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  1. Good evening all, I am in a sticky situation, I received an invitation letter to go to the National Speed Awareness Scheme to write off my speeding offence, I was doing 58mph on a 50mph zone. My current situation: I've been financially struggling due to getting married in July abroad and money is something I've been struggling with but I'm getting by and putting things into place. I received the letter for the course on 7th January 2019 with every intention of attending the course, but I completely misread the situation, when I went online to drivetech to have a look a
  2. So I take care of Gas/Electricity switching for my grandmother, so her account is linked to my e-mail address as I submit meter readings online for her and such since she's basically a technophobe for anything more than a TV, and when I checked my e-mails this morning I had one from EDF saying "Thanks for booking an appointment to have Smart Meters installed" I hadn't made any such appointment online, and my grandmother had made no such appointment on the phone either, so EDF had simply taken it upon themselves to book a Smart Meter installation for her in 2 weeks time. Fortunately I wa
  3. Hi folks and thanks for taking an interest. I have a consumer issue which I would like some opinions on please? Please forgive me if this is in the wrong place. On 18/07 I selected and booked accommodation for two nights via the Booking.com website for a place called Juras Mols in Bigauņciems Latvia. I was hoping for a few days away from consumer related hassle, ha ha, must have broken a mirror recently. The website clearly says on the accommodation page: 2nd Paragraph: “Guests can enjoy a sauna and a heated indoor pool. ….” 4th Paragraph: “Free Wi-Fi and free private parkin
  4. Hi guys and gals, glad to see so many people getting tremendous help on here! Im hoping someone is able to shed light on my rights & responsibilities regarding the following issue; In July 2014 I booked a function room to host my wedding reception. I paid a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure this date. I then changed this date by telephone and was told that my deposit would be carried forward for the second date rather than the first. In the two years since that booking we have moved and had a change of circumstances. We unfortunately forgot that the remainder need
  5. I booked a holiday a few weeks back using Love Holidays. The total cost of the holiday was £680, all i have paid so far is the £80 deposit. It was a silly holiday to book anyway, I can afford to go but I could do with the money on other things so I decided i wanted to cancel it. I emailed them asking to cancel and now they want me to pay for the flight cost, which is £300, the holiday isn't even for over a month away surely this is an acceptable cancellation period! Anything I can do? Thanks
  6. I used booking.com to book a hotel near Frankfurt for two nights in October this year, 12 Oct. and 10 Oct. I paid in full using a credit card for both nights. I have requested a cancellation and have been informed that I will forfeit the full price. An email has been sent to me requesting that I confirm either acceptance of this or do not cancel my booking. I have a notion that despite the fact I did not insure my booking, I am entitled to a refund, on the grounds that they have ample time to find another 'punter' and that they have had the use of my cash
  7. My name is Mike (edit) I work in a IT company, I love travelling Recently I travelled to Africa but the travel company Crystal Travel didn't provide the value of money I pay to them.So i am here to complain that.
  8. Last month on about the 18th we phoned a caravan site to make a booking for 2 weeks and paid a deposit of £40 a week so £80 total. We paid the deposit by debit card. We never heard any further from them earlier this week I chased it up with them by email asking for confirmation of booking. the reply I got was asking me if the deposit had left my account. I replied in the affirmative that the funds had been taken on the 18th. They replied that I had a booking. I emailed back asking them to confirm the dates which they then did by email. They never se
  9. Hi all, We booked a holiday on line yesterday afternoon and gave card details. Awaited the confirmation email, which can apparently take up to 48 hours. Early evening we get a call to say that the holiday price had gone up by circa 15% due to my daughters age (14, declared at time of booking). Under pressure, I agreed, but I have to admit its left a very sour taste in my mouth. Money aside, I feel rather cheated. Any thoughts?
  10. Hi i have started a claim against Thomson for a delayed f light in 2011. However to continue my claim they are continually asking for a booking reference number, which i dont have . I have even rang them to say i have nt got this reference number, one lady saying that i am unable to make a claim then . ?????? surely not right. Rox
  11. I'd be really grateful for a bit of information on what my options are now - here is my situation. I was caught speeding (38 in a 30) on 31st December- I thought it was 40 so it wasn't intentional :o) It was with West Midlands Police. I got the letter and admitted the offence and on 5th February got a letter offering me a speed awareness course. My personal situation was a bit difficult at this time - my husband had just moved out because of cheating leaving me in a difficult financial situation - debt :o( I am just getting back up on my feet. The letter said I had 120 d
  12. A disabled friend of mine and his carer attended the Wales v England rugby match in Cardiff this month. Sleeperz Hotel in the City have adapted rooms for disabled persons. He saw that they were advertising the Wales/Italy rugby match on 18th March 2016 and at the time decided to book 2 rooms - cost £390 in total which was paid in full. He now wishes to cancel the booking but the hotel has refused citing their booking reservation Details. I have checked this for him and it does say that there is no refund as it is an "advanced purchase rate" . I have also checked the h
  13. Hi. Have just been given a weekend paid for caravan at a Parkdean site by a friend who can no longer go. I called Parkdean to advise that my friend is no longer going, but she has given it to me. I was informed that there was a £20 admin fee for changing the name. Whilst i'm grateful that my friend has given me a free weekend away, i can't help but think that they're taking the mick charging £20 for changing the details. I sent a message via Twitter, and have had their twitter team call me and reconfirm that there will be a £20 charge which will not be waived. I've asked what it was for,
  14. Hello All I need help I booked a holiday with a company and they now want to charge me for a name amendment as per the company my partner who book the holiday using my phone and my details (email etc) booked a holiday for us whilst i was present with her she spelt our names correctly and the agency is saying that it was spelt incorrectly hence we need to pay the charge now cut the story short - when we brought this to agency's attention, they were very rude, sent a call recording from their system which sounds snipped and edited we complaint and told the company
  15. I booked a holiday with onthebeach.co.uk in error due to the site not being user friendly. I did not know the booking had been made as the total cost (including credit card surcharge) was not included until I proceeded with the booking. It also initially showed the return flight being to Manchester and I had specified Liverpool Airport for travel. At no point did it say the booking had been confirmed, I therefore then booked the same holiday for a longer period, due to there not being much difference in price. I can cancel the hotel but as the flights are with Rya
  16. I booked a GAdventures holiday via STA Travel. Brochure states recommended 18-39s. We are older but travelled last year to India with them no problem. STA Travel took full payment for tour and flights (seats booked etc). I received confirmation and receipt from STA Travel. No documents from GAdventures arrived after over a month, I queried this with STA Travel, who tell me GAdventures won't accept our booking because of our ages and they have now changed their policy since the brochures was printed. STA admit it's not my fault but are pushing me to
  17. I booked a holiday online on the 23rd april to Dubai with Thomas cook. I have just found out today ( when I received my credit card statement ) that they have not charged my credit card and the holiday was a system error ! so tough - the holiday does not exist !!!!! I have a confirmation email with all the details of the holiday on it but now they are saying it is a mistake ! what can I do ?
  18. Get Safe Online has joined forces with ABTA and The City of London Police’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) to warn the general public about the dangers posed by holiday booking fraud. Findings from a report compiled by the NFIB reveal the scale of the crime and expose common tactics used by fraudsters who stole an estimated £7million from unsuspecting holidaymakers and other travellers in 2013. The 2014 report reveals that over a 12 month, period over 4500 cases of holiday booking fraud were reported. The most common types relate to: - Holiday a
  19. Hello. Just a short explanation of what happened as still away. Booked hotels in Volendam and Dordrecht with different booking websites. I'm on a pretty Christmas trip around Netherlands and Belgium with my parents. Booked Marinapark volendam with booking.com i've used them a lot before. Two rooms, one single. One double. Got there and the hotel had only one booking. Wasn't a huge deal as it is out of season and they could fit us in but that was pure chance. E-mailed them through website. No response at all so far. Not even a confirmation receipt. I had the booking e-mail printed. N
  20. Which? is launching a 'Play Fair On Ticket Fees' campaign to end hidden booking fees and charges for concert and theatre tickets. Other complaints included being charged to print tickets at home or collect them from venue box offices, with more than 90% of people objecting to the added cost. It is also calling for any fees to be justified, clearly explained and set at a fair level. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-25398352 You can sign the Which? petition here: http://www.which.co.uk/campaigns/ticket-fees/
  21. Companies are ignoring new guidelines on card fees. Which? has named the worst offenders. Holidaymakers booking winter escapes still face sky-high charges for paying by card – despite new rules designed to tackle “excessive” fees. Consumer group Which? found evidence of card charges well in excess of the 2pc level considered fair. In April, the Office of Fair Trading said someone spending £100 on a travel ticket should expect to be charged 53p extra if using a debit card, or £2.10 if using a credit card. This is equal to no more than 2.1pc. However, Which? said easyBus charged 3.5p
  22. Last August it was my birthday and I turned the old age of 23 *embarrassed face* Anyway..my mum knew that one of my life long things I've wanted to do but never had the money was go to Ibiza. So she booked a holiday online through sunmaster for me and my 17 year old brother to go to Ibiza. It was advertised as a package deal with flights she could choose and the rest. She paid for it two weeks before my birthday and about a week before travelling Sunmaster phoned her to tell her the hotel she had booked was oversubscribed (this hotel was 4 stars) but they would put me and my brother in a
  23. Hi I am looking help/advice regarding Sunmaster holiday company. I booked a holiday for my 18 year old son and five friends in January with the above company. The holiday was specifically booked for a named hotel in Magaluf; due to recommendations from others due to standards/ location etc arriving on 30th July to the 9th August. The final balance was paid on the 7th May, yesterday I received an email from Sunmaster saying the hotel was not available ( I have confirmation of the booking from Sunmaster through the OHG accommodation LTD). To cut a long story short Sunmaster wanted to send my
  24. I had to book some tickets fast today and I was used to web security, but this puzzle left me scratching my head multiple times What should I enter???:mad2: [ATTACH=CONFIG]44021[/ATTACH]
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