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Found 24 results

  1. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but just been on the Universal Job match website and saw this : Universal Jobmatch will be replaced by the Find a job service on 14 May 2018. Important: If you have an existing Universal Jobmatch account it will not move to the new service. Save any information you want to keep, like your CV, cover letters and application history by 17 June 2018.
  2. I took my car took to the garage to get the master cylinder replaced on the clutch and when I got phoned to say that may car was ready I was surprised to see the clutch pedal low down like near the floor. And when I went back in to speak to the service manager I got told that Vauxhall only wanted to replace the clutch pipe and elbow..i asked why wasn't the master cylinder not replaced as that's what I got told was wrong with the car..he says Vauxhall wanted to see how that worked first.. so I drove away from the garage as never says anything about if it was safe to drive..so anyways 10 mins when on motorway and when I tried to select a gear when slowing down I couldn't select another gear and having to keep lifting the pedal of the floor with my feet and whilst trying to engage a gear with great difficulty
  3. Hi, thought I'd see if I could find any useful advice here. I'm very anxious so any good pointers much appreciated! I'll keep it as brief as I can: I'm a one-man IT dept for a medium size organisation - permanent position that has risen in seniority over 12 years. My line manager is proposing a reorganisation that will end my current role and replace it with an extremely similar role on a 2-year fixed term contract. Redundancy is an option, and I am unsure as yet if 'they' are keen for me to take it, or take the new role. I want to stay on, and I believe the new role is precisely my current role just with a new job title and an improved job description. My current job description is pretty vague, but the new role describes precisely the work I have been doing for years. The only real difference is that some more junior responsibilities will be removed and given to a new, junior role (which is great). If I take the new role on 2yr FTC, I presume I will not get redundancy at the end of that contract if they choose to let me go. I cannot afford to lose my job security like that! I have a 1st consultation coming up, and I will argue that the new role represents what I do currently. So my questions are... Can they do this? If I can prove that the new role describes precisely what I currently do, can they still make my post redundant and leave me with the choice of changing to FTC? If I took the FTC, might I nevertheless be considered to have been continuously employed for my 12 years+, and would that render the 'fixed term' irrelevant as I would be considered permanent in law? I don't know, but this is a possibility I have gathered might be the case from googling around. If 'they' would rather I left, can they even make me redundant when they are replacing my role with such a materially similar one, albeit FTC? I have absolutely no history of failing to perform or being told of any problems with my work, so there are no grounds for dismissal. As I said I'm going to argue that the new role is my current role, I want it, and I don't want to be FTC. I think I have a good case, but I'd love to be able to reference actual laws that back up this position! Thanks again if anyone has any guidance.
  4. Greetings Ladies and Gents how often should Landis and Gyr 5235A / Ampy Automation 5235A Electric meter be replaced? The meter is the cheapest no frills anti-reverse digital electric meter they cost around £20 when they were introduced. I read somewhere ??? that it should be replaced every 10 years, however when I spoke to my current energy provider they said 2031 (25 years), that Centrica note above the meter was the provider when the meter was installed. Please click on the Image for larger and readable 800 X 600 (122KB) picture.
  5. Hello, please can anyone help? I had three identical items for sale on ebay. Sold one and posted it off. Got a message saying it had been damaged on the way. I sent a replacement straight away and said once that arrives and is all fine I would arrange for the original damaged item to be collected. I thought that was better than asking for the damaged one to be sent back first. I got a message to say the second item has arrived and is fine. Ever since then I have been messaging asking when would be convenient to collect the damaged item, but no reply. I have written by Signed For post and still no reply. This is now just over two months with sixteen messages and the Signed For letter, all polite just asking if I can arrange collection, and no response. Can anyone suggest how I should pursue this. I have read the buyer cannot keep the original, but am not sure of the best way to pursue this. Thanks very much.
  6. I had a smashed iPhone 6 screen for about 6 months because I couldn't afford to get it fixed and it still worked fine. However last week it began showing sign of giving up (touchscreen not working properly), so I gave in and took it to a local shop that does repairs and also sells things like cases and accessories (called Fone Care, not sure if it's a chain...) Firstly they refused to knock £5 off to price-match a different shop down the road, which is fair enough and obviously within their rights.... But we were just about to walk out, when she said she could do it now and it would only take 10 minutes; the other shop wanted me to come back and collect it some hours later, so it was simply more convenient. Went back and collected it and she showed me it was working etc, and told me I have a 14 day warranty (it's now been 7 days), and I paid the grand sum of £95! Since that day, my battery has been dreadful. I used to only charge it once in the evenings, to full charge, and it would then last until the following evening. Since having my screen replaced, it's draining rapidly and I'm having to charge it 3 times a day. Even when it's not being used:- for the third night in a row lastnight, I went to bed with 80% battery and when I woke up at 3am with my baby, it was completely dead and off. Another day I put it in my bad with 60% battery and it stayed in there all day, not being used because I was somewhere that I had no signal - and it died. I've done all the usual checks, and also absolutely nothing in my settings etc, has changed since I took it in. I already have things like location services and automatic E-Mail refresh off, I always have. A quick Google search told me that there's been quite a few people around the country with this problem at various shops, and a few suggestions I've come across is that it's because they use cheap replacement screens ('from China') which kill your battery, or that they may have swapped the original battery for a rubbish one. Can someone please advise me how to proceed with this, or indeed even if I can..?! I suffer with anxiety so don't feel I'm able to go into the shop (I couldn't even go in to get the screen replaced on my own, I had to wait until my partner could come with me). Some posts on local social media have already told me that they're not very accommodating in this particular shop (for example, someone bought a charger there and it didn't work; so she took it back, only to be refused a refund and told by the manager 'well what do you expect if you buy cheap?') Therefore I plan to approach it in writing instead if this is OK...? I just don't know what Rights/Act's I can quote in my letter to help me, if any? I'm assuming I have the right to receive my phone back in the same working condition that I gave it to them..? Not give it to them to fix a problem and end up with an even worse one? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  7. When I joined my company 3 years back, I had a Samsung Galaxy S3. My boss wanted to get me a work phone and said it would be better for me to use the work phone as a personal phone as well so I only needed one phone. He bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 for me to use as a work phone. Few days later, a work friend of ours had his phone stolen, my boss pretty much took my old phone and gave it to him to use (and later keep), pretty much assuming that since he replaced my personal phone, that that phone then belonged to him. So now I only have a work phone with a shared number. I want to know if this Galaxy S5 is now technically mine? (I have now decided to get a new personal phone anyway).
  8. I purchased a 5 year old car on Friday- which should have had on board Sat Nav. Dealer said Sat Nav was broken, so replaced the radio with franchise CD player. However, on collecting car- now find that although the radio/CD works, there is no Bluetooth hands free, no clock, no steering wheel controls and no code supplied for replacement (bog standard cheap!) radio. The advert stated all of the above but the replacement unit is obviously incompatible with the standard spec radio which gives all the other functions. Taking car back tomorrow, but any advice on how to play this would be appreciated
  9. Hi I was charged for Brake discs as i already had the brake pads warranty, i paid on completion of the work. I then went to another independent garage for other work on my car which needed doing. It was at this point the independent garage bought to my attention that my brake discs and pads needed replacing too!! After informing them that I had just had them done recently, they told me that my discs looked a couple of years old and most likely they had been 'skimmed' on the outside to look new, but the inside are heavily corroded. To cut a long story short, i have been through their complaints procedure and since have taken my car for inspection at another Kwik Fit Garage which they arranged and are sticking by the fact that they did replace with new discs and pads. The independent garage have given me a letter to confirm the state of my discs and that they were never replaced recently. I have been in touch with CAB who have sent off my complaint to Trading Standards to investigate. Any advice or help would be highly appreciated. regards, IM
  10. Hello there and thanks in advance for any help you can give. I have recently bought a Samsung 7000 series TV from JL and have persistently had lip synch issues. I have contacted Samsung and followed all their advice to no avail. I've now been back to JL to ask for a replacement TV and been told that there are non in stock, but 160 expected soon. However, they also say that they won't reserve one for me until they're in stock, and, the expected delivery may already all be sold. My question is, shouldn't existing, defective equipment, be replaced before any new orders are fulfilled? Surely, using their existing policy, I could potentially never get a replacement TV if JL always supply new orders before existing, defective units are addressed. Any helpful advice is gratefully received.
  11. Hi, we spent 430 on a lay z spa Monaco hot tub. We bought it in may and it was delivered 25 th June. We've since had to replace the whole pump thrift lay z spa warranty and now it's gone again. We're feed up as we go outside to use it and it's not working. We have spent loads looking after it, correct chemicals cleaning etc. Can we take back to argos. Want money back Thanks
  12. Industry NewsOther USB C Danny Young The next generation of USB connectors is on its way, and with it follows great news, it’s reversible! USB ‘Type C’ will be the next step from USB 3.0 and is set to write those annoying wrongs previous USB incarnations have had. The new type-C USB jacks will be small enough for mobile phones and micro devices with a fully reversible cable. This means, even if the cable is end-to-end or upside down, the connector will still attach to your device. This handy adaptation will mercifully put an end to the age-old USB dance of attempting to connect a cable upside down in the dark…. We’ve all been there, it’s hell. The new connector made its debut in April at Intel’s developer’s forum in China. The design looks like cross between the current Micro USB plug and Apple’s new lightning connector-which is already reversible. Although the new connecter will be about a quarter of the size of the current full USB port, measuring in at 8.3mm x 2.5mm, it is wider and thicker than a Micro USB connector- but not by much. Key Changes for USB Type C Smaller size and reversible, designed to support smartphones and tablets of the future. Can accommodate future USB incarnations, with the ability to scale to higher data-transfer speeds. Support for scalable power charging, allowing the cable to offer up to 100 watts Data speed transfers of up to 10 Gbps, double what we have at the moment And there will be a reassuring audible click when it’s plugged in correctly. With so many USB devices currently on the market today, don’t expect an immediate transition to the new cable. Like 2.0 to 3.0, it’s likely PCs will include both new and old port styles next to each other, with modern connecters gradually taking the market. The ‘Universal Charger’ dilemma There is however a slight concern over the how widespread the new USB will be, after the EU announced there will be a ‘universal charger’ for all phone sold in Europe. The initial bill would permit only microUSB’s to be used on phones, rendering the initial release of USB-C pretty tame if the entire phone market is fenced off. The legislation has not been passed yet, but is in its final stages- so timing will be key if USB C is to even to survive its first year off the drawing board. When do we get it? Well, we’re supposed to be seeing the finalised specifications for USB-C at the end of July, but things have gone a little quiet on that front. As for implementation in actual devices, a few companies including Intel, have shown interest in working with the new USB before Christmas. However it’s likely these will, initially, only be on high end devices or prototype models. If all goes well expect to see the gradual implementation of Type C in late 2015. Until then, you’re stuck ramming your USB in upside down for another 6 months at least.
  13. Hi guys, Wanted some advice on a major issue I've had with my Focus RS MK2 whereby it overheated recently due to a broken water pump (confirmed by the Ford dealership) after inspecting the engine, they have advised that the cylinder heads and engine block are warped which is more than likely going to require a new engine/rebuild. The car is currently under warranty but I have a nasty feeling that Ford will push back and say this was due to driver neglegence even though I pulled over within 50 metres of seeing the warning light. A bit of background history on this car, since buying it back in August I've had numerous problems with the car, a week after buying it I encountered a grinding noise coming from the bottom of the car, after taking it back to the dealership they found a buckled alloy wheel and a bent driveshaft. The car had a full M.O.T before I picked it up so surely this classes as not road worthy and should have never been sold to me in that state? Both of those parts were replaced but the grinding noise still continues to this day, they've even replaced the brake discs and pads, but are still unable to locate the problem. I've asked for a refund a few times, but the dealership have always pushed back saying they need a chance to rectify the problem, their latest stance on the grinding noise was that they could not locate the source of the problem so were unlikely to be able to fix it, they even tried telling me that high performance cars can be make different noises to normal cars, trust me this is not a normal noise and is not a result of the ride being different. The reason I've outlined the above is because I think that they will refuse to replace the engine, leaving me with a nasty bill and still finance to pay on the car, if it gets to that point, do you think I have a case regarding the previous issues and the fact it was sold to me in a non road worthy state? Cheers for any advice. Not a happy bunny at the moment
  14. Really hoping someone can help here First of all, I have 2 contracts with Vodafone which are due for renewal around the 7th November 2013. My phone is a Samsung s2 my son’s is a HTC desire. I have had loads of problems with these two phones which I took into my local Vodafone shop for repair on the first instance on 05/07/13. I’ll start off with the HTC, my son’s phone. This phone has not been great from the start and was unusable for an amount of time before my own phone (galaxy s2) needed repair which gave me the push to take his down for repair too. Handset number 1 (HTC Desire S) sent for repair on 05/07/13. IMEI No – .... Fault code C PF050 was unable to fix so a replacement was given. Handset number 2 replacement phone (IMEI No – ..... Fault Code C PF050) also had faults but as I was on holiday, the phone wasn’t returned for repair until 23/08/13 Again, handset number 2 was deemed unfixable so I was given another replacement handset. Handset number 3 (IMEI No – ....) ALSO had faults. This time I called 191, spoke to an adviser who told me both my phones were due for upgrade. I told him I didn’t want to upgrade just yet, I wanted my phones fixed as they are still under warranty until November. He told me all they could do was to send phone back for repair. I called again a few days later just to see what response I’d get from someone else, I was told this time that I would have to take it up with the manufactures of the handset. I told him my contract is with Vodafone and this was their job. He couldn’t advise any further unless I wanted to upgrade. I returned to the Vodafone store to see what was being said there. Again, all that could be done was to escalate the problem and send 3rd phone off for repair. Handset number 3 was sent for repair on 02/09/13 (Fault code C PF050) and returned with yet ANOTHER replacement handset! HANDSET NUMBER 4 (IMEI No – ....) and guess what, THIS HANDSET IS ALSO FAULTY!!! I called the shop to tell them the phone is faulty and the advisor said I should call 191 customer service and she would put on my notes that I was calling regarding a like for non like phone. This would mean I would receive a different kind of phone around the same value as the HTC Desire, as Vodafone no longer do the Desire. I was happy with this outcome… that is until I called 191, spoke to a customer advisor who said, she would speak to her manager. She returned saying that her manager had said no, and the girl at the shop shouldn’t have told me that would happen. I had to send the phone back for repair AGAIN! I went back down to the shop, spoke with a sales advisor there who called customer service for me. xxxx said on the phone he knew they could do the like for non like, he had known for it to be done. But, even he got knocked back. All he can do is send this one back for repair, they have their hands tied for as far as they can help. Handset number 4 has now been returned to the “repair” shop (Fault code No – C PF070) I am now stumped as what to do As I said, I have two phones. The Samsung is now going back for a 4th “repair” as every time I get it back, I return it for repair with the exact same problem. Any help or advice for this would be most welcome. Thanks
  15. Hi there, Firstly, I'd like to apologise if I've posted in the wrong section, am hoping this is the right place! I have a situation at my current workplace. I took on a 7 month contract in March on the basis that it was "definitely" going to go on to a permanent contract. The MD's wife is on maternity leave and it was understood from the beginning that she would be coming back part time. Everything was going smoothly and I have had very good feedback from our clients and my boss. I had a review a few months ago about whether they had decided I was going to be kept on permanently. My boss responded "I haven't decided yet, I'm not convinced as of yet." We took on a junior in my department where I would manage her but this didn't work out as she was unreliable so, they ended up letting her go. We work in shared offices so when one of the girls in a different company heard that she was no longer working for us, she got curious and I jovially said "are you looking to leave your current job?" She then asked me to refer her on to my boss, which I did because I knew how good she would be doing a customer exec role - thus, helping me out as it was just me that was doing all of the customer support, credit control, invoicing and reporting. My boss interviewed her and offered her a role straightaway - I earn £9k more than her as I'm a manager but yet, I was asked to train her on every aspect of the job that I currently do. I started to get concerned but did not share my concern with anyone at all (we are a small operation of three people). The following week after the new girl started, I was called in to a meeting room and was told that my contract was not going to be renewed. I knew instantly that it was because I had trained the new girl up so well, I had inadvertently shot myself in the foot. I went back to my boss two days later to follow up our discussion and I asked him why, he stated that he couldn't justify having two managers in the team but I know that it is because he is making a cost saving overall. I know that I am in a contract so therefore, they can end it for any reason they like but, I really showed some exceptional work ethic whilst I was there, I was on call after hours if needed, without additional pay, I even worked on bank holidays. This is something that I know the new girl would not commit herself to do. Is there anything that I can do about this? Or, should I just accept that I've been shafted and that my boss can't be honest with me about it. Thank you so much for reading this! Maggie
  16. Hello, A company bought a friends credit card account that was in default with Barclaycard. The new company have marked the Barclaycard account as satisfied (but still shows default on history) and placed a fresh default with the same information under the company's name. It seems this is harming their credit file, as now It looks like two defaults are listed on their file. Should they do this? From what I have been reading, and the information commissioners guidance, the company should take over the old default, or have the original company maintain it, rather than post a new one. Can anyone confirm this, not sure what their next step should be?, trying to get the new default removed, or have the old default deleted in relation to it being a duplicate. To anyone viewing the credit file, it would now look like two accounts have defaulted. although one is satisfied, my understanding is the old one will still cause harm. Thanks for any advice, hereigo
  17. just been reading this has anyone else heard this is going to be happening as its the first ive heard of it This report looks at the likely impact of these changes on severely disabled adults who live on their own (or with a partner who is also disabled or just with dependent children) and don’t have a carer. All severely disabled adults face extra costs However those who live on their own also have additional costs not faced by those with a partner. In the current system this group are eligible for the Severe Disability Premium (SDP), currently worth about £58 a week, but under Universal Credit there will be no additional help with the extra costs that this group face as a result of having no-one to assist them. source http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:pquyFSEaEKMJ:www.citizensadvice.org.uk/holes_in_the_safety_net_sdp_report.pdf+&cd=4&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk&client=firefox-a
  18. Hi There, My sister has an iPhone 4S which was Replaced by Apple within the warranty period (Albeit only just). She was told that it would have 90 days warranty on the replacement handset and was sent on her way very happy indeed. exactly 110 days later the replaced iPhone 4S completely died. Won't turn on, no output from the screen so back to the Apple Store to see what could be done. As the iPhone was 20 days out of warranty, they wanted £129 out of a 16 year old girl to replace the handset. Pretty poor show if you ask me, but their rules were rules! I am aware of the Sale of Goods Act as I am Self Employed and I am curious on the best way to proceed? The original iPhone was replaced whilst it was still in warranty. The replacement died 20 days after that period had ended. Would this be grounds for "Unreasonable period of operational life for the product" It died less than 4 months in service. I am not paying £129 as the handset is insurance covered, but with an Excess I'd rather not go down that road either. Could anyone suggest the best way to proceed please? Do you personally think that they are in breach of the Sale of Goods Act? For the benefit of doubt. Handset was NOT: Jailbroken, Taken Apart, Dropped, Water Damaged and was always in a case which covered the screen also! Thanks Caggers
  19. I bought a 5-site pond-fogger/mister from Maplins at the end of March 2011. The item is used about 4 times a week, for a few hours at a time. By september it had decided to stop working, so (as I keep all my receipts) I took it back to the store, where a very nice lady replaced the whole thing, without fuss. This last weekend, the replacement has now died. As I was just over the 1-year warranty (On the original unit) I didn't hold out much hope, & rang the store. After a little gentle persuasion, the store manager agreed to replace it again, although he said the "3rd unit" would be provided without any warranty whatsoever. I have the receipt for the original purchase, the replacement in Sept., & this one I've just got. My issue is, if this one only lasts circa-6 months, as the previous 2 have, (same type of fault on both, the item comes with a 24-volt DC transformer which is fine, & outputting voltage, but nothing from the unit) - Where do I stand? The item was £75.00, Maplin's branding is on the 24v transformer, but the actual fogger has "asia-mist" stamped on the back. It is clearly a low quality fogger unit, & likely to go pop again, around November-time. Am I not entitled to expect this thing to run for (at least) 12 months? I wouldn't have parted with £75.00, & *3* trips to my dingy town-centre, along with parking etc., to essentially have an item that's only useful for 6 months at a time. I have used the 3rd item (2nd replacement) now, I am very careful to follow the user manual & all instructions for safe & effective (!!!) use of the item, as I did for the previous ones. It is removed from the pond every week, & cleaned, (& I do mean EVERY week). I'd understand it failing if it wasn't being properly looked-after. Where do I stand when this one inevitably breaks down pls?
  20. I was brought a new phone from Amazon for Christmas. The phone was broken so I sent it back for a replacement. However, the company are not sending me out a replacement. They are saying it would be quicker to give me a refund. However, the company are still selling the same product on this listing. However, it is for more money than we paid. So it appears they don't want to send this replacement because they are now getting more money for this product. Do I have any rights in this situation? Thanks
  21. Hi I had my vehicle serviced by a garage. It is, or was fitted with a K&N air filter - which is a lifetime filter which just needs to be cleaned. It's supposed to give increased performance & mpg. I checked it today and found it to be replaced by a throw away filter so I have a £48 filter missing and was no doubt charged for the inferior part they replaced it with. K&N filters have been around for along time and are clearly marked up, so I assume a young inexperienced mechanic/trainee was doing the service and hadn't been told to look out for them. I've emailed the garage today to see their response - has anyone come across this before?
  22. Hi I bought a new "Original Birth" front Anti Roll Bar from an online company at the end of January 2012, It's just snapped, I have spoken to the supplier and they said that I would have to pay for a new one and they would collect the broken one and send it back to the Manufacturer. My Mechanic has said that it shouldn't break and the suppliers are also surprised that it's broken. I said that I would want to claim the money back for the parts and the labour. The suppliers have told me that I may get my money back for the faulty part but it's unlikely they would not pay for the labour. I have put my complaint in an email to them and kept a copy. Has anyone got any advice please?
  23. Microsoft is overhauling its free webmail service, dropping the Hotmail brand it has used since acquiring the product in 1998, and adopting the name Outlook.com. The revamped service will help sort messages as they arrive and allow users to make internet calls on Skype. It said the move would help tackle the problem of "cluttered" inboxes. The action may also be designed to win over users of Google's rival Gmail service. Microsoft is offering the service in a "preview" mode for the time being and has not announced an official release date. While it advises users to upgrade, Hotmail subscribers can stick with the old system if they wish - at least for now. Those who do make the change keep their @hotmail, @msn or @live.com email address ending, but can also add an @outlook.com address to their account if they wish. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-19067634
  24. My laptop fried so I claimed my house contents insurance with the Halifax. It wasn't a hugely expensive laptop and there was a £200 excess but I went ahead as I couldn't afford to replace at the time. The claim was accepted and they sent me out a new laptop. It was £399.97 and exceeds the specs of my old machine which was a few years old. On getting it set up today I've realised I really don't like it. It's not the performance of it but partly the aesthetics and partly quality. I hate the style of it (black glossy fingerprint magnet) and it also has a dull screen image. I don't know whether I'm being overcritical as I'm ****ed off that they pick the model for you (a bit crap since I've in essence paid more than they did) or whether I've got a valid issue. Would I have a leg to stand on as regards forcing them to change it or are these sort of things legally bulletproof.
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