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  1. Engines First LTD (NORFOLK) I need help i am having problem with this company after googling found out this is dissolved company and still trading on 1stchoice.co.uk with five star rating. I ordered my corsa diesel engine on Monday morning the guy said engine will be with me by Wednesday or Thursday and ask my email for sending invoice but after numerous calls still not received any email. On Tuesday i rang them again to ask if they dispatch the engine yet or not but the guy put me on hold then said he will ring me back in 10mins waited an hour but no call the same thing the
  2. can someone please advise. I sent my car to national engine center to have the engine replaced. the car was returned with body damage and had 30Miles extra on the clock. I paid for it through paypal and after opening a dispute this garage finally agreed to take the car back on condition that the paypal case be closed, they agreed to repair the list of damage I provided and within 7 days return the car. on day 14 they sent the car in for a MOT without consulting me first, the car failed. it has now been 3 weeks and they won't return the vehicle, they say I can fetch
  3. i need some advice we bought a vw t5 which had few problems with engine and gearbox we decided to give it to a company to rebuild the engine and gearbox at a cost of £5300 in may 2017 he said it would be about 4 weeks eventually we pick it up sept 2017 from the day i got it back it smoked ,the company said run it in it never got better then we got an oil leak from the rocker cover gasket which was to bad to drive back to company as its about 100 miles away it cost me another £620 it kept smoking i called the company again and he said it was our cheap tur
  4. Hi I'm hoping someone can help me My car a citroen grand Picasso 2010 was in the citroen garage a month ago to fix the boot whilst in they advised it had an oil leak and diesel leak and a belt needed changing they did the work at a cost of 1700 ive split the payments so payed 425 so far the next payment is due in two days. Less than three weeks after this work was done I was driving back from a day out for my son's birthday the first time the car had been driven over 60mph for longer than 10 mins. The car had done less than 300 miles since being in the garage. Anyway the car
  5. Hi. Looking for some advice regarding a reconditioned engine which has failed. We have a Citroen C4 grand Picasso which in February 2016 had engine failure due to carbon build up in the oil system. On taking it to a garage we were quoted £4000 for the work as it required a replacement engine, turbo, injectors ect, On collecting the car it turned out the original injectors had been refitted to the new engine however the garage still attempted to charge us £4000. I argued it out and they then reduced the charge accordingly. I was given a warranty from the garage
  6. I really need some help with a problem I have. I was on a 4 day touring holidayicon last week in Scotland in my second hand motorhome which I only purchased around 4 months that I have been saving up for years to buy. On the second day in Scotland the service light came on. With only just purchasing it I wanted to get it seen to quickly I booked it into Arnold Clark, Falkirk Road Grangemouth. I told them exactly what type the motorhome was and they said it wasn't a problem they could sort it out for me the following day which was the Wednesday. I took it into t
  7. Good evening all... My car internals melted themselves on the way home last night. I've since discovered from my mechanic it has been remapped and he is adamant this is what has caused the internals to fail.. . Corsa VXR in case you are wondering.. .ive spoken this evening to Moneybarn who only seem to be interested in talking about your 3 exit options...as if I don't know. They are saying I have to prove the remap was on the cars ecu when I got it so I can go down the mid sold road as frankly if I'd known, I'd not have touched it. I can't prove in any way shape
  8. Hi everyone i bought a new bike a few weeks ago for 10k from BMW , The dealer was great all the way through the sale and i rode away a happy man The dealer went through all the paperwork with me and sent the V5 off to be put in my name , I was then going through the service books and right at the back it says engine replacement 2k ago Now although some people might feel this is great as its a new engine they also updated the engine a year after mine was made i have a different engine with the newer clutch and gearbox , Also they did not update the V5 as i had that b
  9. I don't want to go into a 1000 word essay so I've tried to summarise this down into valid points and be as brief but detailed as possible. On 24th December 2014, I visited Halfords and purchased engine oil 5L bottle and engine oil top up service. When the gentlemen from the 'we fit' team came to my car he just had a orange pouring beaker and nothing else. On pouring the engine oil into the vehicle and inspecting the dipstick I was slightly alarmed that the staff member wasn't using any measuring device and was seeming freely pouring at his hearts content, I decided to take a
  10. I bought a car from stoneacre in 2014, i have 3 year warranty with vauxhall until september this year. My engine has failed on the motorway with no warning at all. We have had the car serviced and the book is stamped. However we lost our invoice, the garage cannot provide an invoice due to not having it on their computer system. genuine parts and oil was used. Now vauxhall are telling me that the engine wont be repaired under warranty due to not having an invoice however the book is stamped. can anybody advise me on what to do? thanks
  11. Hello, I was in business as a photographer and approached by the above company to carry out Search Engine Optimisation on my web site. We entered into an agreement whereby they would carry out work on the web site and I would pay them £58.50 per month after the initial payments were made. The agreement was for 12 months in December 16 I went out of business and they are now chasing and threatening County Court Action and have sent a "copy" of the Court Summons for Manchester County Court that will be issued on 3rd February 2017 if I do not pay the outstanding balance of
  12. Hope some of you kind people can help The Situation: Last November my wifes BMW 1 series (worth about 5k) had a strange rattling sound coming from the engine. Did some research, spoke to a few people inluding a mechanic who did a quick check and thought it was probably the timing chain. Unfortunately on these cars it is metal and BMW never thought they would fail and the only way of changing it is to remove the engine. All quotes coming in around £1200 - £1400 Spoke to a colleague at work which is 80 miles away who has a BMW and recommended a BMW Specialist that he uses and ha
  13. Hi All, Looking for a bit of advise on a used car i purchased, I will outline the main points. 27/06/16 Purchased a used 58 plate Renault Laguna 180GT from a dealer using HP for £5112 (73000 miles) 23/08/16 Car serviced at local independent at my own expense.(76000 miles) 07/10/16 Car broke down on way home from work and recovered to independent garage. Garage removed sump and found metal fillings/slivers. (77000 miles) 10/10/16 - 11/11/16 Various communications with dealer and finance company. Dealer has rejected liability so finance company sent out "independent inspector".
  14. Hi all This is my first post here and im hoping for some advice from you guys and also to share my experience as i proceed with my complaint i will try to be as thorough as possible without naming any companies as the complaint is ongoing and i wouldn't want to jeopardise that i bought a car in June last year for £8000 on a hire purchase agreement. it was 7 years old and sold to me with full service history at 87,000 miles a month or so later i noticed a whining noise from the rear end of the vehicle, nothing drastic at all but i thought i would get them to lo
  15. Hi everybody, I have a van Toyota Hiace from 2004. I bought it this summer (July) and from the beginning I regularly bring it to my garage. I spent around £700 in 7 months for maintenance. Initially I did a general service, i changed some mechanical parts, tyres, and recently I did the MOT. A couple of months ago the orange light of the oil turned on, i checked the oil and it was full. I spoked with my mechanic about it and about the fact that the van was doing some smoke at the start. The mechanic cleaned the filters and told me that the light was probably caused by an electric malfu
  16. Hi. I took my BMW 3 series to my local garage to have a 2nd hand engine put in as my last engine died due to no oil after a leak in that engine. the RAC took it to the garage and the garage gave me a quote of £800 that's the engine and delivery then about 30 mins later they rang me back and said it was £900, so I paid. I got the car back after about 3 weeks the engine was fitted and they also charged me for a new clutch plate but not the labour this was an extra £250 that they didn't even ask me about. altogether I spent £1,900 on this engine and I drove it round for
  17. Hi, I sent my car engine to a company who made out they could repair my damaged engine. This was all agreed over emails and no terms and conditions were sent, until the engine was ready to be paid for. The company agreed we could pay via Credit Card how ever they now will only accept Cash or Bank Transfer. This has left us is a dispute which we are confident in winning going to small claims. This is a long processes and in the mean time we have a car without a engine. We do still have the shell of the car. Does anyone know if the motor insurance company would pay out if we put a c
  18. Hi Please excuse me if this is not the right area for my query, I am new to the site. I have 2 friends that have been in prison, they have dearly paid for their crimes both in custodial sentences and extremely large fines. Both of them are now supposed to be 'Free' and they have been released (one of them nearly 5 years ago) some time. The issue for them is a) When they were going through the legal process their cases were put on the web by newspapers and others. b) When anyone does a search these blatantly incorrect and extremely damaging and biased reports are found fairly hi
  19. Hi all, Many many thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully help. I found a previous thread posted by someone else and the advice within it was great so I thought I'd ask for your opinions, help and advice. I found a car on eBay a couple of weeks ago, looked good, nice condition and so on 'engine as sweet as a nut' was one of the comments. I won the auction and arranged to travel to Birmingham to pick it up. The listing was then removed from eBay, I had set up a new account, was trying to sell my car as well and eBay suspended the account due to wanting evidence I owned t
  20. I am about to raise a complaint with Kwik Fit relating to a winter service that they did on Dec 23 2014 the subject line says it all will keep this thread updated
  21. Hi. This is my first post but I have used some valuable information from this site in the past. I recently bought a Porsche 911 from what appeared to be a very reputable dealer. I had Porsche perform a 111 point inspection yesterday. They informed me of some serious engine problems and advised returning it. I called the dealer with this information and today I sent the following letter accompanying the inspection report, recorded delivery: On 29th June 2014 I purchased, and took delivery of, the above vehicle from XXX. On 2nd July 2014 I discovered that it was not of satisfactory qu
  22. I brought a new Citroenn Nemo Van just over 3 years ago, it is fitted with the 1400 HDI engine which has recently ceased, causing catastrophic engine failure. The Nemo has only done 24,000 miles and has been fully serviced. It was called in on one of its three recalls, 18 months ago, for new big end conrod bearing shells. The work was carried out at an authorised Citroen dealer. This all happened 4 months ago, and as yet, neither the garage or Citroen UK have made any attempt to help, even though this is obviously a problem with this engine. I know I'm not the only person who has expe
  23. Hi guys, Wanted some advice on a major issue I've had with my Focus RS MK2 whereby it overheated recently due to a broken water pump (confirmed by the Ford dealership) after inspecting the engine, they have advised that the cylinder heads and engine block are warped which is more than likely going to require a new engine/rebuild. The car is currently under warranty but I have a nasty feeling that Ford will push back and say this was due to driver neglegence even though I pulled over within 50 metres of seeing the warning light. A bit of background history on this car,
  24. I purchased a 1.3 CDTi Vauxhall Corsa Ecoflex Active in September 2012 and have had nothing but trouble with it. It is currently in the garage and has been there for 7weeks and they are apparently waiting for a new catalytic converter as a result of the DPF hose blowing and tearing. During this time I am continuing to pay the monthly HP payments. This is its 5th time in the garage and all the issues have been DPF related of which I was never informed about on purchase. I have been in contact with the dealer Peter Vardy and Vauxhall with no success. Is there any legal stance that after a ce
  25. Hey Guys, Major advice needed, I have had my fingers really burnt at a National garage after an oil and filter service. We took the car in after having no problems at this garage previously, car had the oil and filter changed and was given back to me. I hadn't even driven off the forecourt and the oil pressure warning came on. Took it straight back and was told not to worry as it was full of oil, again back out and light was still on. Took it back and was then told don't worry they'll speak to Audi in the morning as it must be a sensor that needs resetting. Took the car off the forec
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