms in Lancaster over a period of ten years, they have all disappeared so no records available from them. After that I moved on to other things and didn´t drive HGV any more. This was back in the day when the HGV licence was separate from car licence in that it was a separate booklet. I recently came back from Spain after 13 years and decided to reapply for my HGV 2. Duly sent off the correct forms and DVLA sent back a provisional Cat C! I mean, WTF? Phoned em up and DVLA has passed the buck to me saying that it´s up to me to prove I had a licence, not for them to find it for me. I have a form to send off to the Army seeing if I can get info but not holding out much hope tbh. Others have tried and failed. I have a 42k a year job waiting for me, DCPC and digcard, but no licence, dammit. Have any others found a way to sort this out? It´s put a huge downer on, well, everything really. Thanks
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