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    1. eldona-2541


      could you please provide example of letter to TfL regarding byelaws 17(1)?
      and their phone number and email please.

      I have exactly the same problem

  1. Hello! Update who is wondering or also in a similar situation to mine, and is not sure what to expect. I called again a few days before the hearing and TfL said they just do not settle out of court and have been told not to anymore. Then it was the day of my hearing, I got there an hour early at opening time to speak to the TfL prosecutor, which apparently you have to talk to before you are heard anyway. I got to talk to the prosecutor and said I was very sorry, the impact it will have on my future and asked if there was any chance of settling out of court and he said unfortuna
  2. I did not at all which confused me too. I guess they are trying to say it will not be an offence for dishonesty which is the best case for me?
  3. Hello! Another update. I've sent off all my court forms and everything. I recieved a reply from TfL today. They said they were not persuaded to issue a warning on this occassion due to the extent of usage which is very understandable but sucks. The letter also reads "You have been charged with one offence of being in a compulsory ticket area without a valid ticket. This is the lowest offence for which you could have been charged with, and there is no 'dishonest' element contained within the wording of the charge." I am not quite sure what this means. At this point I feel there
  4. No worries I do not intend to lie was just confused. I am wondering also if mentioning my depression in mitigating circumstances will be helpful at all? Also if I should write anything in the "statement the accused may wish to volunteer"? Will I need to attach my emails sent to TfL with the court letters? Many thanks.
  5. Just an update! I called and this very nice man picked up this time he was very helpful. He told me apparently they have been told off by courts for doing settlements out of court for these kinds of cases, as it was for the courts to decide the case. He said there isn't much I can do now apart from attend the hearing and ask the usher to speak to one of the TfL prosecutors before the case is heard, and bring any emails or letters that have been sent. He also said bring any evidence of mitigating circumstances however I am not sure what fits as a mitigating circumstance, I d
  6. Just an update, I sent the second letter on Monday for next day delivery, they recieved it on Tuesday. I called back today and the man on the phone told me there's been no update yet and I should call back on Monday next week.
  7. Thank you for the advice dx. I called up and told the lady on the phone I was extremely sorry and the impact it will have on my future but told me she wouldn't be able to settle out of court and they've been told to treat every case the same. I asked if she recieved my email and she said they had and the person who reviewed it had decided to go ahead with the prosecution. She said there was nothing she can do on her end (I felt like she probably could but didn't want to since I've read on other threads of people helping them over the phone) . I asked if there was anyone
  8. Thank you both so much for the information. The date of the court is early next month. I understand I'm in a pretty bad position and I don't have much faith of being able to settle out of court but I will definitey try for the sake of my future. I also did not know about the whole spent after a year thing, I will read more into this. I was also wondering, I will definitely attend the hearing but, apart from being able to try settle out of court right before the hearing, will there be much impact of my attending the hearing? What difference will it make to the heari
  9. Hi everyone, I've lurked a little through some of the other freedom pass misuse threads but thought I'd make my own, sorry if you're tired of these. Before I get into it, call me stupid (I am) but I really did not stop to think about where the money came from so people who need it can use freedom passes, what I was doing and how wrong it was, I only found out after doing some research and I feel extremely ashamed and disgusted at myself for this. I completely admit what I did was wrong and if worst case scenario I am charged with it, I accept my faults and take responsibility.
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