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  1. Hi all, First post here, when I was a student I did a semester abroad on the Erasmus scheme. I was in Denmark. While in Denmark I had a flat and took out an internet service. I was there for 3 months but had a 12 month contract, this was in 2014 Sept-Dec . I took out the service with Telenor. The service was around £25 a month. When I left Denmark I forgot to cancel the contract , looking back I can find one email from Telenor from March 2015 (assuming pointing out late payment). I then have an email from Intrum Justitia asking for 2.757,67kr (about £330) th
  2. I signed up to a Web-hosting contract with 1&1 Internet for a year, because they had a special offer where the costs were reduced for the initial 12 months. After 3 months the monthly payments taken from my card suddenly soared for no reason, which means that after only 5 months I had paid more than the whole contract for the year. I phoned up to be told that this was correct according to terms on their website, which had changed since I signed the deal. Eventually, after many hours, and emailing them my contract, I got them to agree to refund the extra I had paid over the term
  3. BT basic + broadband at £10 per month with no hidden extras as long as you are on a qualifying benefit it sounded a great option for me I have been long term unemployed and spend more than that each fortnight on PAYG to search for jobs. I read the website and it mentioned them sending a form out they would need back so I gave the free phone number a ring. So the first person I spoke to asked what benefit I was on, confirmed I was eligible and echoed basically what the website said and the forms would be in the post. 10 minuets after ending the call they rang back told me a date
  4. A month ago I ordered some supplements from USA to be sent to me in the UK and paid using my debit card. My item never arrived and there is no response from the company to my emails. Have I lost my money?
  5. I am helping a friend/client defend a summons from their former business Internet suppliers. Long story short, they were happily using BT for their phones and Internet for many years, until some Mickey Mouse outfit called them and said they could provide everything BT did at a fraction of the price. They foolishly agreed before talking to me and soon came to regret the decision as: 1. The Internet regularly went down for long periods. 2. One fix suggested by the ISP was too disable the fixed IP and change to dynamic. As they use CCTV and Remote Desktop this was not a great sol
  6. I have not placed this thread in Insurance, because it is more about experience of using online sites to buy Insurance. Have woken up early and not got back to sleep (annoying) i decided to sort out some Home Insurance. After going through various different sites, Axa, Aviva, Allianz, L&G, Tesco, Halifax, I decided to visit Barclays. Although Barclays use Aviva, the experience of using their site was so much better than all of the companies mentioned including Aviva. The information was so much clearer and the functionality of the site was light years ahead. And Barclays
  7. Hello, I was in business as a photographer and approached by the above company to carry out Search Engine Optimisation on my web site. We entered into an agreement whereby they would carry out work on the web site and I would pay them £58.50 per month after the initial payments were made. The agreement was for 12 months in December 16 I went out of business and they are now chasing and threatening County Court Action and have sent a "copy" of the Court Summons for Manchester County Court that will be issued on 3rd February 2017 if I do not pay the outstanding balance of
  8. I seek advice on the following quandary that I find myself in: I am in a 2 year contract with a mobile internet service provider for just over a year now, another 10 months or so to go. The service that I am buying is mobile access to the internet via a dongle. The data allowance is 5GB per month and the charge is £15 per month. I have recently spotted a deal offered by another provider of 20GB per month for £15 per month. That's 4 times the data for the same price. It goes without saying and putting it mildly that I am a bit miffed about what I am being charged compared to w
  9. There are so many internet sites out there, but i do like those with webcams covering wildlife, providing there is something going on. At Slimbridge they have thousands of migrant birds that winter there and between 4pm and about 4.20pm you will see them being fed. The birds feed on the fields and around the river Severn during the day, then return before dark for the daily feed. http://www.wwt.org.uk/wetland-centres/slimbridge/experience/webcam/
  10. Over the past 2-3 years I have reported on this forum about the risks that debtors face when taking 'legal advice' from the internet and in being encouraged by the relevant sites to issue proceedings against a bailiff company/and or a local authority. In order to warn debtors of the dangers involved I have provided details of the cases together with copies of the Judgments (when available). I cannot stress the importance of this information given that debtors need to be fully aware that if a claim is instigated against either the company (either by way of an Interpleader, Injunction or
  11. Is this the first time you’ve heard about SID? No worries. The video below will brief you on what it’s all about, focusing on this year’s theme“Play Your Part for a Better Internet”. More Than an Invitation, It’s a Challenge In 2015, Insafe, the organization behind the SID global campaign, came up with the slogan “Let’s Create a Better Internet Together”. Although the current and previous themes are essentially not that different, the former’s tone and scope have indeed changed from merely inviting, which anyone can easily turn down, to challenging and reminding Internet
  12. Microsoft has ended technical support and security updates for older versions of its Internet Explorer browser. The changes, which will affect versions 8, 9 and 10 of the browser, were announced in August 2014. Some estimate that these older browsers account for more than 20% of web traffic while Computerworld claims that only 55% of IE users are using the latest version. Browsers are often targeted by hackers and experts predict a crop of attacks. "Beginning January 12, 2016, only the most current version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system
  13. Veterans World Magazine promotes awareness of help, advice and support available to the veterans community. From issue 36 (latest issue) the magazine is now only available digitally via the internet as they are no longer producing a paper version. Read More Here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/veterans-world
  14. The internet activity of everyone in Britain will have to be stored for a year by service providers, under new surveillance law plans. Police and intelligence officers will be able to see the names of sites people have visited without a warrant, Home Secretary Theresa May said. But there would be new safeguards over MI5, MI6 and the police spying on the full content of people's web use. Mrs May told MPs the proposed powers were needed to fight crime and terror. Follow the latest developments on our live page The wide-ranging draft Investigatory Powers Bill also contain
  15. Hi All, We use Virgin media business 150mb. We moved on the 28th of Oct and really need broadband for our business. However, they are saying they cannot install until the 19th. We need to be with Virgin as we are still in contract. I find it really hard to believe that they would expect a business to survive almost a month without any internet. Does anyone have any feedback on this?
  16. Really interesting article about online right to forget issues. http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/when-should-the-internet-forget-20151031-gknt4w.html I think people do have rights to wipe internet records about historic issues, but not sure who should Police this. Surely it should be subject to an application to an official body and anyone who would have interest should have ability to lodge an objection. There should be a noticeboard somewhere on Google or elsewhere showing right to forget applications, so that those against an application can register an objection.
  17. Someone raised the issue of assumptions being made by companies, government and people that everyone has the internet. This is obviously not the case and to those that don't have it, there will be frustrations caused when told that they need to take an action online. Today there was some announcement that Skype was down around the world, as if it was a big inconvenience. We regularly see computer problems meaning that services are not available. I want you to imagine that tomorrow you woke up to find that the internet was no longer available and would not be available again. How wo
  18. So you phone up your local authority for the latest news within your area, to be asked 'oh have you got access to to the internet' which you may or may not have. In the case that you have, the information may not be correct so are in fact none the wiser. In the case of having no access to the internet for what ever reason, is one still not entitled to receive up to date information via an alternative mode eg, (through the post). Not everyone has access to the internet and how much is the one liner, 'do you have access to the internet' being used simply to pass the buck ?
  19. Over the weekend all newspapers carried reports that the Ministry of Justice would be seeking to change the law about 'internet trolls' and increasing the prison sentence from 6 months to 2 years. Below I have provided links to three documents from the Ministry of Justice. One is a news item that was released today together with a Fact Sheet and the second link is to the updated Impact Assessment (from July 2014) that was also released today. One change is to amend Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 so as to extend the time for prosecutions of offences. But the main ch
  20. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/apr/21/woman-dies-after-taking-diet-pills-bought-over-internet If you read that, you should be shocked. This is closer to home for me than the girl in the report above, my niece also died 10 days ago, (and will be buried tomorrow), from diet pills bought over the internet, she was just 25 years old. Please people, especially women, you have no idea who are making and selling these pills. The adverts are all lies and the pills are filled out with anything that comes to hand. They use a web address ending in .co.uk to make it seem as if they
  21. We recently used Zen Internet to provide our business broadband service, however the service was extremely slow, unreliable and connection randomly dropping / losing connection. After 5 days and several hours of speaking to the tech support we gave up with the faulty service and cancelled. We have been charged £160+ for installation / activation which we have requested to be refunded. Unfortunately they are not willing to refund our money and have implied that the service provided was satisfactory and working. I managed to get them to email me the call log history notes fo
  22. Hi. I signed up to sky in Dec 2014, and was offered a galaxy tab 4, which I received. On top of that, because I was referred, the referee was told that they, and I, would receive a £50 voucher (tesco, sainsburys or M&S). Neither of us received them in mid Jan this year, so I called up on their behalf (as I was there), and enquired. They authenticated themselves with their personal details, and I confirmed what they wanted (the £50 tesco voucher) and confirmed what I wanted (the £50 sainsburys voucher). A month later, they received their voucher as promised and I didn't. I ca
  23. Hi I hope it's OK to post this here but i really need to make contact with current Santander customers. My story starts a couple of weeks ago when I logged onto Santander online banking. They were changing the login process and asked me to choose an image and a word, which I assume was to overcome people loggin into a fake site. I now see the image and the word to prove the site is legit. Prior to this change I would login to Santander internet banking by inputting my: Customer Id Passcode Registration number I would then have to choose one from three images C
  24. Virgin Media Internet access is down for the whole area I live in, spoke to them a few hours on the phone, they said they are 'aware of the problem' and it should be fixed soon, this was over 5 hours ago! I'm at my sisters using her internet to post this on here, what can be done for Virgin Media to get off their backsides and fix it?
  25. I am looking at changing internet security software and wonder whether anyone has any recommendations. A lot of people say that they use fee anti-virus software such as Avast or AVG, but in the past I have used paid for software believing it offers best protection. But given that the subscription renewal is more expensive than I can buy the product from elsewhere, I won't be doing it that way. It is F-secure which costs £25 to renew or I can buy it from Amazon as a download for £11.99. Norton is one of the best for protection, but it does slow down your system and internet connections
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