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  1. As promised from yesterday: Their answer Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for your appeal. Please refer to the enclosed document which outlines the decision made with regards to your appeal. Yours Sincerely PCN Processing Centre Capital Carpark Control SVS House, Oliver Grove London SE25 6EJ --------the enclosed---------- 1st April 2014 Our Ref: CC10869 Index Number: ------ Location: XXX House Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for your letter referring to the vehicle bearing index number ------ which was issued a parking charge notice. Thank you for t
  2. I have requested the contract between my landlady and them. I want to have a look at it first then will think about whether I should 'push' them a little bit the same way they are pushing others and me.
  3. Hi everyone, I am posting the email exchange I had with the Capital Carpark Control. It is another success story. To whom it may concern: > > XYZ House > > XX20 8XX > London > > > > Notice Numbers > > Find attached the two parking notices I am appealing for. > > Code 23 does not apply to my European Union registered car. Therefore I am not paying any of this. We are not supposed to display any sticker or TAX disc back to the country of origin of this car because the Road TAX comes out from the yearly TAX st
  4. No we don't. Road Tax in Greece is a bit different. This is how it works: You go to the greek tax office prior to the beginning of each year, you pay your road tax which is calculated purely on the size of your engine - regardless of the make and price of the car, then your record within tax office gets updated and all you get is an A4 receipt which states information like the car and the name the car is registered to and the date you paid the road tax. If you fail to pay that prior to the 1st day of the new year, you then have to pay double the road tax as
  5. For starters, I have been stopped by the police 3 times, 2 times as part of casual checks when they are about 30 of them and they stop everyone that passes by, and one time because I was speeding(£100 and 3 points, paid immediately). Non of these times I was issued a ticket for road tax (!). I am working in UK indeed but I am not planning to stay permanently. We are probably leaving UK this coming summer, so I guess there is no reason for me to put british license plates etc. The car has MOT, road tax(about £200 worth) and insurance from the country of origin. So it does not make any
  6. I am not sure what they intend to do next. I am a european union member and thus I dont have/need a passport if I need to travel within EU. National ID is fine and I have been traveling with it within the EU for over 10 years. Basically I do not have a passport. I dont think I understood the bit about they will try another tactic? What could they try?
  7. Thank you for your quick response, I was pleasantly surprised. Since you think I have a case, tonight I will do some more reading and write a letter, I never have done this before and dont really know how to write it or what to write in it. If you have a couple of examples that I could start with I would really appreciate it. Thanks again for your replies
  8. Hi everyone, I will try to keep it short. Came in the country last year and brought my car with me. The car is still under foreign license plate. I am renting a flat which has a parking spot allocated to it, the parking spot is private land and it is off the road too. Capital Carpark Control keep issuing me tickets for not displaying a UK Road tax disc. Can they do that? What I dont understand, the car has been parked there for a few months displaying a valid permit parking, so what exactly triggered the parking attendant to suddenly start giving me tickets for road tax?
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