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  1. New overdraft alerts as CMA banking rules come into force READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-overdraft-alerts-as-cma-banking-rules-come-into-force
  2. There are a lot of intricate details to this, so I am going to assume everybody is familiar with how the mobile banking app works independently and in relation with online banking on the website. I'm in a desperate situation. I have literally ZERO access to my online banking. My phone broke the other day so I'm borrowing one of my friends old ones, temporarily. I had an iPhone and this is an Android and thus I couldn't use iCloud to restore most of my information. Therein lies the issue. My old phone had all of my banking details on it. The only ones readily available to me are my a
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40338220 Barclays facing possible fraud charges in relation to Qatar 2008 deal. Given that there may now be a court process that follows, we have to be careful what we say, as public comment can be seen as prejudicial. The only observations i would make is that these allegations follow on from a long list of British Banking issues that have really made London look like a centre for dodgy practices and underhand dealing. The other issue is whether it is possible to put these cases in front of a jury, as i suspect that jurors might have a negative view
  4. http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/natwest-online-banking-down-what-7438405 Why does it always seem to be over a Bank Holiday or Weekend that Banks have IT problems? This time with NatWest (although that should probably read... Again with NatWest..
  5. Hi Guys Just a quickie. How much (Average) would it cost a firm to receive a £1 standing order payment from me on a monthly basis?
  6. There is now an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Fair Business Banking. I know from the years that I have been on CAG that many have found themselves in dispute with their banks and when it comes to SMEs in this position, there is really nowhere to turn. The FOS is of little or no assistance and the legal route is usually financially impossible. That is where the APPG comes in and is working hard to change things so there is a level playing field. Here is a link to the APPG site http://www.appgbanking.org.uk/ The APPG site tells how you can become involved and it is also cu
  7. Hi tony http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?384453-Clydesdale-bank-preference-account-fees-reclaiming&p=4962977#post4962977 I had a Principal Account from 2000 to 2008 when it was abruptly ended by the bank. My experiences sound very similar to yours. I too had a £15,000 overdraft facility and was being charged £50 per month for services on the account. I am currently pursuing the bank on several issues, however they cannot give me any info about the earning threshold that was required to qualify for the account, or who signed the papers to authorise th
  8. Banking Error Gave Young Lady 4.6 Million Overdraft-What Would You Do? Could you be tempted to spend some. Lose your battle between the Devil telling you to get stuck in and go for it. Or the angel of reason telling you to go into the bank and say i think you have made a slight mistake. As you read this story and perhaps watch the video what is your brain telling you. Would you be planning to lash out,travel the world,take a chance. Where would you go or do,could you be tempted. Or plan to catch the bus or walk to town if no funds to tell them Oh dear what is this on my state
  9. this is about a Vehicle that needs around 3,500 - 4000 Costs in Repairs or a Full refund. its been over 2 Weeks since I sent the required Extra Information to Claims Team that they asked for . Today I received this email. "I have checked with management and your file is still under review and hope to have a decision to you by next week. Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to Is contact us." I Received this email about 6 Days ago "I am sorry to learn of the difficulties that you are experiencing with this merchant. Section 75 of the Consu
  10. Barclays- SAR and CCA? Dear Cagers, As mentioned in another post I have 4+ debts which I desperately want to sort out ASAP. I want to start with Barclays and I will rely on your amazing help I have seen you have given to other desperate people. Please be aware that I am very inexperienced in dealing with creditors, DCA etc... The situation: Barclays current account: Opened 11-12 years ago. I use this account to transfer £4 each month from another account to be able to pay my debts -£1 to each of 4 debtors. This is including paying £1 each month to my Barclays unsecu
  11. Hi I am having all sorts of issues with Lloyds Bank recently. November they bounced a cheque I paid in because the signature on the cheque did not match the issuing banks mandate - complained and was put through to a branch I did not bank at, bank did not take complaint seriously - complaint was upheld and compensation received. Last week tried to upgrade my account from Club Lloyds to a Club Lloyds Platinum, this was declined - complaint raised and told someone in Lloyds Bank has put a marker on the account, speak to Personal Lending Team. Personal Lending Tea
  12. Hi Guys, I'm glad i came across this site. I've been doing some in depth reading regarding the process to have an SAR carried out on various lenders etc. In the past I've had the following: Black Horse Loan (2002ish) Applied for my PPI back and told they couldn't find account (now they've been fined 110+ million i'm sure they'l be more helpful Halifax Bank Account BOS Bank Account Birmingham Midhsires Mortgage. I guess my question is can i just send a single SAR to Lloyds banking group HQ (now that they own all these subsiduaries) or will I have to make one to
  13. First of all apologies if the answer to this exists in another thread. I’ve recently started up as a limited company business and (foolishly) opened up a business banking current account with Lloyds around a month ago. I tried to transfer my salary on Friday only to be advised there was a block on my account and I didn’t have access to my funds. I’ve since spoken to a grand total of 6 different individuals, none of whom have been able to explain why my account is blocked or specifically when it will be unblocked. I’ve also been mostly ignored by the bank manager at the branch I opened the acco
  14. Has anyone noticed that many banking apps now want to have access to more details on your mobile phone? I was asked to update my banking app from the market store and found out by checking the new app permissions that they now want access to my internet browsing history and to have access to my contacts and to be able to modify and remove contacts!!!! I have already fired off a complaint to the FCA and ICO regarding these apps and will have a response within 30 days. this is seriously concerning and I will now review all of my other apps and have turned off several app
  15. Hi I hope it's OK to post this here but i really need to make contact with current Santander customers. My story starts a couple of weeks ago when I logged onto Santander online banking. They were changing the login process and asked me to choose an image and a word, which I assume was to overcome people loggin into a fake site. I now see the image and the word to prove the site is legit. Prior to this change I would login to Santander internet banking by inputting my: Customer Id Passcode Registration number I would then have to choose one from three images C
  16. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/nov/12/banks-fined-200bn-six-years-history-banking-penalties-libor-forex
  17. on 24/11/2014 I logged in to online banking only to find that my main account appeared to have been very overdrawn for several weeks! This was not true, as I check my account regularly. I went out of the account to look at another account than back in to the original account only to find that all the entries were now correct! The account continued to vary between overdrawn and correct and we were able to print out two sets of "recent transactions" both showing the same debits and credits but with very different balances all the way through. We were not
  18. Hi all, Glad I found this forum and had a good read hope I'm posting at the right place. I got caught at a supermarket for not paying an item worth £35. (feel deeply ashamed and want to punish myself more than anyone else, I don't why I did it had some alcohol before that happened and curious about things, I would never do that again, so no lecture pls) The security took me to a back room and checked the price of item and called duty manager, and they said you are lucky as usually the would call police straight away and then gave me a piece of paper (NOTICE OD INTENDED CI
  19. The regulator appears to be nudging the industry to move away from using some customers to pay for others The City regulator is to investigate overdrafts amid a suggestion that it will no longer accept the convention that high charges and interest from those in the red are needed to pay for free banking for all. A history of the bank charges battle The relationship between banks and customers over overdrafts has long been fractious and ended in the High Court. A decade ago, fees had been ratcheted higher and customers were beginning to notice; anger was rising. By 2006, some
  20. Hello, I am student of University of Wales Trinity St Davids Swansea Metropolitan and as a research for my degree I am writing about online banking, its threats and benefits, adoption and security risks. Was wondering if there is any chance anyone can give me some information about their opinions about online banking, what they think of it, why they use it or not, what they think could be improved or changed. Also I am going to post (if Admin of this page agrees) a link to my online survey about it. Its completely anonymous and I won't be taking any personal details of you. I would be really
  21. Hello I had a loan with Black Horse in 2005 and lost my job in 2007 and had to stop paying. They kept chasing me and I started making reduced payments to them, until late 2008 when I just couldn't do it any more. Click on the icons for more detail as required. My credit file reads 6 from 2007 until 2013 when they defaulted the account. I called them and asked when the account was defaulted I was told the account defaulted 14 days after April 2007 When I said it was done again 2013 they just said yes. How can they do this?
  22. I am receiving a message advising the page cannot be displayed. Does anyone know if there is a problem with the Nationwide Online banking service ?
  23. Within the last 18 months I have changed Banks three times no less. Within days of opening the accounts, I have had to make formal complaints to all three. For each Bank, I set what I considered to be a just and reasonable amount, to compensate me for the issue complained of. I must admit,. a couple of Banks voluntarily increased the amount I claimed, knowing my claim to be so fair, given the cicumstances of the claim itself. The total number of claims agreed and settled has sadly exceeded 23 claims shared by all three. I am still with my original Bank and now they too
  24. hi, i sell on amazon and have been using halifax for years for my amazon payments, on the 3rd october i opened some new online savings accounts putting 1 pound of my own money in them, which i was going to use on for selling on amazon, after which my online access was restricted, i only found out about this yesterday, phoned them got through to the fraud team, which for very rude and unprofessional, intimidating almost, basicly i said i opend couple of onlinne saver as i sell on amazon, the guy said i will never need this many accounts,you could be doing pay day loan frauds with
  25. The former head of the business lobby group the CBI, Sir Richard Lambert, is to lead a new organisation monitoring standards in the UK banking industry. Sir Richard has been appointed by the banks but will act independently of them and not lobby on their behalf. He will consult government, regulators, banks and consumer groups to develop the new body. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-24170812 The collapse of bankers' self esteem There is something a bit odd perhaps about the banks setting up a new body to ensure that their people are following
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