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  1. Hi! Thank you for the quick response! I only have an email from when I spoke to them on the phone, (my conscience was getting the better of me) but does an email count as a letter of claim? Below is the google translation of the email. Thanks again! "Thank you for your inquiry As agreed, payment information is provided for journal number 10277-96443 The agreed amount can be paid by bank transfer with the following information: Iban: DK1550780001028043 Swift: JYBADKKK Jyske bank Store Kongensgade 1 1264 Kbh K The amount due is 2,757.67. If yo
  2. Hi all, First post here, when I was a student I did a semester abroad on the Erasmus scheme. I was in Denmark. While in Denmark I had a flat and took out an internet service. I was there for 3 months but had a 12 month contract, this was in 2014 Sept-Dec . I took out the service with Telenor. The service was around £25 a month. When I left Denmark I forgot to cancel the contract , looking back I can find one email from Telenor from March 2015 (assuming pointing out late payment). I then have an email from Intrum Justitia asking for 2.757,67kr (about £330) th
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