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  1. Paramedics to be given body cameras to protect them from abuse READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/paramedics-to-be-given-body-cameras-to-protect-them-from-abuse
  2. Hi All, I am looking for some experience or advice from anyone around cardonebanking. I set-up my business with them back in July and although their charges are high, they have been reasonable enough. Today I have been informed by their customer services team my account has been closed due to 'ATM Abuse' and must transfer the funds to another account. They have stated I have commited no actual fraud but they received a fraud flag from a card processor company on Tuesday 13th March. On this day, I had issues with an ATM which I tried on 3 occasions but there was a dispenser issues and the money come out. I subsequently, withdraw money from a halifax ATM some 30 minutes later. I just can;t get my head around how they can juse close my account with no reason. It will be an absolute pain to transfer business accounts and now my invoices are now held up as can't pay it in. Can anyone offer any advice, it just seems the worst customer service ever. I feel so helpless. Thanks, Willo53
  3. Survivors of domestic abuse now able to vote anonymously READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/survivors-of-domestic-abuse-now-able-to-vote-anonymously
  4. Three weeks ago I got notification that my wife would not be entitled to claim for carers allowance because and at that time of the decision we were not in receipt of the disability benefits, in my case PIP. Can I ask for a mandatory decision on this now as PIP has been awarded and backdated to November 2016, and would now meet the crtieria not met a few weeks back, any help as always would be appreciated. SF
  5. Armed forces domestic abuse: where to get help READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/armed-forces-domestic-abuse-where-to-get-help The above link leads you to this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/armed-forces-domestic-abuse-where-to-get-help/armed-forces-domestic-abuse-where-to-get-help
  6. Sexual abuse of cadets 'was covered up by officials who urged victims not to tell police' READ MORE HERE: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/07/04/sexual-abuse-cadets-covered-officials-urged-victims-not-tell/
  7. Hi its a while since I have been on the CAG site and that was for bank charges and PPI claims I now find myself with a report from the care home in my hand with the opening line SR sustained physical abuse and neglect of which all have been substantiated any one out there can help with the next stage as i feel that I owe it to my mum to fight for her we moved her from this home and within ten days she passed away after the other home broke her foot and she was hospitalized. she couldnt move herself in bed or in a special chair any good lawyers be able to help me please. not sure if this is in right section for this
  8. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/support-within-the-royal-air-force-community-for-those-affected-by-domestic-abuse
  9. Good evening. I am a newbie so be gentle with me please. Parked in a near empty pub car park in September with my 86 year old father in law to take him to the bank and for some lunch. The signs were very officious and said permission of the landlord of the public house. The pub is empty. We were gone maybe 40 mins on return found a parking ticket on the window and a large gentleman in a very small van with "parking control" on the side watching and grinning. I asked him why I had been given a ticket he said because I wasn't showing a valid permit. What and where do I get one of those? You cant it's parking for the Co-op (nextdoor). The other cars aren't displaying permits. Yes they are! Where? Here on the dash (pointing). Two out of seven had " permits" which were black "P"'s printed on a piece of paper - one had been written in black biro on an old envelope. Not happy! Appealed in a couple of days in writing to UKCPS heard nothing till the 20th of December when I was sent a final demand letter for £100 to be paid within fourteen days or court action will be taken. I called and spoke to a very aggressive rude lady who told me they had sent a letter turning down my appeal and I had not responded. I never received a letter. She said it was my fault I had not received it and that I should "pay up or else"! I finished the call. I then sent a letter to the only Director of UKCPS a Mr Deegan to his home address stating the way I had been treated and asked him to sort this mess out. I sent it by post to be signed for and traceable. The post office could not get a signature and left a card. Where now please?
  10. Hi, I've had a listing removed from eBay - apparently it was reported by Sky Media. There is no real reason as to why the item has been removed just that 'please not (sic) that this item is not allowed on our site.' and 'for more information read the help pages or contact Sky directly.' The item in question was a Now TV Sky Cinema pass - I bought another couple of Now TV boxes before Christmas and didn't need the passes. As far as I'm aware the listing was compliant with eBay rules - item to be posted via Royal Mail, so not a 'digitally delivered item' or 'non-physical goods'. I believe Now TV is a subsidiary company of Sky - but they don't own it directly? The link to contact Sky and for more information is: https://business.sky.com/fighting-fraud/ when you look at this it only mentions Sky Sports, about illegal use of Sky Sports programming and Unauthorised foreign broadcasts - nothing to do with what I was selling. I believe when listings are removed like this it is because the company concerned are a member of eBay VeRO - 'Verified Rights Owner' programme or something. I've read in the past that companies basically abuse this, eBay remove all listings that they report which could be for a multitude of reasons. On the list of VeRO members (UK is toward the bottom of the page) I can't see Sky listed http://vero.ebay.com/ I hate such bullying by large companies - I've spent a while on live chat to eBay but they are adamant that I need to contact Sky and that 'if Sky allow me to sell the item, I can pass the communication onto them'. They won't give me a copy of the report, a specific number to call for eBay listing removals - nothing. It feels very much like a big bully boy company (Sky) dictating an item can't be sold to another large multinational (eBay) who simply bow to them - no mistakes, no appeals etc. What can I do? Has anyone had this issue before? Please help.. Thanks in advance..
  11. Armed forces domestic abuse: worldwide support Information for armed forces personnel and their families who are stationed overseas. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/armed-forces-domestic-abuse-worldwide-support
  12. I have been a Vodafone customer since 2003. Back in September 2015 I asked Vodafone to change my direct debit to another account (apparently they have a record of the request on my account notes). The other day whilst trying to set up new mobile phone account for my 11 year old daughter with another provider my application was turned down following a credit check. I have never had a credit problem so signed up with Equifax to see what was going on It appears Vodafone failed to set up the d/d and consequently my account has been in arrears for several months. At no stage did they contact me to notify me of the situation - clearly that would be too difficult for a mobile phone company! I immediately called up Vodafone, cleared the o/s balance and set up a new direct debit. I asked for the credit file to be cleared. Apparently they will not do this because it is 3 months in arrears. To cut a long story short ( hours on the phone hanging on etc) I have made a formal complaint through one of their customer reps...made so much harder as you cannot do it through their web site - currently undergoing some modification - either that or they can't cope with the volume of complaints. In making the complaint I have advised them that I will begin legal proceedings against them unless I hear back from them within the 5 days that they promise. I have also made a Subject Access Request and have begun the process of complaining to the Information Commissioner – Vodafone are in breach of Principle 1 of the code of practice set up “Principles for the Reporting of Arrears, Arrangements and Defaults at Credit Reference Agencies” agreed with credit industry and the Information Commissioner i.e. Principle 1 is: Data thatis reported on your credit file must be FAIR accurate, consistent, complete and up to date. Given the appalling customer services people have come to expect fromVodafone, I do not expect to hear back on my formal complaint any time soon. I have drafted the LBA to kick off the MCOL process for damages in respect of my financial reputation due to their negligence, my time, extra expense etc Is there anything else I can do? Comments appreciated
  13. I have a legal document which gives me authority to deal with any and all of my disabled son's financial affairs. Lloyds TSB denied having seen the document but I have proof they knew about it following an unrelated incident some years earlier. Without my knowledge or permisson they mis-sold my son various insurances, let him overdraw his account and lent him THREE loans. The second loan to pay off the first and the third loan to pay off the second. In all, they are charging him a monthly fee for the privilege of having overdraft, charges for unauthorised overdraft, charges for the loans and other fees. He is due them anout £12,500. Due to some of his medical problems, insurance bears a loading of 75% ! (They STILL relished forcing him to take!) After much complaining, the admitted the mis-selling and gave full refund of all the insurances and token compensation. (I got them to give another 50% after further complaints about their incompetence.) HOWEVER, notwithstanding their admission of mis-selling, they refuse to admit the overdrafts and loans were mis-sold! Even more astounding, the Financial Ombudsman is letting them get away with it! No wonder the net is full of allegations about The FO being corrupt ALSO! Any ideas what avenue to go down to force these EVIL people to admit full responsibility? My Member of Parliament is now involved and I intend to advertise these EVIL acts in every forum and elsewhere on the net. I will explore the possibility of contacting the press and television. It is SO blatant and yet they reckon they have got away with it! NO EWAY, EVIL, INCOMPETENT LLOYDS, YOU ARE GOING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Hi Guys, Please can someone offer some advice . . . My daughter has recently changed jobs and for the first month or two everything has been brilliant for her, however the new rosta has been distributed to the work force and now there's mayhem! She is contracted to work 40 hours, monday-friday, however they've now introduced Sat 5pm-8am and Sun 5pm-11am into her working week and with no extra pay! i've asked her to send me copies of her CoE but on first raising her alarm at the new shift pattern she was told that she is salaried and not paid by the hour . . . for someone on minimum wage I think that stinks, however, until I see the CoE i'll give them the benefit. My take on employment law is the working week should be 37.5 hours and in those instances where an employee is expected to work longer they have to sign a waiver allowing them to do it . . . I've had to do that previously in my working life . . . Can anyone please shed some legal life on my daughters dilemma . . . thanks
  15. Hi, I hope this is coherent and someone will be able to help with some advice that I can pass on. Sorry if it gets complicated! my aunt has a mortgage with the infamous Kensington mortgage company, but fell into arrears whilst seriously ill abroad with Breast Cancer and then secondary complication of Tuberculosis, Kensington were aware of her illness. Long story short an Eviction was scheduled. A month before the pending eviction when aunt was informed, she made contact with kensington and sent Income and expenditure form, a proposed repayment plan, and proof that she was indeed ill abroad in hospital (2 medical certificates). This group of documentation was sent on 3 separate occasions, when she called Kensington from her hospital to confirm their receivership, they would ask her to send it again, claiming they didn't receive one of the documents. During this time she made 3 separate payments to pay the arrears of about £3000, clearing half of the arrears. After continuous phone conversations with Kensington, they had finally confirmed that they had received the documents after she complained that she had sent them multiple times and had proof of this, they informed her that they were satisfied with the documents, and proposed repayment plan and would meet with the management team to discuss and come to a decision and inform her of this. Aunt phoned Kensington the day before the eviction and they still hadn't come to a decision, so asked her to call the next day. (Eviction scheduled for 11am) Now on the next day, she called as soon as the call centre opened and finally got through to an adviser around 10am who informed her that they had decided the only way to cancel the scheduled eviction was for her to pay one monthly instalment + the proposed monthly £100 to clear the arrears before 11 from her own UK bank account. (Previous payments whilst she was ill were either from her daughters account, which she informed Kensington of, or paid into Kensington's account through the bank counter). So aunt's bank account has to reactivate her bank account which was dormant due to her being ill out of the country for so long, transfer her funds into that account, and money was paid into Kensington's account at 10:40am. They claim that it reached their account at 20 past 11. Now her son drove to the property around 10:55 and saw that the bailiffs were already there before 11am and front door was open. Kensington released the telephone attendance note from their solicitor to the bailiff, which is timed at 10:45 AM, and says- "He said they are already there and they have looked at the property and there doesn't seem to be any response from anyone inside. He said they have looked inside and borrower may be a hoarder. He said they went to the back of the property and it is filled with rubbish from top to bottom. He said they will go inside and see what happens but said it might be difficult to get inside as he suspects the door may be blocked (due to hoarding) but will let us know what happens" A few notes about the house, it's fitted with curtains curtains at every window, so anything on the inside is not visible from the outside. Property has a garden gate, with back entrance to house (conservatory), Conservatory is used as a storage room so contains multiple boxes and bags, however has floor to ceiling windows so anything inside couldn't be seen from outside. you'd have to be inside the house to see what was inside. Is there anything that can be done with regard to the bailiffs entering the property earlier than 11am, or even breaking open the gate and entering the garden before 11am (i.e. trespassing?) Also in regard to Kensington only deciding to inform my aunt of the payment to cancel the eviction 1 hour before the scheduled eviction, can anything be done about that? Is that an oppressive act? She is planning to apply to the court for a re-entry Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. If anyone has any advice please help, I feel terrible for her as she has been so severely sick and we're trying to assist her as best we can, so would be very grateful for any advice anyone can give.
  16. It seems to me that this site is negatively impacted by the whims of staff personal prejudices. Here is seems to be a prime example: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?449234-Chinese-economy-worrying-! Conniff makes a blatantly offensive remark (it seems to me), which was apparently quite rightly challenged (hard to tell as conniff unapproved it) and Conniff then deletes the post, and when further seemingly rightly challenged closes the thread. Very damaging and damning to the site it seems to me.
  17. First of all I want to say hello to everybody, im new here, and I registered because I hope someone could give me some advice. A couple of weeks ago I send a desktop pc to repair to the Curry's store located in Leyton, because my pc has a broken pci slot damaged from the graphic card slot, but it was still working, the only problem was that couldn't use a graphic card. After 14 days (the only day that they were in contact with me) they call me and say that the fault can't be repaired and that I can come back and pick it up with a refund (90£). They gave the refund and the pc, but yesterday I tried to connect my pc and it wasnt working. I went, again for the 3rd time, to the store to ask what could be done, and they told me that they didnt even send the pc to the repair centre (14 days for that!) and the pc was always in the store. Obviously they told me that nobody touched it or use it without my presence, thing I dont know because the pc was working before I send it to the store, and now it isn't. I went again today, and they told me that nothing can be done, no refund, nothing. They took a 400£ pc with a fault in the graphic card and now its not even turning on. One of the guys even told me if I wanted to buy a new pc there, it's atrocious. I have contacted the customer service and the knowhow from the company but the didn't gave me any answer. They don't want to repair it or refund me, and the pc it's just a little than a year old. I was extremely angry and went out of the store cursing, which I shouldn't but I was out of my mind. I have send mail to the page citizen advice to see if they can give me more information. Sorry fot the long thread and thanks for any help.
  18. Edit....Sorry title should read: Removing one tenant from an agreement where violence and abuse is. I'm asking this question for a friend. A friend of my daughter is having to move out of a property that is in joint names with her husband, she has contacted the housing association (Sanctuary housing Shropshire) who have told her the only way she can get her name removed from the tenancy is to get her husband to sign and agree, well this can't happen as she is leaving because of violence and abuse towards her. She has already secured another private property for her and her children which her husband doesn't know about yet so can anyone tell me what she can do because there is no possibility of her husband signing to release her from the tenancy.
  19. Hi all, Does anyone have any ideas as to how this can be proved with the FOS? Adujactor has said it's a court matter.
  20. Received a claim from the CCBC for the aforementioned above. Acknowleged and entered one of andyorch,s defence's from on here. " Many thanks Andy". So ok so far. received N180 D/Q Filled in and sent copy's to CCBC and claimant. Received date for mediation 21st September. In the email conformation for the mediation hearing they ask me to put forward the strengths and weaknesses of my case. I am at a loss as how to respond to this. Any assistance would be greatfull espescialy andyorch if your available Thanks so much. Name of the Claimant Lowell portfolio I ltd Date of issue I have acknowleged and sent one of andyorch,s defence What is the claim for. THIS CLAIM IS FOR £450 THE AMOUNT DUE UNDER AN AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE ORIGINAL CREDITOR AND THE DEFENDANT TO PROVIDE FINANCE AND/OR SERVICES AND/GOODS. THIS DEBT WAS ASSIGNED TO/PURCHASED BY LOWEL PORTFOLIOL LTD. ON XX/XX/XXXX AND NOTICE SERVED PERSUANT TO THE LAW OF PROPERTY ACT 1925 PARTICULARS RE; HBOS A/C XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX AND THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS £ 450.00 THE CLAIMANT ALSO CLAIMS INTEREST PERSUANT TO S69 COUNTY COURT ACT 1984 FROM XX/XX/XXXX TO DATE AT 8% PER ANNUM AMOUNTING TO £33.02. What is the value of the claim? In the particulars of claim the sum alleged is £450, However the full claim is for £480+court fee £35 +sol cost £50= £533 Is the claim for a current or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? Basic Bank account. Cardcash When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? 2008 Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. Assigend as far as the particulars of claim goes, although I was not made aware of this. Also this Account was disputed to the original creditor. Received the usual response. then passed on to at least 4 different collection agencies, of all who responed to with a letter of account in dispute. Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? No, see above Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? No not that I am aware Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? Not heard anything until the County court claim Why did you cease payments:- Around 2009 Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? Yes. Not resolved by the bank and told to complain to the F.O.S Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt managementicon plan? No What you need to do now. Answer the questions above If you have not already done so – send a CCA1974 request to the claimant Sent at the time. Was told that current accounts not regulated by this act... Send a CPR31.14 request to the solicitor named on the claim form for copies of documents mentioned/implied within the claim form. There are two different versions - one for Loans/Credit cards the other for Current accounts Have done so. no response.
  21. If a used vehicle is sold to a police officer - do they have a right to expect better treatment and can they threaten you with their position if things go wrong ( or not their way?) Also, if this police officer turns out to have actually retired can they continue to inform you ''they are the police'' and you will be in big trouble if you don't do what they want. Would this be deemed as impersonating a police officer?
  22. From another forum but really worth repeating here. No one wants to take responsibility for the appalling cover-up of the sexual abuse of kids. On Sky News this morning the big boss of Doctor Barnardo's, Javed Khan, refused point blank to condemn anyone or say if anyone should either resign or be disciplined. In my eyes, this refusal makes him as guilty of the crimes as those that did it, covered it up or shoved it under the carpet. Perhaps it's he who should resign. I do agree with what some of the papers are saying that Political Correctness played a big part in the inaction or failure to act. How many of us are scared out of our wits to say anything against an immigrant or any foreigner for that matter, as we will automatically be classed as racist. It's time this political correctness cr@p ended and we were able to call a spade a spade. Link
  23. Hi, I was living with my parents from January this year, I had to go back as I had nowhere else to go. One of my parents has always been abusive to the other parent in a verbal and emotional way, however within a few months of moving in the parent ruined and humiliated the other parents birthday and was acting horribly towards the parent so I just kept myself to myself, stayed at my girlfriends house 3 nights a week and wasn't there much and didn't talk to the abusive parent. The abusive parent then proceeded to cut off my internet access, then kept threatening to cut my electric off in my bedroom, stole things from my room which they admitted to the other parent and because I wasn't talking to the abusive parent they threatened persistently to kick me out. Anyway, on Monday this week me and my partner were there and the abusive parent came home from work and we thought we would sit down and talk about the situation calmly and in a civil way, however the abusive parent immediately got aggressive and was shouting in my girlfriends face and almost went for her and wouldn't listen to what we had to say and he forced me out of the house and said I had to leave. Therefore, I am temporarily staying with my partner, although she lives in an extremely small private rented room and it's for single occupancy only and there isn't even washing/cooking facilities in there apart from a microwave and a tiny portable fridge and I can only stay there a few days or a week or so at the very most. I do not want to contact the local council where the abusive parent lives, my partner lives in a town around 16 miles away and that's where I am currently staying. My partner is a witness that I was forced to leave and a witness to the aggressive nature that the abusive abuser showed on Monday, also the other parent has told my partner of several events where they and myself have been threatened, blackmailed and verbally abused, my partner is willing to make a statement also. From advice I have been given that due to the fact I have suffered from domestic abuse I can approach any council I wish, is this true? I have also been advised to contact the police, I am reluctant due to the fact my other parent has been verbally and emotionally abused for years yet they accept it and won't do anything about it and I'm worried they will suffer more if i report it but I think it has to be done. I also have a lot of health issues so I'm very vulnerable if I am homeless. One council contacted me today and asked for the abusive parents phone number so they could phone them to confirm I had been asked to leave but surely this is wrong? A controlling domestic abuser will just say they haven't kicked me out because they won't want to let anyone know they have done wrong and my abusive parent always puts on a show and denies anything when confronted so what can I do? Thanks for your time.
  24. Hi I wonder if you can help, I think this forum is amazing and I would appreciate some advice please. Can a Respondent use the Henderson and Henderson argument of abuse of process (ie: you can't get a second bite of the cherry) if the claim was referred to before but only at a preliminary hearing and not in the ET1 but as a head of loss on the Schedule of Loss and was dismissed during the case management orders? (That claim went to a full hearing and I won the right to receive occupational sick pay instead of SSP.) At that first preliminary hearing the Judge told me to "put a claim in" when he heard that holiday pay was previously underpaid and this was a continuing occurence. However, the Respondent is relying on the word "dismissed" in their argument for getting the claim thrown out, even though the claim had not been advanced as it was during a preliminary hearing. (Something in my daze prevented me from telling that to the different Judge at the new preliminary hearing for holiday pay, as their barrister certainly didn't!) Also, the old schedule of loss only referred to statutory holiday pay, but I found that I was entitled to contractual holiday pay out of time to amend the ET1 (this entitlement was in my contract which I had not seen since 2002 but they disclosed it 2 days before the hearing) so I put in my new calculations in the new claim. So it is a new claim with different particulars and a different starting date and I only knew about the contractual benefits when I saw my whole contract 2 days before the first hearing during a late disclosure from the Respondent - which outlined the benefit that they had withheld since 2002. (I only got the occupational sick pay during the first hearing since it was on the ET1 as "unpaid sick pay" but at the time of filing I had only ever received SSP for some of the time I was off sick). Also, to explain why I had not seen my contract since 2002, I didn't have the need to as I liked my job, but they cut my hours recently - calling me a casual worker, which I disputed since I had regular hours for years. I hope this makes sense! Any advice (or reassurance would be great as I am representing myself). Many thanks in advance! PS: Extra information: At the first preliminary hearing the respondent pleaded” ”The Claimant's ET1 does not disclose any claim for holiday pay, whether by way of a wages claim or under the Working Times Regulations 1998. According such a claim is not before the Tribunal for determination". In response the Judge made the following Case Management order: "The claim for holiday pay appears only in the Schedule of Loss and is also unquantified. It was not included or referred to in her ET1 and is accordingly dismissed".
  25. If you are on twitter, facebook etc please pass this link on to get as many signatures as possible. https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/david-cameron-and-theresa-may-establish-a-national-inquiry-into-allegations-of-organised-child-abuse Hopefully if enough people get behind this, the government will agree to hold some form of inquiry, perhaps on the same basis as the recent one on Hillsborough, which was independent and not Judge led.
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