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  1. All I can tell you is that it can take years to get this under control, and until it is I thought that a dentist wouldn't do any invasive procedure because gum disease harbours a bacteria that can cause severe heart damage if it enters the bloodstream. I don't believe this to be the exception to the norm as I know 2 people who've ended up in hospital with this issue. Sorry Hannya, the 2 cases you mention - was this because of lack of treatment (not aware or the issue) or poor dental treatment in tackling the problem? I have a telephone appointment with my GP booked for tomorro
  2. Thanks Hannya - that is invaluable information, as I suffer from angina. Thankfully, I have a great GP and I think I need to discuss this with him first. I think that closes the book on NHS treatment and second+ opinion are an excellent idea. I think the dentist and I just didn't click. Thanks again. Maggie
  3. Hannya, you have obviously done your research thoroughly on this, so I hope you don't mind if I ask you a few (really stupid) questions: 1. If my GP refers me to a specialist I get to see one. Not as quickly as going private but I still see one. What's the problem in the dental world? 2. Why am I asked to pay for a hygienist within an NHS practice? 3. Why is the NHS option accepted as being third tier, and the worst option? Thanks for your time.
  4. Thanks Honeybee, I was fully expecting to pay for the Band 3 treatment, but I tend to see things in black and white, to my detriment at times, and thought all dental treatment was covered. Hannya obviously has first hand experience of this and has done her groundwork. Just a bit annoyed as I have never claimed anything before. Maggie
  5. I couldn't find anything online to say what treatments weren't included, just the NHS website stating: All treatment that is, in your dentist's opinion, clinically necessary to protect and maintain good oral health is available on the NHS. This means the NHS provides any treatment that you need to keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy and free of pain, including dentures, crowns, bridges So I didn't know if I was being taken for an idiot.
  6. Hi, I am a bit confused about what I should receive as an NHS patient at a dentist. My OH and I have always gone private and paid lots of the years, but neither of us have a check up in over six years. I always felt I had good teeth and have flossed since my teens. Anyway, I broke a tooth last week and rang around to see if any local dentists were taking on NHS patients locally. I found one and booked the earliest appointment they had, which was last Friday. The dentist took about 4 x-rays and told me I had severe gum disease and no teeth could be replaced unti
  7. Just an update as Blemain now seems to have migrated their system to a new magic computer that includes fees and interest that are not shown. I have made 15 monthly payments and reduced the arrears by £3,000 since we last went to court, and when I compared my arrears figures with theirs (and surprise, surprise, theirs was higher. Although, I understand Blemain's old trick is to hide the true balance accrued through late payments, adjusted interest etc, we can argue this out in court in future. My understanding is that arrears or a credit balance is simply made up of monthly cha
  8. The defendants received letter from the court yesterday confirming claim struck out and hearing vacated.
  9. Already done it and being put before DJ today, so ringing back for an answer on Monday.
  10. So up to now, despite warnings the Court has received no hearing fee from the Claimant, no witness statement/bundle from the Claimant - second chance deadlines expired yesterday - how can it not be struck out?
  11. What's the difference between a Plaintiff and a Claimant? I did originally put it down as you suggested, just thought claimant's claim sounded a bit wrongish. If it was me, I would go, the defendant won't, he's never been to court (or Portsmouth), so what can you do?
  12. If the defendants don't hear today, I will send off the following email to the court tomorrow. Dear Ms xxxxxxxx, Thank you for your prompt reply to my enquiry of 5 February. You answered me on the 8th February, and although we have not received any correspondence from the Court just yet, we did call today for an update on the case as the hearing is in one week’s time. I understand that the Judge made instructions for the Claimant to provide us with their bundle by 4pm yesterday. They have failed to do so, and I understand they have failed t
  13. No letter from the court yet - had to call them earlier this morning as the hearing is in a week. The clerk, reluctantly admitted that the fee hadn't been paid and they had not heard from the claimant.
  14. The court hasn't heard from the claimant and as the court admits to not receiving their fee, they haven't received the bundle either. Doesn't this make a joke of the court order? With your case though, there is a trial date. So if the non-compliance puts the trial date at risk the Court may issue an unless order. The trial for which they have declined to pay for?
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