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  1. Will the criminal record be on my file for life and do you know when it would be issued (at time of hearing or once paid fine?) Thanks for responding
  2. It has happened but I was hoping after explaining to TFL my situation they would accept apologies/whatever payment necessary to avoid criminal record and accept my reasoning as to why I did not contact them sooner to arrange out of court settlement. This seems very unlikely but at the same time frustrating especially if its your first time making a mistake
  3. My main concern is the criminal record not the fine (even though the fine is huge and as a student will take me a long time to pay). I have never had any criminal records and honestly used the card for first time - they can check to see that my uni is out of London and that I have never used it before. Is it too late to contact TFL and ask them to withdraw the case. I have been volunteering following a national tragedy for a year and didn't have time to contact them.
  4. Was stopped by an inspector for using parents freedom pass a year ago. Provided ID and name etc. Driving license I showed had a previous address so all correspondence was sent to this wrong address. At the time when the inspector requested ID I did not provide updated address as this was not on the license. I now regret not giving current address but at the time I simply provided my ID and did not think of this. Name and DOB given were correct. I have now recently received a 'Further steps notice' letter with court fine of almost £500 and discovered that this case had gone to Magistrates court in my absence. Should I make statutory declaration as I was unaware or will I be questioned for not updating the DVLA of my address?
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