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  1. Heya, Hoping I can get a bit of advice on the following. I've emailed Ashbourne mgmt to cancel my gym membership. I signed up in December 2017 with 3 months free and then started my 12 months in March 2018. My final payment is due to come on 1st of Feb 2019 at which point I would then cancel my DD. They have replied saying I have to pay a 3 months notice fee so will pay up until May. This sounds ludicrous but would I be in my right to just cancel my DD after Feb? Unfortunately, I've looked everywhere and can't find my contract and they have ignored my request to send another one:evil: Suddenly remembering why I never wanted to join gym in the first place. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks
  2. Signed a solar panel maintenance Contract in home for 3K (deposit paid on CC), with no mention of 'cooling off' period. in Contract. So how how long do I have to cancel the Contract & recover my deposit (s75)?
  3. Hi all, Looking for some advice - I've been reading through and there's lot of great advice here on the forum and I've kind of used some already but messed up in places to give the gym more than I should - so here's the story. My wife and I are a member of the Sweat Union gym in Chelmsford, we are both on rolling monthly contracts. On 22nd August 2018 we both sent them an email saying we would like to cancel our memberships and she subsequently cancelled the DD (2 x 21.99 as she paid for both of ours). We were then informed the next day that you had to cancel prior to the 15th of the month so we would have the pay the September gym fees. We were willing to pay and she called them to say the DD has been cancelled and they said this means we would need to pay the £21.99 for Sept and both incur a £15 admin fee because of the DD. She called the bank to try and reinstate it but they said Sweat would have to do it and they didn't seem willing. The payment wasn't due until the 31/08 so we emailed and said we'll pay the outstanding £21.99 each but don't agree with the fee, the email was ignored. I ended up looking at my account on the site and could see the balance due (£21.99) and the option to pay online so we went ahead and both paid the September balance on the 29th August (before the due date). I then emailed Sweat to say the balance was paid prior to the deadline and I assume this clears the matter, that the admin fee will be removed and that we can still use the gym through Sept as we are paid up. They emailed back to say no, we have to pay the £15 fee each, we cannot use the gym unless this is paid and on top of this, we cannot cancel our memberships with outstanding arrears on our accounts. Now this is really galling - I know £15 is not a lot but I don't want to pay it out of principal. The gym have acknowledged we would like to cancel but refuse to let us do so without paying the £15 fee. They say that if we don't pay the £15 our accounts will be passed onto a third party finance agency. Reading other threads, it seems like they don't have any legal right for the £15 fee Should I do anything else at this point or just ignore going forward? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  4. I have 4 CC, 2 with cap 1 and 2 with aqua, so all classed as bad credit, credit cards, I am happy with aqua, but cap 1 I am considering cancelling, why, because ive had the cards for over 3 years, use them, pay off, never been late, or over limit, yet my limit on both is still just £200, now, am I cutting my nose to spite my face by cancelling these, ie, will it harm my credit file by cancelling them, I doubt id ever be that desperate to ever need to access the £400 total across both cards, but again, is there any benefit to keep them. Also my wife has 7 cards, but only uses 3 of them, so again, is she better of cancelling the other 4, or will they be helping, or hindering her credit file. Thanks
  5. Hi there, I'm really stressed out and hope someone is able to provide some advice. We went to a car dealership yesterday and viewed a used car. We were there with two young kids for 3 hours and, perhaps it was the fatigue and wanting to get out of there, ended up agreeing to the deal and signed an Order for the used car with a part exchange of ours. We left the car dealership at 3:30pm. We now have cold feet. It's a huge amount of money and really regret it. My partner and i have rowed about this since last night as he wanted to sleep on it but we ended up signing as salesperson was very effective on me. I've tried to call them but the salesperson has the day off today so I've emailed and asked him to ensure no action taken on the car and I will call tomorrow when he's in. The car literally arrived into their dealership on the Friday. We viewed the next day (Sat). Nothing has been done to the car yet to prepare it. It's not due to be booked into the workshop to prepare it for release and sale to us until Tuesday. I know this for a fact. So no expenses incurred except for 3 hours of the sales person's time. I paid a £500 deposit to hold the car on Friday so we could view it on Sat. I've read the Order terms several times. There is no cancellation clause (nothing to say I can or cannot cancel) and no mention of any deposit. My marriage isn't worth breaking up over for this car so I'm going to cancel tomorrow. Do you think the dealership (it's a respectable brand) will sue me over the balance? Secondly, do you think I have any chance of getting the deposit back? There's been no expenses incurred on their side. At most, they would have lost viewings on the Sunday to any potential buyers but that would have been the case anyway had I booked my viewing on Monday (holding deposit stated to be fully refundable in that case). Thanks in advance for any advice. Super stressed about this. (((((((((((
  6. Hello all, Long story short. Put in for PPI and won. Paid off substantial amount on my credit cards. 1 month later received letter from B/card telling me they “realise” I’ve had a b/card for some time ( 12 years actually) at my current non uk address. They are going to cancel card as I’ve not got uk address. Is it legal for B/card to break their terms and conditions yet I have to comply, which I did when I told them of my non uk address. Seems strange that for 12 years they were quite happy for me to have their card but now due to paying off a huge chunk I’m now penalised. Any thoughts if this has happened to other expats and are B/card in breach of their own rules?
  7. I am helping a friend/client defend a summons from their former business Internet suppliers. Long story short, they were happily using BT for their phones and Internet for many years, until some Mickey Mouse outfit called them and said they could provide everything BT did at a fraction of the price. They foolishly agreed before talking to me and soon came to regret the decision as: 1. The Internet regularly went down for long periods. 2. One fix suggested by the ISP was too disable the fixed IP and change to dynamic. As they use CCTV and Remote Desktop this was not a great solution. 3. Their business was considerably disrupted due to the constant breakdown of the Internet. 4. They constantly contacted the ISP but the Internet continued to fail. 5. They claimed the same problems would be experienced with BT and yet since switching back to BT their Internet has been problem free. They have received a summons today from the ISP saying the last two months invoices remained unpaid, emails go ignored and have now cancelled the service. I believe they think the application will be left unanswered so they could apply for the award and get the bailiffs in, so I would like to get a reply back as soon as possible. They did warn the ISP that they would need to switch ISP unless it was resolved their reply was "you are under contract." They finally cracked and moved back to BT. I have advised them to dispute the claim in full and defend on the above grounds. If a business totally fails to provide a service, can be just walk away, on grounds of breach of contract/non-performance? This is effectively what they were forced to do.
  8. I am in urgently, need your help and advice guys. Me and my mother signed up to E4L around July last year which we have been using fine for past four months. my father noticed a strange direct debit leaving their joint account, which he didn't recognised so he cancelled it. This we later found out to be from Harland or E4L, £11.99. He cancelled this direct debit via bank and then mother got an email from them, stating the account is now in default. A £25 admin fee has been added alongside the month where the monthly payment has not been released. Additionally, my mother has not been well due to a heart condition so she not even had the chance to use their service around Nov/Dec. I contacted the harland team and mentioned that mother been in hospital and my father accidently cancelled the contract. They, however, would not accept this and persist in paying the £25 fine and a months membership, which we decline. We are OK to pay the monthly fee but not the fine. I believe my father, recently, went back to the bank to reinstate the direct debit. What is the best way on moving forward? Any advice will be appreciated thank you very much KoshiZee
  9. Hi Everyone! Am hoping for some help regarding the following issue. My suspicion is that to go further would likely cost me more than I would recover so if that is the case just let me know. But hopefully someone in here will be able to give some advice to help. Back in the summer of 2013 I took out a BT Sport subscription package. A couple of months later I got a job offer in a different town so I cancelled my Sky and BT Sport at my address knowing that I can get a good deal at the next place. In October I moved into the new property, booked Sky and BT Sport and everything was great. However I was an idiot and didn't properly check that BT had cancelled my initial subscription. And hence it was only in February last year when I moved house again and went to cancel my BT Sport that I realised my account had 2 direct debits from BT Sport. This came to about £800. I had noticed that I was being charged by BT Sport when checking my account but because the charges were around 15 days apart I never saw that it was being done twice a month. Also I did receive emails from BT about my account (& adverts for things) but it was only for one of the two accounts. I raised this with BT and asked that the account that I had asked to be cancelled be refunded to me. They refused and offered me 1 month's charges as a good will gesture. Needless to say I was not happy with this. I requested a SAR which they complied with. It showed the information for both accounts. Weirdly the first account was dated to have started on the 26th September (10 days before I was due to move and 10 days after I had put the deposit on the new lease). I explained to them that this could not be right due to the circumstances, but they said that's what their data said so it must be right. There was no information regarding me taking out either account, and the only correspondence in the SAR were the recent calls I'd made after I had found the mistake. To me it felt a lot like anything more than a year old was no longer on their system. As they were not willing to go further I contacted the Ombudsman service about it. I have the full story if anyone is interested but to cut it short they saw 100% in favour with BT. The first response I was really unhappy with because they made a number of factual claims that were completely untrue (like they said I should have noticed because I was getting emails for both subscriptions which I was not and never said I was). But their point was basically that I should have noticed so BT are not doing anything wrong in not paying it back, and because BT have no record of the cancellation then I am not entitled to any refunds. They completely ignored everything about BT saying the account started after I knew I was moving and had cancelled the Sky subscription to which the card was linked. So it feels to me now that I go small claims court. I'm happy to go into mediation as well. The problem is that I am worried that I will either have to hire a solicitor which will cost me more than I am looking to get back, or they will just use their solicitors to tie me in loops and then force me to pay their legal expenses. So, worth pursuing? Or chalk this one up to a learning experience and curse the name of BT forevermore?
  10. Last week whilst sorting through bank statement I came across a Harlands direct debit for £19.99. After researching on google I realised it was for a gym membership (in my knowledge I hadn't been a member of a gym for s substantial amount of time)! After phone calls I realised it was for Simply Gym Wrexham which I had joined in April 2013! I'd been a member for a few months (been to only a handful of times) and had believed Sid cancelled it in January 2014! I remember telling a member of staff on the desk that I wished to cancel and writing to bank to cancel my DD. I've since been in to the bank and they have no record of me cancelling the DD and the manager in the gym said it's the responsibility of the member to cancel the DD and they do nothing (this was not communicated to me at the time either)! They have all the correct contact information (name/address/tel/email) but I have had no contact from them in 4 years. They also had me listed on their system as 'high risk' as I hadn't been there for such a long time (4 years!!!)! think this is morally wrong and really underhand on the part of the gym. They continued taking the DD but no contact. I have since spoken to a couple of friends, coincidentally one who had the exact same situation with the same gym. Membership believed to have been cancelled but was not. I know I should've picked up on this sooner and I will be checking my statements from now on what can I do to get some of the 48 x 19.99 (nearly 1,000) money back. To date the only response back I've had is 'it Is the responsibility of the member to cancel their Direct Debit with the bank when they wish to cancel, we believe we have abided by the terms and conditions of the membership and are unable to offer the refund requested'. It would be very interesting to find out how many other similar unknowing 'high risk' members they have! Any advice please..... Any advice on what to do next? realise I should've picked up on it sooner and will be going through bank statements monthly from now on... Thank you
  11. after a little google and a browse around the forum I've seen alot of prople having the same issues with Harlands after trying to cancel gym membership! My situation is as follows I joined a gym (choices health club) september 2015 for a 12 month contract and then it went on to a rolling contract. I was working away monday to friday and the gym was near where i worked. I started a new job in sept 2017 (75 miles away from the gym I'd joined) I cancelled my DD on 13th september 2017, i rang up the gym to cancel my membership, I was told I'd have to call in to cancel, I explained I now live over an hour away and they emailed me a cancellation form. I got an email from Harlands 15th september regarding my cancellation of my DD and that if i didnt reinstate it by 25th september (my billing date) I would be charged a £25 administration fee. I didn't send off the gym cancellation letter. These are the t&cs on my cancellation letter, as I've already cancelled my DD I didn't want to sign this agreeing that If i cancelled my DD I would accept the 'irreversible adminstration charges' TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF CANCELLATION • You must abide by the cancellation notice period applicable to your membership contract • In the unlikely event of a dispute, it is the member’s responsibility to provide proof of cancellation • You must keep your copy of this cancellation and be able to produce it if requested to confirm your cancellation, if you are not offered a copy please request one • Do not cancel your direct debit until all payments have been made after the submission of this form, doing so could result in irreversible administration charges • You may not downgrade your membership within the cancellation period • You are able to withdraw your cancellation at any point during the cancellation period, we can accept this withdrawal verbally and once it has been accepted you must resubmit a cancellation form to cancel your membership I then received another email from HARLANDS dated 26th september referring to their letter dated 15th september I have not contacted them. As i have not reinstated my DD I know owe £25 adminstration fee £39.99 for bill dated 25th september £39.99 cancellation fee £104.98 Total owed If i do not contact them by 16th October I will incur a further £25 adminstration fee. Just looking for some advice on what to do next? As I haven't yet sent my cancellation form off i realise that my gym still recognises me as a member. I called the gym again yesterday 26th september stating that I had received another email from HARLANDS and asked if they had processed my cancellation form (I haven't sent one) I haven't used the gym since July 2017 My home address is still the same as when I joined the gym I can provide the wording of HARLANDS emails however from what i have read from other people s posts it seems like a default reply. Thanks in advance guys!
  12. Hi all, First off, fantastic community here. I have spent a fair amount of time researching and it really is incredible how companies can act. I have a slightly different situation which I couldn't find anything comparable from searching the forums. I signed up for a 12 month Fit4Less membership where the first payment was taken October-2016. I cancelled the direct debit sometime about August 2017 where the last payment was taken August 2017, this was due to me moving about 1.5 miles away and wanted a gym in walking distance. Therefore, I have only paid 11 of the 12 months. I know I should have waited and paid the last month but didn't check fully. Subsequently, I have received the Harlands letters like many on this forum. What are my options? Should I offer the final payment while stating I refuse to pay any admin or cancellation fees? Thanks,
  13. Hello Friends, I just booked a holiday yesterday but need to cancel it. The booking was done over phone and email. The dealer has charged nearly £500.00 more than if I book the hotels and flights separately. I feel like so cheated. At the moment I am trying to speak as nicely as possible so that the cancellation can be done with nominal charges. In the email it is mentioned that the ticket is non-refundable. Will this constitute as binding on me and is this a fair term? Thanks.
  14. Hi All. My wife had a membership with Xercise4less for over 12 months and decided to cancel the membership. She cancelled the Direct Debit, thinking that was all she needed to do. She then received an email from Harlands advising that she had not responded to a letter that was sent out, the copy of the letter in the email had the wrong house number bot correct street name. She was locked out of herXercise4less account so she couldn't give 30 days notice via the website. She has since called Harlands and paid £34.99 (£9.99 membership and £25 Admin Fee) They have advised that they will reactivate the Direct Debit and that my wife can now give 30 days notice via the website. She has now cancelled the membership via the website. I have just found the forum after she made a payment to Harlands. My question is, why should she have to pay for another months membership after she cancelled the DD and made the payment when she couldn't access the account to cancel the account when access was restricted. Is it safe to cancel the new Direct Debit and ignore all correspondence from Harlands Thanks in advance for any help or comments. Tom
  15. Hi. I was aged 17 when the contract was signed. On multiple sites I have seen the following: "The minor is also able to cancel a contract at any time before reaching the age of 18, and for a reasonable period afterwards without valid reason as the contract is ‘voidable’." I have been a member for just over 3 years, and 2 years 7 months since turning 18. Would that be considered a reasonable period afterwards? The cost is £30 p/m and I really would not like to pay another full calender's month of membership for several reasons: There is a much better gym nearby that is 24hr and costs less. When equipment breaks in DW it is not replaced for weeks at a time, affecting my workout. At some point, they changed the closing time on Friday from 22:00 to 21:00. Have only ever gone during night times and from next week can no longer do so. I'm not great on money right now so paying £30 for something I definitely won't be able to use would be horrible.
  16. Hi, in December last year, I began a 12 month contract with Xercise4Less on their £9.99 a month promotion. When I began this contract I was 16 years old, and since then I've only been to the gym about three times. I'm 17 now, and on the 16th November, I paid them for the 12th time. In May/June this year I missed a payment and paid their £25 admin fee. I really want to cancel my membership, and wanted to earlier but I knew they are very funny with that, and did try once, and was told I was still within my contract. I waited until I'd fulfilled the 12 month contract, which, since the first payment was in December, should have been in November, if that's correct? Last night, I tried to sign in on their website and discovered that they cannot even find my email address on their system, despite them withdrawing £9.99 from my debit card each month. Worrying about cancelling and how Harlands goes after people for months afterwards has been causing me a lot of stress for the last 6 months and I really want to cancel my membership as soon as possible. What should I do to cancel my membership, now that I should be out of the contract and am still 17? Thanks for any help regarding this issue, Ulysses EDIT: I should also mention that I signed up myself, and my parents were not involved whatsoever.
  17. I am trying to help a friend's father out here. I am still gathering some information but need to act quickly. Will try and keep it brief for now. Person in question responded to an advertisement by The Recliner Factory last year and were subsequently visited by a salesman. I think there may have been more than one visit but will clarify. Date(s) of visit = late Nov - early Dec. His wife was suffering from cancer (brain tumour) for several years and they thought a recliner chair which is easy to get up from would help her as she had developed mobility problems due to the tumour. Somehow, they ended up ordering more than one chair and the total value of the order was c£6.5k. The order has not been delivered yet. His wife's health deteriorated suddenly and she passed away on 4th Jan. There is now no need for the chairs. The sales order form is hand written (triplicate carbon copy). I have some photos of these forms but am awaiting the hard copies. There is a tick box that says "Is this a non-bespoke order". This is not ticked. On the reverse of the form in the terms and conditions it says 'There is no cancellation possible if the product is bespoke' (hence why I mention the non-ticked box). Otherwise there is a 14 day cancellation period. I haven't scratched too much below the surface yet but on the face of it, does he have any right to cancel? Payment has already been made (trying to find out payment method as we speak) In the first instance, I was going to suggest we quickly get a cancellation letter off and see how they respond. Obviously they may well say no but then we can go from there. If he has no right to cancel, I would in the first instance ask for special dispensation due to the extenuating circumstances. Any thoughts guys? many thanks
  18. hi, i cancelled an order before it was delivered. it was a shed and had a 'manufacturing' phase so i assume made-to-order, but it wasn't bespoke. i've been refunded 75% and sent a handful of letters asking for the other 25%, following correct protocol, pointing them to the consumer acts that say "The trader must not impose any fee on the consumer in respect of the reimbursement." just filling in the moneyclaimonline form and want to check i'm not missing anything obvious before submitting. the initial response from them before all the letters was "Thank you for your email. As you are aware, the charge for cancellation of the order following manufacture is 25%. This has been deducted from your refund which as now been processed. Please allow 3-5 working days for the funds to reach your account." thanks, kristian
  19. I called EE stating that I moved abroad and they won't cancel my contract as I've only been in it for 4 months and would have to pay £631 for termination fee. I asked if it was possible to change my contract to pay less and they said no. Is there any way to get out of this contract without them being unfair?
  20. I've come to the end of my year's car insurance, I've moved elsewhere and cancelled the direct debit. Swinton have served me with a default notice. I'm just wondering what everyone's views were as to the legalities of such a move - afterall, I'm not in breach of any payments. Weird.
  21. Hi. My first post here. I had a browse on the perfect home site and checked out the price of something I'm interested in. I came to the part where it mentions about id, and at this point I decided not to bother as I mainly operate paperless. an hour or so passes by and I receive a call from them saying they noticed I hadn't purchased anything to which I explain the paperless problem. The polite lady began explaining that I can take pics of my digital proofs and upload them to the site and do it that way. I decided fill out an application, made my first payment, and was told someone will call to sort out identity. Long story short, feel lied to, have read the horror stories and no longer wish to proceed. Where exactly do I stand with regards to calling up the local shop and saying nope, have changed my mind. Thanks in advance.
  22. I joined Anytime Fitness Stroud November 2015. Now due to me working away I am unable to go to the gym, or at least that gym and Anytime Fitness do not have any gyms close to where I am working. When I joined I knew there was a possibility that I might be working away, so I asked how much notice I would need to give to cancel the membership. I was told 1 month. At no time was I told it was a 12 month contract. I gave my bank details to set up a DD, but was never given a contract to sign. I was told that they didn't have access to the contracts at the time but I would sign one next time I was in. In the whole 10 months I have been a member I have never signed a contract or seen a copy of the T&C's despite asking on numerous occasions (Staff always too busy). I have now decided to cancel, sent an email to the manager of the club and received a numerous responses including; "At the time you joined Anytime Fitness, all memberships were subject to 12 months contract and all personnel were trained to advise prospective members of this. Having not signed paperwork does not mean that you have not agreed to a contract." and "Having accepted the fob and having accepted the monthly payments this indicates that you accepted the contract terms." How could I accept the contract terms if I never received a copy of the contract? Now yes I should have insisted on signing the contract but after being fobbed off I eventually gave up. Am I contractually obliged to continue paying for the membership or are they trying to call my bluff? Many thanks Ian
  23. Hello all, not sure whether or not this is worth mentioning on CAG forums but will post here anyway in case answers to this question might be helpful to other forum members. I joined 3SixtyFitness, in Newark on Trent, a couple of months ago. I paid for personal training sessions upfront and also signed a six-month contract, with Ashbourne Payments for use of the gym itself when I wasn't training. I rang the gym owner today to tell him that, owing to health issues/family troubles etc. I would have to cancel my gym membership. He said that would be no problem and that I should contact Ashbourne to sort it. I emailed Ashbourne today saying I'd informed the gym owner etc. and that I would be cancelling payments. They then sent me this: Hello The contract that you signed and agreed to online is for a period of six months, to date you have made 2 payments and we require a further 4 payments in order to cancel. Many thanks Ashbourne. Firstly, this is not true. I have actually made three payments, the first two were paid at the same time owing to the fact that I accidentally cancelled my direct debit and owed them, fair enough. Another payment was sent on the first of this month through a new DD they set up. I sent them an email along with screenshots of the payments from my account (and no other details!) and have yet to have a reply. My main concern however is that they want to continue charging me for a service I will no longer use. True, they haven't made me agree to a 12 month contract, but I'm still wondering if requiring me to continue to pay on a contract I want to cancel is legit. Again, this is probably not worth mentioning, but any advice about this would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks.
  24. Hi I would be grateful for your help I joined them back in November 2014 and only attended for a month, due to having an operation on my hand. I didn’t know that I may have been able cancel then. I left it till December 2015 to cancel. I went online and followed their procedures and received an email, I also rang heartlands and told them I have cancelled, they told me not to cancel my DD and they had made a note of it on my records. in February when I noticed that they had still taken a payment I called them again, they told me they had not revived a cancellation notice from Exercise4less. I then cancelled my DD, got the standard letter from heartlands. I still have a problem cancelling my contact for the last two months I have been past from pillow to post by e4less and I still don’t know if it is cancelled. They say I am in arrears of £39.98. £20 admin fee and two months subscription fees. I have now been back online and filled out there cancellation form again and got two of the same emails back. Thank you for contacting Xercise4Less, your request has been received and we'll be in touch as soon as possible. Your request will start from the submission date. Please keep this notification as a receipt for your records. I am not sure what to do now and would be very grateful for any help you can offer. Kind Regards Strongdumplin
  25. Hi, first time poster here - found this site through searching if others had the same issue as me. Will try to be as concise as possible, but happy to elaborate if this will be useful. My child joined a gym to learn Karate in November 15 and after an initial session, we signed up on a 6 month contract @ £35. This was organised and managed by Ashbourne Management. I then decided to join in January 16 to learn MMA - also on a 6 month contract. Due to working too much, I struggled to make my lesson each week, but kept going when I could. It must be noted the gym didn't pull me up on my infrequent attendance or mention it in any way. As to be expected with young children, my child decided not to go any more. When I spoke to the gym, they told me I had to pay the 6 months regardless so I chose to keep making the payments, but attend a second lesson each week so the money wasn't wasted. The gym were happy to agree to this. I got more and more despondent with the gym due to a total lack of organisation, lessons changed on the occasions I could actually make it and a general lack of interest. As such, and perhaps this wasn't my smartest move, I sent an email to both the gym (strongly worded, bit overly angry, but got my point across) and Ashbourne Management advising I wasn't coming back and wasn't paying any more money. I referred to Clause 2 of the Ashbourne Contract and I quote: "...my right to terminate without liability if the facilities or services you provide fall well below the standard that you reasonably expect us to provide" My issue was that of disorganisation and as such, given I had paid far more than I actually used, I felt the position was square. I received a response from the gym refuting all my points and essentially blaming me for being lazy. When I replied to explain I didn't feel like I fitted in, I never received another response. I then entered into email dialogue with Ashbourne, and stated I only wanted to be communicated over email (and I've responded to every email sent). This has been ignored with both phone calls and texts. I raised my complaint with them who basically disregarded it, told me it wasnt a reason for them to terminate the contract and that I need to pay. On top of this, each letter I recieve has an elevated cost, where the current cost for each month is at £105 - this WITHIN a month of cancelling the Direct Debits. I feel I have paid enough and their Clause 2 facilitates this exit, they clearly dont. My last email to them asking WHY they rejected my complaint has been unanswered for 11 days. I would really appreciate some help on the best way to get out of this, ideally without paying another penny - but I am happy to listen to reason. Also - if anyone thinks I am being out of order and that I should "just pay", please let me know - I just want all of this to be over as the stress its causing me is doing me no good. Thanks for reading.
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