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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, does anyone have any experience with EEO's? We gave the keys to a Spanish property back to the bank at the height of the crash in 2008, came back to the UK and started to rebuild, and didn't think much about it again - a "live and learn" experience. We have just had a letter from some UK lawyers acting on behalf of Banco Sabadell, with what seems to be a fairly generic letter, with a few details and some slightly strange language like "Banco Sabadell understands that your failure to make payments may have been an oversight on your part" - a 10 year oversight! They are claimi
  2. Hi, I have a question about last wills and testaments. I am a dual French/British citizen married to a British citizen and we have lived in the UK for almost 20 years. We own a house in the UK (as joint tenants). We want to write a will that will say to whom we want our respective share of the house to go to once we are both dead. We have no children and won't be having any. In my case, I want my share to go to my husband but I want to make sure that when he dies, if I'm already dead, my share goes to my siblings in France, who are French citizens, and not to my husband's family or new par
  3. Hi folks and thanks for taking an interest. I have a consumer issue which I would like some opinions on please? Please forgive me if this is in the wrong place. On 18/07 I selected and booked accommodation for two nights via the Booking.com website for a place called Juras Mols in Bigauņciems Latvia. I was hoping for a few days away from consumer related hassle, ha ha, must have broken a mirror recently. The website clearly says on the accommodation page: 2nd Paragraph: “Guests can enjoy a sauna and a heated indoor pool. ….” 4th Paragraph: “Free Wi-Fi and free private parkin
  4. Wonder if anyone knows whether of not Ebay has any obligation to comply with European law relating to online selling? I found this on German Ebay site : http://pages.ebay.de/help/sell/business/international-business-sellers.html which seems to be pretty concise. Here is the UK version of the same page: http://pages.ebay.co.uk/help/sell/business/international-business-sellers.html Both pages are the same other than the fact Ebay UK have deleted the information about "online dispute resolution" (ODR) which seems to be something that ALL online business sellers should be offering
  5. Hi guys, Just had a quick thought and wondered if anyone could clarify if there may be a legal avenue here. I noticed that many providers of services to the DWP make use of this fund. Is there a case to be made that t he use of sanctions and the behaviour of some of these companies is at least not in the spirit of the European Social Fund agenda? I don't really know much about European law, I understand though that you generally have to exhaust things here before going up a level but surely there must be a way to raise this there. I'm email my MEP about the behavi
  6. Good evening all, I'm after some advice regarding changes my employer has made to my working day. Following the ruling in 2015 regarding travel to work time for mobile workers being counted as "working time", my employer has brought in changes at work from the beginning of this month. I work in the utilities industry, and my job involves me travelling around from site to site carrying out my duties. These sites include both company assets and customer properties. At the end of the working day, it is required that I return to my base location. Up until now, my wo
  7. Employers can read workers' private messages sent via chat software and webmail accounts during working hours, judges have ruled. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) said a firm that read a worker's Yahoo Messenger chats sent while he was at work was within its rights. Judges said he had breached the company's rules and that his employer had a right to check on his activities. Such policies must also protect workers against unfettered snooping, they said. The judges, sitting in the ECHR in Strasbourg, handed down their decision on Tuesday. Countries that have ratified th
  8. Does anyone know when the European directive entitling everyone in the EU to have a bank account becomes law in the UK ? Will it mean the end to banks asking a customer to close an account and go elsewhere ?
  9. The EU requires non-members of the euro to reduce the bank compensation scheme from £85,000, £75,000 because the value of the euro has dropped, as of 1st January 2016. What the hell has it got to do with Brussels what the UK government gives its people in compensation. Don’t you just love being a member of this rotten undemocratic club???
  10. Hi there guys I hope you can help I ordered an item, worth around £7500 via barclays sepa bank transfer from a company is Sweden. The company is legitimate and not a [problem] - however they failed to send the item after around 5 months. They are not cooperative in refunding either. I heard from a friend that there is a way to obtain a cancellation/refund/chargeback from Barclays (or any other bank) if an item is not shipped & the company is legitimate despite having done a bank transfer... can anyone tell me if they would do this or share their experience or guide me as the be
  11. US court forces Microsoft to hand over personal data from Irish server Emails and private information from customers of US companies must be handed over – even if data is stored outside US So who takes priority here, the European Data Protection Act or the US Courts: [Careful if you have a weak heart, this will make you angry]. Privacy campaigners have warned that the decision, which would affect users of US internet services, shows "stark contempt" for European citizens and is in direct conflict with EU rules on data protection. http://www.theguardian.co
  12. Hi everyone, I will try to keep it short. Came in the country last year and brought my car with me. The car is still under foreign license plate. I am renting a flat which has a parking spot allocated to it, the parking spot is private land and it is off the road too. Capital Carpark Control keep issuing me tickets for not displaying a UK Road tax disc. Can they do that? What I dont understand, the car has been parked there for a few months displaying a valid permit parking, so what exactly triggered the parking attendant to suddenly start giving me tickets for road tax?
  13. Hi i am a new user ,last month i received a statutory demand, i applied for it to be set aside. I have been given a court date for 22nd of august, I need help on how to get this set aside, this is from a french judgement, i lost the case in france, i never understood what even happened. But to cut a long story short we had a charge placed on our property in france. We found it dificult to sell and eventually they told us it would go to auction the amount on the valuation was stupid. We drastically cut the price and managed to find a buyer, they agreed to the sale.
  14. Proposals to regulate buy-to-let mortgages in the same way as residential loans are set to be scrapped from the European mortgage directive. Negotiations for the directive were held in Brussels last week between member states, European commissioners and MEPs. Conservative MEP and shadow rapporteur Vicky Ford says it was agreed that buy-to-let will not be regulated in the same way as residential mortgages, as initially proposed. Ford says progress was also made on tough new rules for packaged products, proposed by the European Parliament last year, which would ban all products that requ
  15. When the current Work Programme (WP) was rolled out in 2011 it was said to cost £5 Billion, since when it is estimated to have risen to £7 Billion. It was not widely reported however that the European Social Fund (ESF) contributed £2.5 Billion, half of the original sum. One of the stipulations in the regulations of the ESF is that all recipients of ESF funding show the ESF logo and a statement to the effect that - 'This programme is part-financed by the European Union' - on all documents, letters, advisory leaflets etc. The DWP is a recipient of ESF funding, quite a significant
  16. Its thought that the move is to offset income losses following the recent caps on European roaming and call charges http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/bills/article-2226168/O2-roaming-charges-mobile-network-doubles-text-prices-outside-EU.html
  17. Hi - I'm currently quite in some predicament as by the looks of it I have to start 2 separate court actions relating to the same item... In a nutshell: Sold an item of quite some value (bit more than 1k) to a retailer of these speciality items in the Netherlands (I'm a private individual). The transaction has nothing to do with Ebay and was completely independently negotiated. As an alternative to Paypal we agreed for the buyer in the NL to pay the money into an escrow account run by a solicitor practice in Germany. Following confirmation from the solicitor practice i
  18. I bought a yoghurt maker from amazon UK, It was from Amazon not some one selling on amazon. It is a severin yoghurt Maker with 14 jars. I received it this morning and when opened it I discovered that It had a European 2 pin plug. Not a British standard 3pin plug. And no adapter or any thing was included, so can't use it. No where in description on there website does it state that it comes a euro 2pin plug. Can they legally sell kitchen appliances like this with just a European 2 pin plug. I have searched on Google and came up with this THE PLUGS AND SOCKETS etc. (SAFETY) REGULATION
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