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  1. Hi, we've had a few issues with a local credit union recently. Having gone over paperwork for a loan for a family member, it appears that the credit union refused to off-set savings to allow a defaulted debt to be paid off, and instead insisted on refinancing. If the savings had been used to off-set, the debt outstanding would have been approx. £300 and could have been repaid easily in a couple of months, at the time. The person asked to do this (in writing). The credit union refused. As it is, the person now cannot repay the repayments at all as they have only PIP as income,
  2. Hi all, Looking for some advice - I've been reading through and there's lot of great advice here on the forum and I've kind of used some already but messed up in places to give the gym more than I should - so here's the story. My wife and I are a member of the Sweat Union gym in Chelmsford, we are both on rolling monthly contracts. On 22nd August 2018 we both sent them an email saying we would like to cancel our memberships and she subsequently cancelled the DD (2 x 21.99 as she paid for both of ours). We were then informed the next day that you had to cancel prior to the 15th o
  3. 2 years ago I requested DWP several times (verbally and in email) to remove my phone number from their systems and to stop calling me. - Their response to this complaint = "would i like a callback" doh.... Eventually DWP removed my phone number from their systems after I had notified them that I will resort to legal action if they do not do this. Since then, if I have had to contact DWP then I have refused to give my phone number. Some weeks ago I received a phone call from DWP CEO Office. This phone call should not have been made due to my previous request. In response to this
  4. Can anyone recommend a good union please? I used to be with GMB Union but wondered what my options were? Thanks
  5. I have experienced whereby the actions of my workplace union have precluded me from being able to proceed to Employment Tribunal. Consequently, I am left with only the option of filing a personal injury claim against my employer, which the union will not take forward on my behalf. The union has acknowledged wrongdoing, placing blame squarely at the door of their local representative and citing a lack of knowledge as the reason for the error. Can anyone recommend the services of a competent legal firm with whom they've had success in this area?
  6. I had a loan from a credit union and was 3 quarters of the way to paying it off. Today i had a phone call from my payroll department to advise me that the Credit Union had gone into administration and that they were refunding my last two payments as they where taken direct from my pay. I wondered if anyone could advise me as to what would happen with the remainder of this loan as i cant seen to get an answer from the credit union. Thanks
  7. Can anyone advise on whether the following is a valid Pilon clause and therefore imediatly dissmiss under the contract? The company policy is to pay the the statutoury maximunm redundancy payment. Whether or not the notice period will be worked will be at the company discretion. Regards
  8. HI, I wish I had found this site about 6 moths ago. Here goes - I will try to make it as short as possible. My OH has ( had!) over 30 unblemished years service with a local authority as a craft tradesman. Approximately 18 months the management ( 3rd party run local authority services) made veiled comments about losing staff, but also had their favourites they wanted to keep. However all staff would have to go through competitive interviews, sickness records etc and their favourites would not make it. So they had a problem. There has been a succession of brought in line manag
  9. If this hasnt been posted before? Credit Unions for Armed Services personnel http://www.abcul.org/media-and-research/news/view/615 http://joiningforcescu.co.uk/
  10. Hi, Random question, My union rep who has been representing me on and off for years has just told me he has never been on any training courses and has just picked it up as he has gone along. I thought that there was initial training which they should go on before they should represent a member. Anybody any experience with this? Cheers Dex
  11. The EU requires non-members of the euro to reduce the bank compensation scheme from £85,000, £75,000 because the value of the euro has dropped, as of 1st January 2016. What the hell has it got to do with Brussels what the UK government gives its people in compensation. Don’t you just love being a member of this rotten undemocratic club???
  12. Controversial plans to tighten rules on trade union strike ballots in Britain have passed their first Commons hurdle despite fierce Labour criticism. MPs backed the Trade Union Bill, which proposes higher voting thresholds for ballots, by 33 votes at second reading. Business Secretary Sajid Javid said the bill was "not a declaration of war" against unions but necessary to stop "endless" threats of industrial action. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-34241810
  13. This week, Glasgow councillors are expected to agree to a new partnership with Glasgow Credit Union. The two year pilot Partnership Mortgage Guarantee Scheme will provide house hunters who can afford to pay a mortgage but cannot raise the necessary deposit. At present, lenders are demanding deposits of between 5% and 25%, which for many people on low incomes is impossible to raise. Glasgow Credit Union will allocate up to £4million in mortgage funding over the period. The council will act as a guarantor for the loan over a maximum five year period, up to a maximum of 20% of
  14. Im going through an issue with work. Im finding the union is a little laid back. Nothing too major yet, but they're very reticent regarding action. Im a little worried they might be weak in the face of my Tribunal (They're the same ones who work with employees of a company which rhymes with 'Besco') I've been so worried ,I've approached a private company who do work on a 'fixed fee' basis. I can afford to go down the fixed fee route. I want to make sure my ex-employer really isn't left off the hook. Would anyone recommend a best route? Its the first time I've ever done this in 25
  15. I am absolutely mortifed to have found out that Trade Unions are not regulated. I have spent several months pursing my complaint (complete farce) with a particular trade union to now be informed that it has reached stage 3 and I can take it no further. What can I do? Any suggestions please.
  16. How many union reps can a workplace have ? Is there a limit ?
  17. At work our main union has elected reps, that are voted for each year by the workforce There is a minority union that has around 5% of the workforce and they have a union rep that has elected themselves to represent the few people in his union (not elected or voted for by anyone , he just does it as he used to be a union rep) and another person that has elected themselves as there health and safety rep Now can these two turn up at staff side/management meetings and claim to reps of the "workforce" even though nobody has ever voted for them or elected them ??
  18. In my workplace there is two unions , i shall call them union A and Union B 90% of the work force is in union A and all the elected union reps are from union A For those staff that are in the minority union , who have no elected reps - can the union reps refuse to represent us that are not in there union ? They are saying they can go to a hearing and the like as a "companion" only but cannot represent us or assist with any problems we may have as we are not in there union , even though we work in the same place ? Surely if they are the elected work place union reps they sh
  19. Hi there, I am helping my neighbour sort out his Finances, and while most of his creditors have been happy to help, we have an issue with a Credit Union. He had a loan with them, and in attempting to restart payments to them, they have said its now been passed to an outside agency for collection and they will not deal with him or have contact with him to repay it(despite the fact it was passed on 4 months ago andhe has heard nothing). He had savings worth £300 with them, and they are refusing to release them to him, either as payment towards the loan, or just a cheque to him as h
  20. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/police-officers-fear-new-strict-2952145
  21. Hello, I currently have several debts which I am currently paying back through a DMP with Stepchange, obviously because of this my credit rating is poor and therefore I will not be able to get a loan through normal channels so I am going to consider credit unions. If I was to clear the debts I would have around £1000pm available to pay of a consolidation loan, I would also hopefully be able to reduce what I owe by offering Full and Final settlements. I will need around 14k to clear all my debts. I want to do this so that I can start to rebuild my credit rating and simplify my d
  22. The deductions made is not what i singed for.Even after pointing out that they are making unauthorized deductions they still continue. Can a credit union take whatever amount they want ?
  23. Hi All, I would really appreciate some advice on my situation please. I have worked for a company for three plus years and my performance has always been measured as among the top in a team of 12. The company has always been struggling though and the whole region short of target (they have had many management changes). Then in Jan/Feb my role changed slightly and although I'm still among top in the team I'm still way short of expected target (the majority are even worse). I have never been asked or questioned on my performance (actually praised as recently as June and told I was und
  24. More than 30 credit unions have teamed up to offer an alternative to payday lenders in a "landmark" expansion drive which will save consumers up to £1 billion in loan interest repayments. The Government has previously agreed to invest £35.6 million to transform the sector and help it to double its membership to two million over the next five years. It wants to see people on low incomes use the unions instead of expensive credit providers such as payday lenders. Estimates have found that the plans will save borrowers up to £1 billion in loan interest repayments by March 2019, compared wit
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