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  1. Does this replace the old Subject Access Request (SAR) form, or can one use either?
  2. Most benefit claimants will have little or no experience of negotiating, so you are certainly not alone. Most Claimant Commitments or Jobseekers Agreements are surprisingly similar, especially the activities that work coaches have ‘persuaded’ you to include about anything to do with UJM. So much for their being individually drawn up to help you specifically. I think that when it comes to up-dating your agreement similar wording will be used but with FaJ replacing UJM. So, the first thing to do, if you feel comfortable doing it, is write down the activities that include anything
  3. I think you could very well be right. Any JSAg or CC that include activities involving UJM will be out of date by mid-June. To be able to continue receiving JSA the law says that the claimant must have an up to date agreement. Agreements or CCs that include UJM activities will be out of date therefore your claim may be cancelled unless you sign up to a new one sharpish. I think it is also the responsibility of the claimant to report any change of circumstances affecting job seeking activity. Wonder if this might be regarded as a change of circumstances and unless we report it w
  4. The operative word is ‘reasonable’ Anyone who read DWP/ FaJ’s own Acceptable use policy would find it hard to convince anybody that signing up to the site was reasonable. The DWP itself wants nothing to do with it as far as taking any responsibility for the data you choose to give on it. It refuses to guarantee that your data is protected or who has access to it. Have a look at the policy document, see what you think: Acceptable use policy By using our site you accept these terms Please read these terms of use and corresponding documents carefully. By using the ‘F
  5. Some good points there Mr. P The trap that claimants need to be wary of is when their Claimant Commitments will necessarily have to be changed to delete any mention of activities relating to UJM. Work coaches are already being programmed to include references to activities relating to FaJ in new and revised CCs. I believe they will also use take advantage and use this change as a cover to speed up the transfer of Job seekers still on the old Jobseekers Agreement onto CC. If they succeed in enticing claimants to sign up to such activities the claimants expose themselves to
  6. It would appear on the face of it that it is nowhere near as intrusive as UJM. Its early days yet but it might just turn out to be a useful tool for jobseekers to find jobs rather than to entrap and sanction them.
  7. Hello Pgray and welcome to CAG. Looks like you're one of the first to take the plunge and sign up to this new job seeking site. You have already pointed out some of the negative issues you found with using the site Did you find any positives yet? When creating your account, did you have to also register on 'GOV.UK Verify' or 'ValueMyCV'?
  8. Glad to be of service Ghost. Good-bye to you and may your spirit find peace.
  9. Ghost00. This is a consumer action forum. Recipients of social benefits are regarded as consumers of a service thus their concerns are addressed here as well. I don’t believe this is a site to air your gripes about what you, or those you interact with, get up to of your own accord on other social media sites or outlets. If you have an issue with them, get them to sort it out for you, or are you expecting others to now sort out a mess of your own making for you? I would commend colleagues who have taken the time and the trouble to address your issues thus far, undeserved as it t
  10. Among the requirements necessary to claim JSA: • you’re available for work • you’re actively seeking work • you don’t have an illness or disability which stops you from working You may get ESA if your illness or disability affects your ability to work and you’re: • under State Pension age • not getting Statutory Sick Pay or Statutory Maternity Pay and you haven’t gone back to work • not getting Jobseeker’s Allowance You can apply for ESA if you’re employed, self-employed, unemployed or a student on Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment. Don’t
  11. Nice to hear that you got everything sorted today Max. Wish you all the best for Christmas with your nearest and dearest, which is as it should be. Also best of luck for the New Year in your new job.
  12. Max. If you sign on as usual today – 11/12/2017 your next signing on day would normally be two weeks today. Since two weeks today is 25/12/2017 and the jobcentres are shut that day you will not be expected to sign on. Your benefit for this period, up to 8th January, will be credited to your account automatically. Your next signing on date, then, would have been 08/01/2018, by which time you will be at work (all being well) and not eligible to sign on anyway. As you will have already been paid your benefit up to 8th January, therefore not entitled to any more, therefore not ob
  13. Best not to worry too much or speculate about what they may or may not tell you tomorrow. Best to wait one more day to see what they have to say before reacting.
  14. Bazza, Just to clarify your latest assertions in support of your own stance. Yes, the dongle was free, they said so repeatedly. In the bumph advertising the deal, in the contract and during my recent exchanges with them. They even stated that any money they may wish to recoup as a result of my terminating the contact early had nothing to do with recovering the cost of the dongle. They even told me in the shop that they did not want the dongle back whether they agreed to my terminating the contract early or not. So, again, the dongle was not the issue. If you refuse to accept tha
  15. Whilst involved in those exchanges here over the past couple of weeks I have also been in communication with the complaints department of the company that I have complained about. That communication has now been successfully concluded but before going on I feel that I must respond to Bazza'a latest post. It was my contention that I was being treated unfairly in relation to other customers who, as I have already described were in receipt of greatly enhanced terms. The fact that those enhanced terms became available after I had signed up to the deal do not alter the fact that paying £5 now
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