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  1. We recently used Zen Internet to provide our business broadband service, however the service was extremely slow, unreliable and connection randomly dropping / losing connection. After 5 days and several hours of speaking to the tech support we gave up with the faulty service and cancelled. We have been charged £160+ for installation / activation which we have requested to be refunded. Unfortunately they are not willing to refund our money and have implied that the service provided was satisfactory and working. I managed to get them to email me the call log history notes fo
  2. Big thank you to the guys who gave me advice earlier in the thread - ended up in court a few days ago and Won on a technicality! I didn't want to say too much on here prior to the hearing incase it was used in evidence against me L0well failed to comply with a court order by submitting their WS paperwork late, I gave a request to the judge on the day that as they failed to comply with the court order that the claim should be struck out. I had a brilliant Judge, as soon as we got into the hearing and without me saying a word he fought my corner - mainly over them failing to subm
  3. I've rang the court who informed me the claim is progressing and told me i had to fill in an N180 form which i've downloaded 2 quick questions: Should i agree for the case to be referred to the small claims mediation service - i dont see what this would achieve? Also i'm a full time parent (unemployed) with no income/assets - do you think i should write to BW and inform them of this as it would save both parties the hassle of going to court for nothing - if their lies somehow did pull the wool over the judge's eyes & win all they would get is £1 per month #cantgetbloodoutof
  4. Quick update - i received a copy of a Directions Questionnaire which BW have sent to the court - from what i gather it is asking for the case to be referred to the mediation service Will the court act on the directions questionnaire if it is stayed? I take it i just sit back and wait for the court to send me a direction questionnaire too if they do act on it?
  5. I've received a letter today from Lowell with a copy of a letter dated 25th April they have sent to the court It simply says the claimant intends to continue with the claim The court claim was issued 19/02/2014 They haven't sent me my CCA or the requested documents in my CPR 31:14 request How do i stand on time, have they missed the deadline for it to automatically be stayed (66 days since the court issue date taking into account 2 bank holiday days)
  6. thanks Andy 28 days are up tomorrow since i filed my defense and no response from them - does this automatically get stayed and do i need to do anything if they don't file a response to my defense?
  7. Could anyone be kind enough to have a quick look at my defense and advise if i should include points 5 & 6?
  8. Defence date is nearing and Lowell have not complied with my CCA request. They have sent me a letter stating they have requested the CCA from Cap1 and the account is placed on hold until it is produced - but to date it hasn't arrived. I've drafted a defence that refers to the account being put into dispute with Cap1 in 2009 and that it should not have been passed onto Lowell & isn't enforceable (points 5 & 6) - is this wise to include? Also do i need to send evidence for points 5 & 6 to the court and Lowell by the defence deadline? 1. The Defendant contends that the
  9. Yes I've logged on to MCOL and acknowledged the claim I'm now awaiting my CCA As for defense date - i acknowledged the claim 2 days after court issue - so will i have 28 days from the acknowledgement date or will i get 31 days (33 minus the 2 days it took for it to be served)?
  10. Hi Cathy, i'm in a similar boat Did they produce a valid CCA prior to your defense deadline?
  11. bwlegal have replied with the following: I've got nearly 3 weeks until my defense deadline so i presume i should wait to nearer my deadline to see if they product a CCA?
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