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  1. Hi, I'm new on here and could do with some help, please. 12 weeks ago my friend ordered some parts for a roof extension he was making. He was verbally promised that the parts would be with him within the week. He paid a 20% deposit at this point. 9 weeks later the parts arrived and he was happy with them. 2 weeks ago my friend received a voice message from the company threatening court action if he didn't pay up. He then wrote to them (recorded delivery) to request an invoice as he planned to pay. This weekend they eventually sent the invoice for the amount plus £185 Court fees and £20.31 interest. They claim that they previously sent him an invoice. There was no Letter Before Action or any mention of one (if this is important?) My friend feels that he hasn't done a thing wrong and doesn't feel that he has to pay the court fees or interest as all he ever wanted, and politely asked for, was an invoice. Please can I ask for some help? Does he have to complete the court form or can he just pay the fee he believes is owed? Thank you in advance. Here are the details of the claim: Received a claim? Yes Issue Date: 2-10-2014 Amount approx: £5079 Claimant: Roof Trusses Solicitor: A C Jones Original Credit: Particulars of Claim: We manufactured and supplied timber frame panels and roof trusses to Dolycoed, Dolfor, Newtown on 8th September 2014 on behalf of the defendants who had ordered these from us. Our invoice TF4-34647A for the balance of £4874.22 remains outstanding - this invoice should have been paid on delivery. Despite numerous requests for payment nothing has been forthcoming. Neither party are responding to voicemails, letters or emails. We are not aware of any reason why this has not been paid. Interest is now payable at a rate of 5% per month as per our conditions of Business/Sale which currently equates to £20.31 Stat Barred? No Have sent: Other Info: 12 weeks ago my friend ordered some parts for a roof extension he was making. He was verbally promised that the parts would be with him within the week. He paid a 20% deposit at this point. 9 weeks later the parts arrived and he was happy with them. 2 weeks ago my friend received a voice message from the company threatening court action if he didn't pay up. He then wrote to them (recorded delivery) to request an invoice as he planned to pay. This weekend they eventually sent the invoice for the amount plus £185 Court fees and £20.31 interest. They claim that they previously sent him an invoice. There was no Letter Before Action or any mention of one (if this is important?) My friend feels that he hasn't done a thing wrong and doesn't feel that he has to pay the court fees or interest as all he ever wanted, and politely asked for, was an invoice. Please can I ask for some help? Does he have to complete the court form or can he just pay the fee he believes is owed?
  2. My employer offers employees a payment if someone applies to work for the company on their recommendation, and the person they referred to the company stays with the company for a qualifying period. A colleague referred two people, and with each of those referrals she was told that the person applying hadn't put her details on their application form, which is a requirement to claim the reward. She knows as a fact that that's incorrect, because she witnessed the second referred person putting her details on their application form. I recently referred a friend, who accepted a position with my company. I've made multiple enquiries to confirm that I will be getting my payment if he stays with the company for the qualifying period. However, none of my emails have been replied to, and it feels like I'm being stonewalled (especially in light of my colleague's experience). Assuming that my friend remains with the company for the qualifying period and that the company doesn't give me the promised payment, what options do I have to recover the money?
  3. I have an old council tax debt, Rossendales are sending bailiffs to my friends address (I used this address several months ago to get my bank card delivered to as I was of NFA at the time). My friend (whom I don't see that often) handed me a load of letters and told me that bailiffs are regularly knocking at her door demanding full payment, she is worried they'll come in and take all her stuff (which surely can't be legal?). The letters they've sent me are rather confusing, they claim I owe two debts to a local council, one for approx 120 and another for approx 240, the first few letters added £75 to both debts (to the same council, same old address), added £235 to both debts making the total payable over £700. I have nowhere near that amount lying around to pay them and get them off my friends back. More recently they sent another letter regarding the 120 debt and nothing else, they seem to have removed the £235 fee and the total is less than £200 nothing regarding the other 240 (or whatever I apparently still owe to the same council). What's the best way to get them to stop knocking at my friends house? Also, as they've been handed the wrong address by MY BANK , they've been unable to contact me so how can they legally claim fees if they're knowing harassing someone who has nothing to do with the debt in question? I did call them a few weeks ago when they demanded £700 they said I would have to call the "bailiff" directly and he'll want payment in full so I never bothered 1) I don't have it, and 2) I'm not paying a £235 fee (twice + £75*2) even if I did have it), they could have phoned me but instead they'd rather send bailiffs/letters to an address I've told them I don't even live at. I am not sure what my best course of action is, I would rather pay the council directly I've heard they will refuse payment and tell me to deal with Rossendales, I would deal with them but I am not paying a £235 fee out of principle (and certainly not twice). For some confusing reason however, the most recently letter does not include the £235 I have no idea what's going on. I was going to email them and ask but they'd likely take days to respond so I'd rather ask here first. I would also like to know how they even got this address? The only thing I used my friend's address for was to get a card delivered from my bank, so my own bank just gave an address away to a 3rd party company? How is that even legal? Do all banks do this?
  4. This is a picture of something growing which has sprung up in a pot we planted an olive tree in and we didn't plant it. It grows at a grand rate of knots and what you see has grown in about 2-3 weeks. Anyone know what it is and what I ought to do with it? Will it flower? spread like knot-weed? eat someone? What? Thanks
  5. Hi, I am writing this on behalf of a disabled friend, who has received a Parking Charge Notice through the post from Civil Enforcement, mid last week, around the 26th of Feb. Some info: Date of infringement: 15th Feb 2018 Issue Date 22nd Feb 2018 Date Received 26th or 27th Feb 2018 No photo evidence mentioned, but possibly auto cameras. Cannot see any Section 4 mention on the letter. Just says Maximum Parking Allowance Exceeded. Not appealed yet, we will, and I will detail in a moment what we are thinking to say. Parking Company is Civil Enforcement Spinning Gate, Leigh. Says they have appeal procedure, and if unsuccessful, then Popla. So most importantly, the car park in question is shared by Cineworld, Tesco, and several other food chains such as Frankie and Benny's. The entire car park has a 3 hour parking time limit. We were parked at the side of the cinema, and during the 6 hours we stayed, we went into Tesco, and into their restaurant, and stayed well in excess of an hour as the disabled person was not feeling well (Primarily pain). Once she recovered sufficiently well, we then shopped in Tesco for around 45 minutes to shop. After that we attended a screening of the new Black Panther film. We went into the cinema early so that the disabled person could sit a while. This was around 45 minutes, including purchasing tickets, and getting sweets. We then watched the film, which has a running time of 2 hours and 14 minutes, but including trailers and advertising was closer to 3 hours, for the film alone. As such the film alone would have taken much more than the three hours allowed, inclusive of obtaining tickets, food and seeing the entire film, so on the basis of this, we would have incurred a parking charge, simply for attending the film at the cinema and parking in their car park! Given my friend is disabled, I thought to provide proof of her disability, with a copy of her blue badge, numbers redacted. The letter they have sent already has her name and address in full so they know who drove, and she is the sole driver. I also intended to provide a photocopy of the cinema ticket to prove our attendance. This and a covering appeal letter stating exactly what I have written here. Should we appeal? I figured CE will just decline it anyway, and likely Popla too. What happened if it is declined, and we don't pay? Surely if they took her to court they would lose, simply based on the fact we were parked to see a film in their car park, and in order to see that film we would have to be there longer than 3 hours, or miss the end of the film Given the person being claimed against is disabled, obviously she is slow to move around, and needs a lot of help and support. She is naturally very upset about all this absurdity. Any advice on how to proceed would be most welcome. Thank you.
  6. Good Morning all, I was wondering if someone could offer me some advice with an issue I have with a former friend. Back in 2012 my friend (who is extremely wealthy) gave me 2k to help me out with some serious issues I was having with debt collectors, he wanted to be more than friends shall we say and to this end he gave me another 2k early 2013 and another 2k late 2013 by way of bank deposits. I understood at the time that these were gifts and no verbal or written contract was drawn up. Once he realised that I was not that way inclined / spurned his advances, he started to get nasty and demanded the last payment he made to me to be paid back to him (which I had no means of doing) I was in a position to start to pay this money back in 2015 by way of monthly payments into his bank account after he started to hassle me, and have now cleared the money he originally wanted so stopped the regular payments. Trouble is he has started to to text me and ask for the payments to continue otherwise he will take me to court....... I can no longer continue to be held over a barrel whilst he demands payments from me as I have a small income and a large family to feed. When if ever will he stop to ask me for money ? Please let me know your thoughts and if indeed he could take me to court and obtain a CCJ The other option of giving up my will to him is unthinkable, I just want this guy out of my life Please help
  7. Earlier in January a work colleague of mine who took my vehicle out for a lunch break got me into a bit of a trouble as I found out he had gone to park illegally in a private residence in the city of Edinburgh. The letter from the parking Company, a parking charge notice stated emphatically 'to keeper', they wanted to know the driver and I guess at this point I should have hesitated a bit, I wrote to the parking Company giving them the name of my colleague and asked them to address him with any further issues, I did sign the letter to that effect. I was even more shocked that DVLA could easily give out my private information with such wanton disregard to privacy. Problem is, this guy has moved to Canada and married there and rarely stays in touch, his sister called me up couple of days ago saying there have now been two threatening letters sent to their address but in MY name asking whoever was driving to cough up firstly a 100 GBP parking fine, and suddenly a massive jump to 160 in the second letter,with no breakdown of charges or how they even got to that exhortbitant amount in the first place. Now, was I wrong to name the driver from the beginning, if he refused to play the game by paying, does this then come back to me by default. Where do I stand here if things escalated. I would upload a scanned copy of what the young woman sent me when I get home from work.
  8. Hi all, I have a lovely friend who made a naive mistake two weeks ago - she received a phone call from a 'very believable' fraudster who asked her for some info about her bank card to 'pass security', etc. Ultimately, on the Monday she lost £350. Even though she contacted her bank on the Monday, they are refusing to reimburse her. Please can I ask if she has any avenue to go down on this? Thank you.
  9. hi I am sorry if this is the wrong forum. My Daughter was in a "relationship" with someone and took out a bank loan for this person for £4000. The person has not paid any of the installments and now broken up the relationship. My Daughter has Mental health issues and has been hospitalised 4 times during this relationship and was very vulnerable. I am worried that she is now having to pay this loan back herself ( I know she is responsible to make the payments and she has been doing so) but I would like to know if she is able to do anything to get this money back or make the person pay the installments? I am concerned that she was coerced into taking the loan in some way....maybe a threat to end relationship? The only proof she has of giving the money to the other person is her bank statement as she transferred it electronically. I know this person has a partner who has a history of fraud and theft. Is it worth contacting the police......my Daughter has already had to contact them as she was being harassed by the person and her partner and has been warned not to contact my Daughter at all. She has since sent 3 texts which I will be reporting. Thanks for any advice
  10. Hi everyone. Im new here and need helpful factual advice for my situation if anyone can help please. The situation is this: In October 2016 a friend of mine needed help in buying a van for his business. We are good friends so I didn't hesitate to try to help out. I lent him the money to buy the van £2500 and at the time my brother said we should draw up a contract and he would sign as a witness. I was a bit embarrassed but my friend was good about it so we downloaded a contract online that said secured the loan on the van and if he was to fail to pay then I could repo the van after giving him 30 days notice to pay. My brother also insisted I registered the van in my name at the time so I have always been the registered keeper. It was a lump sum payment with no interest agreement. He said he would be able to pay in December so that was the understanding. December came but he couldn't pay. We spoke many times and it was always uncomfortable asking for payment back. He said he was down on his luck at the moment and hadn't got the contract he was looking for, He kept asking for more time, I gave him another month and still nothing. My brother said rather than keep asking him whenever I see him what I should do is write a letter to him so he could take it serious. I wrote a letter in February this year asking for payment. He replied to it explaining it was hard and couldn't pay yet but will be paying as soon as. I wrote again in April & then May. I know he is genuinely going through some tough times and he's always been good about letting me know whats happening. He wrote in his reply that he really was trying his best and to be patient. I really need the money to pay my debts and it's causing problems with my brother and other family members. He said the van needed some work and an MOT and he had secured a contract which would bring in the money so he could pay me back. I gave him another few weeks. He then called to say he had problems when he took the van in for an mot. I t failed on brakes and 1 light and the mot said they would see what the problem was and call him to say how much. He said they didn't call when he chased up a few days later they said they had finished and gave him a huge bill of £2500. He's disputing that with them right now and they have seized the van. I wrote to the garage to see of this was the situation and it was and I asked if they could negotiate and they said they were not willing to, it's the money or they hold the van. My brother said to write another letter to him giving him another 30 days to pay finally. I felt bad doing it but I did and he wrote saying he is trying to resolve the dispute but hes not sure how long it would take but no the garage was charging £20 a day storage and to give him more time. I threatened to repo the truck as I do absolutely need the money and I could sell the truck. He said to be patient and he hoped the dispute would be resolved by then. 30 days came and went so my brother said to write him a default notice and give him 14 days to pay. I did and he replied a few days later to the letter saying the dispute is still going on and his way out is to go to court because they refused the offer he gave them for whats reasonable for the job. He said he does.t want to make any more promises of payment and break them. He said he understands it's been a long time coming and as he cannot see a way out and his finances are totally shot. He said he cannot get a hold of the money to pay & he agrees to me taking the van and selling it to get back my money. He said not to bother taking him to court as he agrees he's broken the agreement and he really cant afford any more strains on his finance. He said he is happily giving the van back to me and will pay for my troubles when he is on his feet again & agrees to pay any shortfall. He explained he would have bought the van to me but because it's in dispute with the garage and they have the keys he can't just give me the van. I don't know what to do now or what my rights are if any as the garage won't give me the van neither. My brother said to just go down there and demand the van back showing them my agreement and logbook and he will drive it out. He's a bit of a hot head and I don't want to get anyone in trouble. To date I have not recieved a single penny in payment towards the van. So my question is, am I 100% within my rights to claim the van? Can I get the van back even though there is a dispute on money owing on it between my friend and the garage? Would I have to pay the amount the garage are charging in order to get the van back? That would be pointless as the garage wants the amount of money i'm trying to get back from the van. Finally if I can get the van then what is the legal way to do it considering the garage will obviously not want to hand over the van easily? All help is appreciated.
  11. Hi All A good friend of mine, charity worker and child who are school friends of my son has got a bit of a problem. A couple of weeks ago my friend and her family were on the way home when they were hit up the backside of the car buy a driver who was accelerating. The car my friends family were in was stationary. They were shunted forward about a foot the tail gate bumper and tow bar are damaged. Repairs are going to cost more than the car is worth but the car is driveable. The car is needed for hubbies work, he was the innocent driver, and to do fundraising for the charities they currently support. The driver that hit them insurance is dragging there heels about this. TBH its looking like the driver will get away with this and they will have to foot the bill or get a new car. The friends insurance is 3rd party after years of being fully comp. There insurance is not being to helpful either. As far as aware the at fault driver is insured as there insurance company has not said the policy number is not recognised or anything. My thoughts is what can they hurry the insurance along. My other thought is can they sue the driver personally via the small claims courts for the damage to the car if they do get away with it. I have suggested this but my friend seems to thing legal advise would be expensive
  12. Hi this is to do with Parking Eye On November 26, 2016 someone I know and his work mates attended their Christmas Party and parked in Pride Park Retail Park, Derby. He arrived at 18.36 and left at 22.18 according to the notice him and other work mates have got through the post. The letter shows his reg number, It does state Schedule 4 on the letter, they have all informed their boss about this as I am not sure he knew it was private land , are Parking Eye a legal parking company, I have read so many different stories about them so not sure if they have any rights? TIA Sandy xx
  13. Hi all. Very briefly, my friend worked for an employer last year who paid him by bank transfer and never gave him a pay slip. My friend resigned at Christmas and since then has sent letters to the employer asking for payment for 2 days worked, 2 days bank holiday pay and 2 days holiday pay. He has since asked me to help him make a claim against his ex-employer. Evidence-wise, we have this: Original advert in local paper Bank Statements showing 7 bank transfers made to my friend's bank account starting on 11.9.2015 and ending 18.12.2015 totalling £4718 Copies of letter and email sent to employer Proof of receipt of letter. He is owed money for the last 2 days he worked (21&22 December 2015), 2 days holiday pay and 2 days bank holiday pay. He works this out as £9 x 8 hours x 6 days=£432 Is this the correct amount or do we work out the Tax and NI he would have had deducted? (although his employer, apparently, never paid his NI or Tax) My question is, do you think that we have enough evidence to proceed? And, if so, is an LBA the next move, detailing the above information? Thank you in advance, B
  14. Is a McKenzie friend allowed to assist for a motoring summary offence in a magistrate court? I need to write a letter to court to be allowed a McKenzie friend and need help in writing one, any template please?
  15. I definitely will. Thank you, I just wanted to know if there was anything that I'm missing or not doing correctly. For example, what would happen if the court finds that my friend has totalled up the total owed slightly incorrectly, maybe out by £50 or so? Do they then act upon this, etc?
  16. Hi hope i have posted in right place. A friend of mine has a credit card with aqua card. He has been off work and can not afford to pay the monthly aqua card bill he phoned them to explain this and they was not very helpful at all. now he is wandering as he was paying his monthly statement with his debit card on line and it is saved on their web site can aqua card take money from his bank without his permission. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi I was wondering whether anyone would be able to give me some advice. A couple of years ago I allowed a friend to order a PS3 from my catalogue and they received this without any problems. However she then started struggling to pay and I gave her leeway. A few occasions since I tried to get the money owed but it was one excuse after another and me being quite soft I let her off and tried to give her time. Once she asked if I could pass her onto my catalogue and she could sort a payment plan out with them. However after speaking to my catalogue they said the account is in my name and I am responsible for the debt. Over the last few days I have tried to ask her to pay again and she again said I should pass her to the catalogue. When I told her that it was paid off some time ago and she owes the money to me she said she wouldn't be paying me and I should have sorted this out years ago. I was wondering where I said on this, obviously I have proof the PS3 was delivered to her address. Would I be able to raise a court action against her or something? Thanks for reading this
  18. Hello 1st post and I hope I'm posting in correct forum. if not could Mods please move post. The wife of a friend of mine has walked out a couple of weeks ago. Shes has walked away and left everything in limbo. Friend phoned the bank and arranged an appointment where they froze the joint account , opened a new account in his name only so he can have his wages paid in, pay bills / dd/so and mortgage etc Wife had a gym membership, He phoned the gym to tell them she had left, bank acc closed and they told him he was liable , so he set up new direct debit from new account and was going to pay. 1st payment from new account already been paid. Is he liable, can he cancel. any letter templates available Ideas or advice appreciated Many Thanks
  19. Hi All, new here but been a reader for years. This is complicated and im out of my depth. A couple of years ago my long time friend had problems with business and life, (approx 4 to 6 years ago.) His business went into liquidation and his marriage broke up all at the same time. He came to stay at my home for about 8 months while he sorted himself out emotionally having no where to go. When his business failed he had a personal guarantee for the overdraft on his business. ( this was a gray area for him because at the time he stated he wasnt sure if he did or not) more one this on request. The over draft was £25.000 He had a personal account with the same bank, and this is when it became clear he had personally guaranteed the overdraft. About 6 months after his company went into liquidation he went to the cash machine one day to retrieve his benefits payment and it had been frozen. He rang the bank and was told, they had closed his account due to the debt owed to them by his ltd company and they no longer wanted to do business with him, He was told all he could do now was to wait, and they would be in touch. For the remainder of the time he lived here, he heard nothing from anyone. He also had another debt of a credit card (an old goldfish card which he defaulted on when his bank account was closed). This is where I come in, He moved on and ive only seen him a couple of times since, due to my failing health, and not at all for the last 2 years. About a year and a half ago, letters started arriving for him i put them all to one side for a while. Then the debt collects stated to knock on my door. Im bed bound and I have carer's, im paralyzed and having a big health problem currently. I have to communicate with these people through my door entry system, or allow them to come to my bedroom and all that entails.. I have had constant harrassment, Every time I explain my situation. Tell them he isnt here. They have contacted my neighbors, a couple of months ago, the local drug dealer knocked at my door, at 11pm at night, to tell me he had a call from a man regarding my house and who lived here, and was given a phone number for me to contact him on. This has in this situation left me very vulnerable. ive had calls from 'parcel force'' tried to deliver a parcel for this man, does he live here?? Each time there was a letter, ive contacted the senders, a door knock, ive explained the situation. Asked them time and time again to stop. one of the companies chasing him told my carer and me, as long as he owes us money, we will carry on coming here. Ive been told he owes money, I was told they spoke to his son.. (didnt even know he had one). They also said he had taken credit out at this address within the last 3 months.. (which is a big concern to me) I cant seem to make it stop. The last contact i had was by phone direct to the company sending out these collectors, I explained everything above and was told no one else from there company would come. Yesterday a hand delivered letter came through my door, addressed to 'friend' I opened it concerned about all the above, and its a statutory demand. I assume from the same company that has done all the above. It states he has 18 days to respond. I have contacted everyone i know who might know his present where abouts but as yet havent had any contact from him. But im trying here to get the ball rolling, because if he doesnt sort this out in the time scale, i dont know what the consequence will be for him, or me! Any advice? I know a lot about the problems he faced, and the 2 debts he has, because i helped him through the breakdown he had when all the above occurred. Back when these accounts closed, he got nothing, from the bank, or the credit card.. no defaults, no notice they would close his personal account. oh, and one last thing.. when they shut his personal account down, the lumped the personal overdraft debt, to the business debt, and it seems they are claiming for both together. Many thanks, i know its long winded, but been going on for years.
  20. A friend of mine has worked for his employer for over 20 years and is currently in the top tier of the pay structure for his job. For the last 18 months he has worked a four day week on arrangement with his employer due to a combination of his nearing his retirement age and ill health. He recently took five months off sick and was paid 90% of his wage thanks to his employer's sick pay scheme. After a few weeks back his employer asked him to a meeting where they told him that they had reviewed his pay and want to reduce his current pay per hour and offer him a new contract for less money and did not provide a reason other than they feel that his current pay is too much. Can they do this?
  21. She says they all have to sign something to stop them saying how much they have won. She got a new kitchen a few months ago so maybe she got a few bob.
  22. Hi, I was directed to your site by word of mouth, and I'm hoping you can help me. My good friend has been on benefits for years, as a life-style choice rather than need. He has a university degree and years of work experience, but after losing his job 3 years ago he made a conscious decision that life was more enjoyable to sit on the internet and judge other people rather than take a job that he considered "beneath him". I've been trying to convince him the error of his ways, but he keeps laughing at me saying that even with the hoops he has to jump through each week with the Job Centre it's still preferable to live in a fantasy world online than face the brutal reality of a terrible low paid job. Any advice on how I can convince him that if he actually took any job it might improve his lack of self-worth and stop him spending his life online? Thanks.
  23. Morning A friend of mine is having a multitude of issues with her local council mainly due to not disclosing changes of circumstances leading to overpayments of housing benefit and council tax benefit. This is just for the council tax. In the first instance, her local council did a recalculation of benefits after I got involved but for the years 2013-14 they have presented a bill for nearly £500. After some communication with them, they have stated that they will not be able to agree a payment arrangement until a liability order is in place. In this area, a LO adds another £75 to the bill. Surely they should be willing to enter negotiations before it gets anywhere near a court?? Another small(ish) issue was that the council sent her a final notice for her 2014-15 demanding full payment within 7 days except they posted the letter out via a third party and I got the letter with 2 days to spare. They threatened to get a liability order which would incur another £75 for a debt totalling less than £12. Surely they should not have done this! Complaint letter done and will be posted later
  24. Man rescues fox and finds his new best friend (VIDEO) Read more at http://www.dogheirs.com/george/posts/1632-man-rescues-fox-and-finds-his-new-best-friend-video#iZpGPJDHBpTUi9hk.99 There are two videos,one showing Foxy boy having his bath and being blow dried. Likes looking his best. A day in Foxy Boys life. Jack he is called. I have taken quite a liking to Jack the Fox and his owner. Feel free to post pictures of your best animal friend.Pet or wild one you have befriended perhaps. Then anytime you like you can come back here and remember your friend. Days,weeks,months,years later perhaps. Looking forward to seeing your friends. Feel maybe many are wanting to post pictures and are out there in webland. Somewhere in the world. Just register here and off you go.Come to the Bear Garden tell us your story.A picture perhaps. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/register.php
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